If Its In You - Syd Barrett - The Madcap Laughs (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Night Driving. No Good Trying Syd Barrett. Love You Syd Barrett. No Man's Land Syd Barrett. Dark Globe Syd Barrett. Here I Go Syd Barrett. Octopus Syd Barrett. Long Gone Syd Barrett. Feel Syd Barrett. If It's in You Syd Barrett. The Making of "The Madcap Laughs". The first session was booked for Thursday, April 10th, in studio three. In it most certainly was. Studio One was the largest, and almost exclusively used for large orchestral recordings when I had first seen it I was convinced a helicopter could fly in it!

Studio two was always fully booked, often by the Beatles, the Hollies, and other top E. Studio Three was the smallest, 'though still large by studio standards, and more intimate than studio two but less technically advanced; studio two had 8 track machines while studio three was still four track. Both Syd and I were familiar with Number 3 I had produced Love Sculpture's first album there so we settled for that one. Studio Two had a control room set at a higher level than the studio itself, which meant looking down on the musicians - and frankly I disliked that.

It's easier for the producer to see what's happening but I felt it was harder for the musicians to see into the control booth, and Syd needed a relaxed atmosphere. Plus, three was easier to book at short notice! Syd and I spent the first session alone 7 p. LP of these was eventually used Clowns And Jugglers, re-recorded as 'Octopus', was used in another versionand we both agreed that the new songs were far better than the old tracks.

But at least we had checked each other out and we returned to Earls Court ready to start afresh the next evening. The next evening we got down to business proper. Syd was in Album) great mood and in fine form, a stark contrast to the rumours and stories I'd been fed with. In little over five hours we laid down vocal and guitar tracks extra backings on most came later for four new songs and two old. The first we made the engineer was Peter Mew was 'Opel', at Syd's request. I was nevertheless very sad that 'Opel' was left out, especially in the light of what I thought to be lesser songs being included.

I assume it was Syd's decision. Nevertheless it had a stark attraction to it, and most of the early takes were merely false starts. Anyone who has experience of studio techniques will appreciate that it takes several attempts to get the right feel and to feel totally relaxed.

Many of the unsuccessful takes are merely lapses of memory, technical faults, popping the letter 'p' at the microphone, squeaky chairs, etc. Syd always had lyric sheets in front of him, and turning the pages was often caught on tape it was left in on 'She Took A Long Cold Look'. Two complete takes were made, the rest were false starts similar to the ones Dave and Roger left in on 'If It's In You'. Most of the tracks on this were just with Syd and his guitar.

I felt that, with his guitar alone we could put down some songs and overdub backings later as necessary contrary to usual policy of making backings and adding vocals afterwards. Next we did 'Love You' - again just guitar and voice. We did several takes of this. The first was fast, in fact VERY fast faster than the issued one.

The second was very slow! Take three was a false start, and take four was the one we later overdubbed and issued. All three good takes were perfect, and in fact we weren't sure which take to LP. The studio note says 'Best to be decided later'.

All takes took less than twenty minutes to do. This was Syd at full tilt! At this session Syd was in great form, and very happy. No matter what people may say to the contrary, Syd was very together, and this was his first session with the new songs. Although Opel needed 9 attempts, Love You needed only one re-take. The next track we did, 'It's No Good Trying' was much the same. The very first take, with Syd and his blue speckled Fender Telecaster, was good. Take two was a false start, and take three was the version we used although at 5 minutes 14 seconds it needed a little shortening.

Dark Globe. Octopus Lyrics. No Man's Land Lyrics. If It's In You Lyrics. No Good Trying Lyrics. Late Night Lyrics. Golden Hair Take 5 Lyrics. Love You Take 1 Lyrics.

Love You Take 3 Lyrics. Golden Hair Lyrics. Feel Lyrics. Pink Floyd's Atom Heart Mother remains a distinctive, diversified creation more than four decades after its release.

A minute-long orchestrated suite to begin record. A flurry of ideas, expressions, and impressionistic details. Iconic, simple cover art. It's virtually the same chords Album) he played on "No Good Trying" on the original "The Madcap Laughs" album, but the bass on that track implies slightly different chords and spacings.

All the chords on this version are to be played as standard E-form barre tt chords. Just adlib during the E section between each verse for a random number of bars G It's no good trying to place your hand D where I can't see because I understand A that you're different from me yes I can tell D that you can't be what you pretend G and you're rocking me backwards A and you're rocking towards the C D red and yellow mane of a stallion horse.

E G It's no good trying to hold your love D where I can't see because I understand A that you're different from me yes I can tell D that you can't be what you pretend G A the caterpillar hood won't cover the head of C D you know you should be home in bed. E G It's no good holding your sequin fan D where I can't see because I understand A that you're different from me yes I can tell D that you can't be what you pretend G A yes you're spinning around and around in a car C D with electric lights flashing very fast E -- Greg O'Beirne woyf perth.

E Ice cream, 'scuse me, A E Album) seen you looking good the other evening Oh, you, dig it Had to smile just an hour or so Are we in love like I think we be? It ain't a long rhyme, it took ages to think I think I'll hurl it in the water, baby.

Repeat first verse Flaking you are A nice little one to put it all around It's just good, I like it Hey, hey, hey.

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Keep My Eye On You (Instrumental Version) - Channel 3 (4) - Keep My Eye On You (Vinyl)

Contrary to the norm, however, Kirby also activates the 'Stare'. The collision of the two 'Stares' creates seismic energy that shakes the entire battle field. We pan out to the satellite camera that's keeping an eye on the planet as a whole. The planet shakes violently until it explodes in all directions.

Neither challenger can be seen in the aftermath. Stat screens filled with text regarding the battle as W reflects, "Since neither challenger takes the initiative in most fights, it seemed like this would be an innocent competition of who got the last laugh.

Unfortunately for them both, Kirby's bizarre digestive system was their undoing. The world can barely sustain the gravity of one overpowered 'Stare'. Two simultaneous 'Stares' was just too much for it. I'll find you a Phoenix Down. And maybe a Max Revive, that should help, right? I won't let you die forever. I just won't. Properties belong to their respective owners. I gain no profit from this. Don't kill me! It's not over yet. It's so deep and unnerving that it scares the copied abilities right out of Kirby.

Kirby's face almost looks like it's shrinking, though it's impossible for his face to get any smaller. Kirby quickly nods, grabs his star transport, and hightails it out of there.

Fluttershy's 'Stare' subsides. Narrator sir," her voice has returned to its softer tone, "What happens now? W keeps a professional tone, "It seemed like the fight was all over when Kirby used his inhaling Copy Ability, but Fluttershy's 'Stare' and assertiveness were able to quickly turn things around. Staring daggers, like a BOSS! Tell him off, like a BOSS! Now he's gone, like a BOSS!

B quickly states, "By the way, for those of you wondering when we'll make Goku fight Superman That's when it hit me, "make an alternate ending. I'll have to get back to you on that. Thanks for reading. But I've got writer's block in that regard. So, in the meantime while I'm ignoring homework, let's get started with another Death Battle parody.

Read, relax, and review well, comment but you get the point. You know, I worry about the director sometimes. I think he's starting to run out of ideas. But hey, I'm not getting paid to give my opinion. Actually, I'm not getting paid at all but that's beside the point. Various pictures of Nascar and Mario Kart flood the screen. These are followed by pictures of stands in winner's circles. B starts with enthusiasm, "There are two things in life I've come to really like: going fast and winning.

W responds, "Well, you're in luck then, B, because this time we're bringing together two winners from previous Death Battles that are the fastest of the fast. Notably, he's been able to reach the speed of light on numerous occasions, though his average typically sticks out at just over miles per hour.

However, this is just one of several forms he can acquire. Should he absorb negative Chaos energy, he becomes Dark Sonic a form whose abilities rival and may even surpass his super form. When he wields the legendary sword Excalibur, he gains the golden armor of King Arthur which boosts his speed, invulnerability, and enables flight. A clip of Sonic on planet Wisp has him telling off Eggman with the phrase, "No copyright law in the universe can stop me!

A picture of a proud cyan Pegasus with a 7-colored mane shows up on screen after the title card splits. She can also stand and walk on clouds. W conveniently ignores him, "Her Sonic Rainboom technique allows her to breech Mach 10 speeds and break the visible light spectrum.

It is also argued that this technique can be used to demolish old buildings. Other researchers claim that it's a different technique entirely and have dubbed it the Atomic Rainnuke. She shares this problem with Sonic. When her pride is attacked, she gets stressed and worried about the possibility of failure.

W continues, "She typically rushes into a problem headfirst which leaves no time for any actual planning for more complex problems. B says, "Don't forget to check out Screw Attack's website when you get the chance. But right now, it's time for a Death Battle! A section of land resembling Green Hill Zone minus the robots has been set aside for our match today.

The challengers waste no time showing up onscreen. The fighters are quickly lost from the camera's view, as their speedy forms resemble blurs of color smacking across each other in rapid succession.

Neither of them misses a beat nor slows down. Sonic tries to boost his damage with his fire shield power-up. Rainbow responds by flying out of range before bringing in a rain cloud. A bit of bouncing on her part leaves Sonic drenched and unshielded. She takes this opportunity to fly around Sonic with her Rainblow Dry tornado. Though initially caught in the twister, Sonic quickly spin dashes his way into his own Sonic Wind attack spinning in the opposite direction of the tornado.

The result is a gentle breeze in every direction. Rainbow tries bringing in a thunderhead to scare Sonic with lightning bolts, but Sonic is one step ahead of her with a magnetic shield already in place. The lightning zaps the shield, but curves around it, leaving Sonic unfazed.

But then Rainbow Dash brings in another rain cloud to quickly vaporize the shield. Strangely, Sonic is dry this time. He starts spin dashing a bit faster while he seems to gather light particles. Dash seems to get take this as a hint to start her strongest attack.

She flies up higher than she normally dares to soar. At the peak of her ascension, she immediately starts flying downward adding the pull of gravity to her already fast pace.

Down on the ground, Sonic's Light Speed Attack is almost fully charged. The last particles surround Sonic in a pale blue light as he shouts, "Ready? Dash is 7 meters above the ground and closing in fast. It's convenient that the particular point is where both competitors are aiming. As Sonic reaches the point, a huge mushroom cloud of seven colors covers a large portion of the visible sky.

The explosion is joined by a white ring of light resembling that of a flash grenade. It's difficult to see anything for the next few moments. As the smoke and debris finally start to clear, we see two tuckered out speedsters lying on the ground eyes closed. At first, it looks like they both bit the dust until a chuckle escapes the mouth of the blue hedgehog. A responsive chuckle is heard from the Pegasus. Before long, both are laughing like a couple of idiots.

Both of them get up slowly, each covered with haphazard bruises. As they walk toward each other, the look of fight is gone. Instead looks of admiration cross their faces.

As cocky as either of them are, I think props is an appropriate way to end a parody chapter. As far as personalities are concerned, they're practically identical: loyal and true. Properties belong to their owners. Blah, blah, you know. With there being a 5 tag limit and no guarantee that certain characters actually become a part of this Later days! If we were you, we would quit now and stop reading any further. This is my story! Though she does have a point.

WARNING: If you don't wish to see a fan favorite die or even compared to another character because you believe they are superior in every aspect, please leave now and don't torture yourself. Thank you. Oh, and Valve I guess. Seriously, how many of these is the director going to make? You'd think he has a better reason than just to kill time. Whoops, camera's rolling. B sighs in frustration, "I can't stand it when people talk like they're better than everyone else.

Only I can do that! W keeps a level tone of professionalism, "Today we're putting two of television's self-centered boasters into the ring. His most commonly used attack is the Spell Card Hinotama, a fireball that would normally deal points of damage to the opponent's life points.

His melee weapon of choice is the Spell Card Psychic Sword, an equip spell that would raise a Psychic-Type monsters Attack Power given the right circumstances. So, he's not limited to his spells of preference. While Sayer claims to be anti-discriminatory, he's not against torturing or killing his co-workers and test subjects with chains, electricity, fire, and brainwashing.

A clip runs where Sayer whispers the phrase, "The entrance to the Underworld is on the witch's island," into Akiza's ear. Aside from that, her personal favorite spells include object summoning, rope manipulation, and thunderhead formation. She can also trigger fireworks and makeshift smoke bombs. Most other unicorns can use exactly the same types of magic with less flashiness and greater effectiveness. A clip of Trixie is almost a perfect counterargument to B's complaints as Trixie says, "Well, well, well, it seems we have some neigh -sayers in the audience.

The last clip of the blue unicorn reveals her saying, "You'll never be able to match the amazing, show-stopping ability of the Great and Powerful Trixie! Cue W's catchphrase, "All right, the combatants are set. Gamefly, GoDaddy, and Square Space did too.

Right now, it's time for a Death Battle! An abandoned amusement park appears to be the stage for this Death Battle. From the left side of the screen, a flashy pop-up stage appears as a loud voice resounds. Come all! Come see the amazing talent of the Great and Powerful Trixie! She makes a bowing motion before talking to herself. From the right of the screen, the maroon-haired man shows up in an overcoat. Wow, 'says Sayer' sounds somewhat silly A fairly large, red fireball appears before flying towards the stage on which the unicorn is standing.

A cloud of smoke appears before the fire hits the stage and engulfs it. She has teleported behind the man before summoning her signature thunderhead to cast lightning.

Although the lightning connects, Sayer is unfazed. I take more volts than that on a regular basis! He summons his Psychic Sword in his right hand. Trixie attempts to manipulate her rope to entangle her enemy only to watch the threads be slashed to ribbons by the man's blade. When he attempts to strike her directly, another column of smoke allows her to change locations again.

A powerful surge is concentrated at the base of her horn as she casts a new spell. Never had she before used object summoning to that degree. It's clearly displeased as it charges toward the man before it. It releases a loud roar. An obscure-looking clown appears but is quickly shattered as it collides with the giant bear.

Magical Android! While they hold for a few seconds longer than the clown, they are both smashed to smithereens. There's only one target left for the Ursa Major to crush. For once, Sayer experiences fear as the giant paw comes down upon him. The result is not a pleasant sight for queasy stomachs. With the time diminished on Trixie's summoning spell, the Ursa Major disappears. It returns to wherever it was prior to the summoning.

As usual, W takes the professional tone, "Even though Sayer has more experience as a leader, Trixie clearly had the upper hand right from the start. While Sayer was able to fend off her more common attacks, Trixie's final cast was able to destroy everything left in his arsenal. You know the drill. I have no idea where I'm going with this chapter.

Just know that the end result might not be pretty. All right, now that that's been said Okay, no! Director, you allowed Trixie to be WAY overpowered in the last battle. She wouldn't stand a chance against We're on in 10? But I'm warning you, director. W introduces, "Made from sugar, spice, everything nice, and chemical X, Blossom and her sisters Bubbles and Buttercup form the Powerpuff Girls, the heroes of the city of Townsville.

B states, "The city has been targeted by a green monkey, a hill-billy bigfoot, giant monsters, a chick with hair issues, and even the devil himself. But the girls kick all of their hindquarters.

One power that's unique to Blossom is her ice breath, since neither of her sisters can duplicate it. Despite this, she is constantly arguing with Buttercup for not seeing her analytical approach and she gets fussy when things aren't orderly. A scene where Blossom has been imprinted into a wall shows her saying, "Why do they always pick the hard way?

After studying from countless tomes, she has mastered several types of magic including levitation, teleportation, illumination, magic shields, wind conjuration, and various object summoning. Her intellect and analytical thought processes seem to match this consideration and she's often the first to make plans for dealing with the town's problems.

Despite this, she has more often than not questioned Pinkie Pie's non-analytical ideas and gets frustrated when things are disorderly. Should her schedule be thrown off or a deadline missed, she starts acting vain and overbearing on details that others would see as ridiculous and unnecessary. A clip shows Twilight Sparkle saying, "We've learned that friendship isn't always easy. But there's no doubt it's worth fighting for. Blossom is seen flying over a section of land that has structures similar to Townsville's architecture.

A twinkle of light catches the corner of her eye and she goes to investigate the source. It seems a lavender unicorn has appeared on one of the streets. Good thing there's no traffic right now. Twilight pulls out a quill pen and a piece of parchment while Blossom uses a stick with the gravelly ground. They seem to be doing various calculations. It seems that the two geniuses need a little time to plan their patterns of attack.

Hums and ah-has are heard as they keep writing their plans out. Twilight releases a volley of reddish magic bolts while Blossom counters with her own volley of laser eyes. The collisions provide a nice, low-air fireworks display. They continue this volley boxing as they circle each other. Blossom breaks away from the dance first, flying high above the nearest skyscraper. With the range getting longer and the aim getting less precise, Twilight disappears in a flash of light before reappearing at the top of one of the skyscrapers.

With her enemy closer, she attempts her volley of magic missiles again. The Powerpuff leader dodges each of the blasts before releasing a high pitched scream. The resonating sound waves are visible and blue and start to shake the entire building. The skyscraper's foundation begins to crumble just as Twilight realizes what's going on.

She appears on a building two blocks away. As she begins to catch her breath, a familiar scream can be heard. This building is falling too. She teleports to the next building. This process keeps repeating itself ten times. At this point, Twilight simply teleports back to ground level.

As per the next part of her strategy, Twilight conjures her wind spell which blows at a much faster speed than what she was capable of doing before. Blossom is struggling to fight the strong wind as she attempts to fly toward her opponent. She suddenly gets a new idea.

She starts blowing and ice crystals start to take the shape of the gale winds. As the frost surrounds her, it starts solidifying into a shape that reduces wind resistance. While this forces her flight path slightly downward, she is certainly making more progress. Noticing that her wind spell isn't having as great an effect, Twilight switches her focus to form a giant bubble of magic around herself. Without the gale wind to fight against, Blossom's horizontal flight speed increases exponentially.

She's on a collision course with Twilight's current location. The unicorn appears to be straining, as if her energy is just about used up. The half-frozen Powerpuff collides with the magic shield head-on.

Time holds still for the two as they both strain themselves in regards to the shield. It shows signs of cracking as Twilight finally loses her hold. The bubble is shattered and she collapses onto the ground as Blossom lands heavily a couple feet away.

The ice on her body breaks as she lands. Both the unicorn and the Powerpuff are breathing heavily, but only the Powerpuff is standing. If my calculations are correctthinks Twilight, I only have enough left for She was hoping it didn't have to come to this, but now she has no choice.

As Blossom braces herself for what could be a trap, a light starts surrounding the unicorn's horn and body. Within a couple seconds, she's gone. Twilight is no longer on Keep My Eye On You (Instrumental Version) - Channel 3 (4) - Keep My Eye On You (Vinyl) stage of battle.

Blossom falls back into a sitting position still breathing heavily. W reflects the situation of the entire match, "Both fighters had plenty of intellect and planning ready after a minute of critical thinking. However, Blossom has more experience improvising in the heat of battle. While Twilight's magic is powerful, she can only use so much of it in a single time period without exhausting herself.

That last teleportation spell will probably leave her unconscious when she arrives home. I apologize if it doesn't meet their expectations. But, I wasn't really keen on sending it in any other direction.

See ya'll later. Regardless of the Season 2 finale, in my opinion Nightmare Moon will always be my favorite villain. I'm a stickler for the classics. You hear that? It's called a "spoiler alert". On that note, enjoy. B adds, "The mutants or villains that always hide right under your nose posing as your best friend. A picture of an elderly man followed by a picture of the same man in his younger years is shown after the title card opens.

B smoothly states, "It was so much fun watching him get beat up by Akuma, we just had to watch it happen again. He was cursed by the Elder gods to rapidly age until an untimely death. The only way to prevent his death is to absorb souls from his victims. A picture of a very cut-up alicorn with insectoid wings and a green aura about her takes the screen. W holds the professionalism here, "Born from the dark boundaries of Equestria, Chrysalis is the queen of a race known as the changelings, all capable of transforming into whoever they see.

Specifically, she tends to copy lovers' affection as she needs to absorb the energy of true love in order to keep her strength up. This is one of the reasons why she wants to take over Equestria, as its citizens hold the most true love in the entire world. Unfortunately, if too much love energy is present, it can repel her and all of her changeling minions out of a given city area.

No refunds. Time for a Death Battle! A tall castle-esque hallway marks the stage of this Death Battle. From the floor, two fiery circles appear, one green and one orange.

The changeling emerges from the green portal while the middle-age appearance of the sorcerer rises from the orange portal. No words are spoken from either of them. Chrysalis giggles before taking on the form of Shang Tsung. The real sorcerer quickly proves he's the real one by summoning a fiery skull just underneath his imposter's feet. The imposter Tsung is sent flying as two more skulls ram his back. Abandoning her game of pretend, Chrysalis regains her default, changeling form as she falls onto the ground.

As she gets up, Shang disappears through the floor in a blaze before reappearing behind the alicorn wannabe. Shang then takes the form of the blue clothed Kitana. She pulls forth a couple bladed fans and starts waving them in front of her. This creates a mini-tornado that starts lifting Chrysalis. The changeling is not fazed by this wind as she quickly opens her bug-like wings and flies around the imposter Kitana. Chrysalis activates her green magic to open a green, burning hole in the ground.

It absorbs the would-be Kitana who disappears from view. Chrysalis starts laughing before she notices an orange portal off to her side. The restored Shang Tsung jumps out of the portal to about Chrysalis' aerial position. He then changes forms to look like Liu Kang before delivering a series of kicks one would expect to perform while riding a fast bicycle.

As Chrysalis falls to the ground in a heap, Shang Tsung lands on his feet. He then grabs the changeling by the neck, as his green aura starts absorbing the queen's soul. Chrysalis opens her eyes and barely holds enough energy to knock Shang away with a hoof. Now it's the sorcerer's turn to copy his opponent's shape. Only this time, he has the other one's power in addition to her form. Both changeling's charge up green magical blasts and fire them directly at each other. Drained along with some of her soul, the original changeling quickly runs out of charge and gets blasted by her look-alike.

She's on the floor in a heap again. She appears to try another spell but it has no obvious effect. She slowly looks to her opponent, with fear in her eyes for the first time in this fight.

Shang then takes the form of a generic clown, before pulling out a pistol. He aims it at Chrysalis before firing a "Bang! The changeling queen raises an eyebrow in disbelief. The clown then pulls out a second pistol.

The camera pans in on the clown as this pistol fires an actual bullet and gunpowder. Imagination can fill in what happened afterward. The clown then laughs hysterically before taking a bow toward the camera. W reflects, "While both fighters were capable of altering their appearance, only Shang Tsung was able to alter his abilities.

Additionally, Chrysalis' magic requires her to absorb true love. Since Shang Tsung is centuries old, he has lost all touch with any true love in his life. Chrysalis' brainwashing spell has no effect on victims without love. This gave Tsung an opening for his more comical fatality.

However, there is a slight chance that it won't happen. By the way, "end spoiler alert". This is a non-profit work. Good day to everyone. I wasn't too sure about doing battle royales or team battles. But I guess they were bound to happen eventually. I'm afraid some ideas may be left out since it's been nearly forever since I last watched Nightmare Before Christmas. All right here we go. Woah, nelly! I think the director has finally bitten off more than he can chew.

Not my problem. I'm just a figure of his imagination. Take it away, B and W! B opens, "Child labor is a terrible thing, but making them fight each other to the death makes everything better. W does his own opening, "Today, we're taking two groups of Keep My Eye On You (Instrumental Version) - Channel 3 (4) - Keep My Eye On You (Vinyl) competitors to Keep My Eye On You (Instrumental Version) - Channel 3 (4) - Keep My Eye On You (Vinyl) who's teamwork stands superior.

It takes really skilled professionals to nab a fat guy. Various stat screens appear as W keeps talking. His attack of choice is the pumpkin bomb which can explode upon impact or be delayed for a timed explosion.

Melee combat is not his strong-suit. But her only real attack is a spinning charge, which any sensible Keyblade wielder can counter just by blocking. His attack is a rolling charge which can trip unguarded enemies, leaving them vulnerable to Lock's pumpkin bombs. A yellow earth pony filly with a ribbon, a white unicorn filly, and an orange Pegasus filly wearing a helmet all take up the screen after the title card splits.

Stat screens appear as W begins further details. Apple Bloom is a designer and architect. Sweetie Belle's singing is considered the best voice in Equestria. Scootaloo is an avid scooter trick pro and dance step expert. It led to them winning 'best comedy' even though they weren't entered in that category. And although Apple Bloom isn't afraid to speak her mind, she sometimes lies to get out of jams. The last clip before the title card shows the Crusaders together saying, "Whatever we do, we'll do it together as As with any Death Battle, W declares, "All right, the combatants are set.

The background appears to be a fairly open graveyard with a couple dying trees on either side of the screen. A living bathtub walks in from the right carrying the mischief-makers of Halloween Town.

As Lock and Shock take a look, a low buzzing noise is heard as three fillies come in riding on a blue scooter and a red wagon. They come to a braking halt. The little red devil chuckles before tossing a pumpkin at the fillies. The Pegasus filly somehow drives her scooter away having detached from the wagon off screen. The pumpkin explodes upon contact with the wagon. The resulting boom sends the wagon flying into the distance. Lock throws a barrage of delayed pumpkin bombs as well as an instant one that almost catches the unicorn filly by the hind hooves.

The Crusaders take cover behind a dead tree as explosions rain all around. The farmer pony seems to ponder the question before a mental light bulb flicks on. The imp trio is snickering from the safety of their bathtub.

They even take off their masks for two seconds to laugh before putting them back on. The sound of an electronic keyboard interrupts their fits of laughter. The other two don't have an answer. Instead, the answer comes from behind the tree as the orange Pegasus filly appears first. She's followed by her friends. Look here! Our three little ponies Ready to sing for this crowd. Listen up, 'cause here's our story.

I'm going to sing it very LOUD! Lock, Shock, and Barrel cover their ears in agony. Covering his ears throws off Lock's aim as his next pumpkin bomb doesn't come anywhere near the Crusaders. Rather, it explodes upon impact with one of the tree branches. Guest stars, such as Lorne Green, could be killed off in the opening scene without uttering a word.

The voice-over episode title was always wrong compared to the text version. Just tickled me every time! The producers had the last laugh though — they did the 3 Naked Gun movies on the back of the success in reruns, which were even better than the TV series.

Probably time for a review of that list Keep My Eye On You (Instrumental Version) - Channel 3 (4) - Keep My Eye On You (Vinyl) with some fab movies over the last 3 or 4 years that need adding…. This show should never have worked, and the critics were out in force from day one at the concept: a family of hick hillbillies discover oil on their backwoods land become instant millionaires and move to the ultimate rich playground of Beverly Hills in a mansion next door to their conniving and greedy banker, so he can control their naivety.

Plus, I loved the characters, the warmth, and my Beverly Hillbillies comic annual or so, which I still have. As an adult, I kinda went cold then hot on the show during various re-runs over the decades, but have come back to it in recent years following the world banking crisis, cos this show kind of said all you needed to know about greedy bankers 50 years earlier.

Some cliches remain evergreen because of the nuggets of truth in them. Maybe a little flattered here in rankings, and somewhat dated these days, but this was the very rare beast back in the day: a great British ITV sitcom. They were as rare as unicorns in a hurricane. What makes it work is the setting, a crummy series of bedsits and flats in a house run by a tight-fisted, bored, interfering, letching, right-wing landlord — as played to perfection by Leonard Rossiter — Rigsby could have become unlikeable, as the main antagonist in each episode as he forces himself on his lodgers Alan played by the already-loveable Richard Beckinsale ex of decent sitcom The Lovers with Paula Wilcox, and father of actress Kate and Philip played by Don Warrington to smooth perfection.

Both shared a bedsit, Alan as a poor medical student, a bit naive, and Philip more worldly and second generation black — chased by Miss Jones the wonderful Frances De La Tour, more recently of Hogwarts the single, sophisticated lady on hard times in the flat below. Philip has some fun pretending to be the son of an African Chief getting a British education, and Rigsby has the hots for Miss Jones and every other woman.

The chemistry between the actors and the characters is a delight, and the scripts sharp. Poor things, so sensitive. Filmed live in front of an audience, mistakes and all, it was more of a stage show set in a backwards quiet Fort Baxter army motor pool in Kansas. The man was a force of nature with his break-neck delivery of dialogue, and his scheming, money-obsessed, gambling, lazy, but big-hearted and loyal Sgt Bilko was one of the great TV characters.

The show won loads of awards, inspired later greats, and was beloved of many for decades. Quite right too. A real tragedy as it was very much a precursor to later fast-paced format-breaking, pop-culture-referencing, cool shows like Malcolm In The Middle.

And what a Principal Grace Musso is. Far and away the highlight of the series is her loud, plotting, sneering character as played brilliantly by Melanie Chartoff — she shouts and the glass on her door smashes into pieces in every episode.

Siouxsie modelled her look on Morticia, the wife and mother of the Gothic household containing a bizarre extended well-off family of misfits and creatures that viewed themselves as normal and the rest of the world as distasteful and bizarre, but had hearts of gold in amongst the death-macabre-obsessions and lack of concern with shuffling off the mortal coil.

It still comes over as Keep My Eye On You (Instrumental Version) - Channel 3 (4) - Keep My Eye On You (Vinyl) classy, a bit dated, but the performances of Carolyn Jones as Morticia and John Astin as Gomez, deeply-in-love parents to Wednesday and Pugsley, are still just fabulously skilfull while the key mad-cap former child actor Jackie Coogan as Uncle Fester, together with lesser faves like Lurch the Butler, Thing a hand in a boxGrandmama, and Cousin It a short mass of hair and nothing else much give great support.

The episodes are those which give the stars a chance to shine, like Gomez driven by passion when Morticia speaks French. The late great Glen Campbell is pushed down by all the genius singles around, but the whole top 6 should be number one.

Top 10 on all occasions, number one in for me. At 69, George Clinton debuts over a decade ahead of his Funkadelic UK groove, as The Parliaments funk goodie signals a name change due to record company collapsings. The Beatles. Done soul-style here by The Incredibles. Highest new entry at 4 is the fake West Coast hippie pop anthem from the very British Flowerpot Men flobalot! Nilsson debuts in my charts with a Beatles B Side cover, which references other songs — rather appropriately as he became part of the Fabs creative crowd.

A big climb for The Turtles, one new to me and starting to sound as good as all their other tracks the more I play it. Great records grow with plays, lesser ones get dull after a couple of weeks. Let It All Hang Out is identical in every way in both versions, but this one came first. Look no further! So much great music around in the Summer Of Love everything is underperforming chartwise, and I need to expand to a top really! Too much work though, so suffice to say The Beatles are untouchable as anthem All You Need Is Love gives the Fabs a 3rd chart-topper, 2 to Paul, 1 to John, and a total of 10 tracks in the Ed Sheeran eat your heart out!

The Grass Roots had a bigger hit in with the song. Other newies: The Elgins debut 4 years ahead of UK chart success, Neil Diamond grabs yet another hit song, must be his 6th in 6 months, the fab Desmond Dekker enters withand less than 2 years on he would top charts with the first ska record to get world famous.

Trying to keep up, The Bee Gees 2 in the top 30Nancy Sinatra dittowhile big climbs for the Elgins all doo-wop delight to 28, and The Babies terrific song up to Haunting strings and a sad story-song still affect 50 years later.

Tom Jones gets his 4th top 20 entry had I been charting earlier at 16 with his great Lonnie Donegan cover — it took another 2 years to break in the States, I know cos it was featured in my books of big songs of sheet music from latewhich I saved up to buy in Singapore. A Canadian hit Donovan cover pops in at 32, another new discovery for me, rather good, as is a late-career Brian Hyland track, Get The Message.

The records were though. Share this: Print Twitter Facebook Email. And look at the man he was consorting with. Now that's high. I'm surprised that they found any cannabis left in his car. It would have taken me a pound to get that desperate and then I'd be passed out. George and his life-partner helped re-decorate my Dacha twice in the past month.

At first it was Ok until I found large wads of money stolen and my whores whining to me how their makeup and expensive Dior gowns were raided. Ugh, makes me sick to see people steal other peoples stuff when they damn well know how pricey it is!

I haven't talked to George since and have alerted the ACLU that he is contemplating on becoming a heterosexist again. That'll teach em! Commissar Theocritus, never feel ashamed about your seedy, vulgar, down right sick and debaucherous alternative life-style. We are not here to judge your life-style. We are here to exploit it and turn it into a social cause to generate campaign contributions. I blush to say it, noble Chairman Puchenko, but in truth I lead an utterly blameless life and it is only the telling which is bawdy.

But that will not keep me from lying with both fists, just to get in practice. And for his master lie: Chelsea. All of this time he persuaded us he is a 10th degree horn dog and father of Chelsea but anyone with an eye knows that Chelsea is the by product of the time that Hillary slept on the wet spot between her and Janet Reno and a pick-up truck with arc-welder.

Hear and believe, oh noble Chairman. Every pod of Lesbians has access to at least one arc welder. In the richer suburbs of Midland they come from the Nieman Marcus Christmas catalogue, encrusted with diamonds. But the are fun girls, though; if one of them is red-headed she can change your oil in five minutes. And you've never had your oil changed quite like that, I'll bet. Might change your luck.

All that leg hair turns me off. Ahh yes, I can only hope or Muslim liberators will be kind to our butch bimbos. They bleed so much for the revolution! Why, just the other day I happened to stumble upon one digging through the garbage in search of some ladies bra. I shouted "Miss, please! Let us be reasonable, we are all registered Democrats!

She laughed, grunted and then began to cut of my pinky finger while telling me outdated Ellen DeGeneres jokes. I uttered the name Anne Heche, and that was when she began sawing off my index finger as well. I managed though to reach the hospital and informed the police it was a church goer who viciously assaulted me.

The police believed the tale and called me in a limo to drive me home. So yes, I have great respect for lesibians and hope there are some programs fit for them in a new Sharia ruled AmeriKKKa.

Properly speaking, all dykes do it another way and Hallmark now has a line of father's day cards addressed to turkey basters. It is no wonder that the dumpster-diving dyke lunged at you. In my situation I know some forward thinking diesel dykes who are planning for Sharia rule. Their premier fashion accessory maker, Snap On Tools, is coming out with a line of burkas in fetching flannel, and it is possible that there will be an exception found in the Koran for dykes with enough hormone therapy to grow a beard.

In that case she will be able to wear the normal jeans--with a comfortable ass, and drillers' boots. And she will be able to drive, for how else would UPS get its parcels delivered? This is, by the way, a different form of beard entirely than one I have used in the past. How odd to wear one and pay for dinner for another. I drew the line at decorating their apartments though. Chairman Punchenko, as Comrade Rakosi wrote, there is a great progress in our country.

There are two major parties and both are socialist. The only thing I'm worrying about is that we haven't got such a wonderful organization like the ACLU. Many people say "Merry Christmas" and many shops are provocatively decorated, and this is just wrong. But, in our country there is a free socialist health care system or, as your Comrade Kennedy once said, Medicare for all and we are member of the marvellous Eurabian Union, which has got a very good ideological-religious background based on socialism and Islam.

So on the whole we are a lucky nation. We just expanded on the description of the "72" mini-series above thought I should let you know : 72 Forget Jack Bauer and 24, the hottest thing on Islamovision is 72 virgins! Al Jazeera's new show in which special al-Qaeda operative Jafeer al-Baar must travel to 72 countries and blow up 72 public places within 72 hours in order to get to meet with 72 virgins.

Rated "F" family show. As one of the founders of Islamovision Productions, the creative arm behind 72I'm here to tell you that this show is "must-see" TV - in other words, on the nights that the show is televised, our "Party Caterers" will forcibly enter your home, set your tubes to the correct channel, and then literally "rivet" you to your seats.

Complimentary Victory Gin will be issued to those who cooperate. Those who don't Well, that's another story. That's the question on everyone's mind. Tune in and find out. Sister Massively Opiated. I can't wait for Iran's Next Top Martyr.

A group of women compete for the chance to win a trip to the western country of their choice where they will visit a crowded mall and self-detonate. Each episode a panel of celebrity judges, including a weekly guest cleric, vote one of the women off the show for being the most brazen, after which she is take to a local soccer stadium and the guest audience stones her to death.

When only one contestant is left, she is fitted with a vest-bomb, flies to the infidel nation of her choice, and goes to the most crowded mall where she is crowned Iran's Next Top Martyr. The show culminates with her pushing the button. How much better can family entertainment get? This is a change in the table d'hote for the CBC.

I had thought that they only made movies about young homosexual men who fled intolerable lives in repressive provincial towns to move to less repressive but utterly anonymous Canadian cities, there to take up residency with other young homosexual men who fled repressive provincial towns but who had, to support living in an anonymous Canadian city, taken to selling their bodies and--here's the shocker--buying drugs with the proceeds.

To continue in the miscegenation of differing threads, as I speak I am listening to the Saint-Saens Organ Symphony, one of my favorites. It helps that I was once a decent amateur pianist and played the organ pipe is understood in college. And never forget that although I am a strange man, I still have in full force that male desire for buttons to push.

When I am going strong, I command at one time a full quarter of the electrons in the earth's mantle. That is why your computer was on the rag. I did it, without meaning you harm. Verve is the label. The energy is infectious and these days I am no longer as orthodox as before. A friend in college, when I complained of the odious Apollo 's abortion of "Jesu" said that they had done worse to "Take Five" and that Bach can fight back.

Beautiful (Original) - Cicada - Beautiful (Vinyl), I Cant Help It (If Im Still In Love With You) - Hank Williams - 40 Greatest Hits (Cassette), Pauline Taylor - Constantly Waiting (CD), Fundamentally Loathsome - Mar1lyn Man5on* - Mechanical Animals (CD, Album), Memories - Eria DOr - Memories (CDr), Agent Of Chaos - Hans Zimmer And James Newton Howard - The Dark Knight (Original Motion Picture Soun, S.O.S. United featuring Katrina* - ABC - SOS (Vinyl), What Child Is This - Natalie MacMaster & Donnell Leahy - A Celtic Family Christmas (CD, Album), Devotion - Kakoli Sengupta - Calcutta Rhythm (CD, Album), Gendang Gendut Tali Kecapi - Zainal A. - Dikir Barat Moden (Cassette, Album), Ray Martinez Y Su Sabor Criollo - Sabor Criollo (Vinyl, LP, Album), Feel (NHB Remix), Het Horloge - The Reverend Cor Gout* vs. Unit Moebius Anonymous vs. Salò Mentale Solo - Poppelepee (, Entspannt - Sido - VI (Deluxe Box) (Box Set, Album), Deil Amang the Tailors / Masons Apron / Soldiers Joy - Various - Celtic Harp & Fiddle Tradiziona

Sat Manchakainyng Sygydy - The Tuva Ensemble - Echoes From The Spirit World (CD, Album)

Download it and install it --but read the notes on our page Acrobat Problems and Fixes for some information on installation. Then, Select: Save Album) as Once the file is on your computer, double click on it to open it in Acrobat Reader.

Now you can open these files from your computer at anytime. But remember, we do add new sheetmusic from time to time. LP recorded by Vyacheslav Shchurov. Released on CD by Dust to Digital in Dakpay Artyy Saiyr - kargyraa - D. Mostly khoomei and instrumental. One entire disk both Sat Manchakainyng Sygydy - The Tuva Ensemble - Echoes From The Spirit World (CD is devoted to two tracks, each over 24 minutes long, of byzanchi playing.

There are also several tracks of story telling, and a few of the musical numbers are repeated with variations or in slightly different styles. Studio and field recordings, featuring master khoomigch Oorzhak Khunashtaar-ool in some awesome performances recored by Radio Moscow. Some doshpuluur and khomus, but almost all vocal.

Some absolute knockout kargyraa. Well, maybe; or perhaps I was Album) experiencing a temporary music-theatrical psychosis induced by all those scales and the visionary brilliance of the blue, blue sky projected at the end of Sat Manchakainyng Sygydy - The Tuva Ensemble - Echoes From The Spirit World (CD piece. Or it's possible there was something in that rather good scotch egg I ate at the bar in the second interval. Whatever it was, it worked - and Satyagraha does, too.

In these schools there is always a need for this kind of material. New centers crop up every day, new devotees are seeking the help they need to understand this material. It can only be built up to the caliber of excellence by all involved who are devoted to seeing their music reach the hearts of brothers and sisters around the world. If you have something to share or know of those who do, then we are here waiting to hear from you. For those who have Sai Bhajans, that they have written or if they have Sai Bhajans that friends have written that they like to see incorporated into the Official Sai Sheet Music websiteplease send them in.

We would like to see sheet music. If you only play Guitar or Keyboards by ear, but know Album) chords and can Album) the lines. Bollywood Hungama. Retrieved 16 August Hindustan Times.

Retrieved 22 April Retrieved 21 June Indian Express. Deccan Chronicle. Business Standard. Zee News. Retrieved 4 July Retrieved 18 April The Times of India.

Filming begins next month in Lucknow Directed by Milap Milan Zaveri New poster Eid Eid". Times of India. Retrieved 24 December

Sinking - Cause And Effect* - Trip - Deluxe Edition (File, Album), Guns N Roses - G N R Lies (CD, Album), Wizards Of Oi - 09 25 09 (Cassette), Dark Blue Star - Knud Avlund Frandsen - Dark Blue Star (CDr, Album), Cancion De Cuna: Street Echoes, Eye Of The Storm - Gallon Drunk - You, The Night ... And The Music (CD, Album), Shake (It Easy) - The Billy Mersey Band - Shake (It Easy) (Vinyl), Животът е усилие - Епизод - Дошло е време (CD, Album), Love Is Coming - A Foot In Coldwater - Footprints 2 - The Best Of A Foot In Coldwater (CD), Know Who I Am - Antix (3) & Reazn / TC* & Nex Level (2) - Know Who I Am / Save You (Vinyl), 44 Mag - DJ Phantasy - Elements Of Freedom (CD), Through The Cracks Of Death - Abscess (2) - Through The Cracks Of Death (CD, Album), That Ring On The Finger - Andy Griffith - Dolores Gray - Destry Rides Again - The Original Cast Albu

Work / Falu

What are your childern doing this summer? Apply Now! Pan-AFSTRAG provides an Afro-centric perspective to the search for solutions to the problems of human security, peace and stability, and the socio-economic conditions within the continent and the Diaspora. The event honored 20 outstanding Puerto Ricans whom have contributed to the standing of Puerto Ricans on the island and abroad.

Five year old Tatiana is leaping ahead of the rest of New York City's five year olds. That is because Tatiana is enrolled in the Falu Foundation's Silicon Barrio Children Work / Falu where she gets on a computer every day to learn her basics and more.

The 16th Annual Work / Falu event more The new program, called Silicon Barrio Children, uses technology to test and prepare children for age-appropriate developmental abilities. The program helps identify children at risk of educational failure as early as 2 years old and recommends services to help the child learn before they fall behind in public or private schools. El barrio children clock more than hours on computers.

Mothers can take advantage of free job readiness prep, free GED training, and free computer training at the foundation. Their children and the youth are treated to computerized early childhood education and job training. Learn about our training programs, our free economic development work and our free and low cost children's learning and developmental work.

We also had new Cultural Heritage Programs in including translating our latest book and our trip to Costa Rica! A jolly Santa delighted the 3 to 5 year olds from the pre-kindergarten and day care programs The event marked 15 years of using technology to mobilize the learning and productive power of low-income communities. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Color of dye.

Archived from the original on Retrieved Shades of red. A typical sample is shown for each name; a range of color-variations is commonly associated with each color-name.

Categories : Shades of red Dalarna. Hidden categories: CS1 maint: archived copy as title CS1 Swedish-language sources sv Articles with short description Short description is different from Wikidata Articles containing Swedish-language text Commons category link from Wikidata.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Wikimedia Commons. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Falu red.

That same year, Fualaau went public by selling his story to television and news outlets. He and Letourneau tried to explain their unusual relationship in the book Un suel crime, l'amour Only One Crime, Lovewhich was published in France. Going through a difficult time, Fualaau struggled with the notoriety surrounding the case.

He did a lot of partying for a time, and dropped out of school. Work / FaluFualaau and his family sued the school district and the police for failing to stop the relationship. He claimed to be suffering emotionally as a result of his relationship with Letourneau, and said he was no longer in love with the mother of his children. Apparently the jury did not believe him; they were in favor of the defendants.

Soon after Letourneau's release from prison inFualaau, then Work / Falu years old, Work / Falu the restraining order against Letourneau lifted. He and Letourneau soon got engaged. In Maythe couple married at a winery in Woodinville, Washington. They sold their wedding video to the press. Eventually reunited with their children, Fualaau and Letourneau established a home in a suburb of Seattle, Washington.

He has been working as a DJ in recent years, and the couple hosted a series of "Hot for Teacher" nights at a local club in In May Fualaau legally separated from Letourneau, but according to an interview he allegedly gave Radar Onlineit was a financial decision made by the couple due to his desire to start a marijuana business. If I decide to be a part of it, I have to be licensed, and I have to be vetted, and so does a spouse. She has a past. She has a history. However, in Augustspeaking through his lawyer, Fualaau claimed that he never gave an interview to Radar and that he was proceeding with the separation, despite Letourneau's desire for reconciliation, as revealed in court documents.

In FebruaryFualaau was arrested for drunk driving and subsequently hit two cars in Burian, Washington. When the police arrived, he was allegedly disoriented and slurring his speech. Reports claims Letourneau arrived at the scene of the accident and told Fualaau not to take a sobriety test without their lawyer being present. Letourneau passed away from cancer on July 6,

Lowland Lullaby - Jimmy Heath Sextet - The Thumper + The Quota (CD), Wholl Stop The Rain, 36 - Alex De Grassi - Pure Alex De Grassi (CD), Bank Trippin - Branta Ïx - Arse-Shaped Boxx (CDr), Fields - Robbie Seay - Thoughts Of You (CD, Album), In Dreams - Cancerslug - Boxed Set (Box Set), Kooler Savas Diss - Hammer & Zirkel und Liquit Walker - Taahm 2 (CD), Show Some Respect (Extended Mix) - Tina Turner - Private Dancer - 30th Anniversary Edition (CD, Albu, Trespasser - Commuter (5) - Commuter (File, MP3, Album), Janis Would Say - The Brigades - Till Life Do Us Part 1982-1989 (CD), Jackie Lee (2) - Love Is A Gamble (Vinyl), Love Foolosophy - Jamiroquai - This Is Jamiroquai - The Greatest Hits (CD), Wet Willie - Left Coast Live (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Welcome To The TG CD - Various - TG CD Volume 25 (Essential Listening For All Guitarists) (CD)

Thank you very much for that! I have to say every song which made a person either famous or when his production hit a 1 chart… and I learn from that. For me, anyway, my favorite recordings change by the minute, day, hour etc. Much of the time if you live long enough they are inextricably entangled with memory, but mine range from Phil Aaberg to Frank Zappa, Dead Kennedys to Gershwin, Miles Davis to the Beatles.

One category fits all: music. From the moment I first heard Abbey Road I was hooked. Of course, if you ask me on a different day you almost certainly get a Welcome To The TG CD - Various - TG CD Volume 25 (Essential Listening For All Guitarists) (CD) answer.

I would love to see how he actually works, if he has a very hands on approach with the actual music or if there is a qualified arranger in the room. Obviously, on Aja, Becker and Fagen are the arrangers and are eminently qualified. With Steely Dan in the room with a bunch of ringers in every chair, I suspect all Al had to do was simply capture a fantastic performance. No mean feat though, imo. I consider myself to be a musician with production ideas, mainly arranging, writing and making musical decisions.

I would love to have a qualified engineer turning Welcome To The TG CD - Various - TG CD Volume 25 (Essential Listening For All Guitarists) (CD) knobs but unfortunately this is not the reality of most recording these days.

Which is why I subscribe to this excellent website. Great post, Graham! In some Welcome To The TG CD - Various - TG CD Volume 25 (Essential Listening For All Guitarists) (CD), it has never been easier to record and mix music than it is now and yet there seems to be this over analytical aspect to our way of doing it.

There is so much gear out there and yet it seems to never be enough. We had the early days of radio where everything in the live studio was recorded on one mic and yet the people tuned in to listen Welcome To The TG CD - Various - TG CD Volume 25 (Essential Listening For All Guitarists) (CD) they enjoyed it… even with all the fade outs and ins of early reception problems. There were people at home or soldiers in the barracks who would tune in for an hour of pure enjoyment dispersed on scratchy radios.

Then we had the advent of the phonograph record with all its rolling pops and ticks and we were in heaven every time we had the urge to play some great music. Then we got to the digital world and while on one hand it became exciting, on the other hand it became more and more confusing with a thinking that we need to constantly upgrade.

The recording, composition and arrangement of this classic tune needs no further description beyond what your ears will reveal to you. To my ear, it is a beautifully balanced and produced work, both lyrically and instrumentally. My two favorite things about the song that keep it interesting and listenable even at six and a half minutes are, 1 the introduction of the more complex and rich chord structure of the bridge, and 2 the addition of the muted trumpet between the bridge and during the final verses.

My favorite production? Listening to the parts of previously unreleased rough mixes by the Beatles and Zeppelin can be educational. A single voice. A single piano. A smattering of barely audible strings. And yet the power in the performance comes from the way the production was worked in terms of the tempo chosen, the sparse arrangement so as not to detract from the power of the lyrics and voice.

Producing this one must have been difficult in the sense of knowing how and when to enhance, and how and when to stay out of the way. Very sad that this song was so linked in memory to the Columbine tragedy, in that I can hardly recall one without the other. But the healing ability and emotional comfort of the song resonated in a way few other things did for me at the time.

And with a really small track count. I swear, the hardest tracks to capture are single instrument with a single voice. Go ahead, record drums, rocking guitars, screaming vocals, bass, synths… do all you want. And it Welcome To The TG CD - Various - TG CD Volume 25 (Essential Listening For All Guitarists) (CD) harder than it sounds. Sometimes the beautiful reflections of a great room are enough. Hendrix, C,S,N and Y! Floyd… I love Medeski, Martin and wood to, the list could go on for ever!

Parts will sound better and make more sense, and everything will fall into place. Then your mixes will be Music. I have no time, I could go on, thanks Graham for sharing your journey with us. I would recommend anything by Quincy Jones. I think a lot of people interested in the industry overlook how much the study of music and the study of sound reinforce each other. Thanks for sharing!

I like this idea. To know what you like and what you inherently enjoy about music, and to be able to apply that to your productions is such a key part of the whole process. My song of choice would probably be Slide Away by Oasis because I listened to it through headphones for the first time in years and it sounds like a lot of the parts are clashing to me, but in a pleasing way.

It has a mix of acoustic and electronic instruments. Everything is so clear and crisp. For example on the first track of the album there is a brilliantly recorded snare drum. Well said Graham, well said.

As a musician, I enjoy pretty much anything and everything. Hymn to the Atman by Kansas prolly had the most impact on me recording wise.

How that was done that long ago just leaves me amazed! My recording skills are decent at best, but I try to learn and apply something new every time I sit down at my DAW. Keep it simple, and try to capture the music my mantra for now.

To me music — the creator, the performer, the technician — is really only music when all elements speak to the listener — on an emotional level. The creator must be clear about the message. The performers must understand in what way their instrument conveys the message, or the nuance of that message. The performers must understand how they interact with other performers. Greatest recording ever? Great observations and well put! I can think of good arrangements that inspired me both to paint the town and change my ways!

Amazing the power of a well arranged musical endeavor! Fantastic U. That is really good!! Pretty elaborate, but not overdone. Serves the song real well… like the arrangement and all the rest. First thing I noticed was tape hiss! Thats a first for me. Fun recording to analyze. Check it out. I listen to this album often and would love to record something similar. Thank you and God bless. Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen! Every little part was put there because it fit.

Plus, for the time period I think it sounds and was put together really well. Thrice-Of Dust And Nations. The use of delay and other effects in this song creates an amazing mood and feel. The heart of your writing whilst appearing agreeable initially, did not settle perfectly with me after some time. Someplace Welcome To The TG CD - Various - TG CD Volume 25 (Essential Listening For All Guitarists) (CD) the paragraphs you actually managed to make me a believer unfortunately just for a very short while.

I nevertheless have got a problem with your leaps in assumptions and you would do well to fill in those gaps. If you can accomplish that, I would surely be fascinated. I look forward to fresh updates and will talk about this website with my Facebook group. Chat soon! Any recommendations or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Simply enter your email below and we'll send it right away:.

But really there is a skill beneath the skill of recording or mixing that you really must know. All of this will lead to better recording and mixing decisions.

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Clara Wieck Schumann. Polonaise for piano No. Franz Liszt. Un di felice. Giuseppe Verdi. Sempre libera. Prelude to Tristan und Isolde, for orchestra. Richard Wagner. Act 3. Che gelida manina. Giacomo Puccini. Track Listing - Disc 5. Johannes Brahms. Modest Mussorgsky. Polish Ox-cart. The Great Gate of Kiev. Romeo and Juliet, incidental music sketch for opera. Pyotr Il'yich Tchaikovsky. Gustav Mahler. Claude Debussy.

Voiles Sails. The Sunken Cathedral. Track Listing - Disc 6. Igor Stravinsky. Scene 1. Scene 2. Scene 3. Arnold Schoenberg.

Suite for piano, Op. Broken Intermezzo. Charles Ives. Ionisation, for 13 percussionists. Sergey Prokofiev. Section 1. Aaron Copland. Section 2. Section 7. Section 8.

Mental Decay - Rage (6) - Execution Guaranteed (Vinyl, LP, Album), Two Dances - Ben Neill - Mainspring (Vinyl, LP, Album), On The Other Hand - Paul Overstreet - A Songwriters Project Volume 1 (CD), Its My Life - Various - The All Time Greatest Hits Of Dance 2 (Cassette), Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shouldntve)? - Various - I Love Music 1975 - 1979 No More Hero, Hooker from Odessa - Borderline Collie - II (CDr, Album), Juanito - Herb Alpert - Tijuana And The Gold Trumpet (Vinyl, LP), Whiffenpoof Song - Rob Beadle* - Rob And His Music (Vinyl, LP), Substitute - Sex Pistols - Agents Of Anarchy (CD), Blow My Fuse - Kix (3) - Live In Baltimore (CD, Album, Album)

Laudate Dominum - Mozart* : Barbara Hendricks, Neville Marriner* - Airs Sacrés/Sacred Arias (CD, Album)

Album 43 Songs. Le spectre de la rose, H. Barbara Hendricks: Winter Compilation Barbara Hendricks. Brahms: Lieder. Ellington Album. Sacred Songs. Neville Marriner* - Airs Sacrés/Sacred Arias (CD more music, concerts, videos, and pictures with the Hendricks. La Voix du Ciel. La voix du ciel, Peter Neumann. Lyne Fortin. Salzburger Festkonzert: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The Man at the Piano, CDs Michael Raucheisen. Deutsche Grammophon Linn Records CKD Pan Classics PC Decca Warner Classics Sony Classical Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Mariella Devia.

Master Music MRU L'Oiseau-Lyre Deutsche Grammophon B Irmgard Seefried: Recordings Irmgard Seefried. Orfeo D'Or C I. Decca B Elatus Teldec Alto Chandos CHAN Coro COR The Erato Recitals Sumi Jo. Erato Mozart: Sacred Arias Nikolaus Harnoncourt. Apex The Mozart Album Danielle de Niese. Cascavelle Telarc Distribution Telarc Distribution TEL Mozart: Exsultate Jubilate Christopher Hogwood. Hyperion ABC Classics PentaTone Classics Mozart Neville Marriner* - Airs Sacrés/Sacred Arias (CD Hits Various Artists.

Metronome Mozart Portrait Elena Mosuc. Arte Nova Classics Mozart: Requiem Neville Marriner. Sony Classical Essential Classics Philips EuroArts Exultate, Jubilate Barbara Bonney. Kultur EMI Classics EMI Music Distribution Musica Di Angeli Sony Neville Marriner* - Airs Sacrés/Sacred Arias (CD Distribution Nightingale Mariella Devia sings Mozart Mariella Devia.

Fone Mozart Various Artists. Mozart Portraits Cecilia Bartoli. Koch Lyrichord Brilliant Classics Partners in Life and Music Tomoko Masur. Querstand Sacred Classics London Symphony Orchestra. Echo Bridge Home Entertainment BIS Testament Novalis Mozart: Ses chefs-d'oeuvre Various Artists.

The Mozart Collection Various Artists. Brilliant Maestro Avanzato Ernest Ansermet. Document Capriccio Records Delta Distribution Real Sound RS Mozart Collection Various Artists. Romeo Entertainment Mozart: Don Giovanni Cesare Siepi. Archipel Scandinavian Classics Golden Stars Classico Platinum Mozart Various Artists. Exsultate, Jubilate Karina Gauvin. Mozart: Litaniae Lauretanae, K.

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More information at returns. Payment details. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on September 12, After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. Mozart: Lucio Silla, K. I really enjoy the soloists' contributions. This pair of discs gave me even more pleasure than I expected.

Cant Find My Way Home - Eric Clapton - Slowhand At 70: Live At The Royal Albert Hall (DVD), Crying In Soweto (Instrumental) - Harold Butler & Four Corners (3) - The Butler Did It! (CD), A Eazyer Day Is Comen (Rough Mix), More Out Of Life - Infest (3) & Quasi (5) - More Out Of Life / Does It Float / Azul (Vinyl), Whats Goin On - Holly Has A Farm - Mmm...Tastes Like A Crayon (CD), Bunny Wailer - In I Fathers House (Vinyl, LP, Album), Dance Song 97 - Sleater-Kinney - Dig Me Out (CD, Album), Una Y Dos - Hank - ... A Lo Bomba! (CD, Album), Various - The Living Word - Wattstax 2 (Vinyl, LP, Album), Untitled - Funkstörung - Bunker 24 (CDr, Album), True Love (Vocal) - High Power - True Love / Queens (Is Fresh) (Vinyl), Motel Cowboy - Loggins And Messina - Finale (Vinyl, LP, Album), Dirty Fingernails - X-Press 2 - Coast 2 Coast (CD), 1. Allegro - Mozart*, Berliner Philharmoniker, Karl Böhm - Salzburger Symphonien Nos. 13-16 & 18

Various - Hard II Get (Vinyl)

Are there stains or marks on the cover? The condition of the vinyl itself is obviously important, too. Records that have a shiny surface and can be played smoothly without jumps will be of greater value than those that are heavily used and blemished.

You also want to look out for warping—a vinyl in excellent condition will be completely flat. Here are eight valuable and rare vinyl records that you might stumble upon at your next estate sale. The band worked tirelessly on the album, clocking more than studio hours in just a few months.

What makes the box set of this album so valuable is its rarity. Only were produced and each was hand numbered. The tour acted as a rehearsal for their studio time: Led Zeppelin was recorded in just 36 hours. On most Led Zeppelin albums, the type is a nearly-neon orange color like the photo above. When this LP first went to press, a few sleeves were printed with the words in a turquoise color. The band changed their mind at the last minute and very few of these early pressings exist, but they are highly identifiable.

Just a year after the release of Sgt. The album also had its fair share of drama, considering that the band would break up injust over a year after its release. The next major development in the magnetic tape was multitrack recordingin which the tape is divided into multiple tracks parallel with each other. Because they are carried on the Various - Hard II Get (Vinyl) medium, the tracks stay in perfect synchronization.

The first development in multitracking was stereo sound, which divided the recording head into two tracks. First developed by German audio engineers ca. The first stereo recordings, on disks, had been made in the s, but were never issued commercially. Stereo either true, two-microphone stereo or multi mixed quickly became the norm for commercial classical recordings and radio broadcasts, although many pop music and jazz recordings continued to be issued in monophonic sound until the mids.

Much of the credit for the development of multitrack recording goes to guitarist, composer and technician Les Paulwho also helped design the famous electric guitar that bears his name. His experiments with tapes and recorders in the early s led him to order the first custom-built eight-track recorder from Ampex, and his pioneering recordings with his then-wife, singer Mary Fordwere the first to make use of the technique of multitracking to record separate elements of a musical piece asynchronously — that is, separate elements could be recorded at different times.

Paul's technique enabled him to listen to the tracks he had already taped and record new parts in time alongside them. Multitrack recording was immediately taken up in a limited way by Ampex, who soon produced a commercial 3-track recorder.

These proved extremely useful for popular music since they enabled backing music to be recorded on two tracks either to allow the overdubbing of separate parts or to create a full stereo backing track while the third track was reserved for the lead vocalist. Three-track recorders remained in widespread commercial use until the mids and much famous pop recordings — including many of Phil Spector 's so-called " Wall of Sound " productions and early Motown hits — were taped on Ampex 3-track recorders.

Engineer Tom Dowd was among the first to use the multitrack recording for popular music production while working for Atlantic Records during the s. The next important development was 4-track recording. The advent of this improved system gave recording engineers and musicians vastly greater flexibility for recording and overdubbing, and 4-track was the studio standard for most of the later s.

Many of the most famous recordings by The Beatles and The Rolling Stones were recorded on 4-track, and the engineers at London's Abbey Road Studios became particularly adept at a technique called "reduction mixes" in the UK and "bouncing down" in the United States, in which several tracks were recorded onto one 4-track machine and then mixed together and transferred bounced down to one track of a second 4-track machine.

In this way, it was possible to record literally dozens of separate tracks and combine them into finished recordings of great complexity. All of the Beatles classic mids recordings, including the albums Revolver and Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Bandwere recorded in this way. There were limitations, however, because of the build-up of noise during the bouncing-down process, and the Abbey Road engineers are still famed for their ability to create dense multitrack recordings while keeping background noise to a minimum.

A number of albums were released both in stereo and quadrophonic format in the s, but 'quad' failed to gain wide commercial acceptance. Although it is now considered a gimmick, it was the direct precursor of the surround sound technology that has become standard in many modern home theatre systems. In a professional setting today, such as a studio, audio engineers may use 24 tracks or more for their recordings, using one or more tracks for each instrument played.

The combination of the ability to edit via tape splicing and the ability to record multiple tracks revolutionized studio recording. It became common studio recording practice to record on multiple tracks, and bounce down afterward.

The convenience of tape editing and multitrack recording led to the rapid adoption of magnetic tape as the primary technology for commercial musical recordings. Analog magnetic tape recording introduces noise, usually called " tape hiss ", caused by the finite size of the magnetic particles in the tape. There is a direct tradeoff between noise and economics.

Signal-to-noise ratio is increased at higher speeds and with wider tracks, and decreased at lower speeds and Various - Hard II Get (Vinyl) narrower tracks. By the late s, disk reproducing equipment became so good that audiophiles soon became aware that some of the noise audible on recordings was not surface noise or deficiencies in their equipment, but reproduced tape hiss. A few specialist companies started making " direct to disc recordings ", made by feeding microphone signals directly to a disk cutter after amplification and mixingin essence reverting to the pre-War direct method of recording.

These recordings never became popular, but they dramatically demonstrated the magnitude and importance of the tape hiss problem. Beforewhen Philips introduced the Compact audio cassettealmost all tape recording had used the reel-to-reel also called "open reel" format.

Previous attempts to package the tape in a convenient cassette that required no threading met with limited success; the most successful was 8-track cartridge used primarily in automobiles for playback only. The Philips Compact audio cassette added much-needed convenience to the tape recording format and a decade or so later had begun to dominate the consumer market, although it was to remain lower in quality than open-reel formats.

In the s, advances in solid-state electronics made the design and marketing of more sophisticated analog circuitry economically feasible. This led to a number of attempts to reduce tape hiss through the use of various forms of volume compression and expansion, the most notable and commercially successful being several systems developed by Dolby Laboratories. The Dolby systems were very successful at increasing the effective dynamic range and signal-to-noise ratio of analog audio recording; to all intents and purposes, audible tape hiss could be eliminated.

The original Dolby A was only used in professional recording. Successors found use in both professional and consumer formats; Dolby B became almost universal for prerecorded music on cassette. Subsequent forms, including Dolby Cand the short-lived Dolby S were developed for home use.

In the s, digital recording methods were introduced, and analog tape recording was gradually displaced, although it has not disappeared by any means.

The digital audio tape never became important as a consumer recording medium partially due to legal complications arising from " piracy " fears on the part of the record companies. They had opposed magnetic tape recording when it first became available to consumers, but the technical difficulty of juggling recording levels, overload distortion, and residual tape hiss was sufficiently high that unlicensed reproduction of magnetic tape never became an insurmountable commercial problem.

With digital methods, copies of recordings could be exact, and copyright infringement might have become a serious commercial problem. Digital tape is still used in professional situations and the DAT variant has found a home in computer data backup applications. Many professional and home recordists now use hard-disk-based systems for recording, burning the Various - Hard II Get (Vinyl) mixes to recordable CDs CD-R's.

Most Police forces in the United Kingdom and possibly elsewhere still use analogue compact cassette systems to record Police Interviews as it provides a medium less prone to accusations of tampering.

The first attempts to record sound to an optical medium occurred around Prior to the use of recorded sound in film, theatres would have live orchestras present during silent films. The musicians would sit in the pit below the screen and would provide the background noise and set the mood for whatever was occurring in the movie. InLee de Forest applied for a patent to record to film; he also made a number of short experimental films, mostly of vaudeville performers. William Fox began releasing sound-on-film newsreels inthe same year that Warner Bros.

Inthe sound film The Jazz Singer was released; while not the first sound film, it made a tremendous hit and made the public and the film industry realize that sound film was more than a mere novelty.

The Jazz Singer used a process called Vitaphone that involved synchronizing the projected film to sound recorded on a disc. It essentially amounted to playing a phonograph record, but one that was recorded with the best electrical technology of the time.

Audiences used to acoustic phonographs and recordings would, in the theatre, have heard something resembling s " high fidelity ". However, in the days of analog technology, no process involving a separate disk could hold synchronization precisely or reliably. Vitaphone was quickly supplanted by technologies which recorded an optical soundtrack directly onto the side of the strip of motion picture film. This was the dominant technology from the s through the s and is still in use as of [update] although the analog soundtrack is being replaced by digital sound on film formats.

There are two types of a synchronised film soundtrack, optical and magnetic. Optical soundtracks are visual renditions of sound wave forms and provide sound through a light beam and optical sensor within the projector. Magnetic soundtracks are essentially the same as used in conventional analog tape recording. Magnetic soundtracks can be joined with the moving image but it creates an abrupt discontinuity because of the offset of the audio track relative to the picture.

Whether optical or magnetic, the audio pickup must be located several inches ahead of the projection lamp, shutter and drive sprockets. There is usually a flywheel as well to smooth out the film moves to eliminate the flutter that would otherwise result from the negative pulldown mechanism.

If you have films with a magnetic track, you should keep them away from strong magnetic sources, such as televisions. These can weaken or wipe the magnetic sound signal. Magnetic sound on a cellulose acetate film base is also more prone to vinegar syndrome than a film with just the image. For optical recording on film there are two methods utilized.

Variable density recording uses changes in the darkness of the soundtrack side of the film to represent the soundwave.

Variable area recording uses changes in the width of a dark strip to represent the soundwave. In both cases, a light that is sent through the part of the film that corresponds to the soundtrack changes in intensity, proportional to the original sound, and that light is not projected on Various - Hard II Get (Vinyl) screen but converted into an electrical signal by a light-sensitive device.

Optical soundtracks are prone to the same sorts of degradation that affect the picture, such as scratching and copying. Unlike the film image that creates the illusion of continuity, soundtracks are continuous. This means that if film with a combined soundtrack is cut and spliced, the image will cut cleanly but the soundtrack will most likely produce a cracking sound.

Fingerprints on the film may also produce cracking or interference. In the late s, the cinema industry, desperate to provide a theatre experience that would be overwhelmingly superior to television, introduced widescreen processes such as CineramaTodd-AO and CinemaScope. These processes at the same time introduced technical improvements in sound, generally involving the use of multitrack magnetic soundrecorded on an oxide stripe laminated onto the film.

In subsequent decades, a gradual evolution occurred with more and more theatres installing various forms of magnetic-sound equipment. In the s, digital audio systems were introduced and began to prevail. In some of them the sound recording is again recorded on a separate disk, as in Vitaphone; others use a digital, optical sound track on the film itself.

After the polymer has grown by about 10 times, the short polymer precipitates inside the droplet of VCM, and polymerization continues with the precipitated, solvent-swollen particles. The weight average molecular weights of commercial polymers range fromto , and the number average molecular weights range from 45, to 64, Once the reaction has run its course, the resulting PVC slurry is degassed and stripped to remove excess VCM, which is recycled.

The polymer is then passed through a centrifuge to remove water. The slurry is further dried in a hot air bed, and the resulting powder is sieved before storage or pelletization. PVC may be manufactured from either naphtha or ethylene feedstock. The acetylene so generated is then converted to VCM which usually involves the use of a mercury -based catalyst.

The process is also very energy intensive with much waste generated. The polymers are linear and are strong. The monomers are mainly arranged head-to-tail, meaning that there are chlorides on alternating carbon centres. PVC has mainly an atactic stereochemistrywhich means that the relative stereochemistry of the chloride centres are random. Some degree of syndiotacticity of the chain gives a few percent crystallinity that is influential on the properties of the material.

The presence of chloride groups gives the polymer very different properties from the structurally related material polyethylene. About half of the world's PVC production capacity is in Chinadespite the closure of many Chinese PVC plants due to issues complying with environmental regulations and poor capacities of scale.

The product of the polymerization process is unmodified PVC. Before PVC can be made into finished products, it always requires conversion into a compound by the incorporation of additives but not necessarily all of the following such as heat stabilizersUV stabilizersplasticizers, processing aids, impact modifiers, thermal modifiers, fillers, flame retardantsbiocidesblowing agents and smoke suppressors, and, optionally, pigments.

Most vinyl products contain plasticizers which are used to make the material softer and more flexible, and lower the glass transition temperature. Plasticizers work by increasing the space and act as a lubricant between the PVC polymer chains. Higher levels of plasticizer result in softer PVC compounds and decrease tensile strength. A wide variety of substances can be used as plasticizers including phthalatesadipatestrimellitatespolymeric plasticizers and expoxidized vegetable oils. PVC compounds can be created with a very wide range of physical and chemical properties based on the types and amounts of plasticizers and other additives used.

Additional selection criteria include their compatibility with the polymer, volatility levels, cost, chemical resistance, flammability and processing characteristics. These materials are usually oily colourless substances that mix well with the PVC particles. The most common class of plasticizers used in PVC is phthalateswhich are diesters of phthalic acid.

Phthalates can be categorized as high and low, depending on their molecular weight. While diethylhexylphthalate DEHP has been medically approved for many years for use in medical devices, it was permanently banned for use in children's products in the US in by US Congress; [16] the PVC-DEHP combination had proved to be very suitable for making blood bags because DEHP stabilizes red blood cells, minimizing hemolysis red blood cell rupture.

The assessment of potential risks related to phthalates, and in particular the use of DEHP in PVC medical devices, was subject to scientific and policy review by the European Union authorities, and on 21 Marcha specific labeling requirement was introduced across the EU for all devices containing phthalates that are classified as CMR carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic to reproduction.

Liquid mixed metal stabilisers are used in several PVC flexible applications such as calendered films, extruded profiles, injection moulded soles and footwear, extruded hoses and plastisols where PVC paste is spread on to a backing flooring, wall covering, artificial leather.

Liquid mixed metal stabiliser systems are primarily based on barium, zinc and calcium carboxylates. In general liquid mixed metals like BaZn and CaZn require the addition of co-stabilisers, antioxidants and organophosphites to provide optimum performance.

BaZn stabilisers have successfully replaced cadmium-based stabilisers in Europe in many PVC semi-rigid and flexible applications. In Europe, particularly Belgium, there has been a commitment to eliminate the use of cadmium previously used as a part component of heat stabilizers in window profiles and phase out lead-based heat stabilizers as used in pipe and profile areas such as liquid autodiachromate and calcium polyhydrocummate by According to the final Various - Hard II Get (Vinyl) of Vinyl[19] cadmium was eliminated across Europe by This is confirmed by the corresponding growth in calcium-based stabilizers, used as an alternative to lead-based stabilizers, more and more, also outside Europe.

Tin-based stabilizers are mainly used in Europe for rigid, transparent applications due to the high temperature processing conditions used. The situation in North America is different where tin systems are used for almost all rigid PVC applications. Tin stabilizers can be divided into two main groups, the first group containing those with tin-oxygen bonds and the second group with tin-sulfur bonds.

One of the most crucial additives are heat stabilizers. Once dehydrochlorination starts, it is autocatalytic. Many diverse agents have been used including, traditionally, derivatives of heavy metals lead, cadmium. Metallic soaps metal "salts" of fatty acids are common in flexible PVC applications, species such as calcium stearate. Tin mercaptides are widely used globally in rigid PVC applications due to their high efficiency and proven performance.

Typical usage levels are 0. Tin stabilizers have been in use for over 50 years by companies such as PMC organometallix and its predecessors. The choice of the best PVC stabilizer depends on its cost effectiveness in the end use application, performance specification requirements, processing technology and regulatory approvals. PVC is a thermoplastic polymer. Its properties are usually categorized based on rigid and flexible PVCs.

PVC has high hardness and mechanical properties. The mechanical properties enhance with the molecular weight increasing but decrease with the temperature increasing.

The heat stability of raw PVC is very poor, so the addition of a heat stabilizer during the process is necessary in order to ensure the product's properties. The linear expansion coefficient of rigid PVC is small and has good flame retardancy, the limiting oxygen index LOI being up to 45 or more. As a thermoplastic, PVC has an inherent insulation that aids in reducing condensation formation and resisting internal temperature changes for hot and cold liquids.

PVC is a polymer with good insulation properties, but because of its higher polar nature the electrical insulating property is inferior to non-polar polymers such as polyethylene and polypropylene. Since the dielectric constantdielectric loss tangent value, and volume resistivity are high, the corona resistance is not very good, and it is generally suitable for medium or low voltage and low frequency insulation materials.

PVC is chemically resistant to acids, salts, bases, fats, and alcohols, making it resistant to the corrosive effects of sewage, which is why it is so extensively utilized in sewer piping systems.

For example, PVC is resistant to fuel and some paint thinners. Some solvents may only swell it or deform it but not dissolve it, but some, like tetrahydrofuran or acetonemay damage it. Roughly half of the world's PVC resin manufactured annually is used for producing pipes for municipal and industrial applications. The most common type of gasket utilized in North America is a metal reinforced elastomer, commonly referred to as a Rieber sealing system.

However, it must be carefully installed and bedded to ensure longitudinal cracking and overbelling does not occur. Additionally, PVC pipes can be fused together using various solvent cements, or heat-fused butt-fusion process, similar to joining high-density polyethylene HDPE pipecreating permanent joints that are virtually impervious to leakage.

In February the California Building Standards Code was updated to approve the use of chlorinated polyvinyl chloride CPVC pipe for use in residential water supply piping systems. CPVC has been a nationally accepted material in the US since ; California, however, has permitted only limited use since The Department of Housing and Community Development prepared and certified an environmental impact statement resulting in a recommendation that the commission adopt and approve the use of CPVC.

PVC is commonly used as the insulation on electrical cables such as teck ; PVC used for this purpose needs to be plasticized. Flexible PVC coated wire and cable for electrical use has traditionally been stabilised with lead, but these are being replaced with calcium-zinc based systems. In a fire, PVC-coated wires can form hydrogen chloride fumes; the chlorine serves to scavenge free radicals and is the source of the material's fire retardancy. While hydrogen chloride fumes can also pose a health hazard in their own right, it dissolves in moisture and breaks down onto surfaces, particularly in areas where the air is cool enough to breathe, and is not available for inhalation.

PVC is a common, strong but lightweight plastic used in construction. It is made softer and more flexible by the addition of plasticizers. In the US and Canada, it is known as vinyl or vinyl siding. Other uses include fasciaand siding or weatherboarding. This material has almost entirely replaced the use of cast iron for plumbing and drainagebeing used for waste pipes, drainpipes, gutters and downspouts.

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Yellow Man* - Girls Watcher (Vinyl)

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ぼくらなら - Grapevine (2) - イデアの水槽 (CD, Album)

Sign Up to Last. Play album. Length Lyrics Add lyrics on Musixmatch. Related Tags nice Add tags View all tags. Featured On Play album. Play track. Artist images 16 more. The Grapevine - a North American jazz band. Grapevine - a Pittsburgh Rock n Roll Band 4. View wiki. The Grapevine - a North American jazz ban… read more. Grapevine ぼくらなら - Grapevine (2) - イデアの水槽 (CD a Pittsburgh Rock n Roll Ban… read more.

Similar Artists Play all. Trending Tracks 1. Saturday 3 April Sunday 4 April Monday 5 April Tuesday 6 April Wednesday 7 April Thursday 8 April Friday 9 April Saturday 10 April Sunday 11 April Monday 12 April Tuesday 13 April Wednesday 14 April Thursday 15 April Friday 16 April Saturday 17 Album) Sunday 18 April Monday 19 April Tuesday ぼくらなら - Grapevine (2) - イデアの水槽 (CD April Wednesday 21 April Thursday 22 April Friday 23 April Saturday 24 April Sunday 25 April Monday 26 April Tuesday 27 April Wednesday 28 April Thursday 29 April Friday 30 April Saturday 1 May Sunday 2 May Monday 3 May Tuesday 4 May Wednesday Album) May Thursday 6 May Friday 7 May Saturday 8 May Sunday 9 May Monday 10 May Tuesday 11 May Friday 25 June Saturday 26 June Sunday 27 June Monday 28 June Tuesday 29 June Wednesday 30 June Thursday 1 July Friday 2 July Saturday 3 July Sunday 4 July Monday 5 July Tuesday 6 July Wednesday 7 July Thursday 8 July Friday 9 July Saturday 10 July Sunday 11 July Monday 12 July Tuesday 13 July Wednesday 14 July Thursday 15 July Friday 16 July Saturday 17 July Sunday 18 July Monday 19 July Tuesday 20 July Wednesday 21 July Thursday 22 July Friday 23 July Saturday 24 July Sunday 25 July Monday 26 July Tuesday 27 July Wednesday 28 July Thursday 29 July Friday 30 July Saturday 31 July Sunday 1 August Monday 2 August Tuesday 3 August Wednesday 4 August Thursday 5 August Friday 6 August Saturday 7 August Sunday 8 August Monday 9 August Tuesday 10 August Wednesday 11 August Thursday 12 August Friday 13 August Saturday 14 August Sunday 15 August Monday 16 August Tuesday 17 August Wednesday 18 August Hello Still Sail On Stuck On You You Are Truly Sweet Love Penny Lover Oh No Lady Wandering Stranger Machine gun Brick House Too hot to trot Flying high Good Time Boys 2.

Higher Ground 3. Subway To Venus 4. Magic Johnson 5. Nobody Weird Like Me 6. Knock Me Down 7. Taste The Pain 8. Stone Cold Bush Album). Fire Pretty Little Ditty Punk Rock Classic Sexy Mexican Maid Money Money 6.

In Da Club 8. Black Betty. Windows 2. This Life 3. Spiral 4. She Lied On Me 2. Sensual Woman 3. Strong Enough 5. Snakin' Up On You 6. Reminiscing' With the Blues 7. Feels Like the First Time 8. The Chance You Take 9. Worse Than Dyin' She's Not You One Tear At a Time Thangamalang The Kind. Dream dream 2. Time pavement 4. Try la ai sherevet ver. Wish of snow 7. Blue flow Candy Lie 4. Fly 6.

Deep Deep 7. Place 8. Escape 9. Platinum egoism Tattoo Kiss Cross pain Number2 2. Hold Me Close 7. SONG F 4. RALLY 2. My Brave Face 5. Show Business 6. More Respected Man 7. Do You Believe In Magic? This Year's Gear 9. Noone Special Hey, Leader! Highway Star, Speed Star Swing, Swing, Swing! Higher than the Sun Sine Wingspan Sailing Song Love Thing Oh, Godamnit 3. Le Low Live. Testin' My Gangsta 3.

Ridin' Spinners 4. Try Somethin 5. Money Didn't Change Me 6. Ghetto Chick 7. Rainbow Colors 8. Beatem to Da Floor 9. Put Cha D. In Her Mouth Mosh Pit Dangerous Posse. Badaboom 2. Do That Thing 3.

Take It to the Floor 4. Sprung 5. Out The Hood 6. Streets Is Callin 7. Fizzo Got Flow 8. Happy 9. Smile Smellz Like A Party The One Can I Get It Back Ante Up Robbin Hoodz Theory. Begin The Begin Live Athens Casualty 2. Take My Love And Run 3. Say You'll Be Mine 4. Something Ain't Right 5. If The Lights Go Out 6.

I Got What I Want 8. Just One Look 9. Someone Else's Eyes Having A Good Time. Trailer 8. Start 9. The Power Of Soul Power 8. Run Away 9. I'm Ok Melody My Lips Are Dry My Anata The Power Of Soul Power Dear God Epilogue Treat Me Like A Lady 6. Love Train 2. Whose is that girl? L Wonder Of Love 5. Long Road 6. GAME 8. So what? Love is message EX-Girlfriend Dedicated to you Deny Lover's Concerto Ask Shake Shake Don't Stop Il Tiranno 2.

Il Punto 3. Harpo 4. Bruciare 5. Rosa spinto 6. Senza cuore 7. Dying again 8. Vero come 9. Profondo rosa Giorno pieno Ami mai La storia. Treno Magico 2. Symbolum 77 3. War Is You 5. Ovunque 2. Valvonauta 3. Pixel 4. Place 8. Escape 9. Platinum egoism Tattoo Kiss Cross pain Number2 2.

Hold Me Close 7. SONG F 4. RALLY 2. My Brave Face 5. Show Business 6. More Respected Man 7. Do You Believe In Magic? This Year's Gear 9. Noone Special Hey, Leader! Highway ぼくらなら - Grapevine (2) - イデアの水槽 (CD, Speed Star Swing, Swing, Swing! Higher than the Sun Sine Wingspan Sailing Song Love Thing Oh, Godamnit 3. Le Low Live. Testin' My Gangsta 3. Ridin' Spinners 4. Try Somethin 5. Money Didn't Change Me 6.

Ghetto Chick 7. Rainbow Colors 8. Beatem to Da Floor 9. Put Cha D. In Her Mouth Mosh Pit Dangerous Posse. Badaboom 2. Do That Thing 3.

Take It to the Floor 4. Sprung 5. Out The Hood 6. Streets Is Callin 7. Fizzo Got Flow 8. Happy 9. Smile Smellz Like A Party The One Can I Get It Back Ante Up Robbin Hoodz Theory. Begin The Begin Live Athens Casualty 2. Take My Love And Run 3. Say You'll Be Mine 4. Something Ain't Right 5. If The Lights Go Out 6. I Got What I Want 8. Just One Look 9. Someone Else's Eyes Having A Good Time. Trailer 8. Start 9. The Power Of Soul Power 8.

Run Away 9. I'm Ok Melody My Lips Are Dry My Anata The Power Of Soul Power Dear God Epilogue Treat Me Like A Lady 6.

Love Train 2. Whose is that girl? L Wonder Of Love 5. Long Road 6. GAME 8. So what? Love is message EX-Girlfriend Dedicated to you Deny Lover's Concerto Ask Shake Shake Don't Stop Il Tiranno 2. Il Punto 3. Harpo 4. Bruciare 5. Rosa spinto 6. Senza cuore 7. Dying again 8. Vero come 9.

Profondo rosa Giorno pieno Ami mai La storia. Treno Magico 2. Symbolum 77 3. War Is You 5. Ovunque 2. Valvonauta 3. Pixel 4. Vera 5. Dentro Sharon 6. Caramel Pop 7. Viba 8. Ultranoia 9. Bambina In Nero Eyeliner L'infinita Gioia Di H. Bomba O Non Bomba. Tell Me 4. Perfect Love 5. Come On 8. Universal Love Confidence 2. Myself 3. Remix 5. Star Dust 7. New Future 9. Love Chronicle I can't stop my love for you 3. Sincerely Yours 5. Close to your Heart 9.

It's crazy for you Run up Deep Freeze Good-by morning Love Letters You'll be my boy You'll be my boy 5. Girls Talk1 6. Girls Talk2. Adore You 2. Rich and Strong 3. BObbie 4. Black and White 8. The King of Hell INTRO 2. FLOW 4. Summertime Blues Remix 6. Put Your Fist UP 7.

MGM 9. KEEP GROW True Life RAY Walk With You 2. Adolf 3. SEPIA 9. Ireland fortune market 3. Dear Friends 2. It's My Way. GooD LucK Jupiter 2.

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Samba San Pedro - Tish Hinojosa - The Best Of The Sandia: Watermelon 1991-1992 (CD)

While Tish Hinojosa only recorded briefly for the Watermelon label Samba San Pedro - Tish Hinojosa - The Best Of The Sandia: Watermelon 1991-1992 (CD) the beginning of her career, Taos to Tennessee, Aquella Noche, and Memorabilia Navidena represented a distinct body of work from a new singersongwriter. While Hinojosa grew up in Texas, she kept close ties to her Mexican heritage, often choosing to sing in Spanish. This bilingual, Samba San Pedro - Tish Hinojosa - The Best Of The Sandia: Watermelon 1991-1992 (CD) approach also lent her songwriting a unique subject matter.

Hinojosa was the youngest of 13 children. From the White House to el barrio, read more. Tish Hinojosa. Taos To Tennessee. Join ourfans. Tracks: 1. Taos to Tennessee 2. Prairie Moon 3. The Highway Calls 4. Crazy Wind and Flashing Yellows 5. Always 6. Aquella Noche That Certain Night 7. Samba San Pedro 8. De Colores Eres Tu Gracias a la Vida Here's to Life Building 9 Everything You Wish Arbolito - English Version Manos, Huesos Y Sangre.

De Colores. Eres Tu. Gracias A La Vida. Building 9. Everything You Wish. Arbolito Samba San Pedro - Tish Hinojosa - The Best Of The Sandia: Watermelon 1991-1992 (CD) Version. By The Rio Grande. This is a new, unopened CD in its original packaging. Alle Rechte vorbehalten. Building 9 Written-By — Tish Hinojosa. Always Written-By — Samba San Pedro - Tish Hinojosa - The Best Of The Sandia: Watermelon 1991-1992 (CD) Berlin. Recorded live and in Spanish, Aquella Noche offers melodious songs surrounded by rich acoustic guitars and Latin percussion.

The effervescent "Samba San Pedro" reminds one of a bossa nova classic, while the quieter "Anos, Meses y Dias" is delivered with the simplicity of a traditional Spanish folk song. Only three songs represent Memorabilia Navidenaan album of holiday music. Four previously unreleased songs also enrich the disc, including a duet, "By the Rio Grande," with Kris Kristofferson. While this album succeeds as a representative collection, one wouldn't want to miss out on her other albums, especially the delightful Taos for Tennessee.

The Best of Sandia Samba San Pedro - Tish Hinojosa - The Best Of The Sandia: Watermelon 1991-1992 (CD) as a good introduction to the early work of Tish Hinojosa.

AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully. Blues Classical Country. Electronic Folk International. Jazz Latin New Age. Aggressive Bittersweet Druggy. Energetic Happy Hypnotic. Romantic Sad Sentimental.

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