Slow Down - LIGHTS (5) - Little Machines (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Track Listing. Running with the Boys. Up We Go. Same Sea. Muscle Memory. Oil and Water. Slow Down. How We Do It. Slow light is a dramatic reduction in the group velocity of light, not the phase velocity.

Slow light effects are not due to abnormally large refractive indices, as will be explained below. The simplest picture of light given by classical physics is of a wave or disturbance in the electromagnetic field.

In a vacuumMaxwell's equations predict that these disturbances will travel at a specific speed, denoted by the LP c. This well-known physical constant is commonly referred to as the speed of light. The postulate of the constancy of the speed of light in all inertial reference frames lies at the heart of special relativity and has given rise to a popular notion that the "speed of light is always the same".

However, in many situations light is more than a disturbance in the electromagnetic field. Light traveling within a medium is no longer a disturbance solely of the electromagnetic field, but rather a disturbance of the field and the positions and velocities of the charged particles electrons within the material.

The behavior of a disturbance of this combined electromagnetic-charge density field i. Understanding the behavior of light in a material is simplified by limiting the types of disturbances studied to sinusoidal functions of time.

For these types of disturbances Maxwell's equations transform into algebraic equations and are easily solved. These special disturbances propagate through a material at a speed slower than c called the phase velocity. The ratio between c and the phase velocity is called the refractive index or index of refraction of the material n.

The index of refraction is not a constant for a given material, but depends on temperature, pressure, and upon the frequency of the sinusoidal light wave.

This latter leads to an effect called dispersion. A human eye perceives the intensity of the sinusoidal disturbance as the brightness of the light and the frequency as the color.

If a light is turned on or off at a specific time or otherwise modulated, then the amplitude of the sinusoidal disturbance is also time-dependent. The time-varying amplitude does not propagate at the phase velocity but rather at the group velocity. From All Sides. See More. On sale now Ommadawn Mike Oldfield. The Snow Goose Camel. Hergest Ridge Mike Oldfield. Album) Jethro Tull.

You may also like Reprise Moby. Although the band had a lot of prestige and sold quite well, they did not usually perform very often live, which reduced their popularity. The band separates in May offundamentally by the desire of Rafanelli and Moro to continue evolving musically and to try new sounds.

The band would be dissolved inafter a farewell concert, due to internal conflicts and, mainly, due to Molinari's wishes to settle in Los Angeles. Contemporary to the poetic folk rock of Cantilo, the mythical and initiatory Argentine rock band Almendra was dissolved. To Edelmiro Molinari, the separation of Almendra takes him full of energy and desires to continue the march.

They lasted a little, but look if I would have energy that I read around that came to form several more bands, all frustrated shortly after starting, and all during the same With that formation they record their first long duration.

It tells the story that David is going to see Spinetta because he wanted to play bass with him who was founding Rabid Fish. The skinny, when he receives it, is surprised and says "but you are playing with Edelmiro David excuses an alleged emergency trip to the US to LP the group, dropping the drums and moving on to wield bass for Pescado.

Color Humano is formed by Rinaldo Rafanelli and, in David's replacement battery, enters the thick and remembered Oscar Moro. Thus the following two discs were recorded. I was reading that Edelmiro is somewhat screwed up, so let's take this post to gather energy and get ahead. Today I brought you the 3 Human Color Elepes recorded in studios. There is one more, recorded live on the Roxy 25 years later, but we leave it for another day.

With this formation the homonymous disc of the trio was recorded, which is full of complex blues-rock, very charged with the taste, music and passion of Edelmiro, and some pastoral and other classical guitar dyes. The album starts very lightly with Padre Sol, Madre Sal, which is the only country touch on the album.

Acoustic guitars with a sound that lets you wish open the theme by arpeggiating and accompanying gentle choirs that are repeated throughout the song.

The lyrics have only two lines, and let's get used to this: Edelmiro was not truly creative when writing poetry; and if it was, he could think of a maximum of 6 remarkable lines. A theme to my bad taste to open a disc. The theme begins with Edelmiro reciting and at the same time singing a very good melody accompanied by guitar taps and chords in the best Molinari style.

After the first stanza, the guitar displays its passion terribly with a single heartbreaking. It is in this song where the trio shows the strength it has. The lyric of the subject is somewhat surreal and expresses Edelmiro's desire to see a woman again. Long life in the sun begins with electric guitar ramblings that later become a tearful pounding that accompanies a bohemian Edelmiro that then plays a Slow Down - LIGHTS (5) - Little Machines (Vinyl riff with Rinaldo tapping to exhaustion.

It fascinates me when Edelmiro shouts "White clouds! This time the lyrics are completely surreal, but not very good. The ax is the classic guitar touch he was talking about.

While it is not pure, it is greatly influenced by this current. It's like waves of dark psychedelia coming down on us again and again until a change 5 minutes in. Growly organ, a beat, bass and guitar then start to lead but there's still no light. Great ending too in this amazing track. So good. Great sound! This is intense the rest of the way like a runaway train.

Man i'd love to see these guys in concert with Reine on stage with them. My kind of music! Even the opening Black Hole sounds like the chaotic quagmire announced in its title, but the power and interplay between the three compadres is simply irresistible: you'll have the sound up to 11 in no time.

A Foot In Both is a much quieter and pensive affair, where Ellertsen's strings guitar takes the lead role above the moog and organ layers. The title track opens on smooth keyboard layers, but gradually Fiske's guitar draws the controlled chaos with its feedback The long anxiogenic thunder rolls of Psychedellic Backfire suggest that we're in the last throes of the lost mythological Atlantis civilization, where the tsunami waves attack regularly the cliffs of what were once a continent and now only a chaplet of reef.

Once the waves have done their destruction, the booming bass and sinister Hammond drones are LP explosion of pockets of molten magma flowing from your speakers and coming in contact with whatever's left of Atlantis' trade goods storage buildings. Elsewhere, the dominating element in the short A Place In Neither is the demented Ellertsen bass riff. The middle sections speeds up and goes bonkers gradually and starts saturating until its chaotic and explosive end.

Well, despite the addition of Fike, Atlantis is certainly well in the artistic line of E9's discography, while adding a little "je-ne-sais-quoi" guitars of course as icing on the cake; and I take the bet that it's probably going to be the apex of the band, unless they add more musicians social review comments Review Permalink Posted Saturday, December 1, Review this album Report Review For all of that there are still moments when the bass more prominent and inventive still catches a seriously funky beat for the organ to improvise around in a Headhunters style workout, and these provide some of the album highlights in Atlantis and Freedom's Children, but most noticeably in the opening track - where I do not know how Storlokken generates the tortured noises he does from his organ - until I looked I assumed it was a distorted electric guitar - are Emerson-style knives involved?

Contrast this to the gentle acoustic playing on A Foot In The Bath and the sound seems more varied than previous albums - a band not afraid to experiment This album confirms that Elephant9 remain the world's bets and most creative Organ power- trio. It should be loved by any Jazz-rock fusion fan and the rockier edge should make it an excellent access point to the genre for fans of heavier prog.

Highly recommended. Copyright Prog Archives, All rights reserved. Please consider supporting us by giving monthly PayPal donations and help keep PA fast-loading and ad-free forever. Elephant9 biography Founded in Oslo, Norway in An offshoot project from members of Norwegian groups Shining and Supersilent that could translate in Mwandishi meeting Keith Emerson. Their sole album so far was recorded in late and released early next year on the Rune Grammofon label under the weird and misleading name of "Dodovoodoo", which would suit a DVD much better.

The music developed is a sizzling hot jazz-rock more the early 70's-type ala Mwandishi or Mahavishnu rather than the cooler and more ethnic later 70's fusion. But mixed in there are some heavy keyboards Fender Rhodes but also Hammond organ that make you think of Herbie Hancock and Keith Emerson in the more symphonic interventions or Dave Stewart without the fuzz.

I am impatiently waiting for a little brother from this bunch. Elephant9 Dodovoodoo 5 min 22 sec Added by harmonium.

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In reality, this transformation is substantial. But aren't those small but important changes that end up transforming the final structure of a work? I think so. This change in the group occurs, more or less, by two factors: a search for more Slow Down - LIGHTS (5) - Little Machines (Vinyl and developed music, and a change in the formation of the group.

Oscar Moro ends up replacing it, and for good. God, what batteries are heard on this record! If something was missing from the power that Human Color already had, it was a Zeppeliana battery, one of those that burst the drummers and those that Moro knows how to play perfectly. For those who want to know what the style of Human Slow Down - LIGHTS (5) - Little Machines (Vinyl is, I can tell you that it is a mixture of Hendrix blues with ancient psychedelic rock and some progressive rock, all processed by the trio's minds especially Edelmiro's, the main composer of the group.

Did you see what I said? The album begins with Sangre Slow Down - LIGHTS (5) - Little Machines (Vinyl sol, and with those percussions and those riffs we are already beginning to love it. While the whole group plays a solid accompaniment, Edelmiro sings a slow and dragged melody. The change of hue that is close to the middle Slow Down - LIGHTS (5) - Little Machines (Vinyl one of those condiments that make the songs better. The soft blues The land of the gypsy, with those light dishes, Edelmiro's score and the strange but beautiful melodies, is definitely a highlight.

The only quiet of the middle is very good, and the last part in which the whole group stands up mightily finishes determining this issue as outstanding. Easter as it is simply bright. It is loaded with incredible riffs, along with an impeccable drums and a melody with an excellent and peculiar style.

He is also only addicting, and is heard on top of the great ostinato that is repeated throughout the song. Like almost every really elaborate work, this theme has a slow intermediate with new sung stanzas followed by an impressive riff. Humanoids is very likely one of the best songs on the album. At the beginning, it begins with an alien or ghostly melody, which seems taken from those television programs where Slow Down - LIGHTS (5) - Little Machines (Vinyl they do is focus on different parts of a house with a night view so it seems that something really weird happens.

When the first part ends, comes one of the best solos I heard of Human Color, with a lysergic and agonizing guitar that sometimes remind me of the psychedelic times of rock.

After that, the theme changes a lot and riffs and dots are heard where the group sports its level of interpretation. The longest theme comes later. This is going to leave a place, which although it has very good melodies and excellent instrumental parts, it ends up being boring. Especially when you hear that long and repetitive bass tap. After this extensive intermission by Rafanelli, the theme gets more entertaining thanks to Moro's perfect accompaniment, which looks like nobody improvising without stopping.

As if to close the subject, the stanza of the principle is repeated and A blues for Adelina is heard, the only pure blues worth the redundancy of the disc. You hear that sentimental guitar, that bohemian bass typical of style and those urban and calm melodies. Here, Human Color shows us that besides being able to make that blues full of complexities and somersaults, he knows the roots of his music. Didier F. Casse; Srinivas Sridhar Microwave and Optical Technology Letters.

CiteSeerX Lu; B. Applied Physics Letters. Bibcode : ApPhL. Tsakmakidis, O. Hess; A. Boardman Bibcode : Natur. Bibcode : Nanot. The Guardian. The Master of Light. November Science Fiction Studies. Retrieved 23 February The Colour of Magic. It kicks back in before 10 minutes with some Canterbury styled distorted keys. They're jamming and the organ and guitar are destroying it big time 13 minutes in.

A change follows as it turns mellow and beautiful until the elephants stampede the Album) after 18 minutes. My God! It's fairly minimalistic really. A calm follows before 8 minutes with acoustic guitar as a beat and organ join in.

You can't go wrong with any of the four studio albums this band has released but this one and "Dodovoodoo" are my favourites so far. One of the best from for sure. It's sure to be a more divisive work for followers of the band, and probably those interested in the E. P-like qualities often associated with the group will be in for a bit of an abrupt shock, and very likely may want to put their heads through the wall!

But the album is an absolute triumph of exploratory heavy prog, and is Elephant 9's defining statement to date. Four stars. We get two songs before Reine arrives so lets look at them first. Not for the faint of heart people. It's even haunting towards the end just in case your hair wasn't yet standing up straight. It does settle back and yet this is far from being anything close to calm as they continue to storm the soundscape. Man the drumming is so impressive and the organ is simply nasty and anything but normal.

Things start to build 2 minutes in it would appear but then it settles back. Beautiful stuff here as Reine's guitar cries out. A change before 5 minutes as a steady beat takes over as the organ and guitar continue. The guitar is almost screaming 7 minutes in as Reine starts to rip it up. This continues to the end. Guitar and keyboards lead early. Cool stuff and fairly laid back too. Good song. Dark is the word after 2 minutes.

It's like waves of dark psychedelia coming down on us again and again until a change 5 minutes in. Romantic Sad Sentimental. Sexy Trippy All Moods. Drinking Hanging Out In Love. Introspection Late Night Partying. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip.

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  1. Sep 23,  · View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of "Little Machines" on Discogs. Everything Releases Artists Labels. Advanced Search. Menu. Explore LIGHTS (5) – Little Machines. Label: Warner Bros. Records – , Slow Down. Drums – Maurie Kaufmann. Written-By – LIGHTS (5).

  2. Oct 21,  · Released Oct 21, Warner Bros. ×. Lights - Little Machines LP. $ Qty: Add to Cart. Add to Wishlist. Backorder We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. Released Oct 21, Warner Bros.

  3. Canada’s acclaimed pop multi-instrumentalist and Juno Award winner Lights is back with her third studio album, Little Machines. The new song offering was produced and engineered by Drew Pearson, with key songs/singles mixed by Mark “Spike” Stent (Madonna, U2, Beyonce) and will be preceded by the anthemic first single, “Up We Go.”.

  4. Feb 18,  · 8 Slow Down Vinyl LP Universal Canada / Add issue. 4 Issues. Release view [combined information for all issues] Little Machines [p] Downloadable. Little Machines is a lot more pop than Lights's previous two albums/5(3).

  5. Little Machines (Transparent Orange Colored Vinyl) LIGHTS Format: Vinyl. out of 5 stars. ratings. See all 11 formats and editions. Hide other formats and editions. Listen Now with Amazon Music. Little Machines. "Please retry"/5().

  6. Lights "Slow Down": In the garden with Slow down, slow down In the speed of the traffic With the rush in the rapids When the ends come and meet And I know you by the days album: "Little Machines" () Portal. Running With The Boys. Up We Go. Same Sea. Speeding. Muscle Memory. Oil And Water. Slow Down.

  7. Track List Portal Running With the Boys Up We Go Same Sea Speeding Muscle Memory Oil and Water Slow Down Meteorites How We Do it Don't Go Home Without Me Protection Each record is protected within its record sleeve by a white vellum anti-dust sleeve. Packaging All items are shipped brand-new and unopened in original packaging. Every record is shipped in original .

  8. Sep 25,  · [rating=] Little Machines, the third LP from Canadian singer Lights, is a hook-laden collection of warm electropop that provides steady dance floor beats and enough variety to keep things Canadian singer (real name: Valerie Ann Boxleitner Bokan) melds various pop influences with the electronic rhythm backing, combining huge sing-along .

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