Someones Waitin - Legacy Of Sound - Holy Groove (CD, Album)

Oxford Music Online. Oxford University Press. High on Fire Not 'stoners'. Retrieved 11 Someones Waitin - Legacy Of Sound - Holy Groove (CD Retrieved 16 February Rolling Stone. Archived from the original on 3 December Classic Rock.

Heavy Planet. Retrieved 30 March The second Buffalo album, Volcanic Rock, is now heralded as the first great stoner rock record. Ultimate Classic Rock. Not surprisingly, the song has since been shamelessly cannibalized for its parts by more stoner-rock bands than you can shake a bong at. Decibel Magazine. A killer song, one that has enough metal heft to sound great to longhairs today, but also enough free-flowin' '70s vibes to make it a hit back then.

Corrosion of Conformity Someones Waitin - Legacy Of Sound - Holy Groove (CD Pepper Keenan could cover this and it would fit right in any of their albums.

Retrieved 8 November Retrieved 26 January Retrieved 29 November Retrospective Box Set Review ". Retrieved 6 July Retrieved 15 July Although they are widely acknowledged as pioneers of the booming stoner rock scene of the s, the band enjoyed little commercial success during their brief existence [ Soon hailed as a landmark by critics Someones Waitin - Legacy Of Sound - Holy Groove (CD fans alike, the album Blues for the Red Sun took the underground metal world by storm and established the signature Kyuss sound once and for all: [ Review ".

Retrieved 25 May Houston Press. Consequence of Sound. Faster Louder. Retrieved 8 May Album) Obelisk. The Cutting Edge. Retrieved 19 February Detroit's home-grown label". Retrieved 7 September You don't have to pay copyrights to put them in the songbooks. And as a matter of fact, some of the songs only became hits in the s when there was briefly a radio strike against the ASCAP, which at that point was the only licensing company for music.

And so, radio stations were scrambling for anything in public domain in order to play on the radio. But there's also a third reason why Foster's music was there: they're easy to play. I know when I told a few people here that we were going to be talking to you about your Stephen Foster biography, I got a couple of real eye-rolls, like: hah, Stephen Foster -- what?

Are they kidding? I can imagine the reaction you got from friends in the rock world when you told them your book was going to be about Stephen Foster. You know, it's hardly -- I mean -- but on the other hand, I think that we all have an interest, and I think that -- I know that, I mean, Gareo Marcus ph talked to me about this a little bit when I undertook this, and that -- I mean, the way that Gareo and other serious students of rock and roll -- Bob Krisco ph would be another example -- all of us have been very interested in its origins; in its roots.

EMERSON: I mean, the way that we were taught that rock and roll didn't exist until the s, when suddenly in the person of Elvis Presley, rock, blues, and country music joined together. That just doesn't work. This is -- there's the -- the racial mixture and complexity of our music just goes back far longer, and that's, to me, the more interesting aspect of this. And I know that, in terms of talking to my friends, who are rock critics past and present -- it's something that interests almost all Album) them too -- this trying to find more of a history to our popular music.

After all, at first, perhaps when we're all 13 or 16 years old, we were thrilled by the newness of rock and roll. Maybe it's as we're getting older, we want to understand its oldness as well. But I'm wondering if, in writing the Stephen Foster book, if you also got a new appreciation of his melodies? I mean, one of the things you realize is that when you listen to -- or you can't listen, because it's not available in recording -- but when you play or you look at the sheet music of the thousands of other songwriters.

As minstrel music became more popular and as people tried to emulate Stephen Foster's own success, this -- the country was awash with sheet music. And yet only Foster's songs survived. The idea that anybody could write a dozen songs that still exist today in our minds is amazing. I also -- I came to really respect his craft, which I finally learned was much more sophisticated than I had originally imagined.

There's one song he wrote, for instance, which deliberately quotes two measures of Schubert and then quotes two measures of a Robert Burns Scottish ballad, so that you have sort of a Scottish lay and a German leet phyou know, spliced. And that kind of wit and craft is something that people didn't realize Foster possessed when we used to think of him as sort of this naive folk poet with his finger on the pulse of the American soul, in a sort of a salt-of-the-earth way.

He was a much more conscious writer who didn't just compose his songs. He contrived them. Do you want to introduce this for us? EMERSON: Yes, well, this is a song that actually was not a great hit during his time, but in the last decade, it's been his most frequently recorded song.

On the other hand, it does not have blackface lyrics that are an embarrassment and an offense to today's ears. And I actually think that of my fave -- I know that my favorite version is the least-known of them all, and that's by the -- a singer named Sid Straw phand this is a beautiful arrangement by Van Dyke Parks ph.

And the song, I think became popular in the very late '80s at the -- when there was a momentary recession at the end of Bush's term -- the recession that, even though we'd begun to recover from it, resulted in Bill Clinton's election.

And it struck an economic nerve that I think is still touchy in our insecure society today, where even if the stock market is booming, we're all being downsized. GROSS: And before we hear it, let me say to you, Ken, thank you very much for talking with us about your biography of Stephen Foster, and that biography is called Doo-dah. The author, Ken Emerson.

Let us pause in life's pleasures And count its many tears For we also sorrow with the poor There's a song that will linger forever in our ears Called hard times come again no more. It's the song and the sigh of the weary Hard times, hard times come again no more Gloomy days have you lingered around my cabin door Oh hard times come again no more. Foster was a 19th century songwriter who had a strong impact on American music.

He was the composer of many familiar songs including, "Oh! And even though the music was often performed in the offensive black-face style, his songs sometimes betray a sympathy for African-Americans. His biography is called "Doo-dah! This text may not be in its final form and may be updated or revised in the future. Please be aware that the authoritative record of Fresh Air interviews and reviews are the audio recordings of each segment.

I'm Terry Gross. We'll play that one. Well, that's a Bar-Kay ph sample. WINK: You feel it. WINK: So you basically can feel when a change is about to come down, right? WINK: Eighteen. WINK: It's fun.

WINK: It's crescendos. I was looking Unintelligible. It was mindblowing. WINK: Yeah. WINK: It was a hunger. And I remember my first night at Silk, I was going WINK: So nervous, man. WINK: In certain settings. WINK: They're playing, like, instruments. WINK: Well. WINK: King does, yeah. WINK: Well, it's totally -- it's accessible. WINK: Thank you. John Williams. How Much I Love You. From Here to Eternity.

The Cocomotion. In Hollywood. Best Disco in Town. Romeo and Juliet. Last Dance. Paul Jabara. Release Date April 16, Styles Disco. Battle Cry. Pete Brasino.

Struck Down By the Blues. Talkin' 'Bout a Feeling. Frank Marino. Goin' To the Southside. Vince Hawkins. Dave Osti. Humble Colossus. For Your Love. Craig Erickson. The More I See You. You Belong to My Heart. I'll Buy That Dream. Cocktails For Two. I Can't Begin to Tell You. On the Atchison, Topeka and the Sante Fe. Sooner or Later. In a Shanty in Old Shanty Town. All Through the Day. Ole Buttermilk Sky. Five Minutes More. Oh, But I Do. Track Listing - Disc 2.

Love Music (Guau Remix) - Hankook & Deenk - Love Music (Remixes) (File, MP3), Gotta Be This Or That - Benny Goodman And His Orchestra - Benny Goodman Dance Parade (Vinyl, LP, Alb, Allegro Con Brio - Klemperer* - The Cologne Years (Vol. 1) (CD), Born Again (Eleggua Mix) - Sin Palabras - Km 0 (CD, Album), Various - Summer Time (Cassette), Famous And Dandy (Like Amos N Andy) (Instrumental Version) - The Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy - L, I Love The Melody (Summer Radio Edit) - Various - KIMs Mega Mix (CD), Higher Ground - Stevie Wonder - Live At Last: A Wonder Summers Night (DVD), Policy Of Death - Endwarfment - Handicapitation (CDr), Two Words (Live) - Kanye West - Semester Over Seas 05 Live In Amsterdam (CD, Album), Coronation - Penguin Café Orchestra* - Music From The Penguin Café (Vinyl, LP), Cripple Bastards - Live @ Country Star (CDr), Ngoma Likembe - Francis Bebey - Akwaaba: Music For Sanza (CD, Album), Its Like This - Zulutronic - Back To Bommershime (CD, Album)

Funky Guitar Blues. Bryce Janey. Tony Spinner. Foolish Mortals. Greg Koch. Styles Blues-Rock. Raised On Rock Mike Onesko. Blindside Blues Band. Battle Cry Pete Brasino. Guitar Pete. Talkin' 'Bout a Feeling Frank Marino. Golden Earrings. I Believe. You Do. Pass That Peace Pipe. Hair of Gold. It's Magic. The Dickey Bird Song. Buttons and Bows. For Every Man, There's a Woman. Hooray For Love. Ev'ry Day I Love You. Lavender Blue. Cuanto Le. Got to Have Loving Don Ray.

The Michael Zager Band. Love and Kisses. Santa Esmeralda. Gloria Gaynor. Star Wars Theme John Williams. Giorgio Moroder. The Cocomotion W. The Village People. The Ritchie Family. Romeo and Juliet Alec R. Trouble is an American doom metal band from Aurora, Illinois, formed in They are often considered one of the pioneers of doom metal, and have been referred to as one of the genre's "big four" alongside Candlemass, Pentagram and Saint Vitus.

The band created a distinct style, taking influences of the British heavy metal bands Black Sabbath and Judas Priest, and psychedelic rock of the s. Post-metal is a style of music that is rooted in heavy metal but explores approaches beyond the genre's conventions. It emerged in the s through the work of bands such as Neurosis and Godflesh, who transformed metal texture through experimental composition.

Associated with and inspired by post-rock and post-hardcore, the genre employs the darkness and intensity of extreme metal but emphasizes atmosphere, emotion, and even "revelation", drawing on a wide range of sources including ambient, noise, psychedelic, progressive, and classical music to develop an expansive but introspective sound.

Post-metal songs are typically long, with loose and layered structures that discard the verse—chorus form in favor of crescendos and repeating themes. The sound centres on guitars and drums; any vocals are usually screamed or growled and resemble an additional instrument.

Psychedelic music is a wide range of popular music styles and genres influenced by s psychedelia, a subculture of people who used psychedelic drugs such as LSD, psilocybin mushrooms, mescaline, DMT, and marijuana to experience visual and auditory hallucinations, synesthesia and altered states of consciousness. Psychedelic music may also aim to enhance the experience of using these drugs.

Electric Wizard is the debut studio album by English doom metal band Electric Wizard released in through Rise Above Records and re-released bundled with their second album, Come My Fanatics A remastered version was then released on CD and LP inwith two bonus tracks, taken from a demo entitled Doom Chapter. MeteorCity Records is an American record label. With the release of its compilation album Welcome to MeteorCity showcasing young unsigned Kyuss-like bands, MeteorCity helped launch the stoner rock genre and many of the genre's first bands, plus side projects from members of well-known bands including The Atomic Bitchwax and Hermano.

MeteorCity Records was one of the first record labels dedicated exclusively to Stoner rock, doom metal, sludge metal, drone metal and psychedelic rock. All That is Heavy is an online music store based in Texas and founded in It is the first online record store dedicated exclusively to the genres of stoner rock, doom metal, sludge metal, drone metal and psychedelic rock. All That is Heavy was originally owned and operated MeteorCity Records, which was instrumental in the growth of the late s stoner rock scene.

The store was operated by the now defunct StonerRock. Occult rock is a subgenre of rock music that originated in the late s to early s, pioneered by bands such as Coven and Black Widow. It was released in on Godhead Recordings. Rock music genre. Psychedelic rock acid rock doom metal. Electric guitar bass drums vocals. Blues rock cannabis culture hard rock sludge metal grunge. University of Southampton. Retrieved 24 December Buffalo News. Archived from the original on 13 February Retrieved 27 July Noisey Vice.

Retrieved 12 August Revolver Magazine. Soft Skull Press. ISBN But as you can see with this song, there's a lot more emotion.

I look at sampling as looping pieces of emotion, and that's why the whole Silk album, I'd say that it's an emotion picture. Not that everything is sampled. This song is really old. It's about three years old, actually. First came to mind, like, I was just in a basement going through records, and it just hit me -- like, certain parts of songs hit DJs in a certain way.

You know, like, wow -- this is a strong part. And, you know, I heard that and I looped it, put it into my sampler, which is always next to the turntable just in case, and I looped it and it just -- it's something where we take samples or loops, we're always trying to take something that you can hear over and over, and it stirs up some sort of visual image in your head.

So, you know, you take the loop; you put it in your sampler, and then I wanted to add my own element -- my own emotion -- to the loop. Someones Waitin - Legacy Of Sound - Holy Groove (CD then, you know, being that we're DJs, for the dance floor you need that -- those rhythms, those beats enhanced. So, you know, I added a break beat underneath, a snare and kick and high-hat. And then on top of that, there's another loop, drum loop, just to give it bottom; to give it depth. What are you surrounded with?

What can you do? What's a typical mix like for you when you're doing it live in a club? I try to use a lot of sound effects, as you heard in the Silk -- like rain sounds and wind -- just to create some sort of world within the club. And lights have a lot to do with it -- I like really minimal lights -- lighting to go along with the music. And the music that I spin when I spin house music is very deep and aquatic and it really makes you kind of think and close your eyes, and wow, this is beautiful -- and very melodic.

And you kind of go on a trip. You know, you start slow. You build it up. You climax. You come back down. You climax again. So it's really interesting to see what two records, putting those two records together and kind of making a new sound, kind of, you know -- it's wild to see what happens to the crowd.

And tell me why you head in that direction? A unique thing about me is that I'm able to kind of skate on the thin line in between different kinds of music, and that's a unique aspect on myself that people say towards myself, and I can say about myself -- same with King. I mean, King's album is soul; it's funk; it's acid jazz-based. But he still produces house music and dance music, even techno music. And a lot of people have the expectations that we only make one sound or one style of music.

I just call what I do electronic music because it's basically -- everything Album) I kind of do is electronic-based. Even if I use a saxophone player, you know, I record electronically. So I just go to where my heart goes. You know, if I'm feeling like making a, you know, a house record I'll make a house record. Or if I want to do an ambient track with no beats -- you know, just get Album) real avant garde experimentation -- then I'll do that.

We'll talk more after a break. King, when you're in a club and you're mixing different records and you're looking for a certain groove on one record, how do you visually find that?

I mean, how do you even know where to put the needle down? You really should go through your records and learn where these grooves are, where the breaks Someones Waitin - Legacy Of Sound - Holy Groove (CD, and where, like, just the main rhythm is. So you kind of, if you go in there knowing your records, you know where to put the needle. I mean, visually you can see different breaks or you can -- you just know where it is.

I just can't really explain it, but Things happen in measures of usually four or two. You do feel it. But also you feel -- emotionally, you feel it too, when you have two records. Some people hold records, you know, hold two records together in synch to create a new record, which Josh is really known for. Kind of like it's orchestrating -- it's creating a whole new song with two records.

Or just mixing -- taking people's emotion and changing it -- you know, going from something really dark, and then lifting them up into, you know, with a piano or with a high-tone record. And it uplifts your spirits. WINK: It's really an art. A lot of people can just play records, but when you start making music out of the records, that's when it gets to that next level. And then you'll see the DJs just really manipulate a crowd, and it's unbelievable how they do that -- like a rock show.

GROSS: Well, tell me about how like when you're watching a crowd, what Someones Waitin - Legacy Of Sound - Holy Groove (CD looking for, to see how they're responding, and then working off of that -- yeah, yeah, yeah. We were just in Toronto. Now, I've seen Josh, right, spin -- what were you 17?

So Josh gets on and people are going nuts. They're just -- it's like a concert. People are like -- they're just waiting to hear what's going to happen. So, you know, Josh is -- starts real, you know, nice vocally and house-oriented music. Then he just goes deeper, and you see the crowd react, you know.

The Road To Damascus - The Crimea - Square Moon (Vinyl, LP), Komikosaka Te Na Basi - Franco Et Tp Ok Jazz* - 1967 / 1968 (CD), Bell Bottom Blues - Eric Clapton - 24 Nights (CD, Album), 成る = Naru - Various - Sons Of Skinhead Vol.3 (CD), La Statue Vivante Errant Dans La Cité - Lucas Trouble - In A Fit Of Delirium • 1978-82 (Vinyl, LP), Private Wilburs Sewing Leafs For Hardin - Max Steiner - Fighter Squadron (CD), Easy Rider - Godiego - Our Decade (Vinyl, LP, Album), Filter Queens - Banana Rhumba (Vinyl), Ach, Wie Ists Möglich Dann - Peter Schreier - Singt Die Schönsten Deutschen Volkslieder (CD, Album), Darius Milhaud, Christian Ivaldi, Noël Lee, Michel Béroff, Jean-Phillippe Collard, Orchestre Philhar, سلمت مرة عليك - آمال ماهر = Amal Maher* - أعرف منين (CD, Album), Sweetest Talk - Habibi (2) - Habibi (Vinyl), Wanderlust - Rewritten - Elise (CDr, Album)

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  1. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of "Holy Groove" on Discogs. Everything Releases Artists Labels. Advanced Search. Menu. Explore Legacy Of Sound – Holy Groove. Label: Direct Effect (2) – SPV Format: CD, Album. Country: Germany. Someone's Waitin' Backing Vocals – Charlie King, Jennifer Brown.

  2. Jul 24,  · View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of "Holy Groove" on Discogs.

  3. Dec 16,  · Legacy Of Sound - Holy Groove () & Tour De Force () DOUBLE POST!! While Legacy Of Sound was a collective of sorts, it nucleus was producer Anders 'Bag' Bagge. Bagge joined forces with the mysterious "Snowman" and Gerry DeVeaux (not an official member of the group, BTW) to create a soulful and upbeat house sound, similar to American.

  4. 2 I Can't Let You Go 5 Feel So Good [-NO EXTRA FOR NEXT ITEM-] Go For The Lot. 12 Feel So Good (Live Vibe) make Supersized seem small. 9 Feel It In My Heart 3 Suddenly. Backing Vocals – Frank Ronningen.

  5. Exact Audio Copy V from 2. September EAC extraction logfile from 2. March , Legacy of Sound / Holy Groove Used drive: hp CDDVDW SNBB Adapter: 1 ID: 0.

  6. Jan 01,  · Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Soul Groove [Legacy] - Various Artists on AllMusic - - This brief collection has some great soul tunes.

  7. Jul 29,  · Imagine, if you will, that a 15 year old small town Canadian boy, obsessed with Prince and his protegees and really any female R&B singer at that time, picks up at his local record store a 7" single called "More Than You Can Handle" by a mysterious act called Lushus Daim & The Pretty Vain, and it's on the Motown label.

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