This Is Really Me - The Lemming* - Worldwide (CD)

But back in ? Everything about Woodstock is mercilessly mocked in this album-long conceit, which is not necessarily a bad thing when you think about it. No wonder the guy was such a huge star. This Is Really Me - The Lemming* - Worldwide (CD), yeah, baby. You deserve to die! National Lampoon was never the most revolutionary of magazines anyway — remember that one of its editors was arch-conservative P.

This was a group raised on the subtlety of Stan Freberg and Tom This Is Really Me - The Lemming* - Worldwide (CD), and they were really the first comedy group to fully use the power of the recording studio—they reflect their radio backgrounds as fully as the Lemmings writers revealed their print experience. The core group of four men — Philip Proctor, David Ossman, Peter Bergman, Phil Austin along with some incidental friends and a whole lot of studio trickery — manages to create multi-layered soundscapes full of subtle jokes, historical commentary, stupid puns, and ruthless satire that made one think while laughing.

Now we can make tortillas! I have reused most of the little tiny bits and pieces I cut whilst preparing the matts for the photos.

Arranging smaller pieces with the larger photos and pieces of patterned paper helps balance the whole project out. If I get it back, I just might complete it! Why do kids want to get so close to the edges all the time? Entry filed under: Uncategorized. Ros Crawford August 29, at am. Like Like. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Welcome to this space, my little place of creative refuge away from the busy-ness of life! There's no officially released material here as it's not my intention to take money out of anybody's pocket. What it does contain are live shows, interviews, television appearances and some other memorabilia that isn't quite as easy to categorise Editors condom tinanyone?

The whole idea in setting this blog up was to assemble everything in one place so that other Editors fans would be able to delve into the band's history, as well as catching up with their current activities. The links below will help you do that. Whether you've been an Editors fan for a while or you've only just discovered them, I'm really glad you're here.

Have a look around and take whatever you want, support the band and most importantly of all enjoy the music. The Lemming Archive - Table of Contents. Editors Oddities.

Editors Instagram. Editors in as Snowfield. Editors in Posted by drew lemming at Email This BlogThis! Found by Hannah thanks againhere's Tom showing up on 3FM for a short verbal exchange on Sunday the 19th September The questions are posed Dutch but all of Mr Smith's answers are in English.

This was all done as part of 3FM's "Top of the Century" countdown, and as well as the Editors related talk there's details of Tom's own selections for that list. Let me preface what I say next by stating that I love 3FM for the support they've given this group in the past. They've been a part of some amazing instancesso this isn't me putting them down in any way. Not at all, and I am smiling while I'm typing this. It was great to hear Tom talking about Editors as an ongoing entity, rather than something he used to be involved in, which should help to dispel some of the separation anxiety between band and fans that's been creeping around of late.

I realise that he was contacted to contribute to a specific subject, namely Editors' inclusion multiple times on 3FM's Top run down. Still, the man has agreed to give you a small morsel of his valuable time and if there was something adjacent to the topic at hand that you just HAD TO KNOW ABOUT, you could probably be forgiven for being sneaky and posing an unrelated question or two.

If you didn't know any better, and you were using the fossil record or some extravagant carbon dating process, this interview could have easily been placed as having taken place at the start of the truncated Black Gold tour campaign. The questions centre around the longevity of the band, and how it feels to be so grumpy for 20 years maybe not in those words, exactly.

The major theme is that of being retrospective. Then again, if you allowed people like me to dictate the interview questions for Editors it probably wouldn't make for good radio. Was Dream Dark as your Heaven a carefully constructed hoax or does that song really exist? Was there a memorial service for your touring boots when they were retired from active live duty?

After all these years, can you finally reveal the answer to the question "Who's the Pilot"? Aside from my biased, gentle fan gripes this is still fun to hear. Enjoy this little shot of hope that 3FM provided. Friday, 3 September Editors Instagram - August But wait!

Editors Instagram - August For all of Editors' previous Instagram posts, go here. Wednesday, 4 August Editors Instagram - July Not a great deal happened across Editors' social media accounts during July. Elliott is back behind the decks and finally playing to live audiences again, which is fantastic, while Justin is off on holiday and has provided us with some amazing photography from his travels.

As with other snaps he's taken with his family in, they This Is Really Me - The Lemming* - Worldwide (CD) included here because they aren't specifically Editors related. Even if he's OK with posting it himself, it feels intrusive being replicated here.

I still respect the band member's privacy. If you want to see them you can always check him out on Instagram. There might have been very little Editors news to share in July, but some momentary good fortune provided a fleeting chance to jump off the cliff of possibilities with hope in your hands, air to breathe and a hang-glider made of shiny optimism.

After being announced on the 1st July Pukkelpop was cancelled again on the 23rd of Julywhich is a very quick turnaround. With the targeted goal removed, Editors are suddenly back to the place they were a month before, with no This Is Really Me - The Lemming* - Worldwide (CD) engagements that we're publicly aware of and an abundance of time to kill.

There's also the small matter of E7, which could very well be finished and ready for consumption in terms of its construction. This band are all dressed up and nowhere to go. As negative as this may seem, and it really does, there might actually be an unexpected benefit to the change in circumstance. They haven't been on a stage since March ofand so you have to assume that with Pukkelpop on the This Is Really Me - The Lemming* - Worldwide (CD) immediate horizon, they were putting in the work to make sure that the rust was shaken off.

This would no doubt have included prolonged rehearsals in a space somewhere, hence the sparse output on social media. On that point, isn't it a little weird that we've had hardly any teasers this time around? No sound clips or photos of strategically placed whiteboards containing possible song titles? We're totally in the dark, which I suppose is both the best and worst part of being an Editors fan.

Historically, Editors have usually previewed at least some of their new material live before they put it out in a permanent, recorded form. So it makes sense that they might have been preparing to slip one or two new tracks from their as yet untitled new record into the set list for Pukkelpop. This would serve two purposes; the first would be to let fans experience something they haven't already heard and the second would be to see how they work in a live setting and knock them into shape.

All fuelled by the pent-up energy and ambition that springs from almost a year and a half spent in the dark basements of restriction. Now that this is no longer a future concern, how could the loss be viewed in a positive way? I hate to bring up the spectre of Joy Division, but this isn't the comparison you'd expect. One of the things they did really well was preparing for gigs. In their early days they had trouble getting live dates in their native Manchester, so they retreated to their rehearsal space and made damn sure that once they were given the chance, they would have the greatest impact on an audience through really knowing their own material and being able to This Is Really Me - The Lemming* - Worldwide (CD) it with maximum effect.

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The improvisations, paradoxically, are more controlled and coherent, and a lot louder too. It's a certified kosmische classic, followed by three shorter, guitar-heavy jams, returning the music closer to its counter-culture garage band roots. Both halves of the album together add up to a quirky and subversive musical artifact: one part Prog, one part psychedelia, and all of it quintessential Krautrock.

Here's one belated fan who regrets not having heard the group sooner, but who is nonetheless grateful to have discovered them even this late in the day. I find Amon Duul II to be a frustrating band. Their "Live in London" album, which sold in significant quantities in the UK due to a budget price, indicated that they had originality and talent in no short measure. Having investigated further though, I find that their studio albums are alarmingly inconsistent, ranging from simplistic pop based songs to overlong, self indulgent improvisations.

Outside Germany, this the band's third album bears the title "Dance of the lemmings" I had to update the site to show this as it took me a while to find it under its German language name! The album's opening track "Syntelman's march of the roaring seventies" is a three part piece running to 16 minutes, and occupying the whole of the first side of this double LP.

There are similarities with Hawkwind's "In search of space" from the same era, in the pounding rhythms and spacey sounds. The music varies from such psychedelic influences to acoustic, folk like phases which are reminiscent of albums such as Jethro Tull's "Thick as a brick".

While the instrumental passages are frequent, they tend to reflect the overall tightness of the suite, with little of the improvisation which blighted the previous "Yeti". Side two is occupied by the seven part "Restless skylight-Transistor-Child" which is notable for containing the most imaginative titles of the album.

These include "A short stop at the Transylvanian brain surgery", "Dehypnotised toothpaste", and "Race from here to your ears". Needless to say the lyrics, which may be in English but are impenetrable nonetheless, bear no relation to the titles. According to John Weinzierl, the theme of the piece is an extra-terrestrial view of human life. Unusually, the track features sitar and choir type vocals working together, offering an ear This Is Really Me - The Lemming* - Worldwide (CD) counterpoint to the less structured section which follows.

Improvised electric violin also makes an appearance, backed by a heavy electronic back beat. This suite is the most diverse of the four sides, and therefore the most demanding. The highlight is the "Race from here to your ears" section, a softer section with female vocal accompaniment and phasing. I do feel though that the "Live in London" version is much the superior. Strangely, the lyrics here mention "Syntelman", whose name is included in the tittle of the first suite.

There appears to be some confusion over whether the whole of the second album is the "Chamsin soundtrack", or just side three. The LP sleeve would appear to imply that sides three and four are both covered by this title. At the time of the album's release, the obscure film for which the music was intended had not been released, appearing in Germany a year later. The music did however win a German soundtrack award! The third side of the LP is occupied by the singularly titled "The Marylin Monroe- memorial- church" complete with hyphens as shownwhich runs to 18 minutes.

This piece has more in common with the "Yeti" improvisations than the rest of the album. While it is mildly appealing, with floating early Pink Floyd like sounds, it is probably best regarded as soundtrack music and left at that. Three separate tracks occupy side four. For me, this is easily the best of the Amon Duul 2 studio albums I have heard. OK, so it does ramble a bit at times, especially on side 3, but in general the music is focused and well performed.

Incidentally, the album title also appears to bear no relation to anything on the album. The first side is called "Syntelman's March Of The Roaring Seventies", it begins with "In The Glassgarden" a short song that is quite spacey until we start to get a beat.

There is a dreamy, uplifting section that comes and goes during this song. The final track of side one is "Telephonecomplex", it begins with organ, drums This Is Really Me - The Lemming* - Worldwide (CD) guitar.

The acoustic guitar sounds incredible. Vocals after 2 minutes. The bass is prominant, and the lyrics and vibe are psychedelic. The mood changes several times. Some nice piano arrives along with some aggressive guitar. Side two is called "Restless Skylight-Transistor-Child".

It begins with "Landing In A Ditch" which is basically the same guitar melody playing over and over for about a minute. The next song "Dehypnotized Toothpaste" is the same style but with a different melody.

Dissonant sounds to end it. Where have you been! The psychedelic vocals echo. Good guitar and spacey sounds. It features acoustic guitar, speaking, bass and electric guitar 2 minutes in.

Wells Take Off" has some crazy vocals along with a heavy sound including bass. This is very experimental and spacey. I feel like i'm lost in space listening to this 18 minute track.

We get some marching style drums 9 minutes in and piano after 11 minutes and late. In between 14 min. This song is a trip. The final side starts with "Chewinggum Telegram" which really rocks out with drums and guitar. The guitar is outstanding.

This is amazing! I really like the way the guitar plays over top of the drum melody. The same style is on the final track called "Toxicological Whispering". More fantastic guitar! What a way to end this incredible journey. In July, people sweat in the sun sitting feet-by-feet watching the big game. The Marilyn Monroe Memorial Church is one of my favorite improvisations, a type of music which I don't care much for.

The last three songs sound pretty close to the same to me but they are all good and you have to love the title Stumbling Over Melted Moonlight! This is probably the best krautrock album ever! What we get instead is an album that, if you're hungry for a reference, isn't far removed from Zappa or Captain Beefheart.

But it lacks the skill and bite of those grandmaster of anarchistic crank-rock. There are occasional flashes of inspiration but generally it sounds too sought after and deliberately artsy. Also the album's mix doesn't help, the drums are mixed so much to the background that you can hardly hear them. As a result, the songs sound disjointed and flat.

A real turn-off for me. National Lampoon was never the most revolutionary This Is Really Me - The Lemming* - Worldwide (CD) magazines anyway — remember that one of its editors was arch-conservative P. This was a group raised on the subtlety of Stan Freberg and Tom Lehrer, and they were really the first comedy group to fully use the power of the recording studio—they reflect their radio backgrounds as fully as the Lemmings writers revealed their print experience.

The core group of four men — Philip Proctor, David Ossman, Peter Bergman, Phil Austin along with some incidental friends and a whole lot of studio trickery — manages to create multi-layered soundscapes full of subtle jokes, historical commentary, stupid puns, and ruthless satire that made one think while laughing. Now we can make tortillas!

Call me Eddie! Not PC, but pretty good nonetheless. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Welcome to this space, my little place of creative refuge away from the busy-ness of life!

I'm a wife, Mum to 6, crafter, Christian and fortunate to be doing a job that I love! Email Address:. Sign me up! Kerenbaker's Blog. Will go now. No doubt about it, small fortunes have been This Is Really Me - The Lemming* - Worldwide (CD) all over the world because Windows sucks and a lemming is born every minute, a very powerful combination indeed.

I have even talked to some people in the PC repair business over the years that openly admit that Microsoft is responsible for much of the wealth they have accumulated. So here we are in a world where PC owners willingly drag their systems to a repair shop, have unspeakable PC rites and Windows voodoo performed on them, shell out large sums of money, and all without blinking an eye. To be fair, there are certainly Mac users who do the same thing.

There are even Mac users who willingly pay a technician to install or re-install the MacOS for them. Everyone has to start somewhere. If I was talking only about novice users, I could perhaps be accused of being Mac-biased which I am, though for good reasons, many of which are included in this column. But I am not talking only about novice users.

I am talking about experienced Windows users who may have owned a computer for many years. These are the people who get my goat as they line up in their lemming processionals, for these are the people who have been shelling out their hard earned cash the longest! There are also Macs out there that require a very high level of care and break at the This Is Really Me - The Lemming* - Worldwide (CD) of a hat.

The PowerMac may be the worst computer ever made the worst with an Apple logo on it at least. We know this because we have all read stories of people who have owned machines like this from Apple. Think about it -- it makes the news in the Mac world. If I may be redundant, this whole scenario makes me angry at times. People are queing up to line the pockets of the crooks manufacturing this crap, Microsoft chief among them.

Crimson Monarch - Nachash (2) - Conjuring The Red Death Eclipse (File), Ты Или Я - Машина Времени - Десять Лет Спустя (Vinyl, LP, Album), Whiskey And Coke - Dawn Trader - Castle (Vinyl, LP), At Amart Maader - The Apples (2) - Dragonz (CD, Album), Like Someone In Love - Johnny Griffin - GriffnBags (CD), Rosemarys Sons - Wrong Way Around (CD), The Waltz In Swing Time - The Longines Symphonette - A Jerome Kern Festival (Vinyl, LP, Album), Your Abyss - Nick Reinhart - Scary Sounds (File), Respirando - Los Angeles Negros - Serenata sin Luna (Vinyl, LP, Album), Masquerade - Various - Back To The 80s (I Will Survive) (CD)

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  1. Rock Album NL on Pitar label. Lemming Worldwide. Album NL on Pitar label Rock. First album since their reunion in

  2. Jul 13,  · Worldwide. Hoogeveen. 5 september Soms is het te beschouwen als een voorrecht dat je als luisteraar volop kan genieten van de ontwikkeling van een cd. Bij de cd Worldwide van the Lemming heb ik het genoegen gehad om gedurende de opname en mixfase op diverse momenten te mogen horen hoe het opnameproces is verlopen.

  3. Lemming discography and songs: Music profile for Lemming, formed Genres: Rock. Albums include All the Young Droogs: 60 Juvenile Delinquent Wrecks - Rock 'n' Glam (And a Flavour of Bubblegum) From the '70s, Lemming, and Father John / Crazy Again.

  4. That is, although we may believe our actions are motivated by these higher-order beliefs about what is right and wrong, really, we’re just going to do what we think other people are doing. So in the end, I guess we’re more lemming-like than the actual lemmings are. Normatively, jdt. Cialdini, R., & Schultz, W. ().Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins.

  5. Lemmings. Lemmings is another classic game for CD-i. It’s an intriguing + level game in wich you help hordes of mindless but loveable creatures, known as Lemmings, to escape hostile worlds.

  6. Aug 29,  · Mini Album part 2 & Lemming Behaviour! August 29, at am 2 comments. Here’s the part two I said that I’d show you. This is what you can see once the band is removed. Had to decorate it slightly or it would be really disappointing once removed. I designed it so it acted as a second layer below the band to add ‘ oomph ‘ to the front!Missing: Worldwide.

  7. The original, hard to find Lemming Shepherds CD is available for sale. It comes with a free book and you can get it here.. Public Domain Symphonic Music by Great Orchestral songs that are % Royalty-free.. Public Domain and Royalty Free Classical Music from Songs that are % Royalty-free.. Any of the Missing: Worldwide.

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  9. A lemming is a small rodent, usually found in or near the Arctic in tundra blueskyservices.bizgs make up the subfamily Arvicolinae (also known as Microtinae) together with voles and muskrats, which form part of the superfamily Muroidea, which also includes rats, mice, hamsters, and popular culture, a longstanding myth holds that they jump off cliffs and commit mass Missing: Worldwide.

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