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The bullet passed through Tim's neck and lodged in his right shoulder fragments remain to this day. For nine months, Tim was paralyzed on his right side, forcing him to learn to DJ with his left hand. Tim rarely talks about the shooting, and is, in fact, quite critical of gangsta rappers who boast of their war wounds. I'm not a rapper," he says dismissively. I'm not talking about my scars or my battles. Still, the shooting did help him form a bond with 50 Cent. I'll tell you this, Tim says.

If you get shot and you survive, you feel like you're an Incredible Hulk. Them bullets don't hurt when they go in. But then they got that burnin', that acid burn. It feels like a stove burning your blood. You feel like any minute you gonna be dyin'. Retrieved August 12, The Village Voice. Retrieved April 25, Retrieved May 29, New York Daily News.

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InKlepper was the host and executive producer of Klepper, a comedic docuseries. He is also well known for having hosted the late-night series The Opposition with Jordan Klepper; for his one-hour investigative comedy special, Jordan Klepper Solves Guns; and for his memorable appearances as a correspondent on The Daily Show, which he joined in under host Jon Stewart and stayed on once Trevor Noah took over in Klepper's work in the field is a hallmark of his comedy, exemplified by his on-location pieces at Trump rallies, an episode of The Opposition he spent "chaperoning democracy" with activist teenagers in Maryland and his deep dive into the legislative red tape and partisanship-obstructing progress on gun reform in Jordan Klepper Solves Guns.

The Daily Show is an Emmy and Peabody Award-winning program that looks at the day's top headlines through a sharp, reality-based lens. September 30, - Jake Gyllenhaal. Americans are compelled to start their holiday shopping early, Roy Wood Jr. September 29, - Derecka Purnell. American singer, songwriter, and pianist — For other uses, see Aretha disambiguation and Queen of Soul disambiguation. Memphis, TennesseeU. Detroit, MichiganU.

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Once, at this festival in rural Japan, they had this game where you could spend a hundred yen for a chance to break three balloons with three shuriken and win one of three huge, ratty Doraemon dolls. I didn't really want the ratty Doraemon. I just wanted to throw some things. Well, with three shuriken, I broke the three balloons in maybe three tenths of a second. The guy behind the counter looked at me like I'd just told him his sister was dead.

Some guy who was slightly bigger in the chest than me stepped around the corner and pushed me once on my shoulders. I looked him in the eye; he looked away. Suddenly, both men were pretending I didn't exist. I guess I wasn't supposed to win! Probably no one was. Well, I won anyway. That 's a built-in-a-day Rome kind of talent. So what it boils down to is that these people, whether or not they really, truly love this music, are in this club, and have paid a finger and a toe for the privilege.

It seems more than believable that no one at these parties gets laid. Maybe the real goal of walking down these stairs and standing in one of these precious, booming spaces is to simply express yourself, by which I mean "further your agenda. It's going to make or keep people aware of who you are and who you associate with. It's clique-ism, only it's more like one big clique and not everyone is friendly only congenial with everyone else.

Someone who was at a party on Saturday night might miraculously see you on the street on Wednesday and think, "Oh, that person was at that party, and dressed like [mind's eye picture].

If you think I'm overthinking this, by the way, you might not have ever been to one of these parties. In conclusion, being at these parties is an opportunity to continue building the list of Things You Should Like. Before you confuse this with the behavior of any "hipsters," keep in mind that the people I'm talking with here and more than hipsters: they are the overlords.

They decide what the hipsters like. They are the "tastemakers. Anyway, the collective taste is made up of. So here's my band, playing this show at this huge party full of the people who decide what is cool, based on the things that a select few Album) their hip elite have decided anyone deserves the opportunity to like.

The club is equipped primarily for DJing, hence the guitar amps being in disrepair. Also, the only acceptable tom kept falling off the drum kit. The PA system worked. During our second song the hot microphone electrocuted my top lip so hard it burst and bled all over my teeth.

I bet people thought that was some kind of edgy performance art. As a vegetarian who abstains from meat because I hate the taste, it felt pretty bad to have to swallow a bunch of my own blood. I couldn't spit it out — it would have ended up either on my guitar effects pedals or on the audience, and either of those destinations would have been rude. Playing that show was much like rubbing a buzz saw frictionlessly against air in the center of a black hole. When it was over, my only impression was that we'd done a terrible job.

I suppose I only thought this, selfishly, because I hadn't been able to hear my own playing or singing, which meant that You Make Me Wanna Die - Soft (3) - Hot Club And Smoke Machine (CD primary goal — my own entertainment — had been a failure. If I'm going to become a rock star, and if people are going to adore me for doing what I like doing, I was thinking I would have to be the type of person who needs to be able to see and hear what he is doing. After all my equipment was put away, after friends snapped photos of me, after the next DJ had put on another hot electro hit, while the second band set up, maybe the most gorgeous girl in the entire club came up to me and nudged me with her elbow.

She was about my height. She had these perfect, chiseled, model-like features. She wore a neat white one-piece dress. My god, I think she was Swedish. Her skin was so real-looking it couldn't have possibly been real. She had these bright blue eyes and this white-blonde hair.

Her bangs were cut just over her eyebrows. I looked at her. I was covered with sweat. I'm pretty sure she — and anyone — could see my nipples through my thin white V-neck shirt. She was fantastic! You liked it? I like that. A lot. You said, after the second song, 'I just started playing the guitar yesterday.

Of course not. I like this kind of sense of humor. Her voice, from what I could make out over the airplane volume thumping tweeting of electronic bass sounds, was like some kind of quiet music. She was quiet for a minute. How do I know where she'd been, or what she'd seen. You have a lot of courage, and bravery, to stand up there, all alone! It amounted to me touching this girl's hair maybe five times.

It was so soft. If there were fourteen of her, I'd scalp them all and make me a coat. So, finally, she says to me, "Do you want to make out with me? They say that many guys start bands because it helps them get girls, more girls than they know what to do with. I'd never gotten any girls with any of my other bands. That was probably because, when I was just a singer, our band's whole schtick was being boring and ugly to the female population. And many males, too. As a drummer, I was mostly invisible.

Well, my first night as a guy who plays a guitar solo and then continues singing a song, and I had a real, live, gorgeous girl literally asking to make out with me. How did this happen? How did my life come to this? It was a hell of a realization to have, having just arrived at my thirtieth birthday. Did I make out with her?

That's none of your damned business. Okay, actually, let's settle on the answer of "no. I spend more than enough time every day looking at my penis; I don't need obsession and fear tripling or quadrupling that. I'd never get anything done, even sleep. What are the chances, really, that a girl is both incredibly attractive and attracted to me? I almost typed "a nymphomaniac" instead of "attracted to me" in the previous sentence. That would have maybe been unfair, either to me or to nymphomaniacs.

That said, what are the chances that the girl just respected me genuinely? I mean, I've respected a female musician so much before that I wanted to have sex with her probably for the rest of my life, and I wouldn't have even settled for being a man-groupie; I know I was serious, too, because hey, if anyone, I trust myself. Maybe that's different, though, because I go around wanting to have sex with girls I might not respect, all the time.

I just looked out the window: One is walking down the sidewalk right now; I don't even know what she does for a living, or for fun, and I wouldn't mind intercoursing with her. Anyway, I saw this girl, and I thought about all those things about "tastemakers" and people going to these clubs just to be seen, and hopefully looked at, or maybe even photographed, and studied. For some people, going somewhere and being seen at the height of one's attractiveness is a major hobby.

For some, it really is a career. I wondered about this girl, for a couple of minutes. The rest of the night, I kept looking over at her, just to see if she was walking up to and asking any other guys to make out.

I thought of that Groucho Marx quote that Woody Allen paraphrased in "Annie Hall": I wouldn't want to join any club that would have me as a member. What a miserable pile of obviousnesses I am!

All my soundbites are thrice-removed from their parents. The girl came up to me ten or fifteen times throughout the night; she gave me her phone number and everything. Oh man, maybe she really did like me.

Well, once she emailed me, asking what I was up to, and I replied maybe a week later, and she said she was "leaving Japan tomorrow. I wonder if it was Sweden. Every time I try to remember clearly what she looked like, my mind becomes flooded with my impression of what she would look like, a decade and change down the line: in a fur coat, wearing a deflating she-pompadour, makeup running down her cheeks, on the other side of a restaurant booth, berating me for something I'd done, snarling: "I just want the kid and my jewelry.

The kid and my jewelry! That's what this is all about! In case you didn't notice it yet, this piece is about what anyone wants out of anyone or anything else: happiness. To wrap up this now-lengthy personal anecdote, let me say that every "gig" I've ever gotten as a musician or as a writer or a translator or a company employee or whatever has been thanks to a friend on the inside, or thanks to the person in charge liking the band in whatever T-shirt I was wearing.

They say, all the time "It's not what you know, it's who you know", and you never really think about it until there it is, right in front of you. This is how the world works. How do you achieve happiness? You satisfy yourself. In a world teeming with other people, the only way to avoid rubbing elbows too harshly is to be agreeable.

I know I'm not a unique snowflake, because no one is, and I also know that Hollywood films featuring mentally handicapped protagonists tend to win best actor Oscars, so my own faults are probably useful or poignant information to someone. So it is with tentative confidence that I hypothesize that someone else out there occasionally sits back and thinks about all the girls he's ever had sex with and concludes that none of them really counted.

Here's where I brandish the possibility of actually scaring myself: nothing I've accomplished in my life really feels like it is mine. Maybe my sense of self-preservation is confused with my desire for self-perfection. How will I know I've "won" the game of life? I have always wanted the terms to be simple. I find the philosophy of fitness and hygiene fascinating above anything else.

I've been lifting weights pretty religiously for a couple of years now, though what is my goal? It's easier said than done: to look at myself in the mirror and know I'm done. What the hell do you do then?

What's next? Music has never been a means to get laid, for me; if I have to be in a band to get laid, it feels like neither the music nor the getting laid means anything. Everything else feels like cheating. For now, though, you know what makes me happy? If you run ten kilometers, it's suddenly not winter anymore. Run twelve, and it feels like spring. Run eighteen and your mind goes somewhere else; it feels like a deep, dreamless sleep on a mild summer night, pleasant and soothed by some just-inaudible sound.

When you're done running, it puts everything into a different context; you can just sit on your sofa with a bottle of water in the dark and just not care about anything. Maybe that sounds pretty desolate. I don't mind it so much. I prefer it to videogames, these days. It just exhausted the shit out of me — in the bad way. Here's what it does:. You level up using this thing called the "Crystarium. However: the Crystarium starts out You Make Me Wanna Die - Soft (3) - Hot Club And Smoke Machine (CD small.

Every time you beat a major boss, the Crystarium gets a "level up. What the game is saying is, subliminal-like, that you don't have to level up your dudes any more than you're able to right now in order to beat that boss in a couple of hours. What's weirder is that, if you fight all the enemies on the way to the boss, you'll more or less have enough Crystal Points stored up to level everyone up to maximum?

Why doesn't the game just level us up automatically? Because it thinks we want to open the upgrade menu and spend our points manually. When we purchase upgrades, we don't just highlight the desired upgrade and press the confirm button. We hover the cursor over the previous upgrade, press the directional pad in the direction of the next upgrade, and then hold the confirm button while a line slowly extends in the direction of the next upgrade, accelerating as it nears its goal. The game has propped up this epic-huge disingenuous facade because it thinks it makes us happy.

Entertainment is, in general, lies. You usually don't mind that what you are seeing or reading isn't real, as long as it's at least internally consistent or arrives at a satisfying conclusion. I feel that games have this immense potential for satisfying the player — because you're in control, the ultimate catharsis can be stronger than any feeling in the world.

Instead, games seem to have studied too much psychology and not enough literature. I am scared of the presumptions regarding humankind contained in those documents. The game's entire design document no doubt reads like a beef stew recipe. Take the battle system: You can no longer just hit enemies until they die.

No, you have to "break" them, using a combination of magic and physical attacks. Magic causes the break meter to build up, though it recovers too quickly to be useful, so you need to use physical attacks, which don't build the break meter — they just slow its recovery.

Once an enemy is broken, you can do damage. The more you hit it, the more damage you do. A broken, lone enemy surrounded by three tenacious warriors is as good as dead.

The game "lets" the player input the commands to kill the enemy, because it's "satisfying"; it's the "Yes! Except you Album) even get the joy of seeing the girl walk across the room: She just materializes. It feels so soulless to input all these commands to kill the monster. It's such a given. Then again, if you didn't, what would we be doing?

Would there just be a "checkmate" button to press to end a battle when it was beyond the monster's hope? Remember when you were in elementary school, and you just watched a movie on the last day of school? Someone invariably asked, "If we're not going to do anything today, why wasn't yesterday the last day of school? It's like, you know that moment in Command and Conquer when you drag the mouse and highlight your sea-storm-like cloud of tanks, scroll down the map, and then click on the enemy base?

If we employed the "last day of school" kind of thinking, maybe the goal of the game would just be to have more tanks than the other guy. Just keep building tanks; first person to have twice the tanks than the other guy wins. God, that game would be boring as hell. Final Fantasy XIII is disingenuous when it rewards you for entering menu commands carefully enough to "break" an enemy by "letting" you enter commands haphazardly to destroy the "broken" enemy.

It commits the quick and dirty sin of presuming that we have nothing better to do than Play This Here Videogame, or that crucial we absolutely love choosing items from a menu in a game, especially when the consequences have dropped away the enemy is impaired irreparably. To me, this feels like having no writing talent and being asked to write a column for a huge website because the editor-in-chief likes you personally.

When will we find a game that recreates the thrill of receiving a joyful acceptance letter six weeks after sending a short story in to a magazine unsolicited? We have so many Japanese games where you play as a guy trying to get a girl.

We're always free to imagine what the guy does with the girl after he "gets" her. Some games in which girls get guys for a change have cropped up; they're useless. Where's a game that recreates the thrill and the feeling of actually finding a man who really is willing to get married and have children, who isn't just telling you what you want to hear?

The quick solution to this riddle is: These games don't need to exist. That's what real life is for. Well, then, where's the game that lets me feel some shred of what it's like to be the confident, super-hot girl that every guy in the club is staring at? A lot of people have asked me, lately, what I think of rhythm games. Man, what a loaded question. If I say that I don't play rhythm games, and if the person I'm talking to knows that I occasionally scrape a "real guitar" and scream in front of sometimes-annoyed, sometimes-entertained audiences, they'll immediately assume I'm being an "elitist.

To be honest, maybe playing a "real guitar" does have something to do with why I don't play rhythm games. Or maybe it's just that the brain stimulation affected by a rhythm game is not at all the kind of thing I crave. Rhythm games "reward" the player for press the arbitrarily determined buttons in perfect time to the music.

Your reward at the end of a song is a number, worth bragging rights or Xbox Achievements, or the permission to play another song. Okay, sure. The music is too perfect, too "good"; I perfectly like making stupid, unpolished, unfinished, spontaneous, shit-like, music-like noise. I never want to make "real" music, like something they'd play on the radio. I have fun with what I do. I'm perfectly happy not making perfect music. I'm perfectly happy not being able to play any songs perfectly, even my own songs.

Life is its most fun for me when it's an impossible learning process. Rock Band tells you, while you play, how many "fans" are still in the "audience. Why not? Why can't everyone be respected for doing what they like?

Because there are many jobs that no one wants to do; some political machine invented words like "circle-jerk" to describe, among maybe one other thing involving penisesthe situation that results from a bunch of people doing what they like and respect about each other, to make some people feel hesitant and ashamed to pursue a career vocally butchering opera and instead spend their life picking up trash from the side of the road.

In other words, maybe the maybe-Swedish girl, that night, wasn't high, or even drunk — maybe she really was attracted to me; maybe, above anything, even looks, she respected a man who did whatever the hell he wanted and wasn't ashamed of making mistakes or being stupid. Maybe she was one in a billion. We've established, in previous columns, that I don't like being told what to do; I also don't like being told how well I'm doing something.

I hesitate to talk about this in too much detail, because this whole house of cards would fall apart pretty quickly if I did that. I can play the song on a real guitar, while singing it, while my drummer pounds the drums, in front of five or six friends in our studio on a weekend, and it either rocks or it doesn't.

The thing is, when you take away the loudness of a real live guitar and real drums, when it's just a bunch of lights on a TV screen, you can't in good conscience just throw up a screen at the end that says "You rock" or "You don't rock.

I think about Final Fantasy XIII 's battle system again, just now: Typical enemies have millions of hit points, and just when you get the monster into a cinematic, terrible, tragic position and your dudes close in on it, numbers just fly out every which way. You see the shit out of those numbers. Huge, five-digit numbers.

Any point when these numbers would come out is a point when the enemy is definitely going to die. The developers must have realized that, over the years, some junk has accumulated on the curb of the minds of gamerkind, that we equate big numbers with big thrills, and so they implement a big-numbers-heavy battle system so as to "refresh" the player. It's like, the more "refreshing" you make a game, the less it feels like you're really involved, or doing anything: the more tenuous your connection to the fantastic on-screen action begins to feel.

What's next, then? I wonder when Sony or Nintendo or Microsoft reveal a controller that must be placed on a soft carpet and manipulated using Q-tips held by tweezers. Another paragraph, a similar idea: recently, Jack White of The White Stripes joined the growing list of popular musicians expressing some degree of dislike for rhythm games. His opinion was that it's "sad" that "this" is how kids are learning about music.

I remember the comments on the Kotaku post that quoted Jack White's sadness. They were eviscerating. On the one hand, I can understand why people like or even love playing rhythm games; on the other hand, I can understand why someone like Jack White would find them sad.

Jack White has been playing the guitar since childhood; for him, spending maybe eight hours a day practicing scales, doing finger exercises, or playing along to his favorite songs, feeling his skill rise day by day, was a powerful period of self-discovery. Realizing that you're moving into the period wherein you can write your own songs is an even more powerful creative feeling. Every song you write is better than the last one, for a while, and you don't need numbers to tell you you're getting better.

You just feel it. For Jack White, going to shows, meeting bands, deciding what music he liked best, deciding what kind of musician he was going to become, practicing the guitar, and writing songs was no doubt such a thoroughly rewarding, immeasurably enthralling many-years-long period in his life that he probably would die of sadness right then and there if he imagined growing up human any other way.

This is where someone says "Not everyone is creative. However, I don't understand when someone like Jack White says that there are better ways to learn about music, and everyone immediately uses words like "arrogant" to describe this "get a real guitar" attitude. How is it arrogant? Think about it. Maybe not everyone is creative, sure. Though I consider it world-lovingly humble and modest of someone like Jack White to suggest that anyone can pick up a real guitar and enjoy music as much as he does.

Sure, maybe Album) ignorant of How Much Fun it is, really, to play Guitar Herothough that's understandable. Desi also had a starring role on MTV's hit comedy series "Awkward. Comedy Arts Festival. Ronny Chieng Correspondent Ronny Chieng is a stand-up comedian and actor. Roy Wood Jr. Correspondent Roy Wood Jr. InKlepper was the host and executive producer of Klepper, a comedic docuseries. He is also well known for having hosted the late-night series The Opposition with Jordan Klepper; for his one-hour investigative comedy special, Jordan Klepper Solves Guns; and for his memorable appearances as a correspondent on The Daily Show, which he joined in under host Jon Stewart and stayed on once Trevor Noah took over in Klepper's work in the field is a hallmark of his comedy, exemplified by his on-location pieces at Trump rallies, an episode of The Opposition he spent "chaperoning democracy" with activist teenagers in Maryland and his deep dive into the legislative red tape and partisanship-obstructing progress on gun reform in Jordan Klepper Solves Guns.

The Daily Show is an Emmy and Peabody Award-winning program that looks at the day's top headlines through a sharp, reality-based lens. Rapper Missy Elliott heard his material and began working with him. It was DeVante who renamed the young producer Timbaland, after the Timberland brand of construction boots. Due to Timbaland's connection with her, he was often contacted to produce remixes of her songs.

Inhe made his mainstream breakthrough by producing the majority of both Aaliyah 's second album One in a Million and Ginuwine 's debut album Ginuwine In this album Timbaland continued with his now trademark electronic production style, but since Missy frequently rapped the music was considered hip-hop. Also inhe released his first album with his partner MagooWelcome to Our Worldalso a hip-hop album. In the late s, his hip-hop production sound would become very influential and common as he produced for many high-profile hip-hop artists including Jay-ZNasand The LOX.

He also fully produced Missy's second album inDa Real World. He continued to produce for Ginuwine and Aaliyahas well as contributing significantly to albums by XscapeNicolePlayaand Total. The album was delayed for an entire year, finally released in November It was a commercial disappointment.

She was like blood, and I lost blood. Me and her together had this chemistry. I kinda lost half of my creativity to her. It's hard for me to talk to the fans now. Beyond the music, she was a brilliant person, the [most special] person I ever met.

Timbaland started a new label, Mosley Music Group along with old friend and legendary Australian music producer John Servedio, also known as his stage name 'ServidSounds' who helped Timbaland bring in some talent from his former Beat Club Records label. A rivalry flared up between Timbaland and record producer Scott Storch in early The tension initially started on the single " Give It to Me ", when Timbaland anonymously backlashed Storch: "I'm a real producer and you['re] just the piano man".

In an interview, Timbaland confirmed that he was talking about Storch. The dispute partly stemmed from controversy regarding writing credits for Timberlake's "Cry Me a River". The song then won the contest when it was held in BelgradeSerbia in May He also said that alongside T-Pain who would definitely appear, he hoped to get Jay-Z on board, [49] although he ultimately failed to do so.

Timbaland began working on the sequel to Shock Value in July However, it was pushed back to December 8, preceded by the first single which features a new recording artist named SoShy entitled " Morning After Dark ". Shock Value II is infamous for its use of over-the-top vocal effects. The song peaked in the top 10 of the Billboard Hot With this success, the song became Sparks' fifth consecutive top 20 hit and third nonconsecutive top 10 hit.

On May 24, Sparks headed to Europe to begin promotion for the single. It was sent to US radio on December 1, The music video premiered on January 18, In the UK, it was released February 15, Timbaland produced Chris Cornell 's album Scream. Shakira was asked to record vocals on the song " Give It Up to Me " to be included on Timbaland's forthcoming album but it was placed on her third studio album She Wolf and released as the second US single instead. In Junewhen questioned by RWD magazine about the UK music scene he made the bold claim to be the inspiration for the dub-step music scene.

You have Dub-bass When his family were unable to contact him, they called and a manhunt began. Police eventually found his car and brought him back home, where paramedics examined him, before declaring he was not a threat to himself. When questioned, Timbaland said he only took a drive to think about the burglary, as he thought the possible thief could have been someone close whom he trusted. InTimbaland split with longtime label Blackground Recordsbut stayed with Interscope Records.

Later in the year, Timbaland was featured on the deluxe edition of Chris Brown's album, F. Timbaland also worked with teen star Demi Lovato ; he produced and had a small feature in her song "All Night Long" on Lovato's Unbroken album. In NovemberTimbaland announced that he would be releasing a new song every Thursday, called Timbo Thursdays; a copy of the initiative shown by artists such as Kanye West via G. Fridaysand Swizz Beatz via Monster Mondays. In an interview with Rap-Up. Fridays, Swizz got Mondays, I don't know if they are on Twitter but can you hit them up, and tell them reserve that Thursday for Timbo the king baby.

In AugustTimbaland revealed that he was working on a project featuring unreleased material by Michael Jackson, with a lead single called "Love Never Felt So Good". On September 24,Timbaland collaborated with T. The premiere launch event of the single became a worldwide trending topic on Twitter. Byit was originally announced that both Timbaland and Missy Elliott would be an essential component per production of Kat Dahlia 's debut album, My Gardenhowever neither of the duo's contributions saw the light of day.

Constructively, Timbaland and his team, including Jim BeanzRaphael Saadiqand others, compose the series' songs based on material given to them by the show's writing team per each episode. The song also has a music video which was released on the same day. InTimbaland began teaching through Masterclass, providing an instructional series on production and beatmaking. In AugustBlackground rebranded as Blackground 2. Blackground 2.

Aaliyah's catalogue began its re-release in chronological order, starting with One In a Million on August 20, This technique that Timbaland pioneered would later serve to create "bootleg" garage tracks, which was essential in the rise of UK garage.

What began as an underground movement soon grew in popularity, with bootleg remixes selling upwards of 20, copies, something unheard of at the time.

In JanuaryTimbaland was alleged to have plagiarized several elements both motifs and samples in the song " Do It " on the album Loose by Nelly Furtado without giving credit or compensation. Timbaland's legal troubles continued. In Januarythe Swiss newspaper Basler Zeitung revealed another plagiarism case concerning the track "Versus" by Jay-Zwhich was produced by Timbaland. The track's instrumental is very similar to, if not directly sampled from "On the Way" by Swiss musician Bruno Spoerri.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American musician, record producer, and songwriter from Virginia.

Not to be confused with TimberlandTimbaladaor Timberlake. Timbaland performing in West Hollywood in January Norfolk, VirginiaU. Record producer rapper singer songwriter record executive. Drum machine keyboards guitar synthesizer sampler beatboxing vocals. Main article: Timbaland plagiarism controversy. Main articles: Timbaland discography and Timbaland production discography. Main article: List of awards and nominations received by Timbaland. Retrieved May 2, — via Twitter.

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