Planet Earth - Lust And Degradation - Saturn Form Essence - Dissonant Structures (CDr)

Planet Earth - Lust And Degradation - Saturn Form Essence - Dissonant Structures (CDr)

The view of a crescent with a star-like body at its center is impossible if our moon were the crescent. However, it would indeed be the scene viewed from Earth in its polar alignment if the crescent were Saturn, somewhat illuminated by the Sun, and the star-like object, Mars, being superimposed upon Venus. Thornhill proposed in that the Saturnian System, including the planets Earth and Mars he does not believe that Venus was part of this group first entered the Solar System in circa BC and approached from below at an angle of 24 degrees to the ecliptic.

This suggestion solved the problem posed by the continuous change in the spin axes of the planets required by the shishkebab model. The spin axes of all the planets would now remain unchanged as the Saturnian System sort of corkscrewed into a circular orbit on approaching the plane of the ecliptic. Thornhill estimated that the corkscrewing action would have taken Planet Earth - Lust And Degradation - Saturn Form Essence - Dissonant Structures (CDr) than years.

This condition would have provided an amount of light which did not vary from day to night. Then, as Planet Earth - Lust And Degradation - Saturn Form Essence - Dissonant Structures (CDr) would suggest, on approaching the Solar System from deep space, and finding itself in a space dominated by the electric field of the Sun, Saturn would shrink its discharge envelope until Mercury, Mars, and Earth were located outside the sphere of visible discharge. In the best reconstruction so far, Saturn was the central illuminating body that sat nearly motionless in the heavens above the North Pole.

Saturn was our original sun, a sub-brown dwarf star that itself came to orbit around our current sun. Depending on which Saturnian theorist you embrace, Saturn either carried with it, or recaptured the other solar planets in a sub and supra-polar conjunction, the planets strung out like beads on a piece of hanging twine, the whole edifice orbiting around the sun.

Prior to this time, there are a few different credible scenarios on how this formation came into being. They each explain how Saturn came to be influenced by the sun, having been captured by it, and possibly assisted by the agency of a massive Jupiter, which was never part of the Saturn system.

Saturnian Cosmology Planet Amnesia. There are different theoretical configurations of the planets, moons and what was the original star of our solar system. David Talbott and Thunderbolts Saturn Polar model is just one of them but is the main proposed EU theory model, and a basis for the Thunderbolts interpretation of comparative mythology. Then something happened to the Saturn System or our Solar System, this is remembered in folklore and perhaps the human consciousness as Doomsday, the sky falling on our heads.

After the planet Gods fighting each other with cosmic thunderbolts, wars, takeovers Planet Earth - Lust And Degradation - Saturn Form Essence - Dissonant Structures (CDr) our solar system eventually settled down into the calm that we have known for perhaps the last 1 or 2 thousand years.

Which is why the incredible tales of cosmic chaos, worlds in collisionmakes no sense to us. Official Talbott Thunderbolts theories appear to be split into distinct parts.

The main two parts are the very serious and scientific space side that is about interpreting and explaining the universe from a plasma point of view — plasma is ionized gas, electrically charged gas that makes up around It is based on plasma cosmology and the Electric Universe but it is also heavily influenced by ancient texts, mythology and cultural lore that describe a very different and active solar system. Another massive influence and the origin of it is the works of Immanuel Velikovsky.

It is mainly from ancient descriptions of the Golden Age, the fall of man, Doomsday, the Comet Venus and especially Velikovsky, combining with plasma cosmology and Electric Universe theory that one of Planet Earth - Lust And Degradation - Saturn Form Essence - Dissonant Structures (CDr) most controversial ideas has come — the Saturn Configuration.

Can our solar system cosmology and previous planetary configurations be explained by Electric Universe theory and comparative mythology? Science has discovered similar types of water on a Saturn moon and Earth. Some of the main leaders or proponents of the Thunderbolts Electric Universe theoryDavid Talbott, Planet Earth - Lust And Degradation - Saturn Form Essence - Dissonant Structures (CDr) Cardona and Wal Thornhill, have developed a theory of our solar system in a different planetary alignment, with perhaps it originating with not even the planets we see today.

Below is a short introduction youtube video of Symbols of an Alien Sky, click on this link if you want to watch the full documentary. The Saturn Polar Configuration theory is a real mind blowing idea. Even some of those who believe in it have their different version of what may have happened, much like any science theory or religion!

For a good explanation of the Saturn Configuration myth, with some appropriate images including ancient mythology, read The Saturn Myth on the Ev Cochrane site.

A couple of great introductions to and explanations of the Saturnian Theory are Saturn Polar Configuration this also goes into background detail of the planets, planets as Gods and the Axis Mundi and A Timeless Age in a Purple Haze lots of unique images and diagrams explaining what the Polar Configuration looked like. How would life on Earth be able to exist or flourish during its time in the Saturn Configuration or if it was captured by a brown dwarf star?

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