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Amnesty International UK. Login Search Menu. Log in. Line height Increased Default. Contrast High contrast Default. Press releases RSS feed. Tags United Kingdom. Receive urgent actions to Your phone. Yet Father William does so despite having outgrown such a stage in his life long ago.

This leads the young man to ask whether father William considers standing on his head an appropriate activity for his age. He tells the young man that he has been afraid to stand on his head while he was young, for he was afraid that doing so might injure his brain. Recalling the oft-heard phrase that senility causes one to lose his wits, Father William then asserts that his long years on earth have assured him that he has no brain to be worried about.

Therefore, to compensate for not standing on his head in his youth, he performs this action repeatedly in his old age. Simon Russell Beale - Popular Poetry - Popular Verse (CD now, we understand that the poem will follow a particular pattern in its entirety, with the young man asking questions in all the odd stanzas and Father William replying to those questions in the even ones. Following this structure, the third stanza begins with Album) youth again reminding Father William of his advanced age.

Finally, the young man comes to his question and asks why Father William has turned a back-somersault. He tells the young man that he has managed to keep his arms and legs very flexible by using an ointment at the cheap rate of one Album) per box. Following this, Father William attempts to sell two boxes of the above-mentioned ointment to the young man.

In the fifth stanza, the young man once more indulges in his questioning of Father William. Candy Is Dandy But liquor Is quicker. I thought it would last my time— The sense that, beyond the town, There would always be fields and f… Where the village louts could clim… Such trees as were not cut down.

There will always be something to… There will always be wrongs to rig… There will always be need for a ma… And men unafraid to fight. There will always be honor to guar…. Doubt thou the stars are fire, Doubt that the sun doth move, Doubt truth to be a liar, But never doubt I love. The highway is full of big cars going nowhere fast And folks is smoking anything that… Some people wrap their lies around… And you sit wondering.

I know someone who kisses the way a flower opens, but more rapidly. Flowers are sweet. They have short, beatific lives. They offer much pleasure. There is. The pig, if I am not mistaken; Supplies us sausage, ham, and baco… Let others say his heart is big— I call it stupid of the pig. Night after ni… I expected her like a visitor. The refrigerator whinnied into sil…. Tightly-folded bud, I have wished you something None of the others would: Not the usual stuff About being beautiful.

We wear the mask that grins and li… It shades our cheeks and hides our… This debt we pay to human Simon Russell Beale - Popular Poetry - Popular Verse (CD With torn and bleeding hearts… We smile and mouth the myriad subt…. You have no enemies, you say? If you have…. When the grey lake-water rushes Past the dripping alder-bushes, And the bodeful autumn wind In the fir-tree weeps and hushes,— When the air is sharply damp.

I was a bum in San Francisco but… to go to a symphony concert along… and the music was good but somethi… audience was not and something about the orchestra. Understand, I am always trying to… what the soul is, and where hidden, and what shape Simon Russell Beale - Popular Poetry - Popular Verse (CD so, last week.

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For press places, interviews, extracts or photographs, please contact the press office. Note to editors Anthony Holden is an award-winning journalist and biographer who has published more than Father William - Anton Lesser books, including lives of Shakespeare, Tchaikovsky, and Laurence Simon Russell Beale - Popular Poetry - Popular Verse (CD.

Ben Holden is a writer and film producer. A company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales and a charity registered in England and Wales and Scotland SC Amnesty International United Kingdom Section. A company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales When Beowulf is departing from Denmark, Hrothgar shows that he is not afraid to show his emotions as he embraces and kisses the young warrior and bursts into tears.

The character of Wiglaf in the second part of the poem, although a relatively minor character, is nevertheless important to the overall structure of the poem.

He represents the young warrior who helps the aging King Beowulf in his battle against the dragon Album) the second part of the poem, in much the same way as the younger Beowulf helped King Hrothgar in the first part. Like the young Beowulfhe is also a model of self-control, determined to act in a way that he believes to be right. The monster Grendel is an extreme example of evil and corruption, possessing no human feelings except hatred and bitterness toward mankind.

However, unlike human beings, who can contain elements of good and evil, there seem to be no way that Grendel can ever be converted to goodness. As much as he stands for a symbol of evil, Grendel also represents disorder and chaos, a projection of all that was most frightening to the Anglo-Saxon mind.

The main theme of the poem is the conflict between good and evilmost obviously exemplified Father William - Anton Lesser the physical conflict between Beowulf and Grendel. However, good and evil are also presented in the poem not as mutually exclusive opposites, but as dual qualities present in everyone. The poem also makes clear our need for a code of ethics, which allows members of society to relate to one another with understanding and trust.

Another theme is that of youth and age. In the first part, we see Beowulf as the young, daring prince, in contrast with Hrothgar, the wise but aging king. In the second part, Beowulfthe aging but still heroic warrior, is contrasted with his young follower, Wiglaf. The character of Beowulf himself is not particularly concerned with Christian virtues like meekness and poverty and, although he clearly wants to help people, in a Christian sort of way, his motivation for doing so is complicated. In the seventh stanza, the young man reminds Father William of his advanced age for the last time.

In addition to this, he tells Father William that one expects that, like other older men, his power of vision would have decayed with age. However, Father William has managed to train his eyes on something very close to them — an eel balanced on the tip of his nose. Regarding this as a sign of cleverness, the young man wonders how Father William has achieved this feat. Breaking the pattern set by Carroll in the eighth stanza, Father William refuses to reply to this question.

Instead, he feels it is enough that he has answered the previous three questions. Then as a warning, Father William tells the young man to stop imagining that Father William has all the time in the world to answer absurd questions.

Click here to continue Father William - Anton Lesser the detailed analysis of You are Old Father, William. The Guardian London. Retrieved 13 May Retrieved 9 November London Symphony Chorus. Retrieved 20 December Middle Temple. Retrieved 18 July Open University.

Retrieved 12 November City of London. Retrieved 12 January Catherine's College Homepage".

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  1. Read by Anton Lesser • Simon Russell Beale. 2 Popular Poetry WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE – 1 Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day * 2 When in the chronicle of wasted time + great poetry or popular verse, is in some way .

  2. Sep 01,  · Tracks and are listed as 'Musical Interlude' and do not have an artist attached. I have listed 'Anton Lesser' and 'Simon Russell Beale' as artists of the whole work and not listed by track since it is not indicated which actor reads what selection.

  3. William Shakespeare, John Milton, William Blake, William Wordsworth, Lord Byron & Percy Bysshe Shelley Popular Poetry, Popular Verse – Volume I Read by Anton Lesser & Simon Russell Beale selections. With more than 80 of the most popular and loved poems in the English language, this collection is one of the most comprehensive anthologies of its kind Cat. no.: NA

  4. May 06,  · Carroll's "You are Old, Father William" is a parody of a well-known Victorian children's poem, "The Old Man's Comforts and How He Gained Them" by Robert Southey, first published in This is just one of the many famous didactic poems that Carroll parodies in Alice. Most of children’s literature in Carroll’s day was extremely didactic in.

  5. Charles Lutwidge Dodgson or "Lewis Carroll," as he was to become known, was born on January 27 His family was predominantly northern English, with Irish connections, Conservative, Anglican, High Church, upper middle class, and inclining towards the two good old upper middle class professions of the army and the Church.

  6. ‘You Are Old, Father William’ by Lewis Carroll is a poem that is structured as a dialogue between a “father” and “his son,” though the details given for the pair vary and cause confusion in regard to who is involved in this exchange. This confusion pairs well with the odd inquiries posed by the “son,” as well as the odd responses of the “father,” and the mixture of bizarre.

  7. Sep 17,  · Live. •. Simon Russell Beale is a fine Malaysian-born English actor, and he pulled off a brilliant authentic and engaging Falstaff in The Hollow Crown tetralogy. Of course it includes Henry IV, Part 1 and Henry IV, Part 2, which I wrote about. Here is a casual reading of his, relatively unrehearsed, it sounds like, of Philip Larkin's mythic.

  8. poems. The four stresses of the Anglo-Saxon verse are retained, and as much thesis and anacrusis is allowed as is consistent with a regular cadence. Alliteration has been used to a large extent; but it was thought that modern ears would hardly tolerate it on every line. End-rhyme has been used occasionally; internal rhyme, sporadically.

  9. Start studying English Unit 1: The Anglo-Saxon Period: - Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

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