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So, largely this book deals with this healing powers the old kings may have possessed, the power to cure diseases, to do miracles by simple touch see English title of the book. Now, Marc Bloch approached the subject with a superior and cold detachment, considering from the very beginning this beliefs and ideas to be groundless, irrational, mere superstitions.

I do not know if it is his fault or the fault of the school of thinking which he was member, of his theoretical background, but his approach is quite a limited one is almost like saying - a scientific approachhe was using a combination as I recall of psychology and anthropology to show us how this beliefs were born and what in his opinian is the cause for this popular beliefs, this collective myths resulted from mass psychology.

Now, the kings are kings, the rats are rats, some rats become kings, some kings become rats, probably true sentences, the thing is as soon as the kings of France and England left the historical scene of the miracles making, silence came over all this, dust came over the spell booksworld has forgotten these things and the scientists began to look later, back to this things with a cold and mechanical superiority, treating them as some oddities of the past, as some collective delusions, sometimes maybe as collective heresies, like some odd spots of the medieval reason Time has past and then, with few exceptions, the scientists themselves have forgotten these things, until, until - a new light was born, a new star, no, you did not guessed, i am talking about David Copperfield.

I honestly do not know if he had any real powers or not :if he was a mere illusionist using cheap tricks or somebody having some real powers, when I was a kid to believe in something like that was something very naive, shameful, a sign of mental scarcity, an equivalent of believing in Santa Claus or something like that. We are not kids anymore and times has changed :. The episodes of magic. Here we have some pretty strange stories, frankly I do not care if you believe them or not, you can believe whatever you want, nobody gives a f.

I was in the tram in Milan, more recently, I always use the interior pockets of the jackets I wear for everything I have important, it is an effect of my Swiss-nightmare when my passport was stolen and I was arrested in consequence no, it was nothig magic about that, i wasnot paying attention and my passport was stolen while I was sleepinganyway, everything was in its placewhen I reached the destination, some things were missing from one of my pockets.

This kind of things happened more than once, disappearances of small objects, small irregularities, et cetera. Now if you can believe me, I blamed myself most often for this events, considering I was not careful enough, etc.

Everything up to a point. There is another, a different reason for my blindness, namely I was not ready to accept the philosophical consequences of all this facts.

Am i being afraid that maybe some important things are goona be stolen through such methods, unnatural methods, magic, et cetera.

Well if this is the question I am afraid you are not seeing the possibilities, it is more than that actually, if you 've seen the movie Cloud Atlas that you have to think at the neck of that Korean clone called Sonme explodingyou have to think at heart attacks and strokes! I've said it before, the idea that such powers are in the hands of a bunch of individuals having no trace of morality, having no feelings or heart, a bunch of servants, slaves of evil is causes me a major existential nausea, a bitter taste in my mouth, a sick of God and a sick of existence.

One idea, a clarification, I spent a lot of time waiting before coming here with this topicI waited to see if I am myself certain about this events, well, from my point of view you have the guarantee that what I have described above is accurate, fair and disinterested. This would be the last time I will translate this text directly here, from now on, i will publish directly the results of my translation. A lot of resistance, i must begin saying that there is an atrocious resistance against these texts, this is interesting because this edition of "counterculture" came up with things not being very interesting and easy to diggest for the general public Metempsychosis?

Even so, people comment, they are all kinds of attacks on me, it's very bad, i will not specify what i am talking about, because I choosed to not respond to any more provocations or to respond at the right time.

All in good time. This one was a high-aimed text going some times a little further than my momentary knowledge, it is a part of my style, sometimes I use these texts as a kind of elastic strings having a hook at one end, the purpose is to go aheadsometimes i am successful, sometimes i am not, however, what is crystal clear is that the text opens many roads, many ways, otherwise we need some more study, time for reflection for everything becomes clearer.

Many quotes, I watched a bit of this text from a grammatical point of view it still sounds awkward and I noticed there are many quotes, that most of what is said is said figuratively, I do not believe this would be a flaw, it is still a fact. Many new things as well, the usual unconventional collection of topics in the usual very unusual approach, there are not too many biographies I could use, I haven't too many ancestors so to speakmaybe one day there will be a descent, maybe someone will remember me and my big soul while studying the infinity, January 24, originallythe Halley Comet in the electronic version passed again very close to you, a comet leaving behind a music and a good Album) for you.

I had "discussion" in my original text about the usefulness of introducing at the end of my textes links towards Youtube, it is a huge intellectual theftof course, this blog offers something in exchange for the music samples that I bring here without having the rightsome good advertising, well, nobody was asking for it, in addition, sometimes the effect could be the opposite, to be appreciated here could mean being seen with bad eyes in some other parts!

I think at the same time at the small bands, sometimes having great musical value, to those trying to make a name for themselves, those trying to come out of obscurity, it is not exactly Metallica or Madonna or any other band or singer who sold millions of records i am worried about, but about those I spoke above, I listen to very rare music many times, well, if we choose to listen to this music on youtube then I am afraid we are suffocating this artists and this causes me huge pain.

If I have think at the art, at the artistic creation as something just for the children of the rich, for the offspring of the people having money I get filled with rage and rebellion, so as we should be very responsible about our artists and their creations. I myself an example of this type - and it hurts, I can not make music because I not have the necessary resources, there was a time when I had them, I did not wake up on time, anyway, maybe later Well, at the end, I choosed to continue to use links to youtube here on this site, asking those who having financial resources to buy the music they likethe creating art is expensive, it requires huge financial efforts sometimes, not to mention the energy or time spent for the sake of the art.

We start with the Australian progressive metal bandhere is an extract from the last album of this band, we are talking about a group named Voyager, an album called :The Meaning of I - with a little cover reminding from the Prometheus movie, the song I choose is called Momentary Relapse of Pain.

Here's the damn link:. We continue with a Spanish band from Madrid called Dark Moor, a neo-classical band having some symphonic power metal elements, I choose for you an extract from the last album - Ancestral Romancetrack number two, a song called Love From the Stone. We continue with a great banda new band after various changes in personnelwe are talking about Luca Turilli's Rhapsody, an symphonic power metal Italian grouptoday - an extract from the last and only album of this bandso from the Ascending to Infinity, an incredible song called Dark Fate of Atlantis.

At the end ofin December, the world of music recorded a significant event that may have passed a bit unnoticed, namely the great Swedish guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen came with a new album called Spellbound, I have listen up to this point to only one song from the album, it is great, it has the special Yngwie Malmsteen dynamicsI read some not very laudatory chronicles on the net about this albumeither way, Malmsteen is unique, so for you, the song that gives the album title, Spellbound:.

Yngwie Malmsteen - Spellbound Spellbound album. A title which I did not hear until recently, a really important band doing music at large-scale, Royal Hunt is a progressive metal group from Denmark "founded in by Andre Andersen " wikia group that has released 11 albums up to date, today we have a track from an early album of this groupso from the Moving Target, an album inthe song name Last Goodbye.

We return to the musician who entertained us with his music in lateDevin Townsend is another unique musical character, he also came in with a brand new album, I choose this time an absolutely magnificent song I named Grace, an unreal sound being somewhere between the black protestant church music and Meshuggahyou will see the result here:. Devin Townsend - Grace album Epicloud. We conclude with one of the songs which inspired this text!

It is a Swedish band founded by Christofer Johnsson inI choose a song from the penultimate album of this band. It is a keyboard there! The original version of this text also included a Post scriptum named from Johann Strauss to "SING SING"it was inspired from my unpleasant experiences from ViennaI already said some thing in this text about the people there so as The Inverted Mirror - Time Stops at 4 A.M.

(File time I get over post scriptum. Counterculture 2. Barbaria n Chronicles. Here I am, folks, I'm sorry for the delay! Any one who knows a bit about history as it is in the classic version, my position regarding the mainstream history or its veracity is quite known, I am not going to repeat myself may know that old stories about various peoples and populations which, under foreign invasion haven't found any better solution to defend themselves than fleeing Well, despite the fact that I'm always alone : it seems this time it is me the invader, I'm the barbarian, be it Genghis Khan or the Turks, whoever you want, i tried to come here earlier but an invisible hand closed every door to me I made a tour to Vienna, I barely arrived from there, it is an absolute madness there, lunatic soul asylum - their "biggest boss" is the son of the Romanian secret services SRItheir nephews are cousins, the sons and daughters, the daughters are sons and so on, on the whole I would describe the situation as being out of control even more than the last time I was there, we will soon have to deal with new species there Big guts and little mindsthey are always on their knees!

We are talking about some freemasonry, so if they are Masons they believe they have the freedom to make any mess they want! Well, the thing is the people have no ideea what we are talking about when we are talking about the freemasonry, we are talking about the regular racist bald idiotic pedophilia victim believing himself the master of the universe while confusing everything I found recently somewhere the following expression: to outjew the jews encyclopedia dramatica :I think it suits them perfectly, i mean they outjew themselves, only they can outrun themselves.

No, it is not the right time to open a topic here about Hitler and others related things, let's leave it aside! Fuck them and fuck their masonry altogether! You can be pretty sure that these beautiful words are not exactly adressed to all the inhabitants of Vienna and Austria but rather to the certain system elements from the local police, local authorities, etc.

Unfortunately the ordinary people are not to blame for what happens to me in their country, many times they have no idea about what happens around, the thing is their country is not free! This text was written two weeks ago in Paris another star! I spent only four days there, a city losing its romanticism with each passing day, I feel sorry for it, a few years ago it was my favorite city in the world, it's increasingly dirty, nasty, gothic and vampirian.

And the locals are not very friendly either, I hope it is just about me! Meanwhile, the various comments I made two weeks ago have become pretty cold, obsolete, I will try to to bring up to date as much as I can, to make changes around, anyway It's not my concern how you could do it As a novelty, an accidental one rather than one resulting from a plan, for the first time in the recent years you will not find here the classical format with which we've grown accustomed, I.

You may have read a book called "Velocity" writen by Dean Koonz, an American author of thriller fiction, I don't want to spoil your reading pleasure by unveiling its subject, but I have to do it in order to make you understand something, there's a serial killer there who is Passing shifting the Responsibility for his crimes to some other people, what happens is this :.

Well that's the case, the question is what you choose, as you could notice there is no way out, no obvious solution for the dilemma, whatever you choose you'll feel guilty! Why is this important and what do I mean with this example you will understand a bit later The Global Warming vs the global warning.

I am back in Milano right now and i have to say I start having hope again about the spring eventually comingwe have a bit of sun here right now, a small sign of spring, I saw some budswhile thinking about all this I remembered the years ago hysteria about the global warming, I have tricked myself up on the subjectback then I remember myself waking up making scientific assessments about all that stuff on a beer, now I laugh but the signs are not good, we had a glacial March, I hope the things are going to come back to normality.

About the title. Barbarian Chronicles my name Craciun can very easily be translated as Chroniclea title barbarian by itself, in sounds like something terrible, something rough, strange, scary, something raw and brutal, something with beard :this was originally designed as a protest or as an attempt to take distance from the sequence of events happening recently in Rome The mad machine, the inventing events machine, Christine :.

The title Christine refers abviously to the work of the American writer Stephen King, a book published inmy last text has aroused various reactions, it had consequences, very dramatic consequencesI learned about them from the newspapers or from the news broadcasts, UPS!

I must stress that I do not feel morally responsable than for a small fraction of these consequences,this reactions are mostly distorted enactments of my writings, there is someone who reads these textes, then passes the message through a filter of madness, distorting it, twisting it, changing it, altering itafter that he goes in the real world with it and the disaster is close!

From my point of view this screenwriter stinks very bad! I sat and watched for a while this huge and obnoxious silent movie resulting from this distorted mirror placed in face of my texts, then I was disgusted and choose to remain silent for a while, there was a period of 2 months I have not written anythingafter this time I went over and here I'm back doing what i have to do.

As an aside The No Smoking Orchestra is a rock group formed in Sarajevo in the 80s best known for his collaboration with the brilliant director and musician Emir Kusturica. For the rest, not much has happened latelythe only major change in my life is that in the meantime I quit smoking, I chewed for a while some Nicorette, I also bought an electronic cigarette to accompany me during this difficult test, well, the cigarette is not working, there is no smoke coming out from it, well i use it anyway :.

I smoked about 13 years last time I smoked a few years before, followed by a break, I resumed in the first year of collegeI smoked all kinds of cigarettesin the recent years the secret services facilitated me the contact with the following types of cigarettes: headache assortment, assortment for dizziness, fatigue, dizziness and fatigue, Pall Mall, cigarettes creating instant diarrhea 2, 3 minutescigarettes inducing coldinducing influenza, inducing tears and discharge from eyes, all above taken in combinations of two or three, stomach pain creating assorment, heartburn, Camell, cigarettes inducing shortness of breath light suffocationcigarettes inducing strong suffocation, cigarettes inducing life threatening suffocationstuff clogging my nose good in combination with the sleep apnea cigarettes creating sores on my skin or in my mouth, cigarettes inducing flatulence or nausea, Marlboro, creating deadlike lethargy, et cetera.

Here are some coins for you, i believe if i would be an alcohol consumer my survival chances would have been even lower, probably I would have had a 20 percent chance of survival in this war with the secret services, I would have probably got in a coma "accidentally", I'd probably be sleeping in ditches after I would have been drinking from people working for them, you can be drawn in violent incidentsskirmishes "accidentally" fatal for youthey could use women accusing you of all sorts of things, I would have been tempted to drive vehicles under the influence, et cetera, the idea is the smoking is certainly a bad habit but a benign one while I survived - it's true I was near drowning because smoking a cigarette on the beach.

Vices aren't for warriors! Otherwise, as an immediate consequence of smoking cessation I feel much better, the air is noticeably cooler and cleaner it feels really! Well, it was and it is a big win for me, anyway it's not enough for me in order to stay clean, to have a clear mind and to be entirely out of drugs, immediately after they have seen i am serious about quitting smoking the rats jumped to fight we are talking about a very interesting species of cock rats and increased the doses of the drugs existent in my foodthere will be a special topic here sometimes about what charity means today in Europe What am i reading lately?

I was caught in winter hibernation, i see on the internet discussions about the possibility of human hibernation, interesting issue! The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Millennium, 1. Espionage disguised as art. Espionage, well, we are talking about spying against human minds, what you have to know is we eliminating from the list all the books and author' mentioned in the list abovethat many of these "works", whether books or movies or some other art genres are written by policeman disguised as writers or filmmakersmore accurately we are talking about writers or filmmakers having secret police responsibilities and souls, you have to me made for that.

The idea is when you read fiction your mind will travel in all kinds of places, there are authors specially creating atmosphere, some certain particular situations, well while you are reading it the spies will have privileged access to your secrets, well, this discussion is just for the recordit is a fully Phillip K Dick world, I do not really care about what you think or what happens to you, my mission is to tell you, henceforth you are mature, you must protect yourself. This is mainly for people dealing with the devil, well, if you have already signed with him, peace than!!!!

My point, I try to clarify a bit my position is that their acces to your long-term memory is probably more difficult than to your momentary trains of thoughts Old news are the news dating back two weeks ago, when the original version of this text came to being, we had the election of the new Pope as t the most important news of the time, very important - i have to stress that if they are clever the readers of this blog could it is really diffucult figure out what the conclave of cardinals was thinking when they made their choicewho is the real mastermind behind the events, et cetera.

For the rest you have to see again the mother language, the indo-european languagei mean the romanian language in order to understannd what we are talking about Study before arguing with me! I made some jokes about the event saying that the thing with the smoke coming out from somewhere being followed by the announce " habemus papam" is a very funny one, smoke can result from short circuits as well, it is something like a descent, like a fall!

I have to cut the topic about the "dosarul caltabosul"a romanian scandal with very very funny stuff involvedwell it is to difficult to translate it and on the other sideall the juicy stuff is in the language again well, they are pretty juicy themselves! This a funny one too, i was asking miself how you can become a romanian or a turkwhile roman means red, what could be the cause for the redness, well i imagined the color is acquired by grillingi could not find a picture on the net with a human being at stake, at rotisseriethis is all i havesee this movie : Doomsday It is a joke and not a joke, if you want things id above are rather true when we talk about elites than about the regular people.

It's weird for me to comment, I'm naturally somehow - through birth, culture, descent and behaviour on the side of the Americans, to some extent I am myself an yankee, an American go deep into the words! Cristina Kirchner, current president of Argentina, with thyroid cancer in Ollanta Humala, current president of Peru, with cancer in the gut in Hugo Chavez, former president of Venezuela, with prostate Cancer in Nestor Kirchner, former president of Argentina, with colon cancer in Fernando Lugo, former president of Paraguay, with lymph cancer in Evo Morales, current president of Bolivia, with cancer in the nasal cavities in Dilma Vana Rousseff, current president of Brazil, with cancer in the lymphatic system in Alexander Litvinenko, former Russian secret service officer, with polonium Yassar Arafat, former chair of the PLO, with brain hemorrhage in Khaled Meshaal, the leader of the Hamas, with the poisonous shutdown of the brain in ".

Readers of mybunker are quite in theme with this kind of things ind, I was approaching the issue myself many timesthe comment I added was that these crimes have in some cases a mental component especially in cases of heart attacks or strokesthere are some mental powers involved in these homicides and equally important is that they are not only the privilege of the Presidents or any other very important people but also for ordinary peoplethe murders are one of the few things on the earth going everywhere, pretty socialist stuff Hugo Chavez to go back to him and his legacy joins in death a group of "elders", o group of "dinosaurs" leaving us with increasing frequency, as far as I can tell right away, there's only Castro left from the old school however, he is less "visible" than his brother otherwise a lot of people disappeared from politics or died shortly, we talk about Mubarak, Castro, Gheddafi, Kim Jong Il, there was a tsunami that mercilessly swept world leaders, leaders seen as ruthless dictators from one point of viewas heroes for the others, either way, who seems to stay alive and remain in function are just the politicians without personality, ghostly people, manipulated peopledolls with strings With Chavez died and a good dose of courage, died a voice, someone capable of opinion, someone having an attitude and that's what counts for me, independent from the polical area or spectrum to a politician or another are belonging.

Well, two weeks ago this was a very hot topic, Geneva Motor Show was in full swing, even so, here are some pictures with a few models of the cars i like. Lamborghini Veneno. The new Ferrari, numit LaFerrari. McLaren P1. Koenigsegg Hundra. Alpha Romeo Gloria. Aston Martin Rapide. Porsche GT 3. Giugiaro Parcour. Pinifarina Sergio. That little one Kim Jong-unI call him "The little one" because by nature i am sympathetic with him, threatens South Korea and the U.

Now this was two weeks ago, it seems the situation is still tense, I hope they will come to some understanding and balance Two weeks ago I opened the British press and I lost a bit of my MP3 and composure ,the English mass-media often accompanied by the U.

A seems to orbit forever around this problemit's like this topic would be the sole purpose for the existence of the anglo saxon press, I do not know if the character of being or not being brilliant not brilliant in this case is to blame for this but this are the facts, it is the trend, this is from their point of viwe the very issue of our times.

The situation is probably similar for politicians, this is one of the most basic theoretical problems they need to confront in the political arena, one of the major problems of humanity today, the thorn in our theoretical coast inthe agriculture, the corruption or the budgets are secondary, even the crisis take the second page, what really matters is your position on the Gay marriages, whether civil or religious, what counts making a difference today is the anal itching!

Countless times I opened USA Today, The Independent, The Guardian and other samples of Anglo-Saxon analytical intelligence and what I found at the top page is this: the gay marriage problems, statements, visionschanges of opinion, positions on this issus,et cetera.

Okay, fine, but what is my position regarding the civil and religious marriages between persons of the same sex? Well, surprisingly my possition is a one taken from the "wisdom" of language my readers know I refuse to consider the language as being a unique or a suprime authority in any theoretical problem the effect of considering the things in this way is really comicalat least in romanian language, the thing is that in romanian the word biserica meaning church sounds a bit like pasarica meaning pussy, so as I said in my original text that consequently the lesbians can get married in the church simply because they are pussy lovers while the gays are not to enter the church because they hate and consider the pussy to be repulsive.

Do not let the gays to the pussy! Gophers - stay out of pussy! Well this was my original position, a logical but a innacurate one, in fact I will give you another hint we have some other curious similarity in romanian about this things, here it is: popa meaning priest and popo meaning gay so as it seems that in real life the situation is quiteopposite so as the very place of the gays is in the church!

Something is wrong! I dont know what! Well this is strongly recommended for them, the djevil, the devil are themselves : just kiding : so going civil is perfect for them About authorities having no moral authority.

I said above that if we are gonna rely on the words, I am at the basic level an American or an Australian etc etc. This is a basic difference between the West and the East, for example if the bus driver is driving bad or lets say drives too fast endangering the lives of the passengers in the west nobody will say nothing because they have an absolut trust in the person being in the position of authority, in institutions, Police, etc.

Well, in the same situation in the East, go make a try, go to Romania for example and ask the driver to do a bad driving shaking the travellerswell you will find very very fast 2,3 persons to put their hands on the mouth to create a megaphone to echo their voice saying : Hey Pal!

If you can not drive that busI'll do it for you! I must admit that the obedience and the respect for authority has a good side, it brings harmony in the system, it is something greasing the wheels of the system, making it faster and more functional, yet attention! It is like Darwinhow can I explain it to you? Here it is : there are insects without wings and that is good because they live on islands where the winds are really strong and if they could fly they would be taken by the wind and bring to extinction in this way, well, now change the scenery a bit and consider this feature in case of floodwell in case of flood the things are exactly opposite, the insects with wings could eventually escape while the ones without wings are doomed!

The most important asset today may become tomorrow's biggest weakness! This is the moral of this story Now let's say that in the last 50 years the western autorities had lost step by step any moral authority, that they are the ones driving badhaving bad habitsnow here in the west the people are as I just said used to obeyto trust, to believe without hesitation or doubt this authorities, well, this autorities are driven by an evil forcethe swarm or the cluster model of society are weak today in my opinion Where this issue comes?

From what happens to mesometimes I wonder how bad, how Satanized, how horrible some people can be to do what they do to cause so much harm to a foreign person and then I just realize that they have no ideea about what they are doing, that they simply obey and they obey without having questions about the autorities they obey to For your soul, for your peace of mind, try to judge the moral authority of any authority you obey!

If notyou could become the instruments of the evil, puppets in the hands of the ones using you for their purposes and having no feelings about you or about their victims. The rocket in the ass. My goodness! What is this? If you try to place into the device an 8cm CD with its adaptor, it may separate from the CD and damage the unit.

In this case, remove the disk and wait for about one hour until the hu- midity has evaporated. Disks may stop rotating when used; causing defects or they may be damaged. Movements shall always be made from the center to the edge of the disk and in a soft way. Recently, some labels have commercialized several en- 2. It should be noted that, among those disks there are some which do not comply with the CD standard, and it might not be possible to reproduce them in this 2.

Your audio unit may be damaged if improper objects are inserted into it, like credit cards or coins, through the CD opening. Please contact authorized personal for more information. The base screen display shall be divided into 2 major portions. The top — Music Streaming portion is for the title of the screen, clock and audio.

This Switch Bank Contains 19 buttons and volume knob. The bank will be illumi- 11 2 Recall or save preset memory 2 nated if the head lamps are turned ON. Recall or save preset memory 3 12 3 13 4 Recall or save preset memory 4 3. When the system is in Sleep mode, there shall be no illumination in display. All audio features are active for maximum of 1 3. Refer relevant sections for is turned ON. The infotainment will be fully functional in this mode. The details. The selected source can be ac- be powered OFF.

All the audio functions will be deactivated in this mode. The infotain- ment shall be powered OFF by pressing this button for more than 2 seconds. Single press of this button shall turn ON the power again. Volume can be increased or decreased by turning the volume knob in clock wise and anti-clockwise direction. Volume knob is also used to change the options.

The user can enter the audio setting via [EQ] button short press; User can ro- When the Balance is set to "0" left and right speakers will have equal output at tate the volume knob and select the desired setting. De- When the Fade is set to Rear 9 the front speakers will be inaudible and the rear fault level setting for all these will be zero.

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User can exit the screen with help of exit button or it times out after 15 seconds in this case the action will not take Short press on [MUTE] button will mute the audio place. Radio reception: Always memorise the desired stations using the radio memory keys. This will help you in selecting the desired station faster. AM Reception: At most conditions, strong AM signals provide stable sound quality and with low signal noise.

At night, however, the atmospheric conditions may sometimes lead to interference from other stations. User can rotate the volume knob and select the desired location. The path of the current 3. When a track is selected it will play and if If radio is already active, a short press of [BAND] button will change the selected a folder is selected all the tracks within it Album) be shown.

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There will be 5 entries per contact namely General, Home, Office, Mobile The phone book contacts copied to Infotainment system can only be used and other and all of them will be displayed.

Infotainment system may take some time to download the contacts from the mobile phone. Download time varies based on type of mobile phone. User can scroll through the list or press u to refine search, where user can ro- tate the volume knob to select the desired character. Based on the contact LECT. There will be 3 characters allowed for searching.

With help of t button type highlighted the number will be updated. If there is no number stored for a user can go back one step to refine the search. If the user presses a SELECT button for character then the control will be trans- ferred back to the contact list, user needs to press u button, enter the next If there is only one contact number stored against the name then it will take character. You can also have a look at pictures and some movies showing such a device in live action.

This renders the font using "paletized YUV". This option is only. This allows you to add overlays also known as "subpictures" on the. This can be. Enter the list of podcasts to retrieve, separated by ' ' pipe. Assign a program number to each PMT. Create "Fast Start" files default enabled.

Create "Fast Start" files. Lua interface configuration string. When set to 'no', this parameter is intended to give old skins a. Force the subtiles format. Selecting "auto" means autodetection and. Allowed values are : 'speed', 'balanced' and. The rate control method to use when encoding. Can be one of 'crb'.

Tolerance in percentage of the 'avbr' Average Variable BitRate. Number of frames before the 'avbr' rate control method reaches. The Tiger rendering library is needed to render complex Kate streams, but VLC can still render static text and image based subtitles if it is not available. Note that changing settings below will not take effect until a new stream is played.

This will hopefully be fixed soon. For example, to fix "ac vlc" and "ump4". The encoder can make on-the-fly quality tradeoffs if your CPU cankeep up with the encoding rate.

It will disable trellis quantisation. Latest: take chroma from new bright field only. Good for interlaced input, such as videos from a camcorder. AltLine: take chroma line 1 from top field, line 2 from bottom field, etc. Blend: average input field chromas. May distort the colours of the new bright field, too. Upconvert: output in format independent chroma for each field. Best simulation, but requires more CPU and memory bandwidth. Default: Low. Use a comma-separated list of modules.

If omitted, the canvas is assumed to have the same SAR as the input. Otherwise, video will be cropped to fix in canvas after scaling. You can choose the "key" color for blending blue by default. From 0 to Defaults to for blue. Defaults to 90 for blue. A value between 10 and 20 seems sensible. Each level should be separated with ':'. AtmoLight Filter This module allows controlling an so called AtmoLight device connected to your computer.

AtmoLight is the homegrown version of what Philips calls AmbiLight. You can also have a look at pictures and some movies showing such a device in live action. Illuminate the room with this color on pause: --atmo-usepausecolor, --no-atmo-usepausecolor Color when paused default disabled Set the color to show if the user pauses the video.

Have light to get another beer? Should be greater than one for letterboxed videos. This prevents flickering. Values around 20ms should do the trick.

Having only two zones on top, and one zone on left and right and no summary zone the mapping for classic AtmoLight would be -1,3,2,1,0 Adjust the white light to your LED stripes: --atmo-whiteadj, --no-atmo-whiteadj Use Software White adjust default enabled Should the buildin driver do a white adjust or your LED stripes?

Uses a png alpha channel. Defaults to 1. The threshold value will be the brightness defined below. If set to something different than 0 this option will override the relative font size. If absolute font size is set, relative size will be overridden. You can enter a colon-separated list of filters. The subpictures produced by the filters will be overlayed directly onto the video. You can specify a colon-separated list of subpicture modules On Screen Display: --sout-transcode-osd, --no-sout-transcode-osd OSD menu default disabled Stream the On Screen Display menu using the osdmenu subpicture module.

This function will set the buffer where render will be done. This function will be called when the render is into the buffer. If true, stream will render as usual, else it will be rendered as fast as possible. Default is to use no muxer standard RTP stream. This value should be set in milliseconds. This must be a character-long hexadecimal string.

Setting it to a negative value or zero disables timeouts. The default is 60 one minute. Positive means delay and negative means advance. This will be used to "find" this stream later. If you do not need more than one bridge-in at a time, you can discard this option. For high values, you will need to raise caching The Inverted Mirror - Time Stops at 4 A.M. (File. This can be used to configure a place holder stream when the real source breaks. Source and placeholder streams should have the same format.

This will remove artifacts on stream switching at the expense of a slightly longer delay, depending on the frequence of I frames in the streams. However, you can specify a specific address. This flags instructs the packetizer to sync on the first Intra Frame found. This is for use with --ts-es-id-pid, and allows having the same PIDs in the input and output streams. Disabling this might save some bandwidth but introduce incompatibilities.

This avoids having huge bitrate peaks, especially for reference frames. In that case, the shaping duration given by the user is a worse case used when no reference frame is available. This enhances the efficiency of the shaping algorithm, since I frames are usually the biggest frames in the stream. This value should be below ms. This allows for some buffering inside the client decoder.

This must be a 16 char string 8 hexadecimal bytes. The encryption routines subtract the TS-header from the value before encrypting. Setting this, allows you to control how Windows Media Player will cache streamed content. Setting it to a negative number removes the timeout option entirely. The default is 5. Submission of played songs to last.

You can set the address and port the interface will bind to. It defaults to all network interfaces 0. If you want this interface to be available only on the local machine, enter " It defaults to This option is updated automatically, do not touch it.

This is mainly useful when moving windows does not behave correctly. This option only works with Windows and X11 with composite extensions.

It runs once every two weeks. Can be disabled to prevent burning screen. The decryption routines subtract the TS-header from the value before decrypting. It can be useful to turn off this option when using stream output.

If seeking doesn't work property, turn on this option. Selecting "auto" means autodetection and should always work. This is a four character string. Default assumes square pixels. DV Digital Video demuxer --rawdv-hurry-up, --no-rawdv-hurry-up Hurry up default disabled The demuxer will advance timestamps if the input can't keep up with the rate.

Default is 2. Default is Hz. Three letter ISO code. Default is 'eng'. However sometimes this might not be usable. Disable this option to calculate from the bitrate instead. Usual values are from to 40 to ms.

Il Bluff - OGM - Emotivamente Instabile (CD, Album), Bill Bailey Wont You Please Come Home - Connie Francis - 19 Original Albums & Bonus Tracks (CD,, Usher - Usher (CD), A Box Of Transient Happiness - Nihilist - Anabiosis (Vinyl), Yakka - My Disco EP (File, MP3), Bridge Over Troubled Water - Tommy Fleming - Voice Of Hope (CD, Album), Aquaspace (Reprise) - Kimera (3) - O?era Express (Vinyl, LP, Album), You Are So Beautiful - Various - Rock For Lovers, Vol.1 (CD), Jan Slabák Se Svým Orchestrem Moravanka*, Kantiléna*, Ivan Sedláček - Vánoce S Moravankou - Fanfáry, Strand - Various - Made In Germany (CD), I Dont Love You, (But I Like You) (Radio Edit) - Annette Taylor - I Dont Love You, (But I Like You)

Post Atualizado e atualizando Disposto a ouvir? Leal Fev. Dava o direito de uma pergunta importante sobre o Universo.

Um homem, de vida corriqueira e banal, encontrava-se sedento por saber o que ele tinha a dizer. Hoje concordo com um grande amigo que disse isto no passado. Alguns ou ignoram ou convertem saberes em estado de medo. Apenas derrotados pela vida fazem isto. E a fazem aceitar. E a fazem cair. Podem ser faces diferentes que fazem parte do mesmo rosto. Complementar sobre Cristo e o que esconderam sobre ele. It usually takes me a lot of time to write and translate this text, I have many other things to do, I read a lot myself at least during the winterthis days, for example I try to finish at full speed the third part of the Millennium trilogy written by Stieg Larsson which I highly recommend also for the readers of this blog!

Questions, yes, please! Is this a monthly essay? When will it be posted? Re: this textes are not drone toys unlike other things you read most often, so as my textes will be here exactly when I'll feel it's time for itwhen I will feel the urge to come here to say something, what happened last year when we had exactly 12 texts for the entire year was a fluke, so it was to be, maybe this year will be more fruitful, however, in the other sense, I can promise you we will not have less than 12 textes in here.

What else? I wrote something hard to translate here in the original text, something being caused, originated in an article I read in the Romanian press which I no longer really read because I consider it to be highly infiltrated by intelligence services, using it in their dirty war against me a journalist from the daily newspaper Cotidianul was telling "me" in a veiled form that the tracking and assaults against me of the Romanian intelligence services will not stop not even after the return to hell where it came from of the current president of Romania, maybe the journalist is right and his threats are justified it sounds like a life sentencemaybe not, I can only go on Music in a more generous approach this year, both in terms of quantity and in terms on comments, you will have, from now on, one song for each topic I will write, still placed at the end of the text, in additionas I already mentioned, I will come from time to time with more substantial comments for these parts.

I recently reflected a lot on the utility of using links to Youtube here at the end of this textesa choice that obviously favors something harmful, the huge intellectual theft going on over the webduring this time, as you know, I complain myself about the intellectual theft committed by the American film industry over myself, I do not know what to do, I can still use that links there, but I have to express my discomfort about. As for the quality of the music, I prepared some high quality stuff for you, I can guarantee for at least two, three editions, we will have here really celestial music, ecstatic, explosive soundwe will hear singing some engineers from Prometheus starship : by the way!

I said in the original version of this that I'm in Vienna, meanwhile I have changed for Milan, after a very difficult journey to Romania where i went to see my family, I also said that the country looks better from there than it might seem if you read only the press or maybe you try to see it through the Romanian diaspora too often including bad elementsi also said that from my point of view the country is suffocated, but still alive, that the "spiders" were not touched the "living water" yet a clumsy translation of a verse of the Romanian poet Lucian Blaga - Paradise in dissolutionthen I criticized again the hungarian gouvernement while speaking about the torments that I had to endure to get to see my familysaying that since Viktor Orban is prime minister there things are getting worse If I am going to believe what blogger sais, this blog has just a few readers and therefore I bother for nothing :I have just few thousands hits, if we are going to take into account the fact that every time I open here with the intention of posting something the total number of visits is incrementing, than i may conclude that I am really having fun alone which is not too bad, at the end :well the counter is lying but I must admit a have an anxiety related to the audience of this blog, it is not precisely related to the number of the readersbut rather about not being sure that these messages are going where they are needed the most OK, if any important changes or updates will be required I will returnif not this was the introduction, we quietly go towards the contents:.

Let's start! Now, this is very likely a surprising topica topic that could appear as being a bit too "sweet" compared with the "hardcore" content that can usually be found here, could be, but this is just a start. You have to "see" this topic in a similar way you "see" a chess game opening.

I decided to open this section for the current year with something interesting and harmless, the real tough things are about to follow! Something I have to stress - writing on a blog has an obvious advantage compared with other types of writting initiative, here I can deal with any issues I like, exactly when I feel it is necessary, thereby I must say I do not feel any pressure in choosing my topics.

Unlike the regular press i have no publishers, no pressures, no deadlines, everything happens naturally The story is as follows: "We have" a lady from Australia who has spent some years of her life taking care of the dying in their homes, whether old or sickthus she had the opportunity to learn various details secrets sometimes about their lives, to have access to the final "visions" of these dying people about the earthly life, to know details about their successes and failures, to come in contact with their life's conclusions about happiness and unhappinessabout regrets, et cetera.

A privilege, I think! Her name is Ms. Se probably had access to various types of information about these people 's liveswe are talking about old people, lonely people, the dying have probably a tendency to confide to the one taking care of them in the last moments of their lives, anyway, the things that she retained for posterity The Inverted Mirror - Time Stops at 4 A.M. (File these dying people were among others their regrets, more accurate exactly what they thought they failed to do in this life, what they did wrong, what they would do differently, if they could live their life again.

In this way, Ms. Bronnie Ware made a "top" of their regrets, a top accounting The Inverted Mirror - Time Stops at 4 A.M. (File things that most people regret the most. Let's see:. I wish I'd had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me. I wish I did not work so hard. I wish I'd had the courage to express my feelings. I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends. I wish that I had let myself be happier. I will allow myself to comment a bit on these thoughts, to analyze a little each of these points in particular.

A very surprising number one! I have to confess this "number one" was one of the main reasons for " transhipping" this topic here, it is not a mistake or an accident, this is a topic dealing with something being in my area of expertise, to an extent this is a topic about freedom and about what people think about freedom.

I must start with a strong statement, namely that the ordinary people do not understand too much about liberty, neither theoretical nor practical, well, at the end this is philosophical subject equally complicated or trivial with any other philosophical themes like god, happiness, et cetera. Even so, without having the "expertize" on their side, people seem to have some insights about what happened with them Here is a second face of the problem, these people seem to strongly believe that they have choices to make.

This conclusion follows from the first part of the statement above, namely from their belief that"the things could have been otherwise ". Here is a more expressive translation of the entire statements above a reconstruction made out by myself :. Well, you will ask, what is so surprising in this statement?

Nothing new! The societies have always exerted various types of pressures on the individualsthere are and there were class pressuresmoral pressures, manners, customs, traditions having many of them, attached, of course, consequences or punitive measures in case of disobedience.

We're talking of course about isolation, repudiation, marginalization, sometimes even more than that. If I would be asked to explain these facts from an evolutionist perspective I would say, of course, that something like this originates in the evolution of species, in the natural selection, the mother nature seems to select the individuals behaving according to the normso this has to be originated in our history and our genes, I once saw a movie a documentary with some monkeys chimpanzees, but I am not sure killing another monkey just because the late specimen had a special, deviant behaviorcaused by some medical matters.

Ok, this theory have been added here just with advisory role. I have to conclude the regular people have very romantic views about freedom. I do not know if I should have them disillusioned! Please consider just for the moment, some methodological thinking that there is nothing like "guardians", securities, brotherhoods, states, dictatorships, secret polices, secret services et cetera watching us, punishing us, playing with us If that would be true thenas soon we are going to deviate from the rules, from the main road, the society around us, our fellow citizens are going to punish us, to put pressures on us, so as to get us back on the main road.

Well, even in this case, very few people are going to be able to handle this punishments, the eventual huge quantity of pressure the public opprobrium could bring over them, so as in the most cases something like this will lead to the immediate "correction" of the deviant individuals and to their return back to the flock.

It is a "natural" process, meaning that it result precisely from our individual biology. Now, please consider the above suggested mental experiment closed and let's come back to Earth! This means you have to add to the "soup" all the things we previously "methodological" overlooked. Now, after putting everything back and watching the picture, you can see the result is a real nighmare for somebody being interested in the problem of freedom, we are subject to so many types of manipulationsmedia manipulation, philosophical manipulation, state manipulation, various national and transnational agencies manipulation as is very difficult to talk about freedom.

Well, the freedom is almost impossible nowadays, the states are requiring paid workers, everyone must swallow willingly or unwillingly the consumerist trash, if you are not going to obey then there are some terrible forces you are going to meet. See also the 5th Section of this text in order to understand some things about the powers of these manipulators, there are unlimited possibilities for them to constrain you, to make you change your ideas, there are "puppet friends" and if is not going to work they have direct access to your mind.

The only problem is you do not give a damn about all this!!! To conclude this point, whatever lifestyle you will choose as long as you're still in "matrix" it will always contain something untrue and that is because you are simply choosing between pre-existing models, models drawn in advance by the designers At the end, to live free to a degree must be something innate or at least acquired very earlyit is about having a slave or a master morality to talk in the terms of Nietzsche.

I regret that I worked so hard. Well, i have to admit i myself do not express my feelings very often in the presence of others, I do not know if there's anything to lose or to gain from it, I think this would make a good subject for a separate discussion, in another contextto show your feelings too easy could be psychologically dangerous up to a limit, you can be crushed under other people's feelings, on the other hand, if you are going to express your negative feelings towards the others too often may again lead to isolation, marginalization, et cetera.

Well, my friends were almost all "puppet" friends, political maneuvered toys in hands of the system, you cannot imagine how is it, it is all right, everything in everyday life is exemplary except for one small detail, after the dark, my friends were staying crouched in their chairs in front of their windows, they were turning off the lights in their rooms, they were causing thunders and lightning bolts outside, they were laughing sardonically while shedding tears i am kidding!

Well, I am not sure if I am myself on the transferring list to the underworld :we are not talking here about myselfbut I seldom regret the decision of letting them go, of getting rid of them. Besides, anyone can notice that the statements from the point 3 and the point 4 above are a bit contradictoryif you are honest and express your feelings very often, nobody is going to stay close to you Well, I dont wanna be an idiot in any way by being ironical or malicious in relation with these sentences, but I can read something among the words in this case, usually happiness is being seen as something being most of the time dependent on objective things, things like social status, money, historical conditions, the country where you were born :n and n things and factors- in this way i have to say the most of us afford ourselves the "maximam quantity" of happiness we can "steal" from the lifesometimes causing a lot of unhappiness around, "I regret that I never allowed myself" sounds a bit like abstinence, like refraining from something, perhaps somewhere at a the subliminal level they were thinking about sex!

Here is a "spectacular" topic where I usually allow to myself various comments for all kind of events, news releases, various facts and theories being in a state of suspension around us, I have to notice you this topic is not holding the line of its original version romanian onei had to cut a little bit here and there from that version adding instead some different topics There were rumors in the media about a possible proposal for a law restricting the acces of U.

President Mr. Barack Obama has expressed its intention to propose, in late January the promulgation a law prohibiting the sale of the assault weapons in stores such law was applied in the United States between andi know nothing about its effects on the overall crime rate and a tighter control on the overall purchase weapons processus. As you probably know, all these ideas are the immediate results of the new massacres taking place in the U.

I like to think at my readers as being an elite intelectual forcei am talking about my "natural" readers, those who maybe get one time in here and remained close to this blog ever after, not about people coming here to spy or to stay in touch with the development of my ideas over time, even like this, i am pretty sure that a majority of the public have no real understanding of this things, they do not have a very clear vision why in the world U.

I will try to explain it for you! First some technical data:. We are dealing with the second amendment of the U. Constitution, amendment being part from the Bill of Rights, amendment dated December 15,the amendment which states the right of citizens to buy and own firearms. In order to understand this law, we must get a bit close to the historical context in which this law was proposed and ratifiedlet's use the time machine and go a little backwe are inthe U.

War of Independence had just ended a few years ago, the U. Constitution was promulgated innow this Bill of Rights came immediately after the U. Constitution, amending, correcting, adding various issues. The fundamental goal of this bill was to grant a number of civil rights for the american citizens, rights being derived from the natural law philosophical conception supporting the theory that the people have certain rights by birth, simple by being born humansas you may notice the Founding Fathers rushed to correct, to amend the constitution which was maybe giving absolut or discretionary powers too the political leaders and try to counterbalance this powers by the instrumentality of this bill.

So, as you may seethe basic purpose of this set of laws was to put back in chains Warning! Revolutionary times - revolutionary way of thinking! In their view, a new revolution could occur anytime as a simple result of the "tension" between the state and it's citizens. Here it is about how "" anarchists "" were the founding fathers of the U. Here it is the explanation! The free access to weapons for the U. That's the spirit! Well, it was the spirit, the federalists died long time ago and together with them any chance for the people to military engage a government.

As you may know, technology has made huge leaps in this time, the romantic times have passed, no group of armed civilians can military engage something like US Army today you could give it a try!

Here it is, here we have another crucial pointit is easy to notice for anyone that the firearms have lost their original purpose, as I stated above the ideea of resisting against a state army today in case that Hitler or Stalin are gonna be back is perfectly suited for Cartoon Network - well, we have some exceptions to the rule and we are talking about the cases when the rebels are armed and sustained by the USA or France - but here we are dealing with something else!

In the light of the arguments above, I do not know what the firearms are good for anymore, if you are going to ask me I am for the freedom of sale and possession of the firearms due to reasons that have more to do with the psychology that with something else! Well, yes, if your attackers are goona be some isolated villains or morons, then, you can definitely shoot them, in any other way if your attackers are goona benefit from the natural advantages of the attacker - the surprise or possibly the number the gun is not going to save you.

Although the year-old is not certain his plan would work, he says he is now ready to put theory into practice. The Independent, U. The immediate question coming up in vitro is of course this one: why does the woman have to be so adventurous? I mean, we are talking about a simple process of artificial inseminating of primitive DNA in a human uterus, with the DNA being taken from existing hommo neanderthalensis fossils.

I must confess I do not understand, I think the Professor would need some really adventurous women only after the maturation of the specimen, in the case Prof. Church a funny accident related to the name of the prof. Well, i think a crazy project like this one could receive a big grant in the U. Justice Department are about to accuse Standard and Poor's rating agency for"fraudulently rating mortgage bonds " in conformity with New York Timesmethod that led to the financial crisis I am not an economist, back when I was studying the political philosophy I began studying some economy, meanwhile I forgot almost everythinganyway, I am convinced somebody, there at the U.

Justice Department has a very good sense of humor to consider a simple rating agency as Standard and Poor's being possible guilty for something so "monstrous" as the economic crisis. The main arguments were of course based on economicsit seems that the British are partially unsatisfied with the decisions of Brussels concerning them, as well as a part of the brithish public seems to oppose certain common economic strategy inside the EU, well, this is stuff you can easily find and the main-stream media so I will not waste much of my time with these things, as far as I'm concerned, I kind of regret I left Canada, that was much better for me than the EU : unfortunately I can not go back Survival tool kit for war.

Last week I made an oath to myself, i spent some time in Wien, I had all sorts of problems there, i had an incredible tooth abscess artificially created, it was a "gift", a tone of pus! And after that I become really mad and I sweared to come here to declare a war in words against them. I thought to reveal in here every secret they have, to study their worthless historyto distroy Franz Joseph this is not actually a name, it is rather something that sends towards the fallen brothers fallen on the cross et cetera.

I took notes, I prepared and then, here I am, the problem is that what was causing the pain has gone for the simple reason that I left Wien and at least for now I'm sick to deal with any zombie cities. Survival tool kit - it is something simpler than anything, and yet there are so many of us which once being caught, trapped, locked lose their minds and make mistakes, sometimes irreparable mistakes, the solution is simple, when the hell is becoming unleashed around you it happens!

This is it! Well, just about two things And subsidiary what do I have against this gentleman? Well, the answer is if you are asking the first question it means you never been to Wien, or maybe you've been there just to change your plane, it is something like a cult of personality in Wien for Franz Joseph, it is the result how the city was built, there is no important historical building having no inscription with his name on it, there is no museum having nothing to do with himet cetera.

He was one of the Habsburgs I have nothing against him, so it camed Maybe you remember, one time I had here on this blog a description in the top bar, right after the title of this blog which was going like this: "a blog bringing some darkness into the light", well, nothing has changed in that sense This blog is in some way an anti-rationalist manifestit is anti - lights, even if the content is the exact opposite of any irrational thinking, the content being usually a logical monolith.

Wellthere are as well cases when following the reason means literally following the path to the closest abyss! An example of practical reasoning :. It is the very way to the abyss. We have only one life, our most precious "thing" I had once a friend who was using the phrase, excuse me: a life and a hole in the A.

Now, you are all of the sudden under a huge pressure, they put you on the cross so as your most precious "thing", your life is now in jeopardy. I am sorry to let you know - if you are gonna be rational, your path is following the road to the RatiAnality, i am not sure the premise is a correct one, but this premise can become a correct one, as soon you in your stupidityhas take the choice to be born again like a phoenix here on Earth, without having any shame, in front of everyone!

Please stop getting reborn here on earth and for the God's sake wait for the last judgement! Facts: Last year I spent much of the summer at the seaside, it was all right, I relaxed while taking a good portion of sun. So, naturally I tan very much. As a confession, the last sun bath was consumed on September Some biology: here is a quote taken in dispair! Quote my translation :. Our skin is renewed continuously, so that every month we have a whole new skin.

The basal layer, the one producing new cells, is the one being at the surface of the epidermis. It is followed by other three "intermediate layers " and the velvet surface, consisting of almost dying cells. When you tan, melanin, the skin pigment, colors the existing cells. The new ones, which will form after sun exposure will have a normal color and when they are pushed up into the stratum corneum, so as your skin will not be tanned anymore coming back at it's natural color.

Unica, Romania. So, if The Inverted Mirror - Time Stops at 4 A.M. (File is true, then why in the world my skin is still taned? It should normally disappear after a month!? For the rest, only a coin for you, if you are a romanian speaker I cannot tell you everything! Now if you are going to split this word into pieces than the result could be this one:. Read it! I have to do it again! I already wrote one time in this text that name of the actual President of the country whose passport I have in my pocket, I hate myself doing it, I have to do it again!

My name. My name was already deconstructed here on the blog several times, it can dissolve in so many ways that I lost my self their number! Not again! Why would anyone do that all the time? Why anybody would disintegrate his own name in pieces? I spoke here on several occasions there are some people that certainly know a lot about these things about the language's secret code, about how the words were constructed, as well as about the efforts and sacrifices of some people to respect the inner instructions of the language as they would be the Holy Bible no, The Inverted Mirror - Time Stops at 4 A.M.

(File am not saying they are entirely wrong! Well, when you are reading through the words you can do it in good faith or in bad faith, giving your best or playing dumb, et cetera.

We could also speak about malicious readings, readings being resulted from enmity or hatred, no matter how frivolous you could consider this things, the point is after this "readings" some people will suffer and the motivation in accordance with "them" should be seeked in some prescribed linguistic rules of human society.

We complicate our lifes for nothingI will give a reading of my name, it's wrong, it's almost stupidly wrong, here it is: Craciun - Cra, c ceu - no, the result is RA, RA as the sun god cutting the first C. In a strange and inverted interpretation, cu is with, os is boneme is always me, not stays as it is- the result is having no Bone, being crazy nebun in romanianor in a very forced and again inverted interpretation having no sex, no in romanian is Bano sex - basex.

I think it is pretty difficult for you to follow me while i am transforming through the languagesanyway the result could be this one:. Ryan Basescu. Now if you gonna add a cross you will have a known name No, I am now here to tell you how I really believe anybody should correctly read my name, normally is none of anyone's bussiness to try to read and decompose my name or any other name, well there are some prefessionals doing it, i could help them a bit maybe showing them my name can be read even like this: NAME NAME NAME three times the same thing via some simple combinations of fragments of words, what I was trying to do here was simply to eliminate an error, in addition to show that my attitude towards the current president of Romania is not incindental.

Thank you. Let's have a talk about the apocalypse! Note: This topic was originally "equipped" with a clause, the clause was intended to warn you about the pronounced speculative character of this topic, a discussion which is not based on very concrete sources. I have to start telling you that, despite being a big fan of the post-apocalyptic cinema, I am not an apocalypse enthusiastI dont like much this subject and I dont like it because it sounds bad, because this type of information is used to keep the first page of the tabloidsto induce stress in population, et cetera.

And still I decided to write some additional stuff on this topic i had something at the end ofa development which, as you will see, will be a bit strangebecause, surprisingly, I will supply with some fuel the ones who believe that we are close to the end!!! I know what you could say:you could say that the "mature" treatment of this kind of matters is simply "Ignore it", if you are not interested in a theory or a belief then let it go!

Well, yes, I agree with you up to a point, still my "Ignore" cannot be a total one, giving an a priori Ignore to something could be very naive and may lead to ignorance, which I can not afford because I am so poor : something like India or Africa! The first thing perplexing me about all this stuff is everybody, we talk about all kinds of researchers, American professors, yes, yes there are always the american professors :people having or not having any scientifical background, well, they all seem to have a single idea, something like an obsession, a fixation, - mayanothing else seems to matter.

Now, in some strange and paradoxical way - I'm myself at least partially one of the "naives" believing that the informations coming from the so called ancient cultures could be relevant for us, relevant beyond the importance of this informations for history or archeology or any other universitary tricks. It is an old discussion, i am not sure i have to repeat it in here again, quite often these old or savage, or both cultures are shocking us with their knowledge, with their scientific accuracy, with their richness and depth of their knowledge about the universe, we are talking about primitive cultures, pre-industrial societies, agricultural societies, there are always questions about the real sources of this knowledge.

So, what I think is the remains of the Inca empire, or Polynesia, India, China, or any other areas having similiar relics to a degree with the mayan ones from Mexico or Guatemalaare as well as relevant as the Mayan culture. Everything that remained there, remained from the founders, from the first visitors of the sites Let's do a short and neophyte trip through Christianity neophyte because I dont have much timeas you may know the Book of the Revelation of Saint John states that, at the end of time we will find ourselves under Satan's kingdom, under the sign of the evil rau ro in Romanianthere will be times of shadow, war, unrest, chaos and breakdown, moral breakdown, mental breakdown.

In this context Jesus Christ will descend for the second time among the people to lead an ultimate fight against Satan, there are some claiming the the time when he will return among us cannot be far! Now we will make an incredible leap for India, the Incredible India if we are going to quote the travel sites, yet believable!

Here is a quote from Wikipedia. This date is also considered by many Hindus to be the day that Krishna left Earth to return to his abode.

Most interpreters of Hindu scriptures believe that Earth is currently in Kali Yuga". Hindus believe that human civilization degenerates spiritually during the Kali Yuga,[5] which is referred to as the Dark Age because in it people are as far away as possible from God. Hinduism often symbolically represents morality dharma as a bull.

In Satya Yuga, the first stage of development, the bull has four legs, but in each age morality is reduced by one quarter. By the age of Kali, morality is reduced to only a quarter of that of the golden age, so that the bull of Dharma has only one leg". Here is another quote:. Among the ten principal Avatara described, nine have occurred in the past and one will take place in the future, at the end of Kali Yuga.

These incarnations take place in all Yugas in cosmic scales, the avatars and their stories show that gods are indeed unimaginable, unthinkable and unbelievable. However, the things seem to be pretty clearit is very likely, in the opinion of specialists and according to Hindu religion that we are near the end of time, we are in the Kali Yuga.

As you can see, there's nothing you need to worry, Kali Yuga has been here for about years and nothing really happened. This topic is a confession or to be more specific the history of a mental journey that I had last year. It continues somehow the ideas above, "we" were just MP3 about Buddhism when, I decided to come here with this topic about the metempsychosis, metempsychosis is a theory about transmigration, yet another very pompous term, we have also this term: reincarnation, it seems that there is a difference between the two terms, reincarnation and transmigration, reincarnation is a term used only for the human soul, a transmigration only happening between human beings!

According to the classical view- "transmigration" is a Greek word naming an idea coming to Greece from the east via Orphism, we do not know exactly who invented the term, what we know is it was adopted and used by Pherecide of Syros, an unknown thinker even for me! This is just a story, a charming onetrue enough. Here is a new approach of the subject, we are not about to travel through the Buddhism or through the orfism, we are not going to talk about Plato nor about any other sources in order to approach this subjectthis concept and its significance, but we will rather give it a linguistic approach.

Last year I was "struck" by a kind of revelation about the transmigration, then something did not work and I let the subject go, I'm back nowunfortunately without having any new on subject! Beyond the introduction. Last year I began a large-scale operation on a personal level of decomposing concepts, of deconstructing the words, well, as soon as I start it I noticed something really shocking namely that the names of animals, plants, at least in Romanian but there is no big difference between the Romanian or the English versions, as well as French or Italianare written in a code.

If are going to decompose the name of various creatures you will see that every result is following an obvious creational pattern. Give it a try: Zebra, tiger, crocodile, hippopotamus for example!

You don't know how, there are no results? That's because you do not have the necessary data and you do not speak the right language. Well, i had an absolute revelation at some point and this because these names seem to tell us a storya story about how these creatures did in their past lives, how they behave, who they were! At that point, when I discovered this, I was like struck by lightning, I thought immediately that I grabbed the last fragments of an unknown knowledge, I thought I have seen the terra incognita, they I am an initiated in the deepest possible sense.

Then came something that woke me from the mirage, from drunkenness, the language again, it must be said that not only the names of the living things are written in the code but also the names of the minerals, artifacts, objects of all kinds, all the human constructs.

I immediately lost my faith, it's hard to imagine a transmigration including stones, concrete, railways or any artifacts you could imagine! I'll give you a very funny example: mozzarella, well, it is a type of cheese.

Now in romanian mozza sounds like cat, rella sounds like real, so what we have is a real cat if you think that this an accident, I am afraid you do not understand anything. It is a little scary!! Imagine that there is someone who is watching you, counting your activities, quantifying all the facts of your life and mocking you.

A crazy, frivolous and carefree God. Conclusions for now. Use this if your AVI file is damaged or incomplete not seekable. Remote control interface --rc-show-pos, --no-rc-show-pos Show stream position default disabled Show the current position in seconds within the stream from time to time. Enabling the quiet mode will not bring this command box but can also be pretty annoying when you want to stop VLC and no video window is open.

Windows Service interface --ntservice-install, --no-ntservice-install Install Windows Service default disabled Install the Service and exit. It should be specified at install time so the Service is properly configured. Use a comma separated list of interface modules. Dummy interface --dummy-quiet, --no-dummy-quiet Do not open a DOS command box interface default disabled By default the dummy interface plugin will start a DOS command box.

Default page is index --vbi-opaque, --no-vbi-opaque Teletext transparency default enabled Setting vbi-opaque to false makes the boxed text transparent. Larger values save bits, thus improving quality for a given bitrate at the cost of seeking precision. Use -1 for infinite.

Therefore, I-frames are not necessarily seekable. If scenecuts appear within this interval, they are still encoded as I-frames, but do not start a new GOP. Controls how aggressively to insert extra I-frames. With small values of scenecut, the codec often has to force an I-frame when it would exceed keyint. Good values of scenecut may find a better location for the I-frame.

Large values use more I-frames than necessary, thus wasting bits. Range 1 to Range 0 to 2. Positive values cause more B-frames, negative values cause less B-frames.

This is effective in Anime, but seems to make little difference in live-action source material. Some decoders are unable to deal with large frameref values. Range -6 to 6 for both alpha and beta parameters. Levels are not enforced; it's up to the user to select a level compatible with the rest of the encoding options.

Range 1 to 5. Set to 0 for letting x set level. Lower values result in better fidelity, but higher bitrates. Range 0 lossless to Range 0 to Range 0. Range 1. Temporally blurs complexity.

Temporally blurs quants. Default of 16 is good for most footage, high motion sequences may benefit from settings between 24 and Range 1 to 9. Currently default can cause sync-issues on unmuxable output, like rtsp-output without ts-mux --sout-xintra-refresh, --no-sout-xintra-refresh Use Periodic Intra Refresh default disabled Use Periodic Intra Refresh instead of IDR frames default disabled --sout-xmbtree, --no-sout-xmbtree Use mb-tree ratecontrol default enabled You can disable use of Macroblock-tree on ratecontrol default enabled --sout-xfast-pskip, --no-sout-xfast-pskip Early SKIP detection on P-frames default enabled Early SKIP detection on P-frames.

Eliminate dct blocks containing only a small single coefficient. Adaptive pseudo-deadzone. This has no effect on the actual encoding quality. This will produce a VBR stream. This is useful for streaming applications. This is useful for encoding for a fixed-size channel. VLC partly implements this, but you can choose to disable all formatting. It is automatically activated in VBR mode.

If you don't, the codec will determine the correct profile from other sources, such as resolution and bitrate. Allowed values are : 'speed', 'balanced' and 'quality'. Can be one of 'crb', 'vbr', 'qp', 'avbr'.

This parameters sets qpi, qpp and qpp. It has less precedence than the forementionned parameters. This parameter overrides any qp set globally. If not set, this parameter. The targeted accuracy is only reached after a certained convergence period. See the accuracy parameter. If numslice is not set, the encoder may choose any slice partitioning allowed by the codec standard. Higher may result on better throughput depending on hardware.

MPEG2 needs at least 1 here. Kate overlay decoder Kate is a codec for text and image based overlays. The Tiger rendering library is needed to render complex Kate streams, but VLC can still render static text and image based subtitles if it is not available. Note that changing settings below will not take effect until a new stream is played. This will hopefully be fixed soon.

Note that this has no effect is rendering via Tiger is enabled. Valid values range from 0 to 4 0 disables all errors resilience. This must be the sum of the values. For example, to fix "ac vlc" and "ump4", enter It's useful with low CPU power but it can produce distorted pictures. This value is a mask, based on these values: 1 - visualize forward predicted MVs of P frames 2 - visualize forward predicted MVs of B frames 4 - visualize backward predicted MVs of B frames To visualize all vectors, the value should be 7.

Faster but error-prone. However it provides a big speedup for high definition streams. It will disable trellis quantization, then the rate distortion of motion vectors hqand raise the noise reduction threshold to ease the encoder's task. This requires more CPU. A bigger buffer will allow for better rate control, but will cause a delay in the stream. This generally yields a better looking picture, while still retaining the compatibility with standard MPEG2 decoders.

The H specification recommends The H specification recommends 7. It takes the following options: main, low, ssr not supported ,ltp, hev1, hev2 default: low. If the input has more channels than the output, it will be down-mixed.

This parameter is ignored when digital pass-through is active. This option doesn't upmix! So NO e. Gives a delay effect of left signal in right output and vice versa which gives widening effect.

This helps in suppressing the mono. If the value is 1 it will cancel all the signal common to both channels. The best one is slower, while the fast one exhibits low quality.

A higher number of buffers will increase the response time of the filter to a spike but will make it less sensitive to short variations. This value is a positive floating point number. A value between 0. Audio filter for stereo to mono conversion --sout-mono-downmix, --no-sout-mono-downmix Use downmix algorithm default enabled This option selects a stereo to mono downmix algorithm that is used in the headphone channel mixer.

It gives the effect of standing in a room full of speakers. Headphone virtual spatialization effect This effect gives you the feeling that you are standing in a room with a complete 7.

It should also be more comfortable and less tiring when listening to music for long periods of time. It works with any source format from mono to 7. In case, turn this on to compensate. Enabling this setting is not recommended. You need to provide 10 values between dB and 20dB, separated by spaces, e. This provides a more intense effect. Otherwise, use the ISO Standard frequency bands. DTS Coherent Acoustics audio decoder --dts-dynrng, --no-dts-dynrng DTS dynamic range compression default enabled Dynamic range compression makes the loud sounds softer, and the soft sounds louder, so you can more easily listen to the stream in a noisy environment without disturbing anyone.

If you disable the dynamic range compression the playback will be more adapted to a movie theater or a listening room. In the case of bargraph incrustation, use localhost. Use the same port as the one used in the rc interface. Sends the barGraph information every n audio packets default 4. If the audio level is under the threshold during this time, an alarm is sent default If the audio level is under the threshold during this time, an alarm is sent default 0.

This value is used to avoid alarm saturation default You can choose the number of packets that will be sent at a time. It helps reducing the scheduling load on heavily-loaded systems. Requires the bitrate information specified for shoutcast. Requires Ogg streaming for icecast. Needed for audio only.

File is read on the segment opening and values are used on that segment. File stream output --sout-file-overwrite, --no-sout-file-overwrite Overwrite existing file default enabled If the file already exists, it will be overwritten. Blu-ray Disc support libbluray --bluray-menu, --no-bluray-menu Blu-ray menus default disabled Use Blu-ray menus. This is useful if you add directories that contain playlist files for instance.

Use a comma-separated list of extensions. This will try to skip all the useless warning introductions. Numbering starts from zero.

This is required to tune the receiver. If the demodulator cannot detect the constellation automatically, it needs to be configured manually.

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