On The Other Hand - Paul Overstreet - A Songwriters Project Volume 1 (CD)

Leave a comment. Posted in Uncategorized. Den handlar om fetma som civilisatorisk kris och personlig olycka. En dyster historia som blir hur komisk som helst. Allt finns kvar. Denna inre resa visas med en likadan Kodak Carousel, vars inre bilderna skildrar. True stories of castaways and other survivors — Ina Christel Johannessen for Cullbergbaletten.

Totalt visas ett sextiotal verk; fotografier, skulptur och video. I cigarettfabriken i Sevilla arbetar Carmen. Skivan anses fortfarande som en klassiker. Ett fniss som blir ett garv. Ett liv kort sagt. Standup ska man se live. En opera om opera.

Tre kvinnor, eller kanske samma, i olika skeden i livet. Hur blir man det? Oroa er inte. Released exclusively as a physical only product in August, now Emma Swift's "Blonde On The Tracks" goes to streaming services for the 1st On The Other Hand - Paul Overstreet - A Songwriters Project Volume 1 (CD) on December 9th, Are you in quarantine?

Are you not letting friends into your home? Pandemics are not the usual stuff of catchy Christmas songs, but Grammy nominated songwriter Brett Perkins of Pawnshop Preachers fame is no stranger to using light hearted arrangements to convey a deeper message. Eller Emot Mig"? Berra Karlsson, brother of Cina Samuelson, and also her famous pedal steel player, is already about to release his 5th single as an artist in his own right.

This time it's a joint venture with dear friend, keyboard wizard and arranger Stig Lindell, where they tackle the old French Christmas hymn "O Holy Night", written in The album was released in March just before restrictions forced live music to shut down, and will now be re-released in November Multi award winning folk troubadour Kaurna Cronin has announced his deep and existential album "Aloft In Blue", an album which takes audiences on a conceptual journey as we inevitably ascend from earth to somewhere more inhabitable.

The songs for the most part are very personal stories or perhaps stories I tell about what I have observed in relationships. Stay tuned Berra Karlsson, brother of Cina Samuelson, and also her famous pedal steel player, has just released his 4th single as an artist in his own right.

It is now time for the stunning original composition "Missing You". Just like The Rolling Stones said in the 's, if you don't feel something listening to this emotional great track, you must have a "heart of stone". Multi award winning folk troubadour Kaurna Cronin has announced his new existential track "Wishing On Forever", which highlights the unknowns of our modern world, the fragility of the human kind and discusses the paradox of wanting both freedom and control.

Americana and folk rock band Lazy Afternoon releases the 1st single out of 8. At a safe distance from each other, with only a few mics in the room, we set out to capture that focused energy that arises from nailing the take live, in one go. The song is released just days before the historically important election in the US on November 3rd, and the songwriter hopes that America listens and reacts.

Michael Ward has fronted many bands performing and recording his material all over California since which have included members of many well known bands such as Frank Zappa, Bruce Hornsby, Ambrosia and Rickie Lee Jones. Owner of Hyde Street Studios since Sound design for live shows and production of studio recordings for 5 seasons with Lines Ballet. Has produced and released 5 albums and several singles of his own material since New album "Color Outside The Lines" once again showcases Jim Stanard's distinctive song craft, vivid storytelling and unmistakably authentic voice, the same qualities that made listeners and critics take notice of his acclaimed debut "Bucket"List.

Kerry Patrick Clark has reached into his childhood memories to find juggling clowns, flying trapeze artists, dazzling plate spinners, death defying tightrope walkers and red coated lion tamers, among them.

This larger than life cast of characters winked at him as he sat rapt in the bleachers, their smiles an invitation to run away with them and join the circus. It was such a tempting idea that his first song, "Circus Town", written when he was 11, gave voice to that dream.

And now he revisits the fantasy from the distance of decades to release his 9th studio album. It is On The Other Hand - Paul Overstreet - A Songwriters Project Volume 1 (CD) journey through americana styles made with guts and heart. Every track is a window into his life. He experiences the exilaration and frustration of love. This includes losing himself in a life style he can't tolerate, and the fight to reclaim his true character.

Come and follow the journey of 'The Cowboy'. The album title says it all, "PostEuropeanMusic" epitomises the epic songs, lyrics, sound, and ambiance on Mike Granditsky's imminent new album. Following in the footsteps of Lou Reed and Scott Walker, Granditsky takes you by the hand and leads you through the dusty city streets, but this time it's not New York or London, it's Europe.

West Of Eden's take of the Fleetwod Mac song is a warm, intimate rendition with celtic influences, giving new life to a durable, classic pop song. Berra Karlsson, brother of Cina Samuelson, and also her famous pedal steel player, has just released his 3rd single as an artist in his own right. The Furious Seasons are an acoustic trio with stories to tell. Songwriter, singer and guitarist David Steinhart brings a writer's eye to his tales of persons in desperate situations, tales of Los Angeles in the 21st century, stories of unforeseen romance and of individuals who are quietly heroic.

New album "La Fonda" crystallizes the sound of 3 musicians who have great chemistry and love playing together. The new album, "Columbia Road", is the result of some 3 years of recording where about 20 songs boiled down to Critically acclaimed americana artist, Scott McClatchy, has returned with his 5th studio album.

After an extended hiatus to beat back a brush with cancer, McClatchy has returned with his top flight band, while also adding a full horn section, to help bring the rollicking track list of 6 originals and 6 covers to the party. McClatchy has even brought in a few old friends to help round out the sound; Eric Ambel, guitar, Scott Kempner, guitar and Tommy Womack, vocals and harmonica.

Unison, harmony, trading lines, swapping verses, interplay, interweaving. Inspiring wanderlust and a spirit of adventure regardless of age or circumstance, Su Andersson's "Train Stories" is a music book of stories and Americana nostalgia through the eyes of a lifelong European, yet it is also much more besides, for this album serves notice to everyone to have the courage to On The Other Hand - Paul Overstreet - A Songwriters Project Volume 1 (CD) lifelong fantasies and embark upon their very own voyage of exploration.

The result is sublime. The Mystix forthcoming album, "Can't Change It", produced by legendary drummer Marco Giovino Robert Plant, Emmylou Harris, Nora Jones brings a fresh, new sound to their crafted and polished approach, keeping true to the mission of bringing americana, deep soul, country blues, and originals as only The Mystix can interpret them. But now, better late than never, his solo debut is ready to launch, and it all started as a dare on a party, 12 years ago. It is the a-side On The Other Hand - Paul Overstreet - A Songwriters Project Volume 1 (CD) a brand new unreleased track!

Progress Band has been performing since The dark folk experimental duo is based in Portland, Oregon, where they perform regularly and have gone on several west coast tours. The group consists of Zarko on guitar and vocals, and Scott on bass, with frequent guest appearances from local artists.

Once in a blue suede moon, a record comes along that does its part to move the dial on folk and roots radio. Australian artist Kaurna Cronin's new single "Glass Road" is sonically delicate and precise, displaying the best, most intimate aspects of the acoustic genre combined with an inventive and experimental modern approach.

Cronin's knack for timeless sentiment and rich imagery in his songwriting is palpable in this new deep and existential song. The song is a preamble for his upcoming album "Aloft In Blue" which explores some of the deepest existential concerns of our time, coupled with lush and emotive soundscapes cementing Cronin as an artist for this moment and setting him at the cutting edge of contemporary folk.

Swooping in to carry us all away from our pandemic malaise comes "In A Vigil State", the highly anticipated 4th album by Boston based The Grand Undoing. Bobbo Byrnes returned home to California after many months on tour across the states and Europe and recorded an intimate, mostly acoustic album about searching for home.

Swedish country music artist Cina Samuelson is back with a new album. Deborah Henriksson's new single "Calling" includes 3 versions, the original version released ina new alternate version, and an instrumental version. The original version has a Celtic ambience, whereas the alternate version has a feel which is no less timeless, but which draws the listener in with a more immediate sense of presence.

Every song and situation is represented by 6 separate images. I wonder if you can find them all? Enjoy, dear friends. Perhaps our fear, anxiety and vulnerability in the wake of COVID, and the George Floyd murder protests, will wake us up so we can hear Belkin and the boys as they meet the moment head on with their latest brainwave blast "Freedom Fighter". This is the soundtrack to taking new chances and meeting challenges head on, set to a backdrop of entwined melodies and rustic orchestration.

It is her 4th release. At the age of 74, Greg Copeland has emerged from the shadow of his long time friend, Jackson Browne. Dan Tuffy has played in bands, operated as a touring agent, run a niche record label, and had shares in recording and record production companies. He is also a professional storyteller. His debut gathered much critical praise and had him busy touring his homeland Australia and Europe.

Leading Dutch On The Other Hand - Paul Overstreet - A Songwriters Project Volume 1 (CD) magazine OOR referred to it as a masterpiece. Now, his 2nd solo album "Letters Of Gold" is beginning to gather even more attention. Country, americana, or why not 'swedicana', flavoured tones with a touch of nordic melancholy and the whisper of the woods. On the new album, "Pieces Of Driftwood", the duo metaphorically describe their songs as driftwood pieces, washed ashore on the beach of memories, and each has their own unique story to tell.

A full set of muscians from various genres. The mix is right down Annamay's alley. The title track is a thrilling 6 minute epic dealing with the inexorable progress of time, and we all have to remember the past to be able to build a new, and even better, future. The new bundle of Deborah Henriksson's "Breakers' Roar" includes the original version, released ina new, more acoustic version, and an instrumental version.

The acoustic version of the song is stripped down and less dramatic than the original version. Instead it highlights the intimate feel of lyric and melody. Many thanks as always to my incredible collaborators. All proceeds will benefit the New Orleans Musicians' Clinic, supporting a community whose 'hand to mouth' existence, with zero social services, has been devastated during Covid Enjoy and many thanks for supporting and caring.

Parker Gray is the collaboration between singer, songwriter, multi instrumentalist, engineer and producer Peter Gallway, and keyboardist, synthesist, producer and composer Harvey Jones. Returning to the studio in earlyCoco O'Connor was more determined than ever to return to her musical beginnings. The main catalyst for the development of the album was signing a record deal with Bonfire Music Group.

After forming a band for a music festival inCoco took that inspiration to a whole new peak by bringing the full band in to the studio to record on her latest release, "When I Was Your World". It was the 1st time that Johanna sang blues and jazz in public and the collaboration was only expected to last for one concert, but the chemistry, the music and the success was so obvious that it had to continue. These new songs include 5 written at a song writing course in August The spirit of independence runs deep in her lineage, with her English forebears having fought in the American Revolution, including a colonel who crossed the Delaware River with General Washington.

Most of Dave Greaves' songs are from personal experiences telling poignant stories in his own very special language of the heart. Perfectly thought out guitar parts along with a smoldering, and as he puts it, gin soaked voice, set Dave Greaves apart from other world class musician and songwriters from both 'back in the day' and today.

Son of the Velvet Rat celebrates the release of their anthology "Monkey Years 2". What is "Seventy Days". It's the length of summer. Enough time to fall in love. Enough time to gather resources and make a plan. Jono Manson's 10th solo album, "Silver Moon", brims with the exuberant musicality of someone whose fire burns bright after many lifetimes in the music industry. The 13 song album is unmistakably Jono, winding through reflective americana, gritty r'n'b, raunchy rock'n'roll, and elements of pop, like a night of music at Nightingale.

Brooke Benson's new EP, "I Am The Sun", features her poetic style lyrics blended with world class musicians orchestrating a unique storytelling experience. Giving their life for some strange political leader, religion, God! Seattle guitarist, singer and songwriter Paul Benoit is gearing up to release his 11th solo studio album, "Lost Days Long Nights". Pete Seeger - 66 Highway Blues. Taylor Swift - All Too Well. Jamie Lee Cates - Scotland Hotdisc Bec Hance - Only In Australia.

Derek Ryan - Numbers Single. Ray Benson - Killed By a. Dottie West - Blue Fiddle Waltz. Lots of brand new music and we are not even half way through January. Bluebilly On The Other Hand - Paul Overstreet - A Songwriters Project Volume 1 (CD) - R. Review of Part Two. Rebecca Frazier - Better Than Staying. Jack Clement - 10 Years. Lacy J. Julie Roberts - Old Strings. Email This BlogThis! No comments:. So the spectators took to "naming" all the people they were seeing in the studio--collectively known as The Wolf Pack, and the fans were an extension of the Wolf Pack.

Dierks was dubbed, "Stubbs. More videos of Dierks Bentley's live studio stream from Janet are below. But first, here's the post on dierks. Over 30, fans joined him in the studio via 24hr. Dierks just wrapped his marathon studio session this past Friday in Ashville and recorded 15 songs in five days. I still enjoy the process of making an album and not just a collection of singles. Letting the fans be part of that process was a total bonding experience Clean Songs?

Check back later! In case you missed the fun or just want to re-live the Dierks Bentley live studio stream experience, one of our DB Congress members, Janet in New Jersey, captured Dierks and "the wolf pack" crew during the closing minutes of Friday night's final jam session.

Dierks turned on the audio for a little while. Atour goal is to reach by Valentine's Day!

In Your Soul - Terminal Choice - Ominous Future (CD, Album), Filles Fleurs - Agnès Berger - Jolie "Casse-noisette" / Le Petit Cheval / Filles-fleurs /, Sexed Up - Robbie Williams - Escapology (CD, Album), Le Petit Gonzales - Dalida - Dalida (Vinyl, LP), A Virus Called Happiness - Deathrow (2) - Primordial Lifecode (Cassette, Album), Youre Sick - Prisoners By Choice - P.B.C. (Vinyl), Confutatis Maledictis - Ennio Morricone - Teorema (Colonna Sonora Originale Del Film) (Vinyl, LP), Jagger 67 - Infadels - We Are Not The Infadels (CD), Ring Christmas Bells - Ray Conniff And The Ray Conniff Singers* - We Wish You A Merry Christmas (CD,, Ready 2 Go (Arno Cost Remix), Haze - Armyfatique - The Initiation (CD, Album), Saa Magni - Various - Trance Planet (CD)

Well known favourites and lots of seasonal surprises. Lots of seasonal songs. Tribute to Dawn Sears who died on Thursday after a battle with lung cancer; one of Marie's all time favourite singers. Erin Enderlin - Cowboy Christmas Exclusive play. Brian Collins plays live in the studio from West Georgia. Interview and Live Session with Brian Collins. Brian Collins - Never Really Left.

Brian Collins - Next Miles. Brian Collins - Healing Highway. NEW Single. The Shires — Tonight Single. Tribute paid to country music legend George Hamilton iv who sadly died last Wednesday. Ray Parkes - Western Swing Single. Playlist week of 16th August Lowri Evans - Deep Inside feat. Playlist week of 9th August Walker and his podcast the Old Soul Radio Show.

Upon the first time I met him he had not evolved into the monster he is now in appearance. His raspy twang whiskey soaked vocals were there, but he had this short haircut can he was clean cut with a bow tie.

Nobody would expect those wicked lyrics to emanate from such a man. He brings forth songs of moonshine and pills and West Virginia coal mine life, he is such a juggernaut in the local club scene that they have to turn people away from his shows nightly.

When W. His band the Food Stamps are each seasoned veterans in their own right, and they make him sound even more sinister. The slower beginning might turn some other people away from this album especially if they are used to big arena shows with all the bells and whistles.

This album is filled with true mountain lore and twisted tales of misery the likes that would interest Dr. Ralph Stanley himself today, I bet he would folks like him would smile with glee after watching the likes of this young man, whom is soon headed to the Ryman with my Number 6 pick Miss Margo Price. This time around she goes after politics and equal pay for women, with many witty one liners and hooks hidden within the albums many songs.

All of the songs on this album are well written and compliment each other really well, and of course you have political songs too. The sudden change in tempo is what grabbed my total attention to this song over the lyrics the first time, but I did enjoy the lyrics and in some cases I can see their point.

When it comes to music I can often times relate to the women, and I try to see the world from their shoes when they play their own songs. I first learned about this band from my friend Miss Bridget in Oklahoma, it is a duo formed up of Mr. Cole And Miss Kendra Porter. The video below will give you more of On The Other Hand - Paul Overstreet - A Songwriters Project Volume 1 (CD) picture of the entire story of where they came from.

And let me tell you folks these two have some of the finest vocal harmonies I have ever heard from a couple in years! This duo displays a depth of affection for one another the likes of which modern day social media has killed for humanity, nobody knows HOW to interact with each other anymore.

THIS couple truly pours out their hearts to one another within their songs and their demeanor on stage. This band played a truly wonderful performance at Tumbleweed this past spring, where they created quite a huge buzz with the performance contest to play the festival.

You know that within Country Music the often touched upon reference of the love that Johnny And June had is so overly used it has become a yawner for me. Even I myself was appalled nobody has thought of this line!

You know what can I say about this band, despite their lineup changes they always stay true to their own form and sound. This band is growing and evolving into a monstrosity of Red Dirt excellence, and from that Oklahoma scene they ARE the front runner band in my opinion. The campfire scenario is what we relate to, and how we love each other. I traveled around and nobody beats my gal, she pays nothing in my world.

And she loves the fiddle solos and steel within this song, we enjoy this album. Honestly when I found out that Mr. See Volume 1 which is my number 10 pick was the downward spiral into sadness and volume 2 is the upward lift back into recovery. Even the songs that have regret are masterpieces here on this album. You know folks I MISS his absence in the Steeldrivers current lineup, and every time I see them I try to imagine him there singing with them but it is what it is.

I recently found this clip of him and his comments on the state of Country Music are why I admire him so much. I honestly enjoyed Volume 2 more in every way, both production wise and lyrically I thought Volume 1 was perhaps his weaker link in his discography to date. Channing Wilson.

His stage presence blew me away this weekend, what a wonderful show. Yes, I think Mr. Jason totally hit the mark on this song when he delivered those vocals.

His vocals are very strong on this album, and it was produced very well. It contains a lot of depth and easy to understand lyrics, without becoming hokey or fake. Jason always delivers quality albums in my opinion and I really enjoy his music. For the most past ti does seem that gone are the days of the songwriter that actually makes a living off the income of their craft.

In a nutshell allow me to elaborate on what the Gals Club Of Country means. Being from Puxico Mo, you become a little more familiar with who SHE IS as a person with this collection of 9 songs where she touches upon past loves and her old high school that still holds memories of her youth.

This album is truly enjoyable and I look forward to many more albums from this seasoned veteran of Nashville songwriting. This band is the pride of the Muddy Roots Music Festival as they always put on a terrific show, and always have great songs to offer. Honestly this band has such an intense stage presence that it wont be long On The Other Hand - Paul Overstreet - A Songwriters Project Volume 1 (CD) they get attention from larger amounts of people. Nic belts out the lyrics like he reached his leg through your speakers and kicks you right in the nuts.

This is one of the best live bands within my TOP 50 list to be honest. If I had to pick a band to see any night of the week it would be Hillbilly Casino. Tommy plays for Wynonna Judd on the road, and in his off time he can be found playing with Sarah Gayle Meech downtown. Jessi Colter Psalms. In other words, just because an album is number 14 instead of number 2 it does not make it less relevant. Ergo this brings me to a very evocative album that is a front runner for my personal collection, Psalms by Miss Jessi Colter.

It was brought to life by producer Mr. I use this album for positive reinforcement annually in my weekly routine. Bobby Osborne Original. I recently wrote a nice article for his new album that contained so many guest appearances it made it an even more enjoyable album. Forward to now where his brother Mr. On The Other Hand - Paul Overstreet - A Songwriters Project Volume 1 (CD) has retired and long since has hung up his banjo, while Mr.

Bobby continues to carry the Rocky Top X Press brand. He continues to uphold the Opry membership for this band as well playing the once required performance dates. In my opinion he is one of the Roots Music acts that exemplifies more growth than many of the rest, and he is a hard working road warrior. You see Mr.

Finns endast i ett exemplar. Lyssna noga. De albumdebuterade redan Det kommer bli fantastiskt! Hyllade och alldeles magiska Zola Jesus kommer till Babel! Parallellt med denna utveckling introducerades modernistiska tapeter i de svenska hemmen.

Stand up ska man se live. Theresa har turnerat mer eller mindre On The Other Hand - Paul Overstreet - A Songwriters Project Volume 1 (CD) under och En biljett till konserten och en biljett till middagen! Arbetet har skett helt ideellt och det finns inget vinstintresse.

Men vetskapen om att det bara. Intellektet lever sitt eget liv. I stunden. Vi har mognat som musiker. Your weekly cityguide Blog. Skip to content. Home Part of www. I even ended up seeing Dierks in concert which was my first country concert ever. I am now a huge country music fan and I credit Dierks Bentley for being On The Other Hand - Paul Overstreet - A Songwriters Project Volume 1 (CD) artist who first really got me to realize just how great country music is.

I will be seeing him again in March. By the way, in the past month we just got a country radio station on Long Island so hopefully Dierks will soon have a whole new group of fans! Dierks Bentley: 'I make decisions on the fly'. Just 1 of 27 hot country songs in the game! For those of you who didn't catch the live stream, all those who did watched in silence while chat-typing for most of the week, with an occasional few seconds or minutes of audio. So the spectators took to "naming" all the people they were seeing in the studio--collectively known as The Wolf Pack, and the fans were an extension of the Wolf Pack.

Dierks was dubbed, "Stubbs. More videos of Dierks Bentley's live studio stream from On The Other Hand - Paul Overstreet - A Songwriters Project Volume 1 (CD) are below.

But first, here's the post on dierks. Over 30, fans joined him in the studio via 24hr. Dierks just wrapped his marathon studio session this past Friday in Ashville and recorded 15 songs in five days.

The John Steel Singers - Everythings A Thread (Vinyl, LP), When You Were Mine - The Icicle Works - If You Want To Defeat Your Enemy Sing His Song (Cassette, Al, Toshiya Sukegawa, Nancy Van de Vate, David Loeb, Darrell Handel - Music from Six Continents: 1992 Se, 1st Album「One Love」Mix - Say (8) - 1st Album「One Love」Mix (File), The Glorious Liberation Of The Peoples Technocratic Republic Of Vinnland By The Combined Forces Of T, High On Lovin - Doc Kirby & Co - Doc Kirby & Co (Vinyl, LP), King of Gamblers - Alwari Tuohitorvi - Rokataan vaan - EMI vuodet 1974-1979 (CD), Better On My Own - Broad (3) - Human Conflict (CD), One Time Loser - Mainline* - Canada Our Home & Native Land (Vinyl, LP, Album), Kill The Silence - Various - Grrr... (Cassette), Truth Be Told - Apollo Brown + Guilty Simpson - Dice Game (CD, Album), You Ought To Be In Heaven - The Impressions - The Fabulous Impressions (Vinyl, LP, Album), Something Personal - Rolf v. Nordenskjöld* / Marc Muellbauer - Sleep Walk (CD, Album), Peaches And Diesel, Gimme All Your Lovin

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  1. A Songwriter's Project Volume 1. Label: Scarlet Moon Records (2) – Format: CD, Album. Country: US. Released:

  2. Aug 22,  · Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for A Songwriter's Project, Vol. 1 - Paul Overstreet on AllMusic -

  3. Check out A Songwriters Project by Paul Overstreet on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on blueskyservices.biz

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  5. A Songwriter’s Project Vol. 1 Paul Overstreet. Released A Songwriter’s Project Vol. 1 Tracklist. 2. I Won't Take Less Than Your Love Lyrics. .

  6. Mar 26,  · Paul Overstreet (born March 17, , in Newton, Mississippi, USA) is a country music singer and songwriter. He recorded 10 studio albums between and , and charted 16 singles on the Billboard country charts, including two #1 hits. He has also written singles for several other country acts, including #1 hits for Randy Travis, Blake.

  7. out of 5 starsFabulous CD by one of America's Greatest Songwriters. Reviewed in the United States on August 25, Paul Overstreet wrote the songs, other top artists made them hits. But this CD features the hits that he wrote, songs EVERYONE is familiar with - sung by the songwriter himself/5(17).

  8. Paul Overstreet. Real Name: Paul Lester Overstreet. Profile: American singer songwriter and guitarist born March 17, in Newton, Mississippi. Father of Chord Overstreet and Nash Overstreet. A Songwriter's Project Volume 1 ‎ (CD, Album) Scarlet Moon Records (2) US:

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