Free And Happy - Mass Production - Believe (CD, Album)

Tightrope As One All The Wild Places Remix She Saw The World. What Makes Harold Sing? Keep On Movin' On B1. Big George B3. Don't Look Back. Andromeda Orchestra Don't Stop Inc. Ray Mang Mix. Various Artists Heavenly Remixes 2. Various Artists Heavenly Remixes 1. Autechre Chiastic Slide - Reissue. Autechre LP5 - Reissue. Connan Mockasin Jassbusters Two.

Fionn Regan Acres Of Sycamore. David Bowie Brilliant Adventure Peakes Peripheral Figures. Beachwood Sparks Sandbox Sessions.

Elvis Presley Christmas Album. North Americans Going Steady. Danny George Wilson Another Place. There Free And Happy - Mass Production - Believe (CD a superb showing from hometown heroes as quintessential releases from The Charlatans, New Order, Joy Division and The Fall came back to the racks in expanded and definitive form, while new versions of all-time greats from Iggy Pop, Prince and John Coltrane rub shoulders with modern classics from The National and Gil Scott-Heron.

As ever, whether you dig on hip hop or punk rock, synth or psych, jazz, funk, folk or indie, your new favourite record lurks somewhere within this list… Piccadilly Records Compilation Vinyl fans rejoice! Deluxe clear vinyl double Deluxe double CD includes On the eve Album) a post-Thatcherite Britain, the Pale Saints, alongside the likes of Lush, Ride and Slowdive, were ushering in a new wave of British indie. The bonus disc of unreleased live sessions and alternative recordings lifts the magic curtain slightly, revealing the band behind the sonic wizardry and dream-pop production - this version of Pale Saints is more earnest yet every Album) as melodic, with shades of The Smiths, early MBV, and even The Beach Boys permeating the lower-fi recordings.

They provide a warm and welcome counterpoint to the soaring album proper, and are well worth checking out and marvelling over. Beggars Arkive is excited to announce the reissue of Between 10th and 11th, the second album by The Charlatans. Available on double clear vinyl and double CD, the reissue contains the original album plus remastered tracks from the oft-bootlegged live show from Chicago inknown as Isolation Finally a beautiful 48 page hardback book of rare photos and brand new essay from Dave Simpson completes the Peter Saville designed box.

In Februarythe late, legendary musician, poet and author Gil Scott-Heron released his thirteenth, and last, studio album. There was a lot more to the experience than it was possible to process at the time, and there was some great material that never made it onto the album. Gil had introduced me to the original version of the song, explaining how Richie Havens had performed it in his opening set at Woodstock some forty years earlier, and we added it to a list of material we were considering for the album.

There's little that can be said about this legendary outing from XL head Richard Russell and the great GSH that hasn't already been said, it's an absolutely essential listen, and this expanded edition makes it even more so. A wildly groundbreaking and influential recording.

Cat Number Release date 18 Sep '20 Format Info 2-CD configuration is a 6-panel, 2-pocket digi that features a page booklet. John Coltrane is one of the most renowned jazz artists and influential saxophonists in music history Within the span of less than three weeks, John Coltrane completed his work with Miles Davis on what would become the bestselling jazz title in history Kind of Blue and embarked on his first record with Atlantic that would become the landmark recording Giant Steps.

Saying farewell to bebop, "Giant Steps" was Coltrane's second album to be recorded for the Atlantic label, and marked the first time that all of the pieces on a recording had been composed by him. The recording exemplifies Coltrane's melodic phrasing that came to be known as 'sheets of sound', and features the use of a new harmonic concept later to be known as 'Coltrane changes'.

A remastered, deluxe g 2-LP and 2-CD, each with the original album plus a bonus disc of alternate takes and versions — including rehearsal and incomplete tracks, as well as false starts — only previously included in The Heavyweight Champion: The Complete Atlantic Recordings of John Coltrane boxed set.

From bebop to the development of free-jazz, you can hear the influence that Coltrane took in, and in turn his influence on the world of music. Album), we get a deluxe double album reissue with an extra disc of unheard outtakes. Cat Number Release date 25 Sep ' The final track album included just some of the countless songs Prince recorded in the prolific period ofwhich saw the dissolution of his band The Revolution, the construction of his innovative recording complex, Paisley Park, and the creation and ultimate abandonment of the albums Dream Factory, Camille, and Crystal Ball.

Each disc in an individual reverse board card wallet housed in a high quality outer slipcase. Psychedelic Africa at it's finest, every bit as essential as its predecessor. This set has been mastered from the best possible sources, and contains a page booklet written by the Guardians Michael Hahn with contributions from the musicians who played on the records and fans who talk about the influence the albums had on them.

Without this collaboration, the musical landscape may be entirely different. Seminal works all round. Available as an expanded edition on CD and LP, the releases both contain the original album, plus singles and B-Sides. The notes included with both formats contain brand new interviews conducted by Daryl Easley in May I never attempted to make an album like T-Rex. But comparing Frenz to Electric Warrior is plain daft. He has been championed, covered, and sampled by artists from Billie Eilish to Pearl Jam to Frank Ocean and his distinct, solemn sound reverberates in the work of the National, Phoebe Bridgers and Bon Iver.

When Elliott Smith was released in Julyit was so dramatically out-of-step with the later stages of grunge—and with the indie rock and Riot Grrl sounds associated with the Kill Rock Stars label—that it was completely ignored by the press but championed by artists from the Beastie Boys to Fugazi. A few years after Elliott Smith was released, the singer himself looked back on the album that in many ways laid the groundwork for his image and his triumphant, ultimately tragic career.

Which is occasionally. Newly Remastered for Its smooth sounds belie the bevy of experimentation utilized on the recording, from vocoders and drum programming to recording guitars direct through the board. Even the iconic cover art, with the surfer wearing an impossibly short crop top, is deceiving in its simplicity — it was one of the most expensive jackets produced by the label at the time, due to its use of special spot colors and custom handlettering.

Good Sounds! Indies exclusive The Kills have compiled an extraordinary career spanning b-sides and rarities album titled, appropriately, Little Bastards. The album was recorded at The Icehouse, a local studio in Yeovil. It was produced by the highly praised Martin Hannett whose distinctive production style utilised unorthodox sound recording and technology. No extra unreleased tracks, but when the original album is this good, who needs them!

Indies-only Loser edition A multitude of rock music scenes populated the expanse of Los Angeles in hardcore punk, industrial goth, roots rock, and Sunset Strip hair metal, to name a few. L7 fit into none of them, creating their own unique blend of punk and hard, hooky rock loaded with humor and cultural commentary.

Originally released inSmell the Magic is a a landmark of '90s feminist rock. From their early singles and their Mercury Music Prize-winning debut album to their break-up inSuede were a fixture in the single and album charts, and in the music press too.

They scored twenty hit singles and five hit albums three of which debuted at 1and a double album of B-sides even charted at 9. The band reformed for a one-off charity concert in and decided to make it permanent — they have released three new studio albums since This 2CD deluxe set, features all nine tracks remastered plus a bonus disc featuring four previously unreleased songs plus two extended remixes - over 32 minutes of new music!

Also available for the first time on vinyl full album,9 tracks, remastered completing the series of catalogue re-issues. The Blue Nile hope you fully enjoy them!! Wednesday 19 May Thursday 20 May Friday 21 May Saturday 22 May Sunday 23 May Monday 24 May Tuesday 25 May Wednesday 26 May Thursday 27 May Friday 28 May Saturday 29 May Sunday 30 May Monday 31 May Tuesday 1 June Wednesday 2 June Thursday 3 June Friday 4 June Saturday 5 June Sunday 6 June Monday 7 June Tuesday 8 June Wednesday 9 June Thursday 10 June Friday 11 June Saturday 12 June Sunday 13 June Monday 14 June Tuesday 15 June Wednesday 16 June Thursday 17 June Friday 18 June Saturday 19 June Sunday 20 June Monday 21 June Tuesday 22 June Wednesday 23 June Thursday 24 June Friday 25 June Saturday 26 June Sunday 27 June Monday 28 Free And Happy - Mass Production - Believe (CD Tuesday 29 June Wednesday 30 June Thursday 1 July Friday 2 July Saturday 3 July Sunday 4 July Monday 5 July Tuesday 6 July Wednesday 7 July Thursday 8 July Friday 9 July Saturday 10 July Sunday 11 July Monday 12 July Tuesday 13 July Wednesday 14 July Thursday 15 July Friday 16 July Saturday 17 July Sunday 18 July Monday 19 July Tuesday 20 July Wednesday 21 July Thursday 22 July Friday 23 July Saturday 24 July Sunday 25 July Monday 26 July Tuesday 27 July Wednesday 28 July Thursday 29 July Feels good fluffy comfortable now.

It looks similar like this now, the bare cloth material remains, except the bottom ring of the front ring is of a durable pleather material that doesn't rot like the collagen softer pleather around.

Although I have the ebay earpads I keep using the bare ones till they falling apart too. I think this metal grill is enhancing the pierching by inner reflections of the big metal screen with horrible tiny holes.

I have the silent remedy of both HP by using these thin fabric tape. Ahh yes, the search for "audiophile" nirvana, all these DIY mods. I do sometimes wonder if any of it is excessive or done thanks to the placebo effect. There is no denying that such fabric would soften vibrations, but the inner walls of the ear cups have very light stepping against their bare surface that is supposed to help shape soundwaves similar to the R10, from what I've readwhich I would not want to cover with any sort of material.

I do notice the creaking of the plastic and what not from the flexing of the plastic from the headband, but I think that is mainly because the headband is now much tighter and I really like a tighter fit on these.

I might try some of this fabric for the sake of dampening, but I don't notice anything too distressing with my CDs aside from highs especially shrill female vocals being harsh against the ears if the volume is high.

Alas, as I am not from the UK, I cannot order this tape. I will have to look around for alternatives. Those bare plastic innerwall's surface are too smooth to absorb the reflecting echo's, it should be more coarse structured now they're enhancing the reflecting, they only put inside a piece of foam sponge to damp some.

Clothed walls will soften the piercing "pressure" soundpulses into more natural balanced SQ. But have fun with modding. I'm certainly no audio engineer, so I do not know the exact sciences of how sound waves are influenced. Despite that, I do work a lot with sound, working with music, working with audio files and recordings and in processing and leveling and ensuring that everything is good in the mix and mastering, and I so I have to always be aware of even the slightest nuances and strange inflections that might crop up.

I'd say I work well in that environment and produce high quality audio, so I do not think my ears are lacking in any sense. Do you have any professional experience here, or is this just a involved hobby for you? What might be cheap on the consumer end modification ie leather pads, dampening, etcis quite a bit more expensive when mass production comes into play. I have never studied acoustic properties of materials and what not, so my knowledge is quite limited there, as I've said.

Feel free to give me a good alternative through PM if you don't mind the trouble. If the Amazon link you sent is not quite satisfactory, that is. I want the best I can get for them. My CD3ks are my babies, and I will do all I can to modify them both acoustically and cosmetically, so I won't write out such an investment.

Mechanical energy being turned into an electrical signal, and it, to me, at least with the microphonic cable effect, reminds me of tapping on a microphone. My CD3k cable has no microphonic effect unless it's tapped SHARPLY--no natural movement would cause this whereas my SA5k has comparatively more microphonic effect in the cable I suspect the detachable mod eliminates a much of the vibration energy from traveling all the way up with the CD3k.

The tightness of the headband reduces most creaking as the fit is very snug, so I don't think I'm hearing many microphonic phenomena with my headphones. Now resonance and reflection, perhaps. If that is what is part of what is making the highs harsh. I would not imagine that the hanger area has much to do with that here, that seems like more of a microphonic problem area, but it is minimal with the tight headband.

Following The Voice Of Blood - Various - The Temple Of Fullmoon Tribute (CD, Album), Christmas Time (Is Here Again) 1995 B Side Single - The Beatles - The Christmas Album Deluxe Edition, Nejdelší Vlak (Whos Gonna Shoe) - Spirituál Kvintet - Šlapej Dál! + Bonusy (CD, Album), Israelites - Various - Ziggy Marley In Jamaica (CD), Fase Replicativa - Various - Costruito Nella Tuscia (Vinyl, LP), 난 알아요 - Seo Tai Ji* - Seotaiji Live Tour Zero 04 (DVD), Ancient City - Deborah Mollison - Earth Story (Music From The BBC TV Series) (CD, Album), Mölndal - Various - Schweden-Punk Teil 2 (1978-1998) (Cassette), Lève Ta Main (Mission Suicide) - 2 Bal 2 Neg* - 3x Plus Efficace (CD, Album), Creep - Korn - MTV Unplugged (File, MP3, Album)

Van Morrison. John Lennon. Gino Vannelli. Uriah Heep. Ellen Foley. Stray Cats. Vicky Leandros. A Taste Of Honey. George Duke. David Soul. Rosanne Cash. Matt Bianco. Atlantic Starr. Marianne Faithfull. Christopher Cross. March 29, Published March 29, by Ad-Vinylrecords with 0 comment. Doe Maar - 4Us Published March 29, by Ad-Vinylrecords with 0 comment.

Hennie Vrienten - Geen Ballade March 28, Published March 28, by Ad-Vinylrecords with 0 comment. Roxy Music - Manifesto Published March 28, by Ad-Vinylrecords with 0 comment. Rick Springfield - Working Class Dog Alabama - Feels So Right The Who - Face Dances Return To Forever - Romantic Warrior March 27, Published March 27, by Ad-Vinylrecords with 0 comment.

Published March 27, by Ad-Vinylrecords with 0 comment. Look So Good Howard Jones - Dream Into Action War - Outlaw How cool is that? Not far away from the standing stone is the Glenkindie Souterrain, which is a magnificent soutterain, far better even that the first Free And Happy - Mass Production - Believe (CD I saw Tealing. The Glenkindie Souterrain is about 2, - 2, years old as per Drew, and this one is still complete!

We hopped the fence that contained the clump of trees that were in place to ward off evil spirits, and I couldn't believe how intact this one is. We were able to crawl right into it - just amazing! This storage area could still be used today - who needs fancy technology when the earth provides all that you need?

I grabbed a wee standing stone from this place for my collection, couldn't resist! There was quite a few sheep 'guarding' this one, and several newborns stumbling around on their wee little legs and I mean NEWBORN, like just born that morning newborns.

Drew had been to see it before, but didn't know you could get inside, so we both had a chance to explore somewhere new to each of us. I may have mentioned my affinity for wandering around into every corner of these castles - good times abound!

I have to say, the view from the very top floor was just stunning! The castle is by the River Don, and I snagged some amazing pics indeed. This cairn is quite large to me at leastand having the snow around really worked out well for pictures, as it packed down the weeds etc. The energy in that place was something else - it felt old, magical, and wise in the ways of the earth.

I am so grateful to Drew for sharing this one with me - I feel blessed to be one of the few he has taken to some of these spots, truly blessed. I also make a point of acknowledging the tree warriors that guard these places too, showing respect for my dear friends, cuz I'm a geek that way -but hey, it is part of my charm.

I think. It was a quaint little town, with lots of shops and plenty of people out and about. Lunch was delicious green chicken curryand we wandered around a little so I could check out a couple of shops Free And Happy - Mass Production - Believe (CD some things to bring back home, including a book store naturally!

Note to self - I need to check out Adam Weston when I get back home, who is an author from Turriff that Drew recommended. It was a pleasant stop indeed!

We headed out of Ballater, and were close to Balmoral, the Queen's summer home. Our target though was the Ardmenach Standing Stone, and I am looking at a great shot I have of it against a snowy mountain in the background - beautiful!

Abergeldie Castle and Standing Stone were our next stops as they weren't too far away. Abergeldie Castle was built aroundwith a large clock on the tower, and it apparently is haunted by a female ghost who was accused of witchcraft. The Standing Stone is on the same land, so I have a nice pic of the stone with the castle in the distance.

I think the one that I took a picture of was called Easter Balmoral Suspension Bridge, but that might be a guess more than a fact. The next spot on the day's adventuring was a new cairn for Drewbhoy, so we were both seeing something new this time. I spotted it from the road, and earned a 'well spotted' from Drew for finding it - huzzah!

This cairn is called Cairn-na-Cuimhne, which means 'Meeting place of the Clan', and is the ancient rallying point of the Clan Farquharson. It is right beside the River Dee, in a lovely spot that made for great photos. As this one was new for Drew, he was a happy man for checking this one off his list. This cairn is also about 5, - 6, years old, and I have a wee standing stone from it courtesy of Drew for the collection. Braemar was next, with a stop at the Braemar Castle for some pictures.

It wasn't open due to some restoration being completed on it, but I took some shots from the grounds. I've been in Braemar before, back inand that tucked in feeling of being nestled in the Highlands came back right away, as you are surrounded on all sides by beautiful peaks that were somewhat snow covered this time around. MarmI don't know if you remember the War Memorial from when we were there, but Drew told me he played The Last Post there when it was unveiled.

I can't wait to hear him play! The sun was out, and the breeze was crisp, but it was truly a glorious day for seeing more of the Highlands. The final item we hit before having to head back to Turriff was a place on the River Dee that is called the Linn of Dee, and my gawd, it was beautiful! The rocks that the Dee flows through are so picturesque, and it is almost like rapids when you see it. AMAZING shots from there, with the late afternoon sun hitting the rocks, the snow, and the water - Album) wait to post those ones!

That afternoon leg through the Highlands was so full of spectacular scenery, I was in a bit of sensory overload. Album) slice of heaven on earth for sure! We came back through Ballater to get out of the area, and were off back to Turriff as Drew had to take care of a few things, but made a stop in Inveruvie to get a copy of The Hobbit as it was released here yesterday - SCORE.

We met up at the Crown later on in the evening, and I was on the Tennent's and Macallan Gold last night, and it has left a lingering fuzziness today. I am thoroughly enjoying every minute of this trip, and can't bear to think about having to leave in a few short days.

I think tomorrow is another adventuring day with Drew, and Friday, I will be climbing up Bennachie with Mr. John Smith, then meeting Drew for dinner afterwards, then hopefully my wee concert!!! Saturday I'm not sure what is happening during the day I think more time out with Drewbut I believe as it is my last night, we will be going out for a meal with John and Mary. Will make a few more updates I'm sure before then though.

Ta ra jist the noo! Hitting the bigand I'm still 'Alive and Kicking'! Well, kinda I have been off on more grand adventures over the last 2 days, so this post will likely be another rambling monster as I try to recall everything that has happened along the way, be warned! The rambling aspect will be exacerbated by the fact that I am not firing on all thrusters at the moment due to another long night doon at the Crooon last night.

I'm tucked away at Drew's house, currently downing a Coke, so that is a clear indicator of my brain power at the moment. C'mon, caffeinated syrup, get cracking! Okay, so for the record, I did see Drew and I on the football highlights on Sunday night! It was for a millisecond as they showed that first Commons goal, but I swear, the Canadian was in the shot! That was on Sunday night before John's private stock came out. I may have mentioned that I am completed blessed and spoiled on this trip?

Okay girl, focus The lap count rolled over on Monday, and for me, it was a magnificent birthday indeed. Drew had a couple of things to take care of in the morning, so I had a chance to relax and get lost in my own thoughts, as usually happens at some point on the day. I have 2 new poems brewing as a result, which is a beautiful thing.

We hooked up at around or so, and at that point, the sun was shining. Drew wished me a happy birthday, and has advised that there is a present coming for me by the end of the week as it 'needed to be copywrited', which has me excited wondering what it could be. I will let you know, but he really has done so much for me already, every day - I could easily gush for hours about how great he's been to me.

He also told me that I will be getting a 'wee concert' at the church on Friday night, as they have a great electric piano. I will melt into a puddle when that happens, I guarantee it.

Can't wait!!! We hit the road, and we were headed to The Last Bus Cafe for lunch, but alas, it was unexpectedly closed on Monday. That is where Drew has played flugel for John Mackie's poetry launches in the past - would have been great to see it but nae bither! We then headed off to a village pub nearby to grab lunch, but that was also closed - I think that we tried 3 spots in a bit of snowy weather before we came upon a modern restaurant built off on its own somewhere along the road that was definitely open.

It was called Formartine's, and it was delightful! A bright, cheery, bustling business indeed with a shop in one half and the restaurant in the other - you would have loved it, Marm! The food was delicious, and I would recommend it highly to anyone if you are ever in Aberdeenshire.

There was a great wee red teapot that I was eyeing in the shop, and likely should have bought myself, but oh well - there is only so much room in the luggage after all. It was built back inand it is in magnificent shape indeed. There was lots to explore in there, so I was like a kid bouncing around in all the room, little alcoves and staircases. SIGH Free And Happy - Mass Production - Believe (CD wicked castle to add to my collection!

I loved wandering about, imagining it back in the day, and have a ton of pics to share later, but for now, check this out. The Invisibles 6. To The Birds 7. My Insatiable One 8. He's Dead 9. The Big Time LP4 1. Pantomime Horse 2. Sleeping Pills 3. The Next Life 4. High Rising 5. My Dark Star 6. The Living Dead 7. Killing Of A Flashboy 8. Heroine 9. This Hollywood Life LP5 1. The Asphalt World 3. Still Life 4. She 6. By The Sea 7. Indian Strings 9. Oceans LP6 1.

Snowblind 2. Sabotage 3. Pale Snow 5. Tightrope 7. As One 8. All The Wild Places 9. Flytipping 4CD CD1 1. Filmstar Lazy Beautiful Ones Saturday Night CD2 1. Electricity 2. Everything Will Flow 4. Obsessions 6. Barriers 7. For The Strangers 9. Outsiders Wastelands Life Is Golden The Invisibles CD3 1. To The Birds 2. My Insatiable One 3. He's Dead 4. The Big Time 5. Pantomime Horse 6. Sleeping Pills 7. The Next Life 8. High Rising 9. My Dark Star The Living Dead Killing Of A Flashboy Heroine This Hollywood Life The 2 Of Us The Asphalt World Still Life CD4 1.

She 3. By The Sea 4. Indian Strings 6. Oceans 7. Snowblind 8. Sabotage 9. Pale Snow Tightrope As One All The Wild Places Remix She Saw The World. What Makes Harold Sing?

Keep On Movin' On Free And Happy - Mass Production - Believe (CD. Big George B3. Don't Look Back. Andromeda Orchestra Don't Stop Inc. Ray Mang Mix. Various Artists Heavenly Remixes 2. Various Artists Heavenly Remixes 1. Autechre Chiastic Slide - Reissue. Autechre LP5 - Reissue. Connan Mockasin Jassbusters Two.

Were On Our Own - Exit Calm - Exit Calm (Promo) (CDr), Que Buena Ta - Ilegales - El Sonido (File, Album), Sad Young Man - Strawbs - Hero And Heroine (Vinyl, LP, Album), Queen Of Hearts - Various - Classic Eighties (CD), Praise Him, Praise Him, Jesus Our Blessed Redeemer - Deerfoot Lodge - Deerfoot Lodge Sings Hymns (CD, De Olifantoppasser - Various - Sprookjes Uit... India (Vinyl, LP), Snack - Another Go (Sharona 2002) (Vinyl), Would You Let Me Be Myself (Topless Remix Edit) - Mad Flush - Would You Let Me Be Myself (File), Praise Awaits You - Heart Of Worship - Volume 6 (CD), Feel So Bad - Little Milton - Welcome To The Club (CD), Asmus Tietchens - Geboren, Um Zu Dienen (Vinyl, LP, Album), Flying In My Sleep - Tito & Tarantula - MP3 (CD), Neurolocausto - Granatus - Poder Absoluto (CDr), Introspect - G-Ism Featuring Cool Nutz - On A Mission (Cassette), Creole Song - Chris Barber - Dixieland Collection (Vinyl, LP, Album)

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  1. Listen to Believe by Mass Production on Apple Music. Stream songs including "Free and Happy", "I Believe In Music" and more.

  2. May 12,  · Free And Happy: I Believe In Music: Being Here: We Love You: Keep My Heart Together Mass Production: Believe ‎ (CD, Album, RE, Unofficial) Cotillion: SD Europe: TP I have access to a large quantity of this exact 8-Track release in brand new, sealed mint condition. Feel free to message me about how /5.

  3. First two albums from Mass Production issued on one CD, “Welcome to Our World” from is a great, mainly club funk album including highlights such as the title track, the great spacey synth laced “Magic” and The bustling ‘I Like To Dance”. ‘Believe’ produced the group’s biggest track in ‘Cosmic Lust’ a 6 minute plus odyssey through galactic disco grooves, while “Free and Happy” harks back to the .

  4. Artist: Mass Production Title Of Album: Believe Year Of Release: Label: Cotillion/Atlantic Genre: Funk, Soul, Disco Format: MP3 Quality: CBR kbps Total Time: Total Size: 95 mb Tracks: 1. Free And Happy () 2. I Believe In Music () 3. Being Here () 4. We Love You () 5. Keep My Heart Together () 6. Cosmic Lust () MISTER FUNK.

  5. Mass Production – Definitive Collection (3CD) Tracklist. CD 1 1 Welcome To Our World (of Merry Music) 2 Wine Flow Disco 3 I Like To Dance 4 Magic 5 Fun In the Sun 6 Just a Song 7 Free and Happy 8 I Believe In Music 9 Cosmic Lust 10 People Get Up 11 We Love You 12 Keep My Heart Together 13 Watch Me Do It. CD 2 1 Sky High 2 Groove Me 3 Slow Bump.

  6. Jul 12,  · About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators.

  7. Apr 20,  · For the very first time you can now get your hands on a triple CD Definitive Collection of the Funk & Soul sensation that is Mass Production. Robinsongs have compiled the biggest and best tracks from all their Cotillion albums, this package also includes the 7” versions of their biggest singles.

  8. Royalty free Happy Music Free Download mp3. Happy and upbeat background music. Perfect for positive videos, openers, funny videos, birthday and more. Positive music with clapping, whistling, piano and bells blueskyservices.bizg: Mass Production.

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