Free To Live - Various - Rock Sound Volume 37 (CD)

One of those series is titled "Sounds of the 70s," issued in as a single CD, song package and which remains available for purchase. The track lineup of the current series is identical to the original volumes of "Sounds of the Seventies.

InTime-Life issued a "budget" box set, Sounds of the Seventies: Greatest Hitscontaining three CDs or cassettes of 12 songs each, for retail sale. As with many of Time-Life Records' multi-volume releases, the volumes were not issued in a logical, sequential order by date or era of the subject; that is, issuing volumes covering the s before progressing to the s.

For instance, while the series began with three sequential albums from —, the fourth volume featured hit songs from From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Thankfully, both albums ended up being good, so the desired result was achieved. There's also a track from Bellerophon, who appear again, and make their presence felt on a later Prog magazine demo, P50 'Tales of the future'. Copyright Prog Archives, All rights reserved. Please consider supporting us by giving monthly PayPal donations and help keep PA fast-loading and ad-free forever.

Various Artists Label Samplers biography This section contains albums released by record labels to promote their catalogues of artists. In the days before the internet and MP3 downloads, it was not nearly as easy for record companies to promote their artists.

Advertising campaigns in the music press had some effect, but the Free To Live - Various - Rock Sound Volume 37 (CD) audience could not of course hear the music. While specialist radio stations have been around for some time in the US, in many other countries even today, the availability of anything other than mainstream pop and perhaps classical music is extremely limited. An effective way to address these issues Free To Live - Various - Rock Sound Volume 37 (CD) for record companies to issue "samplers".

These compilations of tracks by bands and Free To Live - Various - Rock Sound Volume 37 (CD) signed to the label usually sell for well below the standard price for an album.

One track by each artist is normally included. How representative that track is of their music varies widely, and as such samplers should be approached with some caution when considering whether a particular band is right for the listener.

Some of the bands went on to secure fame and fortune while others simply disappeared altogether. On these albums, such bands sit side by side. The advent of the internet and free downloads has largely removed the reason from record companies Free To Live - Various - Rock Sound Volume 37 (CD) release samplers, although they have not disappeared altogether. Bob McBeath, October Studio Album, 1. Studio Album, 2. Studio Album, 4. Overall, this is a smasher! Other than the 'Metal' track by Tardive Free To Live - Various - Rock Sound Volume 37 (CD), which I skip, the rest of this album is great.

Prog P Ocean Song Various Artists Label Samplers Various Genres Review by sussexbowler I reckon that the Prog magazine demo's have been getting better recently, and demanding more listening to find that something 'new'.

I usually 'saturate' myself with these until something if anything shines through, and can go sometimes 3 weeks or more quite happily. Whether this proves that eventually I will get used to anything, well, the jury's out! Thanks to ProgLucky for the artist addition.

Donate monthly and keep PA fast-loading and ad-free forever. The World Of Progressive Music Magazine sampler CD 1: Harvest CD 2: Charisma My rating: 3,5 star. Copyright Prog Archives, All rights reserved. Please consider supporting us by giving monthly PayPal donations and help keep PA fast-loading and ad-free forever.

Such taping was popularized in the late s and early s by fans of the Grateful Dead. Audio recording, while not officially allowed until the creation by the band of a "tapers' section" behind the soundboard in the mids, was generally tolerated at shows and fans would share their tapes through trade.

Taping and trading became a Grateful Dead sub-culture. It was released on November 1, It was produced as a limited edition of 13, numbered copies, and was released on November 1, It was released on April 17, A nine-track limited edition Vinyl LP was released on April Another live set "Live by the Dead Sea" was released on November A live soundboard recording,'The Jaffa Rooftop Concert', was released as a digital download in May It was released by Rhino Records in Januaryin a limited edition of 6, copies.

Unlike Dick's Picks, Road Trips, Dave's Picks, and certain other of the band's archival series of live album releases, which are simply two-track stereo recordings made from the soundboard during the concert, the show on the album was recorded on an 8-track multitrack recorder and was mixed down to stereo just prior to the album's release. Betty Cantor-Jackson is an American audio engineer and producer. She is noted for her ear for recording and her long tenure with the band. Strangely commercial, the repeated saxophone line drills into the psyche, pinning the brain and baring the soul.

Lots of vocals on this album, with just one really lengthy number, "Windsong". At more than twenty minutes in length, this is an emotional and atmospheric wander through a forest in the mist. Shapes keep coming out of nowhere, then disappear, and the mind starts to play tricks as it asks if something was real or imagined.

It is eerie, evocative, and yet again so very different to much of what has gone before. When Cary starts to speak, telling the story of when she was a naked child, it is compelling, vital, and the rest of the world disappears.

The joining together of the words and the music is symbiotic, made for each other, and lifting each to even greater heights. This is an incredible introduction to the world and mind of Cary Grace, and the one to which I most often return. Compare that to an instrumental such as "Vanishing" which feels more like Ozrics working with classic space rock, and it is hard to imagine that it is the same artist, let alone appearing on the same album. It takes a special person to be in charge of so many differing styles, and the result is up to us to interpret and discover for ourselves.

I can imagine there will be people who enjoy one of Cary's many persona, but not others. I love the way she goes from place to place, never settling for too long the longest song on this album is just ten minutes yet taking bits and pieces and bringing them back to the nest where they are curated. Part of me is always frustrated when I come across a musician who has been around for years as I am annoyed with myself for not knowing them earlier, yet another part of me is pleased as I can hear a great deal of material at once without having to wait a long time until the next album!

Cary Grace is a real talent who will be appreciated by those who enjoy psychedelic progressive rock and is never afraid to push into other musical areas. With Cary, her music is like that proverbial box of chocolates, "You never know what you're gonna get, " but it's all delicious. However, the first song of hers I heard was a cover of Hendrix's " But this gave me an insight into the style of music this American turned Anglophile likes to produce, right?

Cary is one of the most interesting musicians I have come across, as the woman is a magpie, taking bright shiny things from one musical genre, hoarding them, and then looking for the next.

This may just be a fragment, a sliver of something incredibly beautiful, or a much longer piece which takes time for the listener to understand. Apparently, the album was recorded in just three days, and while there is an underlying psychedelic feel to it, there is also plenty of krautrock and the likes of Gong, with small vocal songs or sections giving way to long instrumental passages which have been mostly improvised.

It is challenging in the aspect that one never knows what is going to come next, yet somehow as a whole it always makes sense. I must confess to playing all of her albums more than I would normally for review purposes just because a I had Free To Live - Various - Rock Sound Volume 37 (CD) real idea how I could put what I was hearing into words, and b I was enjoying them so damn much!

The guitar may be front of house, creating a cacophony of sound while the keyboards are nowhere to be found, there are times when they are together, there are times when the music is looping to create a base on which to build ideas, and others where we get her vocals.

A normal musician would concentrate on just one musical style, but here we have someone who is refusing to confirm to any sort of normality, and instead wants us to accept her on her own terms.

Thoreau Avec Le Chillionair - Comic (5), Karu* - Le Monde Est À Nous mit Flows & Karu (Cassette,, Samba Triste - Stan Getz - Seven Classic Albums Vol. 2 (CD), II. - Johann Kuhnau - Keyboard Works - Fische Clavier-Früchte + The Biblical Sonatas (CD, Album), Average Joe - Various - Punktastic Un-Scene 4 (30 Seconds To Impact) (CD), Show Me Heaven (X-Tended Club Version) - Magic Motion - Show Me Heaven (CD), Angel Attack - Various - Cheap Sweaty Fun 200 (Vinyl, LP), Three Snakes - The Tangerine Turnpike - Transmission Tiffany (CD, Album), Not Fade Away - Buddy Holly - Not Fade Away / Rock Me My Baby (Flexi-disc), Ne Güzel Gözlerin Var - İbrahim Tatlıses - Hesabım Var / Söylim Mi? (CD, Album), Los Amigos Alegres - Latin American Music (Vinyl, LP)

This was Cary's fourth album, and demonstrates someone who knows her path, which is far more interesting and splintered than the well-trodden norm. Layers of synths and guitars take the listener into familiar territory, reflecting the sounds and ingenuity of Pink Floyd mixed with a sense of the modern, alternative flair which continues in "Without a Trace".

However, with "Into Dust", there is an even heavier sense of the dreamy and strange with the sounds of a tortured guitar and Grace's psychedelic-infused vocal manipulations. The spooky guitar effects flow into "Afterglow", which soon takes off in a more moderate rhythm which shows more push from the drums.

Keeping with a feeling of distinction between her tracks, this time her lyrics are spoken in a way that demands for you to hear them, even when they are mostly whispered. You'll find yourself drawn into the music, brought there by her hypnotizing use of her voice, then suddenly buried in heavy layers of guitar and synth. Just when you think you have heard it all, she brings in a beautiful sax to introduce the almost sensual "Film Noir".

Again, one is reminded of Pink Floyd, as the combination of structure melody and improvisation free flowing instruments blend together perfectly. Her folk influences find a perfect home in the 12 minute "Costume Jewellery" as she brings in the mid- Eastern instrumental blend to the psychedelic sound.

After several somewhat shorter songs, this track takes time to explore and mesh the psychedelic combination of violin and guitar with the continuing drone-like twanging of the traditional instruments continuing in the background. This track, and some other long ones to follow, only cement Grace's inclusion into the psychedelic genre, allowing her guest musicians ample time to explore her soundscape. The moderately slow pace of the drums and wandering guitar will bring back your chemically-enhanced memories of early Pink Floyd as she adopts a more free-form style of singing but still based around a simple melody and the lead guitar shares the lead with her vocals on "Moonflowers Fade to Black ".

This blues-infected trip in a minor key will make you feel like she is singing and her band is playing just for you, up close and personal. Free To Live - Various - Rock Sound Volume 37 (CD) controlled angst soon calms, and the music calms with her, and she again hypnotizes you and then later brings back the intensity, the heavy guitar following her perfectly. Even with it's more accessible sound though, it tries to wander off into the unknown, but is always brought back to its more structured style, though it does get more exploratory in the last section.

The melody is quite lovely and, even though it is a shorter track, it takes time to build in emotion and power and then release it all as it comes back down to earth again. A quick build brings us out of the melancholy sense of the previous track and a boiling guitar Free To Live - Various - Rock Sound Volume 37 (CD) push Grace's lyrics and vocals out emphasizing their importance, and the guitar swirls and wraps its cries around her vocals.

Things level off and float along at a smoother pace after a while. This one is the most lyric-heavy of them all, yet every note is important as it uses progressive structure to bring its many moods across. Definitely a highlight among what are already many highlights on this album.

Building off of the previous riff, the music builds in a crescendo and then levels off with an even, moderate beat and lovely melody enhanced by more free-wheeling guitar.

The music floats along easily with this beat. Between the short verses are long, flowing passages of musical bliss layered by guitar, synth and the by now well-established bass and drum riff. The music goes on and on, and you want it to.

As is typical with GY! BE, the music is emotional and beautiful. This is really a decent compilation, and the tracks on it are mostly now unavailable anywhere else. It is a good sample of some of the very innovative and talented artists on the label, many of whom are not around anymore. There are a few weak spots on the album however.

The biggest disappointment is the contribution of A Silver Mt. Zion as they are one of my favorite post rock bands, but the track Free To Live - Various - Rock Sound Volume 37 (CD) is way too noisy and far from their best efforts. There are a few others that are too repetitive, such as the Fly Pan Am track and the 1-Speed Bike track.

However, overall, it is a great compilation with a lot of variety that ranges from the minimal to the extremely noisy, yet quality runs through the musicianship Free To Live - Various - Rock Sound Volume 37 (CD). Though the tracks are not always the best of some of the bands and not always representative, the entire collection makes Free To Live - Various - Rock Sound Volume 37 (CD) a cohesive statement in the end.

This is definitely a good find if you can locate it, or still order it, as I did several years ago when I started first discovering some of the bands on the collection. In the Italian prog rock label Kaliphonia released this interesting compilation album featuring many lesser known and unknown Italian prog bands and artists, along Collage from Poland. Fancy Fluid delivers Neo-prog with fiery guitar, modern sounding keyboards and some nice musical ideas in the varied Nuove Effemeridi.

Consorzio Acqua Potabile CAP surprises with a wonderful intro on piano, warm vocals and sensitive guitar work with a lot of tension in Cavaliere Mascherato. Combat by Marcello Capra contains beautiful interplay between acoustic and electric guitar. Deux Ex Machina delivers complexity and bombastic atmospheres with Jean Luc Ponty inspired violin work in the jazz-rock orientated Luna.

In Jakazan by duo Clarion including ex-Zauber member Paolo Clari we hear warm flute play like John Hackett, but also a pretty irritating drum sound. My highlight is Prologo by New Credo with Steve Hackett-like guitar, fluent keyboards and many shifting moods. We hear pleasant guitar play in Happiness by the five-piece formation H2O.

Polish formation Collage with Midnight Flyer also on the Collage compliation Changes from delivers a blend of pop and prog, very accessible with good vocals and pleasant keyboards. Incentive from Ars Antiqua has a dreamy atmosphere with soaring keyboards and some fiery guitar runs.

Only the keyboards and the final part with howling electric guitar can please my ears. My rating 3,5 star. Review by Matti Prog Reviewer. One is a good example of the band's symphonic style, featuring very nice keyboard parts. Hmm, not a wise idea, the result is such a mess. Very nice, and the question of how 'prog' it is, seems irrelevant.

Kaipa makes modern symphonic prog that's often too bombastic for my taste, and this one's no exception. The male vocals are unpleasant. The arrangement has nice acoustic elements but the sad song itself is a bit boring. Categories : Pop rock compilation albums Time—Life albums s in music. Hidden categories: Articles with short description Short description matches Wikidata Articles needing additional references from November All articles needing additional references.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. The Wall of Sound was an enormous public address system designed specifically for the Grateful Dead's live performances in It was the creation of audio engineer Owsley "Bear" Stanley.

The Wall of Sound fulfilled Owsley's desire for a distortion-free sound system that could also serve as its own monitoring system. The Wall of Sound was the largest concert sound system built at that time. Three from the Vault is a live album by the Grateful Dead. It was released on June 26, Unlike Dick's Picks, Road Trips, Dave's Picks, and certain other of the band's archival series of live album releases, which are simply two-track stereo recordings made from the soundboard during the concert, the show on the album was recorded on a track multitrack recorder and was mixed down to stereo prior to its release.

Although the album was released inlongtime Grateful Dead engineer Dan Healy actually mixed the album inand its release was delayed 14 years for unknown reasons. This was the third continent on which the band performed, having previously performed in Europe. Unlike Dick's Picks, Road Trips, Dave's Picks, and certain other of the band's archival series of live album releases, which are simply two-track stereo recordings made from the soundboard during Free To Live - Various - Rock Sound Volume 37 (CD) concert, the shows on the album were recorded on a track multitrack recorder and were mixed down to stereo just prior to the album's release.

A taper is a person who records musical events, often from standing microphones in the audience, for the benefit of the musical group's fanbase. Such taping was popularized in the late s and early s by fans of the Grateful Dead.

Audio recording, while not officially allowed until the creation by the band of a "tapers' section" behind the soundboard in the mids, was generally tolerated at shows and fans would share their tapes through trade. Their pleasant and melodic sound alternates between Genesis-era: from mellow with acoustic guitars and flute to bombastic with bass pedals, Hackett-inspired guitarwork, organ and Mellotron.

But also early IQ: compelling with powerful interplay between moving guitar and sumptuous Mellotrons layers. The emphasis in the tasteful 7 compositions is on creating compelling, often Mellotron drenched atmospheres rather than complexity and inventive arrangements.

Hey Girl, Lets Meme - Zapoppin - St Kreun: Songs of Land and Waterways (File, MP3, Album), Jole Bion - Herb Remington, Bob White (6), Eddie Nation - Cotton Eyed Joe & Other Texas Dance Ha, Hexagone - Renaud - LAbsolutely Meilleur Of Renaud (Cassette), Bad Omen - Megadeth - Peace Sells... But Whos Buying? (Cassette, Album), Álmot Ígér Ez A Hajnal - Republic (3) - Tüzet Viszek (Cassette, Album), Trinity : A Cavallo Lungo Il Fiume - Franco Micalizzi - Lo Chiamavano Trinita... (Colonna Sonora Ori, Them Boyz Down South (Street Version) - DJ Screw (2) - The Legend (CD), Consumed By Worship - Scythe Saga Collective - Order Of The Impaled (CD, Album), Blues - Le Système - Can We Still Be Friends? (CD, Album), ОЭ - Various - Хитовый XL (File, MP3), From Monday On

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  1. Rock Sound. Rock Sound is the label for CD's released with both French, British, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese versions of the alternative rock music magazine Rock Sound. The French magazine is published by Éditions Freeway. The British magazine was originally published by Editions Freeway, until when it was brought out by Patrick Napier.

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  6. The next two bands are the best known. The GURU GURU release is their live performance in Wiesbaden featuring three long tracks full of free improvisation. The sound quality is not very good, and to me this is the sampler's weakest link. EMBRYO had visited New York which brought funk and soul influences into their album Surfin'.

  7. Sep 09,  · Sound Check 2 is the definitive audio test disc. Created in association with renowned record producer, engineer and musician Alan Parsons, it is available as a single CD or in a double CD case with built-in microphone and sound level meter, calibrated from dB to used in conjunction with its third octave tracks, SOUND CHECK 2 forms an .

  8. Aug 29,  · Most Live rock Cd's sound like studio recordings with added crowd noise. Hate That. I like to hear some dynamics and I want to hear the "room". A favorite of mine that has great sound and you can really hear the room that it was recorded in is Ozzy's "Speak of The Devil". The band and Ozzy were really "on" that night. The sound is so real.

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