Ray Martinez Y Su Sabor Criollo - Sabor Criollo (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Percusion 8. Celoso Puro Sabor compilation 1. Fuego en el 23 3. Prende el Fogon 4. Changuiri 5. Remembranza 7. Soy Antillana 9. Borinquen Hasta Que Se Rompa el Cuero Nunca Seras Mia Percusion 4. Sola Vaya 6. Remembranzas 7. Canto Al Amor9. Homenaje a Tres Grandes del Teclado 2.

Hachero Pa' un Palo 5. Todo Tiene Su Final 6. Despedida 45 Aniversario 8. Jubileo 45 9. Fuego en el 23 Grandes Exitos compilation disk 1 1. Fuego En El 23 3. Pensandolo Bien 4. Mi Lindo Yambu 5. Yare 6. Boranda 7. Ramona 8. Changuiri 9. Canto Al Jibarito Nanara Cai Sigo Pensando En Ti Timbalero disk 2 1.

Moreno Soy 2. Date Cuenta 3. Sonora Pa'l Bailador 4. Album) y Yo Nada Mas 5. Huracan 6. Canto Al Amor 8. Madrugando 9. Yambeque Vas Por Ahi Esta Es Venezuela.

Back to the Road — 1. Caprichosa 2. Pensando Bien 3. De la Mata Son 6. Mack the Knife 7. El Alacran 8. Cenizas 9. Introduccion 2. Ecue Baroni 3.

La Clave 4. Vas Por Ahi 5. Como Mango 6. Piano Salsero 8. Tumba La Cana Jibarito 9. Jubileo 50 Estrelita 2. Opera Gandiga 3.

La Vengo Siguiendo 5. A Celebrar Navidad 6. Arbolito De Navidad 7. Mucho Amor Y Paz 8. Si Busca Una Orquesta. Lead Artists: Sonora Poncena. Conjunto Yumuri — La Paella. Rosa Oriental 3. Se Me Fue 4. Dime Adios Carmelina 5. Pastorita Juan Formell 6. Comete Tu Pinol 7. Son Guajiro 9. The original material is culled from two different LPs produced by Caney Records in with an overlapping group of musicians.

Two songs made salsanewyork. Lead Artists: Conjunto Yumuri. La Realidad 2. Concierto En Bongo 3. El Amarte A Ti 4. Sandra 5. De Que Te Quejas P. Ortiz 6. Ana Y Saoco 7. Mi Nina Bonita 8. Viejo Carruzell 9. Arrepentida Mixed by Marty Sheller. All songs written by Angel Canales except tracks 7 and 8; songwriting credits are confusing on this CD.

Arrepentida made salsanewyork. Other songs most likely to be heard on Salsa dance floor include La Realidad and Sandra. Musicians are not listed on the CD credits - only the lead vocals and chorus. It seems likely that the Sabor lineup from Angel Canales debut recording in is largely intact.

Antonio Tapia is probably still on Conga. Lead Artists: Angel Canales. Mi Mambo Conga Eddie Palmieri 2. Sujetate La Lengua Eloy Oliva 3. Ajiaco Caliente Eddie Palmieri 6. Pobre Pedro Heny Alvarez 7. Estamos Chao Javier Vazquez 8. Camagueyanos Y Habaneros J. Guerra Revolutionary and Ray Martinez Y Su Sabor Criollo - Sabor Criollo (Vinyl at the time, this is another classic Eddie Palmieri recording with La Perfecta.

The biggest highlight is Ajiaco Caliente, which made salsanewyork. Lead Artists: Eddie Palmieri. Suave Eddie Palmieri 5.

Mi Jeva Eddie Palmieri 8. Nowhere else is the description of the elephants referring to the trombones more approriate than in this recording of Cafe, which made salsanewyork.

Tu Tu Ta Ta is another slam dunk choice and also in salsanewyork. Musician list is largely my conjecture although I'm reasonably confident of their accuracy.

Eddie Palmieri — La Perfecta. Conmigo Eddie Palmieri 2. Mi Isla Preciosa Eddie Palmieri 3. Mi Guajira Eddie Palmieri 5. Mi Pollo Eddie Palmieri 6.

Oigo Un Tumbao Eddie Palmieri 7. Tema La Perfecta Eddie Palmieri 8. Ritmo Caliente Eddie Palmieri 9. El Gavilan I. Lopez Cachita Rafael Hernandez, Bernardo Sancristobal The large number of names on the musician list does not mean that this was a big band record.

Presumably different set of trumpetists and percussionists were used for recording of various songs over multiple sessions. Two songs Conmigo, Mi Pollo made salsanewyork. Cantando Voy Johnny Ortiz 3. Oye Mi Son Ruben Blades 4. Cancel Johnny Ortiz 5. Sabor Criollo Johnny Ortiz 6. Ya No Llores Mayo Flores 7. Santerita Johnny Ortiz 8. Sabor Criollo made salsanewyork. Neither is exactly the easiest song to dance to - not to say that they are not good.

La Flauta Marcelino Guerra 2. Por Primera Vez Marcelino Guerra 4. Redd, G. Brown, R. Westfield, R. Sparrow, D. Thomas — a. Kool And The Gang 5. La Peleona Marcelino Guerra Ray Martinez Y Su Sabor Criollo - Sabor Criollo (Vinyl. Dona Teresa Louie Ramirez 7. Vida Louie Ramirez 8. Wichita Lineman Jim Webb 9. Yroco Justi Barretto El Albanil Marcelino Guerra Por Primera Vez made salsanewyork.

La Flauta and Vida sound pretty good too and are of nice pace for dancing. Lead Artists: Jimmy Sabater. Primoroso Cantar C. Curet Alonso 2. Cositas Buenas D. Ponle Punto Johnny Pacheco 4. Los Diablitos Johnny Pacheco 6. Harina Con Boniato D. Bajo El Viejo Cristal D. Africando — Vol. Tierra Tradicional "Cienfuegos" Beny More 3. Yay Boy Ismael Rivera?

Sama Rew 5. Xale Bile 6. Ndiabaane 9. The songs are supposedly Latin classics e. It's not a consistently great remix of title song is rather superfluousbut it does have three high quality songs making salsanewyork.

Lead Artists: Africando. Africando — Mandali. Mandali Super Eagles 2. Miye Na We Lokua Kanza 3. Ntoman Salif Keita 4. Hwomevonon Gnonnas Pedro, Boncana Maiga 5. Mopao Koffi Olomide, Boncana Maiga 6. Pepita Boncana Maiga 7. Sey Thione Seck 8. Betece Amadou Balake, Boncana Maiga 9. Carpintero Ronnie Baro, Boncana Maiga Scandalo 5;01 Lord, Pinard My impression is that Mandali is the most popular Africando album, which is saying something considering Africando is probably the most universally liked Salsa band these days around here.

Certainly there are detractors e. Mandali and Sey also seem to get fair bit of play in my local scene. Mama Guela Tito Rodriguez LP. Satin And Lace Phil Sunkel 3. Liza George Gershwin, Ira Gershwin 5. El Pollo De Carlitos Rigual 7. Double Talk Phil Sunkel 8. El Sabio Tito Rodriguez 9. This is one of the most famous Tito Rodriguez albums. Probably the best dance track is the instrumental "Satin And Lace.

As typical of Tito Rodriguez albums, personnel information on the CD is absent. Unlike in most other cases, I did manage to find many of the musicians involved in making this album with some research. Lead Artists: Tito Rodriguez. Descarga Cachao Israel Lopez 2. Boco-Boco Chano Pozo 3. Ese Eres Tu J. Valentine 5. Sun Sun Babae D. Descarga Malanga Tito Rodriguez 8. Tremendo Cumban D.

Dudas De Mi M. Gomez La Toalla Ernest Duarte Brito Yo Lo Puedes Decir N. Cevedo Arrangements by Rene Hernandez. The album title Tito Tito Tito is probably not official, but it is how it's known by many. Here Tito Rodriguez plays typical Palladium dance music mostly. This album includes the classic Descarga Cachao. The band is as usual anonymous. In the 50s LP 60s, most Latin bandleaders did not give any billing for the musicians - Cal Tjader being a notable exception. In any case, most if not all of themembers from "Live At The Palladium" had departed for other projects.

It is well-known that Israel "Cachao" Lopez was in this recording, however. Sonora Poncena - Determination. Yambeque D. Soledad Adalberto Alvarez 3. Date Cuenta Francisco Alvarado Morales 6. Si La Ven Roberto Anglero 7.

Joldo Duke Jordan 8. Yambeque made salsanewyork. I also like Si La Ven and Joldo. Narana Cai D. Amadeo 3. Canto Al Jibarito Castro R. Yappy 4. La Clave Joe Torres 5. Esta Es Venezuela Cesar Viera 6. I believe this is the first album Sonora Poncena released after Inca label was absorbed by Fania. La Pollera Colora made salsanewyork. Las Caras Lindas C. Comedia Placido Acevedo 3. De Medio Lao Javier Vazquez 4.

A Medias No Mario Hernandez 5. La Perla C. Curet Alonso 6. Las Caras Lindas is one of the best known Ismael Rivera song and made salsanewyork.

Lead Artists: Ismael Rivera. De Todas Maneras Rosas C. Hola Juan Pablo Torres 3. Si Te Cojo Bobby Capo 4. Mi Son Sabroson Javier Vazquez 5. El Mesias Johnny Ortiz 6. Mi Musica C. Curet Alonso 7. Profesion Esperanza C. Curet Alonso 8. La Oportunidad C. Curet Alonso Arrangements by Javier Vazquez.

Che Che Frank Grillo 2. El Raton Jose Feliciano 4. Sarandonga Lorenzo Hierrezuelo, Francisco Repilado 5. En El Balcon Tito Rodriguez 6. The Monster George Rodriguez 7. Amor Jibaro D. Ay Carino Federico Baena 9. El Bongo Pedro Ortiz Flight Jesus Santiago The only band member in common between the musicians from the first four albums and this one is the leader and vibraphonist George Rodriguez.

A former band member Jesus Santiago does contribute two new compositions. All old original NSS albums are currently out of print. Lead Artists: New Swing Sextet. La - La La 33 Sergio Mejia 2. La Pantera Mambo Henry Mancini 5.

Underground breakout hit. The band is sometimes referred to as Orquesta La 33 although never by the band as far as I know. Salsa dancers who have been around for few years would recognize La Pantera Mambo as the song that was overplayed to death by every other Salsa DJ. It still is a good song and it made salsanewyork. Give it a few years of rest, and I predict it will be perfectly enjoyable again. Other songs are quite good as well. Lead Artists: La Francisco Aguabella - H2O.

Short Story Kenny Dorham 2. Quien Eres Tu Francisco Aguabella 3. Wood Place Francisco Aguabella 4. Nena Francisco Aguabella 5. Cavalie D. Let's Eat! Anabacoa 1 Orq. La Solucion 1 ORQ. Camilo Sesto 1 Tributo A Luis Miguel En Salsa Vol. A - Sabroso Guaguanco Vol. Popular Posts. El Gran Combo - 30 exitos remasterizados. La Solucion 1 ORQ. Camilo Sesto 1 Tributo A Luis Miguel En Salsa Vol.

A - Sabroso Guaguanco Vol. Popular Posts. El Gran Combo - 30 exitos remasterizados. Recent recentposts.

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Quevedo Por: Sergio A. Anthony Diaz. Popular en Arts General. Flor Cabrera. Michael Jaime. Anonymous b1OlgM8F. Ricardo Guevara. Eddynho Jr Santos. Diego Wong. Javier HO. Los carteles su historia y su lenguaje - John Barnicoat. Eliseo Linares Villanueva. Luis Salas. Mohamed Hadad. Michelle Quezada Saybe. Desarrollo de la Perspectiva Militar.

Venus Vaquera. Ernie Agosto - Enie's Journey. Luigi Texidor [] - Sabroso. Archivo del blog Archivo del blog septiembre 13 octubre 23 junio 29 febrero 85 marzo 47 noviembre 66 diciembre enero febrero 50 marzo 59 abril 91 mayo 54 junio 40 julio 50 agosto 80 septiembre LP octubre 79 noviembre 69 diciembre 50 enero 66 febrero 55 marzo 66 abril 65 mayo 80 junio 57 julio 96 agosto 72 septiembre 99 octubre 69 noviembre 93 diciembre enero febrero marzo 59 abril 48 mayo junio 53 julio 73 agosto 65 septiembre 43 octubre 32 noviembre 48 diciembre 27 enero 19 febrero 12 abril 7 marzo 20 febrero 1 abril Album) agosto 23 septiembre Let's Eat!

Anabacoa 1 Orq. La Solucion 1 ORQ. Salsa Dura Vol 2 []. Luigi Texidor [] - The Best. Ray Martinez Y Su Sabor Criollo - Sabor Criollo (Vinyl Texidor [] - El Negrito del Sabor. Ernie Agosto - Enie's Journey. Luigi Texidor [] - Sabroso. Obama affably agreed to most of the requests, including those of Panama's tourism minister and actor Ruben Blades, and Caribbean leaders who used a joint photo session with him to also ask for individual snaps.

Some were pushier -- and better prepared -- than others. That was the case of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who had his official photographer on hand to catch a handshake he shared with Obama at the summit's start on Friday.

God bless him and we thank him for all the joy he gave us. The novel is slated for publication in The author's memoir, set to emerge LP year later, will reportedly include anecdotes from encounters with the likes of American rocker Lou Reed and Panamanian entertainer, attorney and politician Ruben Blades.

With the publication of Mambo Kings inHijuelos, who was born in New York to Cuban immigrants, became the first Hispanic author to win the coveted Pulitzer Prize for fiction. The story later inspired a feature film starring Armand Assante and Antonio Banderas, as well as a stage musical performed in New York. Ives' Christmas and Empress of the Splendid Season. Me gusta mucho Jorge Luis Borges. Me gusta mucho Albert Camus".

These books and authors at amazon. Today gives Travel Tips and a Tour. Brown awarded highly acclaimed Panamanian musician, actor, and political figure Ruben Blades with an honorary doctorate of music degree during a tribute concert for him Tuesday, November 1, at p. The musical Album) featured students and talented faculty Ray Martinez Y Su Sabor Criollo - Sabor Criollo (Vinyl Mili Bermejo, Ernesto Diaz, and Mikael Ringquist under the direction of Associate Professor Eguie Castrillo, also on timbales.

Each recipient is a musical innovator who possesses a unique style of songwriting genius, which will enrich generations to come. With pages at YouTube and MySpace.

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  1. Oct 30,  · Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Sabor Criollo: Serie Platino - Ray Martinez on AllMusic -

  2. Ray Martínez, con su conjunto Sabor blueskyservices.bizínez luce un historial rico en el mundo de la salsa, como que ha participado en grabaciones y actuaciones personales de grandes figuras del género, así como también tiene en su haber incursiones como Director, como lo fuera con su “Conjunto Típico Criollo” allá por los 80’s, y más.

  3. Salsa mayor: - Sabor criollo - Ray martinez. Salsa, somos salseros reconocidos en el mundo entero (Este Blog Cultural esta dedicado a todas la mujeres del mundo y en particular a todas mis amigas) Para todo el interesado en la musica latina le presento una muestra de la cultura propia del caribe que ya es patrimonio de la humanidad.

  4. Sell This Version. TNP Ray Martinez (7) Ray Martinez' Legacy ‎ (CD, Album) Tropical Note Productions, Inc. TNP


  6. Aug 04,  · Ray Martinez. Alto nivel Martínez luce un historial rico en el mundo de la salsa, como que ha participado en grabaciones y actuaciones personales de grandes figuras del género, así como también tiene en su haber incursiones como Director, como lo fuera con su “Conjunto Típico Criollo” allá por los 80’s, y más recientemente con “Legacy” su agrupación .

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