Somewhere - Van McCoy - And His Magnificent Movie Machine (Vinyl, LP, Album)

And it has the power to make you think of Wuthering Heights. That was a strange, strange night: I met someone who was a ghost, or might as well have been. Poison-flavored bubblegum.

No kid who grew up white, Midwestern, and radio-fixated in the s is without some feeling about this record. You hate it or you love it, or you just shiver when you hear it. Loathsome schizo wanders the impeccable rooms of his suburban Houston home and plots gruesome acts, turns them into twanging, dissonant, tuneless, endless songs. Scares hell out of anyone who has sense enough to not listen to too much of it at once. This is the Devil coming through. I walked 47 miles of barbedwire, use a cobrasnake for a necktie Got a brandnew house by the roadside made from rattlesnake hide Got a brandnew chimney made on top made from a human skull.

This is the only record on my list of ghastlies that is sexy and scary both — and probably the only one that wants to be both. That makes it perverse. And that perversity wins Ronnie the right to say he understands, to claim that he has gone all the way there and returned to tell the story, that he reached his hand into the very fires of the deepest pit and will show you the burn.

The night was black and the moon was blue And down the alley an icewagon flew Bump was hit lord and somebody screamed You should a heard just what I seen. This song features one of the great unanswerable non-sequiturs in modern art, up there with I am the Walrus and Mein Feuhrer, I can walk!! God, this is so quiet. So, so, so quiet. Because I knew the song was going to rear up, that it was coming to get me.

First in the middle eight, So LP years I was searching — one of the simplest and most powerful stretches of music and lyric George Harrison ever wrote — and finally at the climax, when haunted electronics surge upward from the wires and circuits like buried evil at the end of Five Million Years to Earthand George opens his mouth to release a sound so unearthly, so —.

Here she speaks for herself in extended shrieks and low drawn-out groans, with composer Henry Cowell as medium. Set amid the futurisms and constructivisms of the Folkways LP Sounds of New Music — which features such avant-garde curios as Soviet LP for power station and steel foundry — this piece of primitive horror protrudes like a gnarled finger. Frizzell never goes above or below a pitch and energy that are dazed, oddly serene, the crooning equivalent of a whisper, as if he truly is the ghost he claims to be.

Behind him, a dobro cries: the banshee is loose again. Stories like this — this must be where banshees come from. You may have experienced the Niles wail as a sudden hot quiver in your nerve center, and felt, as I did for just a second, that no one had ever made a sound remotely so frightening. You may then have rushed, as I did, to hear more by this man.

You may never forget, as I will not, the sound of the voice I wonder the sound as I of the banshee wandahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I trolled the net and the record catalogs to grab every version I could find.

A few were good, most were okay, many were interchangeable — same drone, same bonnie lass enunciating cold and clear across an Irish spring. A woman was singing, accompanied by a harp. The voice was that of a trained professional, deliberate, crystalline, almost unnaturally high — not in pitch but in ethereal location: it seemed to be of the sky, not merely aimed at it.

The harp rang, well, like a harp. I guessed the piece had to date from the s, or even earlier: clearly the recording had been subjected to many audio strippings and sandings, many rounds of noise reduction. And here it was, whittled down to some exquisite essence of sound, some spirit of music — primitive, without physicality, without body. It was all air, feeling, light, atmosphere. I swore I even heard the twittering of birds over the music. I sat there bewildered, trembling, not believing.

Nonetheless I did some back-clicking and got to the source of the thing. What I found was a website devoted to a Toronto woman named Menya Wolfe. Diagnosed with breast cancer inshe had begun an e-mail support group for cancer patients to share information and experiences — a common enough thing now, but not then.

The group grew to a membership of Menya Wolfe began treatment for her illness, which was of an especially rare and inflammatory type. And she went away from me and moved through the fair and fondly I watched her move here and move there And then she went onward, just one star awake like the swan in the evening moves over the lake. Last night she came to me, my dead love came in So softly she came that her feet made no din And she laid her hand on me, and this she did say Oh, it will not be long, love, till our wedding day.

The moral of the story would seem to be that when genius fails, it always sounds worse than when mediocrity succeeds. Which should give the rest of us hope. Somebody or nobody, obscurity or superstar, they all sound amazingly, nay staggeringly similar to their common avatar. Was I wrong — Parsons would come in maybe 15th behind some of these others.

Demonstrating that sequels can sometimes be worth it, Spectre II is actually the better of the two compilations; to list its highlights would be, virtually, to transcribe the tracklist.

The worst any of it will do is turn your finger green. You can imagine the rest. Dreamy synthesizer ode, languid, tragically limp, pure marshmallow, lyrics that grew more cryptic the more you tried to make sense of them. Far worse than even disco to the homophobic rockist, since disco was at least steeped in acceptable blackness.

But guess what? You grow up and discover that the kid version of you knew more than you used to think it did. Kid version knew that not only reality is real. Our insides are there too, and pain in the heart hurts a lot longer than a punch in the face.

One of those weather-music memories you enjoy revisiting; a moment you can imagine being happy inside forever. Hit some keyboard strokes and knew the truth. Time Out of Mind was not, as comeback hype had it, the end of the world or even of music as we knew it, but it outclassed any all-new Dylan album in recent memory by having not just one tune for the ages, but three or four. Modern Times lacks a single great lament, a single undeniable time-stopping rocker, a single anything that might force people to reprogram and reburn their personal Best of Bob Dylan discs.

Lyrical themes are familiar, with epiphanies of wisdom, acceptance, mortality etc. Proficient musicianship, vest-close vocalisms, squarish melodies that never break right or bolt the horizon.

Nothing wild or upsetting. Can I really scoop five minutes from my life to search out a song that was, after all, only the preferable member of a pretty dull cohort? Dylan has produced himself here, and he does a perfectly nice job, full of tweaks and clarities and vaguely Lanoisian cushions. Nothing wraps itself shroudlike around the mind. Nothing steals in to snatch the heart. What do I want from Dylan?

I want inspiration every time out. I want dazzlement, delirium, desire, death. I want to be shocked for real. You can see a Dylan song coming out of the encounter, as the two go over songs, spin yarns, exchange flirtations. Good clean fun. I wonder if they got it on. And the guys in back are unusually assertive for supporting players: even when they hum or go oooohhh, they do it emphatically, almost desperately.

The ubiquitous strings come close to screaming, and rough production maintains the grain. All components feel heightened and just slightly raw. Pure Oxford Street psychedelia, UK all the way. Not bad, I say, but on its way to the sticky and oversweet, like cider gone ripe. Play it safe. Cleveland Beatles. Punchy drums, beaucoup Rickenbacker. Good rough nightclub sound, bar-band sound, full of chunks and thunks. Gets monotonous, though. Drink beer while it plays. Have friends over.

Throw a party. Everyone get smashed. Then it sounds just right. Or have they? Redding did a really, really nice job on the song, scratchy and sad. Fronted by a laconic count-in and with an acoustic guitar up in the mix, his version sounds like what might exemplify a soul version of Rubber Soul. And besides, maybe The Dock of the Bay Somewhere - Van McCoy - And His Magnificent Movie Machine (Vinyl that album. There was also an instrumental version by Booker T. Great horn blurts and the busy-bodying of an unknown second vocalist put the points on a great piece of lost soul.

They do it up as a real duet, with interplay that never quits. Production-wise the tune is tweaked into ideal form, with tempo just slightly slowed from the original and energy building by the verse. Their thousand-and-one calls, responses, and interjections are completely spontaneous, yet have the accidental perfection of little destinies. They shout up the alley and holler through the house and raise a general ruckus. Share on linkedin. May 12, No Comments. April 18, 1 Comment.

July 12, No Comments. April 25, No Comments. April 12, No Comments. Any record label still going strong after 45 years in business must surely be doing something right.

Presented with a neat 24 page booklet, with notes by Bruce Iglauer, and a brief profile on each artist, this 2CD for the price of one is a superb opportunity to catch up on some fabulous music from a great label. Being naturally resistant to easy categorisation, he soon set out to explore his wider musical interests but returned to the label in to record his Gone Away Backward album. This is the follow-up to this album and a better collection of special songs, all beautifully played and produced, you are unlikely to hear all year.

Using producer Steve Albini, better known for his work with avant-rock acts, is evidence of this, and Albini does a remarkable job of unifying a hand-picked and diverse mix of classy and experienced musicians to deliver the goods here. Ultimately however it is very much Fulks and his superior collection of songs that make this such a glorious album.

Of the rest, they vary from the ultra-traditional bluegrass fieldrecording sound on America Is A Hard Religion, features just Fulks own banjo accompaniment to his expressive vocals, to the sweet soulful pop sounds of Sweet As Sweet Comes.

Lyrically, these songs all pay witness to Fulks highly developed literate and articulate sensibilities, telling stories and expressing emotions which few other songwriters of any genre can get near.

This capability is at its most cutting on the sad and sombre Never Come Home and in the heart-breaking sentiments expressed in Needed, a marvellously subdued piece that cuts to the bone each and every time it is heard.

A magnificent album from start to finish. Get it now, we are sure you will agree. Thankfully, the good folk at Electro-fi have recently rediscovered the tapes and this now allows us to enjoy a rather marvellous live set from a tremendous blues guitarist at the height of his powers but at a point in his career where a fuller and proper recognition of his extra-ordinary talents had yet to materialise. For this label, Brown went on to release a series of successful solo albums in his own name and starred as guest guitarist on albums for the label by his friend Snooky Pryor.

The ten tracks included here consist of a few Brown originals in amongst versions of classics and standards, each providing a launch pad for Brown, Freeman and the band to stretch out and play their blues in their own way.

And, if you thought Jimi Hendrix had the last word on Hey Joe, tune in here to the 11 minute closer to this album. A thunderously stirring live album and a must-have for lovers of excellently played and presented electric blues guitar.

For more reviews, go to page A 12 track solo album from keyboard player with jazz fusion group, Tribal Funk. Back in print after quite a time unavailable. Re-issue of her Mercury album, plus 13 bonus tracks including some of her biggest hits of the period. Follow up to the acclaimed release of The Fame Recordings CDCHDthis features 24 more impressive many previously unreleased recordings from one of the greatest songwriters in the history of popular music.

Better known for writing the hits recorded by others, this includes his own performances of his own fabulous songs. While the recognisability level of the titles is lower than on the first volume, this again goes to prove that no-one sings Dan Penn like Dan Penn himself! Back in print, newly re-packaged in a jewel case with full liner notes.

The booklet features 12, words of notes, including a commentary on every track. This set includes the restoration of material edited out of the original LPs and a nice booklet. Three excellent albums from the late s from talented and popular folk and blues singer. Three midos albums from renowned jazz vibraphonist, all re-mastered and with extensive new notes. The bonus tracks entire performance at the University Of Toronto on 29th May recorded for CBC broadcast, featuring mostly tracks from the first Our postage and packing rates are included on page 9 and on two albums by the electric folk duo, plus others from their then our website - any queries however please ask.

Includes 37 songs lection. New nine track much invoked here. A 14 track overview of the first decade of recording from New CDs Pages one of the UK best and favourite, albeit turbulent, jazzmen. A perfect introducRed Lick Records Ltd. Releases A collection of songs celebrating one ever.

Sensational music plus a nice booklet with notes that in- of the most inspirational and essential musicians of the twenticlude full recording session and personnel details. A 55 track compilation of all recordings for the Swan label Rickie Lee Jones and more. Thirteen tracks recorded in by legendary Dixieland the label.

The biggest project to date A great value 58 track collection of influential country singer from Belgrade-born, Memphis-based blues-rock singer, guitarist -songwriter featuring both sides of all his hits for Columbia, MGM and songwriter. Cody Dickinson and more. Highly -anticipated first full length album from impassioned singersongwriter fusing together blues, soul, roots and rock music.

New album from Malian musician best known as a master of tamani the original talking drum but also adept on a range of other instruments and as a singer. The famed West Coast blues singer and guitarist recorded this album in in Hollywood with the fabulous Phillip Walker band to substantial critical acclaim. What this means for availability going forward is hard to say, so if you want it, get your order in now!

New album on high quality vinyl. New album from the leading light of the US counter country scene, voted as Americana album of the month recently by Mojo magazine. A new album from a popular blues rock ensemble, showcasing the both sides of their appeal. A feature-length documentary telling the tale of how Austin, Texas grew into one of the live music capitals of the world, dating from the s to the present day.

This riveting story builds to a climax as the storyline weaves its way towards an all-star live concert in in front of 20, people. Seventh album for the label from multi-instrumentalist folk musician from Ontario.

Debut album from British indie-blues band who have been getting rave reviews in the blues press for this release. Re-promotion of a solo live piano performance from Stan Tracey issued here for the first time on CD, plus the bonus of the second set of the night - a previously unissued performance of Stan improvising alongside alto saxophonist Mike Osborne. Two classic albums from on which Nancy superbly joined the dots between pop, soul and jazz singing. Two LP of attractive adult-oriented pop singing, featuring the talents of highly rated West Coast jazz musicians including Shelly Manne and Ted Nash and the musical direction of both Billy May and Oliver Nelson.

The subscription year started with the previous catalogue and will run until next April. For customers who want to continue to receive the printed version each time it is issued, you will need to ensure your subscription is in place - for full details on how to do this, see page 9. New album from folk singer who has supported artists such as Emmylou Harris, Loudon Wainwright III, Richie Havens and others, this is a haunting set of songs that includes a string section that features renowned cellist, Dave Eggar.

Includes exclusive interviews, rare footage, archive performances and more. Easy as that. New 11 track album from weathered American roots, blues and folk singersongwriter.

Another chance to hear his sublime resonator guitar and expressive voice across a pleasingly varied mix of musical styles. Tracks from recent albums compiled here by way of a European introduction to a Tulsa singer-songwriter who slips comfortably between acoustic blues, old-time country and grass-roots folk. New album from onetime Dire Straits bassist, his sixth solo studio album featuring his distinctive voice, guitars and bass on eight new tracks. While it happens to be raining as I write this note, we all know that a long, hot summer is just around the corner and that we will all, at some point, be packing the bucket and spade and heading off for the beach somewhere.

While we are likely therefore to be around for much of the holiday period, we do intend to work a little more flexibly during late July and early August. Specifically, after the middle of July, we will be looking to commit fewer days and shorter days to the manning of the telephone to take telephone orders and answer general enquiries. If you do normally order via the telephone and find yourself looking to order at a time when we are not there, you can either leave a message or you can ring back when convenient when we are not in attendance, the voicemail message will always advise as to when we will next be available to take telephone orders.

Alternatively, you can of course email your order, place it via the website or send via the post. We will of course be there much of the time working as normal, but we will be taking some opportunities as they arise to have a summer outside of the Lickery. New studio album from South African blues rock guitarist whose profile recently rocketed with as support act on a Joe Satriani tour. Includes fabulous Calypso recordings from between summer, supporting King King before his own headline UK tour.

Includes seven original albums plus soundtrack albums from some notch blues musicians. Captured in conset 15 Original Albums A whole collection of writer and harmonica player on home territory.

A fabulous document of the recordartwork and packaging and new liner notes ed career of one of the most important Ameriby author Dick Porter. High quality vinyl edition of the new Of A Legend. A full 20 original albums from issue. Nice mix of Gypsy-jazz guitar genius, including many originals and standards, including a version classics and an excellent supporting cast of of a composition by John Lewis of the Modmusicians including Stephane Grappelli, of course.

Fabulous studio recordings Eddy, The Tornados and plenty more. Newly revised version of the documentary that was produced to co-incide with the album, based around the two studio sessions and three live shows that made up the project of re-imagining their back catalogue by presenting pared back versions plus a few new covers.

All eight albums as a bandleader during these years from exemplary alto saxophonist also featuring the talents of Art Blakey, Horace Silver, Donald Byrd, Jimmy Smith and more. The plete Albums Collection As Albums Collection Eight full well as the documentary DVD and CD of highlights, this albums from esteemed jazz trumpeter as includes three complete and previously unreleased full he stepped into the solo spotlight after length concerts on individual DVDs.

In Movement. Adventurous new trio from one-time John Coltrane Re-promotion of this re-mastered edition of the album that sideman, featuring some excellent covers and heart-felt tributes combined the sizable talents of former Cream bassist, Jack to Rashied Ali, Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Garrison and Maurice White. A return from Mountain. First solo album for label guitarist and vocalist, John Fiddler. The original nine tracks, plus from Italian jazz pianist who also contributes gongs, cymbals, two bonus tracks also feature a variety of guest contributors, bells and more on this quiet and thoughtful set.

New Feltham and more. Our postage and packing rates are included on page 9 and on our website - any queries however please ask. ReRoad Again, Live and Live Communication, plus bonus record- mastered and expanded edition of album, including two ings.

The flexible array of involved musicians include Mark newly recorded bonus tracks. Energetic and version with five bonus tracks of album from British proforceful Finnish singer-songwriter and renowned burlesque gressive blues band originally known as the Bakerloo Blues Line.

And with a hot band to boot! All Night. The complete time rock and roll. This edition tributes some of the mean guitar playing on offer here. Long lost live recordings Jerome Kern Songbooks. Two early s from Ontario re-surface to remind us of the superb talents of albums plus two bonus tracks not included on the Mississippi guitar legend.

The 10 tracks also re-acquaint Brown original releases. Read our Philly Joe Jones. A fine 39 track releases from white artists. The concert included just one track, ney Bechet, Teddy Bunn and others. One Beer and more.

Favourite son of Texas with two albums on the first CD, being a studio album from and a live set from the early s.

Live recordings from Chicago inNew York in and Dallas in Captured live in sweaty London clubs on amateur tape recording equipment, these recordings have recently been acquired by Mayall and lovingly restored to present us now with a fabulous insight into a musical history in the making.

Promising young Americana troubadour with a new track album of soulful and evocative self-penned songs. New album from Austin-based singer-songwriter who first came to prominence writing songs for and with the Fabulous Thunderbirds and Stevie Ray Vaughan and whose songs have since been covered by Waylon Jennings, John Mayall, Ruth Brown and Robert Palmer among others. The new album on high quality vinyl. Includes and albums from Dexter Gordon-influenced tenor saxman for Catalyst Records.

As part of this special package, the CD is also accompanied by a DVD that includes eleven beautifully-produced mini documentaries profiling the musicians featured herein. New album of uncluttered and totally compelling Americana. Maybe his best recordings to date. A live radio broadcast from the re-formed band captured in Atlanta, Georgia in August Debut album from powerful soul blues singer, recorded after moving back to her UK homeland after a successful series of television and live concert performances in the southern states of America.

A deluxe edition of a classic jazz album, featuring stereo and mono editions presented in a book format, also featuring the following albums Time Further Out and Countdown - Time On Outer Space. A new set of vibrant originals from veteran Georgian blues rocker, following on from the critically-acclaimed Tough Love HFM Excellent sounding set of some of his most enduring compositions recorded for broadcast on CBC radio.

The Songs Of Otis Blackwell. His rare album full of hugely influential guitar instrumentals plus plus 12 bonus tracks, many of them hard-to-find rarities. Two superb country albums plus 6 bonus tracks. The first CD features a nice overview of the recorded career of a much-overlooked band that variously incorporated pop, rock, blues, skiffle and more into their unique sound as represented here in their massive hit, In The Summertime.

The second CD includes a complete new album. Re-issue of a set from the American free jazz piano legend as captured live at the Jazzfestival Willisau in Switzerland on 3rd September Intriguing band of four musicians and female singer who like to mess with our minds by transforming music originally crafted by and for pop and rock music lovers into swing band music of the s and s.

This time they turn their attentions to The Beatles and present their versions of 13 Fab Four classics. His Very Best A fabulous set. Those Unissued Juke Box Tracks. Includes two sessions from hot jazz trumpet player from the mids. New Orleans marching band music, recorded mostly in plus a few bonus tracks from High quality vinyl edition of the new album. Turn your unwanted CDs, Vinyl and DVDs into useful credit against future purchases - or exchange them now for something new for your collection.

Contact us with your list. A sensational tracks of prime rocking blues guitar from the West Coast. Read our review on page Most of these sides have not been reissued since they were first released on singles and albums. Legendary New Orleans jazz alto and others. Contains tracks from two sets at the Palomino 28th June Club during their short-lived Flyte collaboration. Super performance recorded for FM radio broadband during their hey-day.

Stunning live perfor A rare live concert together. Tramp, and many more. Believed to be his first ever compilation on CD of his work. A series of tracks recorded live on tour over the last year or so featuring 16 versions of songs taken from his extensive back catalogue.

A delayed UK release for an album recorded and released elsewhere in and already a Blues Music Award winner. Fiddler Fletcher Bright and banjo ace Bill Evans on a set of well-known and obscure traditional bluegrass songs, with a few more recent tunes thrown in for good measure. Includes contributions from Norman and Nancy Blake. Audio version of concert performance previously only available on video DVD EREDVthis includes 13 tracks from a tour promoting the Kin albumvoted by readers of Down Beat magazine as jazz album of the year.

Final studio album from New Orleans legend completed just prior to his sad passing in November Twelve tracks shared between them plus a post-show interview with Buddy Guy. Features two albums from popular jazz alto saxophonist plus rockers Johnny B Goode, Bony Moronie, etc. Soundtrack album to a cult documentary film pre- ings focussed mostly on his love of early New Orleans jazz, senting the story of emergent radical country artists rejecting the including the vocals of Ottilie Patterson on a handful of sides.

New collaboration between original soul classics featuring Sam musicians who first bonded over a mutual love Cooke, Dee Dee Sharp, Baby Washingof folk and blues and who have remained ton, Etta James, Ray Charles, Tommy friends ever since.

British Jazz, and multiple winner of Best LP This was a way of the label showcasing Vocalist at the annual British Jazz Awards, joins forces with The Godfather of Swing and some revered the marvellous range of talent on its roster in the late s and early s and includes great sides from Bill Evans, Thelonious musicians from the British jazz scene on an enervating set of 13 Monk, Wes Montgomery, Johnny Griffin, Bobby Timmons, Max standards.

Roach, Art Blakey, Wynton Kelly and many more. Famous early guitarist John Schofield. A compelling recordings fromas exciting as ever. A 13 track genres and generations. Includes 10 tracks that feature intriguing homage to a city that he loved so well. New re-issues from Grammy-award winning jazz saxophonist, this album from British blues-rock guitarist, with an enhanced focus covers the years to and includes ten incredible performances from concerts in London, Pori, Marseille, Prague, Paris, here on his increasingly confident vocals.

Boston and more. Tasteful and impressive sounds from a band who have been recording for over 60 years! Grammy-winning album featuring traditional hymns and covers of songs by Curtis Mayfield, Jimmy Cliff, Stevie Wonder and more. Revered Beat Generation poet in singer-songwriter mode recorded in but not released until as First Blues featuring cameos from Bob Dylan, Don Cherry, Arthur Russell and others.

This edition includes eleven previously un-issued performances from and plus a full colour page booklet. A new album from rising Americana band led by the talented singer-songwriter, Amanda Platt. Already a big draw on the American festival circuit, the band has recently benefitted big-time from opening for the Tedeschi Trucks Band.

Debut album from a trio that has been heavily involved in the burgeoning Norwegian jazz scene for over 15 years. This includes the complete Verve album that featured the only recorded collaboration between brilliant vibes player, arranger and conductor and jazz piano genius.

All existing small group studio collaborations recorded between and featuring jazz legends Ben Webster tenor sax and Johnny Hodges alto sax. Two complete small group albums for Verve from plus fifteen bonus tracks from the same period and a detailed 20 page booklet.

This set comes with a nice 16 page booklet. Expanded edition of classic Atlantic album, adding 13 bonus tracks recorded between and that share the thematic unity of the original 6 tracks even though the supporting cast of musicians changes quite a bit.

Includes a nice 16 page booklet. The original Blue Note classic album plus material subsequently released on volumes 2 and 3. This edition also includes two bonus live performances from the same period plus a 12 page booklet. This includes 12 tracks, including new original from Eric himself.

Hi-quality vinyl edition of the new album. These performances have long been country singer-songwriter, equally at home on lush ballads, heart- sought after as bootlegs by Dead-Heads, now receiving their firstfelt gospel sides and comedy numbers ever official release. Classic Eric Clapton And Guests: Crossroads Revisearly blues sides from a true original and inspiration for the suc- ited. Featured artists include Andre leen Rennison.

New album from Recordings. Twenty tracks from popular Merseybeat band blues-rock super-group featuring Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Ste- captured between and High quality vinyl and covers of some of his favourite numbers.

This In Amsterdam. Excellent mix of souththreatening illness. In Amsterdam. Anticipated new track deluxe gatefold sleeve and download studio album re-uniting the revered early line-up, code to access a digital version of playing together for the first time in 45 years since the the concert. Run- tion! New concert on video DVD. This special scenes. Nine live sides from cult German blues rock Memories. New album from leading lights of the current wave of band, including versions of Dust My Broom and Hey Joe among traditional bluegrass bands, this features 12 new religious songs their own original material.

Label debut bay musical traditions on 22 tracks. An enjoyable hour of your from brothers, Jack Torrey and Page Burkum, who enlisted the time to be shared with two distinctive groups from Cat Island, full production help of JD McPherson, in making a lovely country and of joyous accordion, scraped saw and goatskin drum. Americana album full of sublime harmonies. Read our review at www. Superb hot jazz from influential band, Vega, Diana Jones, Lucy Kaplansky, Richard Julian, John Gorka, at differing times featuring the talents of many future jazz legends.

Andrew Rose Gregory and more including contributions from Jack Hardy himself. Seventh studio album from bluesman with a large live following.

This features a set of cover versions played at gigs of various blues standards along with some pop and rock tunes given his unique blues make-over. Held by fans to be one of the greatest live albums ever, this track live set has now been re-formatted and remastered to sound even better than before. A deluxe digi-pack version to accompany the above, this includes performances from four different concerts on the tour, in both Los Angeles and London, with the video DVD featuring a 9 track live concert performance from the Rainbow Theatre on 24th July Fabulous stripped-down Louisiana swamp blues album first Album) by Excello inwith Lazy Lester or Slim Harpo handling most of the supporting harmonica duties.

This edition includes 12 bonus tracks from the same period plus a 16 page booklet. The Vee-Jay album and a bit of a departure as his distinctive boogie sound ventures into early sixties soul. This includes 10 bonus tracks from the same period. Debut album from traditional folk-singer and versatile multi-instrumentalist from Yorkshire. Surviving original hard-bop jazz pianist now working with and inspiring a new generation of musician.

This new album features a winning mix of old and new compositions, presented by a new sextet. New album recorded at Fame Studios in Muscle Shoals by experienced band of musicians expertly merging acoustic and electric Mississippi and Tennessee delta blues, southern rockabilly and other roots sounds. New album of deep Voliume 1. They first came to This album features Duke prominence when appearing as a part of Joe Robillard on guitar and B. Blues Challenge and these ten tracks ought to go some way to spreading the word.

A fantastic collaboration between harmonica player mance from within the walls of Oregon State Penitentiary by and guitarist who share a love for post-war blues.

Great playing, Grateful Dead front-man. This includes some nice standards and well chosen material and rather fine vocals, plus a few ska-based covers alongside versions of solo songs and some Grateful Dead numbers to present their wider musicality and flexibility. A very favourites. Re-issue of August. Unreleased studio recordings Clarence Carter: Patches. Swiss radio. Ten tracks in all. A mid-priced treat! The Mind. A new album from award-winning band who deliver Ray Charles: Yes Indeed!

Volumes 1 - 5 of the legendary Motown Chartbusters albums presented together for the first time. LP Thelonious Monk: in Italy. An informal and personal presentation that also incorporates a number of performances filmed in small venues and clubs.

Mike Wheeler: Turn It Up! Delmark Pianopounding and powerful singing recorded live on a hot night in Greece. A fantastic collection of the very best evangelical singers and guitarists to ever record, including the long-revered and lesserknown artists alike.

This high quality vinyl edition comes with a free download card to access digital versions of these and other tracks. Anticipated new nine track album of freshly-minted compositions from immense singersongwriter from the Louisiana swamps who rose to fame years ago with Polk Salad Annie and Rainy Night In Georgia.

With 11 impassioned new songs. Nine new songs featuring their unique blend of folk, country, rock and soul. Taken from footage album of jazz and popular music standards from half-Cuban, New captured at four concerts from the tour, this includes interviews York born vocalist, on CD here for the first time.

If you have already made a reservation by phone, please quote the order number. When ordering used and bargain priced items, please quote our stock number in the left hand column with the artist and title. For new stuff, please quote the label, item code, artist and title.

We have single copies only of many of the used items we list and they sell out very quickly. Giving alternative choices will help avoid disappointment but, if paying by cheque, please make sure you allow enough to cover the cost of alternatives if they cost more. We always send your first choices if they are available. New items should be in stock either here or at our various distributors but, as you might expect with the specialised music we deal in, titles can be deleted or go out of print without warning.

Temporary interruption in supplies may be for just a few days or even weeks but we will always inform you if there is a problem. Song for a carnival Tony Matterhorn — Dutty wine. Posted by Mustard Bomb at No comments:.

Unlikely as it sounds, Gentle Reader, I too make mistakes. Think again. The recordings are about as far from remastered as you can get - volume levels all over the shop, enormous amounts of silence before and after tracks, and some audio so insultingly poor your ears will weep to hear it. Furthermore, each CD is barely half full, so the whole selection takes up twice as much room as it should - assuming it were any good. Which leads to the packaging - ten discs - two inlay pictures, one set of sleeve notes.

Yes - the same sleeve notes in every case. And no production information on anything. Frankly, this stinks of bootleg, and not in a good way. But all is not lost. If your CD rack is bowing under the weight of this great stool of a CD, it is still possible to make a passable playlist. Allow me to oblige. Friday, 3 July Pernuptial Diversion. Or, Music to get Married by. Yes, there was a Spider-Man theme, of sorts. No, Tim Sale did not provide the artwork.

Friday, 17 April Chasing the Big Ones. No more will this stand! Since yore have we eked out meagre subsistence from biscuits and Vaseline, but is this fair damnation for us fine folk of reason? The time is apposite: our chests are kindled with fire, and our minds are filled with myrrh. So, hold, enough! Bring fair Birnam Wood to Dunsinane, throw our warlike shields before our bodies and arrest any fellow who dare deny our Fanta and Alka-Seltzer.

Indeed — for as they say, those not part of the solution are part of the problem, and the dogs and jackals will feast on their bones and purr, yes purr, as they digest their gristly knuckles and wiry entrails. So, without further ado, give us liberty and stew! Wrap it up, barbecue and serve with reverence and fries. Saturday, 22 November Jump - Stomp - Clap. Elvis Presley Hound dog. Although I thought this one would be quick to toss offit was actually long and hardand frankly took an age to come out right.

In all honesty, my focus was flagging at times, but, by thinking of you, I managed to keep it up long enough to go the distance. It was then just a question of blowing my wad at the Post Office and waiting for the postman to ease my small packet through your mailbox.

I hope this compilation will bring you off the path more trodden, and open your eyes to new experiences. Klaus Wunderlich Tuxedo junction. The following is based on a true story, or more precisely, Wikipedia. That's almost as good as fact, isn't it? It stiffed when the other two quit. They fused dancehall reggae and hip hop to show that having Jamaican roots is OK.

All the same, KRS dissed it with a bunch of songs, eventually giving Shan a right good licking on stage. Criminal Minded set the stage for what would eventually become gangsta rap.

Thanksgiving Day - Do As Infinity - Gates Of Heaven (CD, Album), Rich Kids - The Victims (3) - Destitute: The Lost 1977 Demo (Vinyl), Pressed Piano - The Duke Of Burlington - The Pressed Piano: A Revolution In Sound (Vinyl, LP), Dont Fake This - Chevelle (2) - Wonder Whats Next (Vinyl, LP, Album), Preussens Gloria - Vienna Police Band*, Hans Ahninger - Forward - March (Vorwärts Marsch) (Vinyl, LP, Stick To Your Guns - Wild Dogs - Live At Starry Night 1987 (DVD), Nasty Sex - La Revolución De Emiliano Zapata - La Revolución De Emiliano Zapata (Vinyl, LP), Travels Over Black Earth - Dirk Mont Campbell* - Music From A Round Tower (CD, Album), Chloe - The Delta Rhythm Boys - Negro Spirituals 1 (Vinyl), Human Disorder - Ugly Modern Aggression (CD, Album)

April 12, No Comments. January 11, No Comments. October 18, No Comments. Bethlehem Records: Post-Syd Syd Nathan ended up acquiring jazz label, Bethlehem Records, in a series of strategic moves over the course of years — so when exactly can Syd Nathan take credit for shaping the music released on that label? September 17, No Comments. September 12, No Comments. September 7, No Comments. Stories History Songs Artist and More….

Music captured by Brunswick Records in the St James Hotel, taking in a diverse array of music, embracing old-time country, blues, hot dance, Appalachian folk, songsters, ragtime and more. Presented in a deluxe package, this includes an extensive hardcover LP sized book full of essays, photos and biographical and discographical info. A tremendous page booklet comes with a wealth of info and photos. And a page booklet! Plus a deluxe page book.

This has a mind-blowing tracks including over previously unheard versions of songs, false starts, studio chatter and moreincluding both stereo and mono versions, plus two comprehensive hardbound books full of discography, commentary and photos. Years in the making; a monumental achievement. Two blues-inspired classic albums Mid 60s rocking country.

Two early s albums from southern-boogie rockers. Mids country albums for Mercury. Two early s Reprise albums from innovative guitarist. Mid 60s Decca albums. King: L. Three re-mastered s Reprise albums from iconic New Orleans singer, songwriter, producer and pianist.

Excellent notes. Two country music albums for Mercury from and King: Lucille. Final recordings from of little-known bluesman recorded with Johnny and Shuggie Otis. The English Country Blues. Second Jimmy Reed tribute, with harp-player Gary Primich shining. Mostly acoustic album with Omar on vocals and guitar and Fingers Taylor on harp.

Son of Robert Wilkins. Debut album from 82 year-old North Mississippi Hill country gospel evangelist. Electric juke joint boogie, solo acoustic bottleneck guitar and ragged vocals. Leo with another set of winning North Mississippi hill country blues stylings. Country blues, soulful pop, classy song-writing and more. Two great rockabilly albums recorded in the s by original fifties American rockabilly legend.

Includes 6 bonus tracks. The second album has Albert Lee on guitar. Revered roots slide guitarist, with a set of 10 mostly acoustic tracks. Contemporary country blues singer and guitarist on album with 2 bonus tracks.

From Turtle Island. British blues-rock slide guitarist in a power trio format. Includes duet with Eric Bibb. Hutto, Floyd Jones, J. This originally kicked off the series, followed by the regional sets, without duplications above.

Stripped down acoustic live set from Sausalito. Great songs and superb voice. Previously unreleased studio album and live material from Includes the album plus a second disc, Live At Ludlow Garage. Claude Jeter. Another great collection of superlative finger-picked guitar instrumentals.

A gem on vinyl, now with extra tracks!! Full colour booklet. A fascinating curiosity. Lots of studio chatter and interview. CD2 is a live set. Career overview of a band that mixed country rock influences Gram Parsons, Byrds, Flying Burrito Brothers with a harder punk edge. Booklet includes track by track breakdown by band leader, Sid Griffin. Deluxe edition of successful collaborative album, with a bonus disc of extra studio tracks plus live sides. First legitimate release of highly sought after s live bootleg.

A sublime performance sits aside unconfirmed rumours that Lowell George mixed the tapes. Meticulously restored original and newly found tapes, a Album) chronicle of sessions LP musicians soon to find their own way as The Band.

Limited edition bumper edition featuring tracks, including many rare and previously unheard songs. Bluegrass legend with 11 originals and one cover. Guests include Del McCoury. The greatest living exponents of the sacred steel style of guitar playing incorporating traditional gospel, blues, soul and rock. Solo album from driving force behind award-winning contemporary blues band, Trampled Underfoot. Luther Dickinson guests. Third album from collective led by husband and wife duo, Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi and first to feature all new material from within the band.

Another heavyweight set of blues, southern rock, country and jazz. Live Their best yet. Another scintillating contemporary Chicago blues guitar-led album, with guests Mike Wheeler gtrSax Gordon sax and Big Pete harmonica.

Joint forces of Mali and American musicians on lovely set of transatlantic blues. Studio album from bluesrock guitar virtuoso following up his Bound To Roll album A fantastic re-visit of the glitzy early jazz, vaudeville and Tin Pan Alley sounds of the s and s. Guaranteed to raise the spirits each time this is played. A deluxe souvenir set with sides recorded for the iconic old-time country music label from the s to the s.

Most tracks have never appeared on CD before 30 released here for the first time anywhere. With John Ashby, E. Includes a 28 page booklet full of rare photos, notes and essays, all complied by Grammy Award-winner, Christopher C. A must for collectors. Farlow: Alabama Swamp Stomp. CCD B. Popular European blues band with hot, swinging blues. Classic 60s-style soul, with a gospel-tinge on 12 corking tracks.

Stunning 21 track compilation from contemporary soul label, with non-album tracks, singles and rare sides from Sharon Jones, Charles Bradley, Naomi Shelton, etc. One-time James Brown impersonator further enhances a reputation as the finest retro soul singer currently alive. A thrilling new collection. Mostly acoustic, musical support is provided by some special guests including Jon Cleary. Classic mids Chicago blues with Buddy Guy on guitar.

Re-mastered digi-pack edition of an all-time Chicago blues classic. DE J. Raucous Chicago blues classic re-mastered and expanded. This re-mastered digi-pack version has new notes and 5 bonus tracks. Campbell: Tear This World Up. With guest Billy Branch. Chicago blues singerguitarist with a soul and gospel inflected album.

Another belter. Debut CD from Mississippi-born, Chicago-based bluesman. Great mix of gritty Chicago blues with a soul and funk edge. Caught live on a hot night in Milwaukee. A second set of contemporary Chicago blues guitarist with a nice soul and funk edge. Soulful singing and guitar from talented bluesman with a hot band and strong set of new songs. Fiery Chicago blues from guitarist who learnt from J. DE Guy King: Truth. A varied album from emerging blues guitar gunslinger, gifted arranger and singer and a talented songwriter.

Cool soul blues. Assured harmonica-led album from leading blues band. Respected Chicago blues guitarist joins in-demand blues harmonica player and top-notch band on spectacular set of covers. His first ever album length recording session June 10th in Chicago released as taped for the first time. This features just Hooker on vocals and guitar along with Everett McCrary bass and Richard Johnson drums on 12 tracks.

Nicely packaged historic sides. Rhythm guitarist in B. Big-selling s soul singer returns with all-gospel album. Still a force. DT Birdlegg: Birdlegg. Superb blues album from singersongwriter and harmonica player. Solo CD from founder member of Carolina Chocolate Drops, mixing ragtime, Piedmont blues, spirituals, folk, string band, ballads, jug band and more.

A compilation of the work of folklorist. In Europe. A rich mix of blues, folk, cajun and Americana. Super album. An acoustic and intimate set of down-home blues. In part a tribute to Dr Martin Luther King with songs calling for freedom and a better world. First self-produced album and an exemplary set of great songs, superb singing and tasteful guitar. Live and studio versions of Leadbelly classics plus songs written between blues guitarist and harmonica blowing fellow-band leader.

The combined talents of Texan blues guitar rocker and Louisiana blues titan, sharing song-writing, production, vocal and guitar duties. Blues rocker celebrates 25 years of treading the boards. His first five albums plus rare bonus tracks. Lots of rocking and gospel sides. Fantastic value collection of the greatest country music singer and songwriter of all time. King: Beale Street Blues Boy. All albums fromplus 40 bonus tracks.

Great early rock and roll albums plus 44 bonus tracks from late searly s with Four Aces Of Western Swing and Saddle Men. Great value box set of classic albums recorded between and Hours of boogie-licious blues. Superb prime period recordings fromincluding the rare album Twist With B. King and bonus tracks. Recorded at Allegheny College, Meadville Pennsylvania inthis has 8 extended and excellent pieces in a relaxed and informal setting.

Texas blues piano. Library Of Congress recordings made by Herbert Halpert during a field trip in Mississippi featuring fiddle and banjo sides from little known artists. Some of these surfaced on LPs released in the s but never before have the full tracks been issued. Another blast from Red Lick favourite. Lovely booklet of photos, biographies and notes by David Evans. With a detailed 36 page booklet with liner notes by Tony Russell.

An expanded reissue of a double LP originally released inplus an additional 80 minutes of music drawn from four years in the field researching and compiling blues and traditional sacred music as it was then being played. A beaut! Superb mids recordings of folklorist Bruce Jackson of bluesman Johnnie B. Smith while a prisoner at Ramsay State Farm in Texas.

Includes many previously unreleased sides, including some extended pieces one song is over 23 minutes! The music is superb and the story told in the accompanying book is illuminating. The lives of black inmates documented by photographs of their labouring and playing music. The book has 77 arresting photographs many reproduced for the first time along with essays by Alan Lomax and others.

The CDs feature an incredible collection of blues, spirituals, work songs and hollers, many previously unreleased. The CDs have tracks sung in over 25 languages, the DVD has footage of musicians from a field trip of Alan Lomax and an amazing page hardback book provides all the background information you need plus superb photographs and discography.

Immense and essential. Another sumptuous set, this time featuring an impressive 84 page hardback book and 22 track CD focused on the life and work of influential American folk and old-time country musician, best known today perhaps for writing How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times And Live.

First official release, this captures the band live in London just prior to the release of Sticky Fingers. The triumphant return to Hyde Park, for many the musical highlight of Mick Taylor joins in on a few tracks. Archive concert re-mixed for this first-ever official release. From the tour promoting the Tattoo You album.

Archive concert from June 12th, re-mixed and re-stored with first official release. From the first tour with Ronnie Wood. Starstudded performance from Atlanta, Georgia in November Three superb FM radio broadcast performances previously released separately.

Live FM radio broadcast of a complete performance recorded on 15th June while celebrating his 60th birthday. FM concert broadcast, un-edited to present his mastery of country blues, rock, soul, Caribbean, gospel and so much more. Live set for radio broadcast. A legendary FM radio broadcast. Concert set from the Hard Again tour, marking a triumphant comeback for both Muddy and Johnny.

A superb set, that ends with a radio interview. Performances from a fantastic get-together in June to commemorate the LP of this iconic concert venue, recorded for a FM radio broadcast. The first four albums released by the band Bill Wyman put together after departing from the Rolling Stones in plus rare limited release live recordings first issued as the Bootleg Kings.

Detailed booklet. With a detailed booklet with notes by Tony Rounce. Superb jazz guitarist, and disciple of Charlie Christian, with her solo album. Very juicy! Ex-Blasters, ex-Fabulous Thunderbirds boogie pianist letting loose. A blistering blues set, with great harp by Hummel, a superb Somewhere - Van McCoy - And His Magnificent Movie Machine (Vinyl and excellent material.

Final recordings and lost tapes of legendary blues guitarist. A superb live set. A little lo-fi but the band is sensational. Excellent set of guitar led originals and blues standards. All-instrumental guitar album, mixing up pulsating blues-rock, authentic Chicago blues, North Mississippi hill country blues, laid-back southern rock and jazz stylings, delivered with panache, imagination and flair. A stellar set of 15 songs commonly associated with Big Bill, delivered in a commanding but relaxed mostly acoustic manner.

Prodigious, award-winning Canadian blues pianist incorporating his amazing skills on a diverse and entertaining set. Tough urban blues from harmonica ace.

Heartfelt vocals and stellar banjo and guitar with a lovely country blues vibe. Occasional rhythm support but mostly its just Rip. Juno Award-winning Canadian blues band with 15 all-original tracks.

Impressive bluesman, joined by guitar ace, Colin Linden, on 12 new tracks. Nice mix of solo acoustic blues and up-tempo band numbers. First studio album in 12 years, from top blues harp ace, singer-songwriter and band leader. New 12 track album from popular blues harp maestro from the mean streets of Detroit, featuring a band that includes Jack De Keyzer on guitar and Julian Fauth on piano. Another tremendous contemporary blues album from Electro-fi, this one involving the talents of label favourite, Mark Hummel, alongside legendary guitarists Little Charlie Baty and Anson Funderburgh.

The Sound Of Tulsa Cale here recording as the Johnny Cale Quintette. Live at Saenger Theatre, a 13 song set. The DVD has extra bonus footage. The first two CDs contain the four albums released with Wilko, re-mastered and sounding great. The buried treasure is on CD3, with 23 rare studio and live tracks, many never before released, and the DVD with 22 live TV and in concert performances.

This contains studio albums plus released live albums, live sessions never issued and other rare recordings. Almost minutes of the best country music ever recorded. Tracks from a ten-night run of concerts in New York, little of which has surfaced before. And Reviled! Definitive 50 tracks from our favourite blues shouter.

Definitive set Early sides, from debut up to live sides at Carnegie Hall. Original Sound Of Jamaica. Latest exploration of the roots of reggae in Jamaica, this favours the local sounds of Mento during its s golden age. Starday-Dixie Rockabilly Rare but splendid sides. Jamaican Sound System Classics Songs That Shaped Jamaica.

Rare rockabilly killers re-issued on specialist labels in s. Splendidly authentic Louisiana blues from Leon Atkins whose big break came after standing in for Jimmy Reed and putting in a show-stopping performance, subsequently going on to share tours and stages with the likes of B. Rare house party set from little known country bluesman, including an appearance from Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee.

Live CD. Indie Blues artist from Kansas on a set of riff-heavy blues based rock. UK-born, New Orleans-based multi-instrumentalist, song-writer and singer with first set of original songs in years, produced by Grammy winner, John Porter.

A belter. Early s sides from masterful one-man band. Hutto: Masters Of Modern Blues. Two excellent Chicago blues albums originally recorded for Testament in the s. The first has Fred on spirituals, the other is just Fred playing country blues. Two Testament albums from late s and early s produced by Pete Welding. The first showcases Shines in a band context and as contemporary Chicago bluesman; the second is just Johnny and guitar on country blues sides.

Both are great. Two albums recorded for Testament in the mid-to-late s. Live The Life captured the fabulous Chicago blues pianist leading the Muddy Waters Band on 12 tracks plus five more live sides from a Martin Luther King tribute concert. Debut album. Classic Chicago blues with Lester on vocals and driving, amplified harp.

Re-release of early album, not easy to find over recent years. Until now. Recorded in Berkeley, California months before his premature death at A small club date that shows, despite imperfect sound, his genius.

Two excellent early s albums. Last known sides. His first two albums from the mids. A new blues guitar hero is born. Mid90s albums, one studio, the other live. Album recorded to celebrate his 80th birthday, digging deep into his blues roots and introducing rock and Americana sounds.

A historic set - with Peter Green on fire! New studio album recorded in California. An entertaining 63 sides. These early s tours allowed European audiences to see their blues heroes live for the first time. While archive footage and music has been available before, this is a rare opportunity to witness a full concert, held at the Olympia in Paris on 20th October Loads of early black rock and roll sides from the late s early s that were largely ignored or banned from radio stations.

A companion to Jamaica Folk-Trance-Possession FAthis has over 60 songs, drum patterns and rhythmic trances that hark back to the days of slavery, early voodoo spirit ceremonies, and more. FA Jamaica-Mento Marvellous s Caribbean music from Bermuda. The names of the artists may be unfamiliar but the music is unfailingly good.

With nice 32 page booklet. FA Voodoo In America Old-time American mountain country songs learnt from old 78s presented by fantastic group of younger musicians. Excellent early blues compilation featuring exquisite guitar pickers from the hey-dey of Beale Street.

Rare album. Chess again mess with his unique sound to appeal to a rock -oriented audience but it is still the Wolf being the Wolf. Re-issue of his first album for Chess following his return from a brief flit to Mercury. Live versions of most tracks from the Soul To Soul album plus 7 additional sides. Bonnie Raitt guests. Another chance to hear the classic show from the Avalon Ballroom plus bonus tracks and demos and a chat with John Peel. Exciting live set from around the release of the Abraxas album.

Songs from the Great American Songbook, recorded acoustically with gypsy jazz leanings. Just lovely. Two FM radio broadcasts from exceptional American singer-songwriter. A live concert set from France in March As well as Alexis on vocals and guitar, Colin Hodgkinson weighs in on bass and vocals.

GSF J. Hometown performance to close as captured for a local FM radio broadcast. Rare radio broadcast from Includes duets with Joan Baez. All 42 sides recorded at BBC sessions with Wilko on guitar. Eight tracks on CD here for the first time. Fabulous debut, originally recorded in mono. As electrifying as ever! GSK Genial Hawaiians: Fantastic Hawaiian music with steel guitar to the fore. Plus a 32 page booklet. Great piano collection. Early country, hillbilly and western swing stars dominate Speedy West, Johnny Horton, Stanley Brothers, Link Davis, etc but there are also early blues and jazz tracks.

Big fun. Roots house. With Cyril Davies! All-instrumental blues-rock album. Blues rock album re- B. A set of original songs from early s albums drawn from various earlier sessions. Veteran blues rockers with 9 Me. His original Dot album plus 14 bonus tracks. Guitar legends mixes new songs plus eclectic mix of covers. Entire 14 track set recorded for radio broadcast. Two rerating country, soul, blues and more.

UK acts struggling to convert American music to the Imperial Sides Good acts mostly! A fantastic collection of the early recordings for Modern and blues bands. With 22 previously unreleased tracks plus booklet.

Another cracker. All-female acappella blues quartet with occasional guitar. Revered Blues Band guitarist and vocalist on a collection of ning sides from before the hits arrived. Ted Taylor, Buddy Ace, little-known recordings of blues and rock and roll standards.

Some John Hammond tracks flesh out the CD nicely. A Allman and King Curtis on acoustic and electric collaborations. Live in Blues and roots musician who avoids categorisation. Warren Haynes guests. Silvertones, Irma Thomas, Otis Redding and many more. Plus interview with Bruce. Get It Right. A great collection. Early blues sides prior to turning toward soul. A super collection of 50 big sides. Two fine albums, both from plus bonus tracks. Classic Crown compila- singles many with Lazy Lester on harmonica.

King: Blues In Transition King Wails, The Great B. Fabulous blues from idiosyncratic, original and significant bluesman. Marvellous Memphis blues singer and harmonica player on 50 belting tracks from his time with Modern, Sun and Duke, with the terrific Blue Flames in attendance.

Hugely important figure on live performances from Carnegie Hall and Greenwich Village clubs. Historic sides with Cyril Davies. Lots of great ukulele, banjo and guitar from a true master on 31 tracks. Singles Collection His best sides from the first six years of his recording career. Both sides of her early s singles, 24 scorching tracks. Comprehensive set of early singles from fine soul singer. Immensely popular British blues-rock singer guitarist, with 10 hot new tracks featuring guest appearances from Walter Trout and Bernie Marsden.

A cracker. Play My Blues. Blistering set. Incendiary guitar. Repackaged in a nice digi-pack. Remixed studio album, with support from John Cleary on piano. Timely 25th anniversary edition of session that launched the career of blues harp ace. Blues harp legend, Carey, with guitar-toting son, Lurrie plus three more sons in support. Re-mastered plus 2 bonus tracks. Re-mixed issue of award-winning album.

Re-issue of s album from inventive, rocking blues guitarist. JSP J. Hutto: Bluesmaster - The Lost Tapes. Also has 3 super slide guitar tracks cut in London by Johnny Littlejohn. Con postal del merchandise. Edicion limitada copias. Austria Holanda Holanda Holanda edit limitada copias. USA Portada diferente!! Sin el OBI. Japon Con la portada censurada. Con poster gigante. Vinilo amarillo. USA 10". USA Ep. Picture disc. Edit limitad: UK Maxi. Belter Belter: Alemania Peru Alemania Vinilo g.

Portada diferente! Numerado: Holanda Bootleg. Vinilo rojo. Without p LP Luxembourg Bootleg. LP Europe Bootleg. Copy LP Europe Bootleg. LP UK 45rpm. Double LP UK 45rpm. Double LP France Bootleg. LP UK Bootleg. LP Europe 3 Lp's. White l LP Brazil Bootleg. Witho LP Italy Bootleg.

Belgica Bootleg. Italia Ep. UK Bootleg. Alemania Alemania Test pressing, solo copias!!! Europa Alemania Firmado!!! Brasil Alemania Con poster!

Very LP Alemania Alemania 7" picture. Edicion limitada en forma UK Rare maxi promotional. Muy buscado.

Hallelujah - Deep Purple - The Anthology (Cassette), Uno - Sexteto Mayor, Osvaldo Pugliese Y Carlos Gardel - Tango Mania (CD, Album), Irish Girl - Alasdair Clayre - Adam & The Beasts (Vinyl, LP, Album), Hide & Go Get It (After Hours Mix) - Blu (10) - Hide & Go Get It (Remixes) (Vinyl), Sunday Mondays - Vanessa Paradis - Sunday Mondays (Vinyl), All Day - The Shadows - Somethin Else!! (Vinyl, LP), Drive Old Satan Away - Liz Mc Comb* - Olympia 1998, Live (CD, Album), Assholes - Moths* - Moths (CD, Album), Le pontificat de Pie XII & lélection de Jean XXIII - Various - Le Temps Que Nous Vivons Numéro 3, Choro - Antonio Carlos Jobim - Stone Flower (CD, Album), Sadie - Alkaline Trio - Crimson (CD), Rough Time - Prince Jazzbo - Rough Time (Vinyl)

9 thoughts on “Somewhere - Van McCoy - And His Magnificent Movie Machine (Vinyl, LP, Album)

  1. And His Magnificent Movie Machine. Label: H & L Records – XOT. Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Mixed. Country: Benelux. Released:

  2. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of And His Magnificent Movie Machine on Discogs. Label: H & L Records - 25 OT • Format: Vinyl LP, Album, Mixed • Country: Germany • Genre: Funk / Soul • Style: Disco.

  3. 57 GT. Van McCoy. And His Magnificent Movie Machine ‎ (Cass, Album, Mixed) H & L Records. 57 GT. Germany. Sell This Version/5.

  4. Van Mccoy - And His Magnificent Movie Machine: Tracklist (Vinyl) A Moon River: A Over The Rainbow: A No Vinyl+CDR 40 Listed For Sale: van mccoy and his magnificent movie machine.

  5. Label variation from Van McCoy - And His Magnificent Movie Machine ThickerfFont. STEREO on right side above label numbers. Recorded at H&L Sound Studios, Englewood Cliffs, NJ. Mastered at Masterdisk Corporation, NYC. ℗ Made in U.S.A. 1st. cat. # as it appears on the back and spine of the sleeve. 2nd. cat. # as it appears on the labels.

  6. ARTIST: Van McCoy TITLE: And His Magnificent Movie Machine LABEL: H & L Records CAT: HL TYPE: Vinyl FORMAT: LP, Album, Mixed COUNTRY: US RELEASED: GENRE: Funk / Soul STYLES: Disco MEDIA: Very Good Plus (VG+) SLEEVE: Very Good Plus (VG+) TRACKLIST.

  7. Mar 15,  · Van McCoy - And His Magnificent Movie Machine Complete Lp. Tracklist: Reel One - Medley I: A Moon River. A Over The Rainbow. A Gone With The Wind. A Somewhere. Medley II: A Love Theme From A "Star Is Born" (Evergreen).

  8. Van McCoy ‎And His Magnificent Movie Machine - "A Woman Called Moses" вообще фильм или сериал озвученный VMсС, да и то, вроде в .

  9. When I saw the movie Somewhere In Time, many years ago, I thought the music was so beautiful but I didn't know that Amazon had music. Several years ago, I saw the movie on a TV channel on Valentine's Day. I was mesmerized over the music again. I looked and looked for a record shop to have his music but nothing/5().

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