Supersonic - Oasis (2) - Diamonds In The Sky (CD)

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JmRssll Full Member. Joined Dec 30, Messages 3, Location Scotland. Looking for some help here lads, really hoping someone will be able to give me a hand! I'm looking to try and buy a copy of 'Diamonds in the Sky', an Oasis bootleg CD released around I believe it was only released in Japan and there aren't many copies kicking around. Also had a brief check on some rare vinyl and CD websites.

I'm not a collector and I've never tried to hunt anything down like this before, so don't really know where to start. It's an acoustic album, with one or two rare tracks on it. It comes in a tri-fold out cover and card sleeve and was released on the legendary Godfather Record label who always put some effort into their releases.

As all a-ha fans know, the band will come to an end by the holiday season. As hard as it is to say goodbye, all good things must come to an end.

When the new year comes, we wonder what will come next for Messrs Harket, Waaktaar-Savoy, and Furuholmen. I see them having more time for their existing solo careers. Mags also has an art career with works that are seen in a gallery or two, and the ocassional acting gig for father-of-five Harket, who sometimes appears in the Norweigian tabloids.

Many a-ha releases along with solo remain officially unreleased in North America primarily the States where they continue to be overlookedleaving fans here to order imports and downloads as usual. I'm hoping Rhino will reissue albums out-of-print as well releasing for the first time later releases, though the demand is low, despite a brief US leg on the recent tour I'll have to fly to the EU when I get the dough.

Who knows? Maybe they'll get back together again in future. Others have. Surely, this is an amicable disbanding. The music will live on forever, so it'll seem like they never left.

Labels: a-hamusicSavoy. Location: Oslo, Norway. The wait is almost over! Ace of Base are back, but not quite what it seems. Jenny Berggren left last year for a solo career and her sister Linn hasn't been part of the band in seven years time, living a quiet life these days.

At first, it was thought that a new group would be founded, but keeping the old name is a double-edged sword; going back to the old guard means easy acceptance, but on the other hand, some Supersonic - Oasis (2) - Diamonds In The Sky (CD) miss the old lineup and think it's not the same. They have been reinvented for the s I suppose. The new album, The Golden Ratiowill be out soon. I hope it'll be released officially in the Americas, as that hadn't happened the last time at first, so I had to get Supersonic - Oasis (2) - Diamonds In The Sky (CD) import of the last studio release Da Capo.

Classic rock bands have been able to replace key members, so Europop shouldn't be that much different. Jennys own album My Story should be out later this year, but you know what they say about the whole being better than the sum of the parts.

The Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet says she is against the name being used without her. After a lifelong devotion to the Beatles and most of their solo careers, I finally managed to see a tribute band. Even though I saw tributes to other successful EMI acts, I had some reservations about this kind because of how big they were.

Since the Tribute from Oklahoma were playing the state fair for a free show with admissionI thought I'd try it once; also since no one else I liked were there this year. The music critic from the paper didn't bother to come, as he isn't too big on tribute acts after slating one, so I'll have a go at it.

He let me do a review of a Queen tribute and put it Supersonic - Oasis (2) - Diamonds In The Sky (CD) his blog, but more on that later. There were a lot of fairgoers of every living generation there.

Of course real fans came. I couldn't convince some to go with me, reasons ranging to schedules to being taken aback by someone else pretending to be John, PaulGeorge, and Ringo.

The show ranged from every vintage from late through Nothing after would work, even though competitors will do that and even some solo to boot like Rain. At first, I just looked briefly at the screen so not to kill the mystique, as the band members are ageing and have been at it as a group much longer than the real thing, which is always the case. Sometimes, the impersonations weren't perfect, but at least were still Northern. You have to forget that those were Yanks doing a Scouse take of what Shakespearean thespians or maybe Renaissance fair reenactors do so it's not like Madonna to put it that way!

The gear and instruments were replicas of those used in those crazy days of screaming girls, press conferences, and hotel confinements. One can hear what's playing here. I wonder what the genuine article thought of this kind of thing. The missuses even. Apple's solicitors stopped Beatlemania! From "Please Please Me" to "Taxman", many favourites were revisited, along with some banter which did break the time warp so to speak, as "John" told everyone to get out their "pocket phones" for "In My Life".

I tried filming that, but I'm no Dickie Lester! It wasn't the kind of show I would bootleg, so I'll order the album on emusic instead. So Beatle people, do try it once to see if it does the boys justice.

I feel this is living vicariously for both the players and fans. Still, it will never truly be the same. Labels: livesummerThe BeatlestoursTribute bands. It was the best of shows.

It was the worst of shows. There are two sides to every story, yet he is being slated big time for letting people down. I can't remember the last time so much vitriol was surrounding a promoter. Even Harvey Goldsmith must have had the onus on him with Yes 's Drama tour, which had now-Asia members Steve Howe and Geoff Downesmaking it a bonafide precursor to Asia if you like.

The tour suffered with Trevor Horn singing to the point he could have gotten lymph nodes going from out of key, as fans bought tickets months before the record was out assuming it was business as usual with Jon Anderson and Rick Wakeman.

Mainly at home, people were cross, but I don't remember fingers being pointed at Goldsmith directly however. Three decades on, there is no time for Asia to have another go at it here, so I have to go to the Armoury in Rochester, a free show like Albany in '07, but not the Supersonic - Oasis (2) - Diamonds In The Sky (CD) of travelling!

They were last in Monroe County in '06, so everyone there will be glad to see them again. If Banks can get everything organised for another show, he could compensate by getting Asia featuring John Payne in OA's stead. I won't bring up old news of the "feud" between the pair of them. I think they get on now. Just had to deal with the solicitors on the name.

He hasn't said anything yet, as he still has his hands full in getting everyone's money back. Another live open air series in town was cancelled, but due to low attendence. Check earlier posts on my lament in not getting enough acts here. Posted by John Sposato at PM 4 comments:. Icon 3 with "Live Another Day" is on the way! I'm all set with the original Icon. Labels: Asiamp3musicprog.

Since no one else is gonna do it, it's up to me. Haven't done this in a while. Had to get a ride there. Well worth the trip. No meet and greet though. Maybe if I waited outside the tour bus small townbut I had to get home to bed. Before show time, fans of three to four generations flooded into the theatre. The PA played tracks not in the setlist such as those from 's The Present. The show started with "The Voice" though the keyboards couldn't be heard as clearly as on the album Long Distance Voyager.

The last number was, as always, "Ride My See-Saw". Messrs Hayward, Lodge, and Edge were in top form, as if they weren't ageing at all. On that note, Graeme Edge did some stand-up comedy about being overs in Florida taking Viagara.

He's been in the band since day one. I couldn't find one thing wrong. I guess after doing this for over two generations, you know all the ropes! Just wish I could have met the band. As it wasn't a big area, I'm sure someone managed to manoeuvre recording the show.

I could do audio, but I was too high up to do a decent video. I couldn't get away with such a thing. Labels: livesummerThe Moody Bluestours. Friday, July 9, In Defence of Boris. Couldn't come up with anything better. Let's fuck with everybody : scandal: france Do you think one falling from a helicopter that is already very strangeinjures his FACE?

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Dem-ented democraP. Liam needs other bands, a festival, not "on his own". Liam one written by who? He can only be jealous and angry on Twitter like a childish kid, faking peace. Oasis new book trailer. God is back. Then they even tried to paid us. We will not have any vaccine not even if THEY paid us.

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If the media, "scientists" and governments said the virus attacks only above 1 metre, the blinded ones would go around Supersonic - Oasis (2) - Diamonds In The Sky (CD) like sheep. Liam not even able to read the time. Pretty Green new politically correct collection "the freaks are rising up thru the floor" Very intelligent It's 2, years the German, suffering from inferiority complexes, sons of Italian beach lifeguards, wanna be like Latins and conquer Europe : as Barbarians most of the timethen Nazi, now bankers.

And still they wear sandals with white socks. That would be enough to exit the EU dictatorship. Milan was appointed as the 1.

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Don't hesitate in signing up today! It's fast, free, and easy, and you will get a wealth of new abilities, and it also hides your IP address from public view. We are in need of content, and everyone has something to contribute! If you have an account, please log in. Also, appears in the 2 end credits of the game.

The song is performed by Runblebee. Sonic News Network. Jimble Over 65s Team Player. I am guessing you want the original cd? You need to put up a wanted ad on discogs. JohnLocke Full Member. Maroon Lucifer Full Member. Have you tried gemm. Usually find everything in existance there. Also, I used to work in a music store, and most of the rare stuff, we could get from a company in the Netherlands called Bertus. You could try giving them a call if you are desperate. I've just gone through my collection and i have found a copy of a file with this tracklisting Shock diamonds form when the supersonic exhaust from a propelling nozzle is slightly over-expanded, meaning that the static pressure of the gases exiting the nozzle is less than the ambient air pressure.

The higher ambient pressure compresses the flow, and since the resulting pressure increase in the exhaust gas stream is adiabatica reduction in velocity causes its static temperature to be substantially increased. As the flow exits the nozzle, ambient air pressure will compress the flow. The compressed flow is alternately expanded by Prandtl-Meyer expansion fansand each "diamond" is formed by the pairing of an oblique shock with an expansion fan.

When the compressed flow becomes parallel to the center line, a shock wave perpendicular to the flow forms, called a normal shock wave or Mach disk. The first shock diamond is located here, and the space between it and the nozzle is called the "zone of silence". As the exhaust passes through the normal shock wave, its temperature increases, igniting excess fuel and causing the glow that makes the shock diamonds visible.

Eventually the flow expands enough so that its pressure is again below ambient, at which point the expansion fan reflects from the contact discontinuity the outer edge of the flow. The reflected waves, called the compression fan, cause the flow to compress. The pattern of disks and diamonds would repeat indefinitely if the gases were ideal and frictionless; [2] however, turbulent shear at the contact discontinuity causes the wave pattern to dissipate with distance.

The Grateful Dead and their spinoffs had a liberal taping policy allowing Deadheads to tap into large mics or soundboards just as long as their recordings were only traded or shared and not sold. Greg Lake on the other hand gave a stern warning on Facebook saying that the artists own their performances and Supersonic - Oasis (2) - Diamonds In The Sky (CD) he and ELP are bootlegged and they find out who did it, they'll ring their solicitors and maybe even their barristers.

Bootlegs can be unreleased live or studio recordings. Even now, the sound quality can be a far cry from an official product as the bootleggers don't have the resources of the real record companies. These days, bootlegs can be downloaded, traded on CD-Rs blanks and postagefound through networks, or be bought online, at sales and indie shops. It's much easier now than it used to be. People used to sneak in tape machines and possibly wires, but now there are pricey digital recorders that are used, or occasionally, an artist will have their show on the radio and people record it at home, whether it's the BBC in the UK, Live at the Wireless on JJJ in Australia, or FM in the States.

Many Pink Floyd fans prefer the term RoIO recording of illegitimate or indeterminate origin since the term bootleg can be a throwback to Prohibition and Al Capone. There are also VoIOs videoswhere the picture quality can vary and are often done with camcorders or mobile phones. Bootlegs can fill the void that the authorised releases can't fill. Often, artists will release shows themselves in order to stop being ripped off by the underground labels who sometime cheat the fans if what they parted their hard earned cash on isn't halfway decent.

There are downloads and even flash drives you can order, depending on who you like. There used to be magazines listing what was out there. I wish I could get recordings of the shows I got to see. I know there's one of Duran Duranbut it'll cost me dearly. Also holding out for Def Leppard. I can't get myself to record a show in case I get busted for it. There has to be a way. Maybe in a future post, I'll list the shows I'm looking for. Not now 'cos I can't remember all the dates, but I do the year, town, and venue.

It'd be nice to have video 'cos I don't have the best photographic memory, but I'll be lucky to get audio if it exists. If not, at least I tried. I have many bootlegs here, including ones of shows I attended which someone else managed to capture for posterity. Remember that piracy involves copying official releases including needle dropso see earlier post for more on that.

This is a bootleg of The Beatles ' Help! Eleanor is the film's co-star Eleanor Bron, not Eleanor Rigby, who was launched the following year. Producer George Martin or the engineer says the title of each track as it starts. The sound quality is grotty at best as usual, but worth a listen for diehard fans.

Other bootlegs that came with this in the post are already on other sites, so this is a world exclusive, innit? Labels: bootlegsmp3The Beatles. The symbol means the label is no longer used for new releases.

EMIone of the pillars of the music industry, are in a state of flux. Under corporate parent Terra Firmathey have been slated as being owned by bean counters and losing touch with their artists and the public.

This has been reported elsewhere, but since many of my favourite artists have had releases on EMI labels one time or another. Many of the big names have formed a diaspora and have gone indie or moved to Universal. The Beatles remasters may have helped EMI's portfolio some. Radiohead let fans name their own price for 's In Rainbows after their contract was done. Many of these elder statesmen have ducked Capitol in the States at one point in time and collectors note the different licences. When I buy something on an EMI label, it's usually used anyway to save Supersonic - Oasis (2) - Diamonds In The Sky (CD).

Libertyrevived as a label for heritage acts, may now be way on the backburner. Marillion released their album Anoraknophobia on it. They have also been seen as pariahs by the media, but thats another story. They too have felt betrayed by the conglomorate. Duran Duran also have expressed dissatisfaction with their former home. EMI used to be the biggest Supersonic - Oasis (2) - Diamonds In The Sky (CD) the best, having survived two world wars and a depression, postwar period, all the way to todays struggling music industry.

Could they ever have another golden age? Maybe if they get their act s together, Supersonic - Oasis (2) - Diamonds In The Sky (CD) just might. Labels: Supersonic - Oasis (2) - Diamonds In The Sky (CD)INXSlivemp3musictours. Location: Paris, France. Labels: prog. Tuesday, November 2, New for Thought I'd get a head start!

Thursday, October 28, South Korean releases. Pepsi have changed their logo since. South Korea is quite unique when it comes to record buying nations, but I don't mean their own artists like Rainbut rather when Western artists had their albums released there in the old days. South Korea would often be as conservative as their polar opposite North Korea were and are totalitarian this is an apolitical blog, as I'm just trying to set up the story here.

Korea did this a bit which is why I singled them out. I have albums from Emerson, Lake and Palmer and Fleetwood Mac that are filtred, making them less desirable to some collectors possibly, so I found them at the local swap meet cheap.

Tracks with cussing, gambling, or drug-addled sessions would be blacklisted and removed. I kept most of the matching US editions for the banned songs and removed artwork.

Hello, I Must Supersonic - Oasis (2) - Diamonds In The Sky (CD) Going! This was normal practise in those days there.

Piracy also hit the peninsula. Many LPs had poor quality sound and covers that looked like they were made with a Gocco or Banda machine as they were printed in one colour So from Peter Gabriel in green is one I saw on eBay once! I have Queen s first live album Live Killers with normal colour cover plus a rare picture added from South Korea I managed to find locally, which had a track with bleeping on true release.

The official cassette of The Works in not ! A generation later, we find CDs in the country that mirror those in Japan, meaning bonus tracks can be obtained from Korean retailers as well, but for much less. One site duped me but another I was able to save after using a gift card. I can't seem to have lightning strike twice finding other CDs with bonus tracks, so I have to look to Japan or elsewhere. I just had someone tell me he got an Ace of Base CD from a Korean eBay seller and wanted to make sure he got it right.

If you get anything that just says "Made in Korea", we realise that South is a given. The point of this post is that its another great place for collectors to look for imports, as well as the K-pop scene in which Rain reigns as I've heard.

We have some expats in my area who would know more about him than me, but that's a post for another day. Location: Seoul, South Korea. Labels: Denny Lainemp3.

No label has been announced, but it could possibly be released by Allido Recordsproducer Mark Ronson 's vanity label, even though it is distributed by J RecordsSony sister to Duran's previous label Epic. Reportage may be released years ahead in future as it means Duran's answer to Smile if you like. Duran covered "Fame" in and "Success" in If nothing is reported elsewhere, watch this space! Labels: Duran Duran.

Labels: bootlegslivemp3musicprogtoursYes. To some, it may be too easy to write about The Beatlesbut they were and still are a big part of my life. I can't remember a time I hadn't heard of them, even though it wasn't really until that I really had a listen to the records, getting to know every vintage of the band, eventually to solo careers, though just a bit of Ringo Starr like most others, and to other bands and British culture.

Even now, the kids get into it, and Rock Band and remasters last year helped open up to a new generation of Beatle People. Even when we're all gone, more will come to the Fab fore. It's hard to elaborate on the personal impact they had on me in one go, but I can say I'm better because of them.

I bought cheap import LPs from Uruguay of the red and blue albums and felt a brief euphoria in finding them. Albums like these made me become a collector and I've gained skill along the way. I'm also amazed how the Beatles broke non-Anglophone countries, opening the door for others. Fans in these markets try to learn English as best they can so they get more out of it when they have a listen. If you believe, I know that one day in the afterlife, we'll get the reunion we never saw on earth.

Willing Spirits (Memory Map) - Baby Ghosts - Ghost Walk (Cassette), Ill Be Doggone - Herman Brood & His Wild Romance - Go Nutz (Vinyl, LP, Album), Concerto In D Major - 2nd Mvt - Wanda Landowska - Uncommon Visionary (DVD), Puerto Rico - Chary (2) Canta Con Tito Henriquez Y Su Cuarteto Boricua - Interpreta Canciones De La:, Your Love Is So Devine - Various - What-A-Remix Vol. 9 (Vinyl), Honey (Rollo & Sister Bliss Blunt Edit) - Moby - MP3 Collection (CDr), Room For The Life - Kate Bush - The Kick Inside (Vinyl, LP, Album), Incidental One - Various - Offbeat - A Red Hot Sound Trip (CD), Ride The Night Away - Bon Jovi - Crush Down Under (CD), At The Foot Of A Grave - The Arid Sea - A Baptism In Loss :: Vol I :: 1995​-​2003 (File), Mad With Pride - Various - Know Your Enemy (CD), Overexpression - Darko (14) - Overexpression (CD, Album), Keep Me Alive

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  1. Oasis - Supersonic - Music. Skip to main Hello This CD rocks. Read more. Helpful. Report abuse. See all reviews. Top reviews from other countries Translate all reviews to English. russell hinks. out of 5 stars Five Stars. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on November 10, Verified Purchase. /5(24).

  2. Jan 10,  · Diamonds In The Sky. Live Lounge (Steve Lamacq Show), Maida Vale Studios, London, UK, 17/01/ Who Feels Love? (Acoustic) Live Lounge (Steve Lamacq Show), Maida Vale Studios, London, UK, 17/01/ Evening Session, Maida Vale Studios, Radio 1, .

  3. Supersonic (Oasis song) " Supersonic " is the debut single by the English rock band Oasis. Written by lead guitarist Noel Gallagher, it was released on 11 April as Oasis' debut single and later appeared on their debut album Definitely Maybe in August

  4. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the MP3, kbps CD release of Diamond Collection on Discogs.

  5. Live at Cabaret Metro, Chicago, 15th October, CD label has a reference to BONG/OSA, the OSA part of which may be a reference to a Czech Republic rights society. Track durations are not listed on the release and have been taken from Exact Audio Copy. Packaged in a jewel case with a 4-page booklet (the inner pages are laid out in a poster.

  6. Nov 15,  · Diamonds In The Sky: Label: The Godfatherecords: Catalog Number: G.R. Matrix Number: GR Rights Society: GEMA: Format: 1CD (Tri-Fold Paper Sleeve Case) Description; 1 /11/22 Live At TRL Radio Show, Milan, Italy. Sourced From FM Radio Broadcast. 2 /10/16 Live At Triple M Radio Show, Sydney, Australia. Sourced From FM .

  7. Complete information of Oasis's bootleg Diamonds In The Sky, by The Godfather Records label.

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