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Dayton, OhioU. Amanda "Mandy" McGregor. Audio full text. Salt Lake Tribune. Associated Press. Archived from the original on June 22, Retrieved June 22, Dayton History Books Online. Archived from the original on March 3, Album) Retrieved September 22, Retrieved September 25, Huffington Post.

The full letter, which is well worth reading, is available at Letters of Note. Marissa Fessenden is a freelance science writer and artist who appreciates small things and wide open spaces. A group of escaped former slaves gathered at the plantation of Confederate General Thomas Drayton. After Federal troops occupied the plantation they began to harvest and gin cotton for their own profit Corbis For much of America's history, slavery was "omnipresent, from the economy to foreign policy, from the pulpit to the halls of Congress, from westward expansion to the educational system," writes Lonnie Bunch, the director of the African-American History and Culture Museum.

He describes his life in Dayton, Ohio: I am doing tolerably well here. These two years of my life with only half of my hearing taught me more about music than all other years combined.

I believe that music has the power to speak to our hearts and uplift our souls. Archived from the original on 17 October University of Georgia Press. S2CID Mineola, NY: Dover Publications. Written by HimselfR. BBC History.

Archived from the original on 13 July Retrieved 5 July JSTOR Retrieved 11 January Continuum International Publishing Group. Retrieved 28 September Chelmsford Chronicle. The African American Review. Archived from the original on 2 February Retrieved 28 January Wolfson, Peter J.

London: Open University,pp. University Press of Kentucky. University of Alberta. Journal of African Studies. Archived from the original on 1 February Retrieved 18 May Retrieved 14 August Retrieved 14 November The National Archives, Kew. Gustavus Vassa, the African, well known to the public for the interesting narrative of his life. Archived from the original on 23 October Retrieved 23 October Retrieved 21 January Florida International University. Archived from the original on 4 March Retrieved 26 December Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

Archived from the original on 22 April Retrieved 5 August Guyana Chronicle. Retrieved 26 March Archived from the original on 16 July Archived from the original on 9 January Retrieved 19 January The Times. Archived from the original on 14 January As experiential therapist, and later Management at a behavioral health hospital system- she worked directly with many different groups of people.

Including-children, teachers, sales executives, youth and adult patients in care for mental health treatment and male violent offenders being considered for parole. With every group- she has refined facilitation that allow participants to experience and integrate meaning. She specializes in techniques used in experiential therapy and education to create engaging sessions on any topic!

Combining professional facilitation techniques with Laughter Yoga- the concepts have been received well in many settings both within and outside the Laughter Yoga community.

Knowing how to engage 4 A.M. - Jordan Anderson - Revolution Of Roses (File audience, respecting and adapting, are important components of a successful learning session. When travel is allowed again- Cynthia collaborates to share retreats that combine learning, self- reflection and laughter with vacation destinations that inspire.

LaughingWithCynthia gmail. She is the founder and owner of aliceCBD. Formed inSoulshot is known for its many gigs in the U. After appearing on the small stage at the Air Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival in Montego Bay, Soul Shot was invited back in to perform on the main stage, alongside acts including Lionel Ritchie, Chicago, Luciano and many more.

Dr Brian Nichol cannabisexpertmd. Perfecting the art of cannabis infused cuisine, Chef Thomas has paved an avenue in the gourmet catering industry that combines the elements of fine dining and the elevating properties of cannabis. Chef Thomas has become well known for blending the flavors of different cultures to create palette-pleasing masterpieces by invoking his talent, passion, and knowledge into every plate.

This new age culinary art is a sophisticated yet whimsical way to provide guests with a fun, relaxed experience. Michele Ross, an expert in plant medicine. She has made the study of self love her life purpose, learning to love herself to wholeness and empowering women to love themselves while being guided on their own path to healing.

Zivah is on a mission to help women find the answers to their most pressing questions about health, happiness and love through movement, nutritional supplements, cannabis education and community. Having both education and lived experience has given Ms. Bailey a raw comprehension of what is truly needed for impactful change for everyone.

Candice is a lead organizer in the Elijah McClain murder. Leading over 20 actions in Colorado and across the nation Ms. Bailey has inspired voices and action. Candice continues to push the line in local politics and policy in Colorado. Sandra Lepp- "her-story" is also a part of "history" Sandra is CA's 1st caregiver acquitted of cultivation in Sandra supports organically grown cannabis and patients rights to grow.

Her vision and passion are to create financial opportunities for people and communities disproportionately impacted by the war on drugs. She founded Cann I Work as a brand awareness medium for Black and Brown entrepreneurs to showcase our history, presence, and future in the cannabis space to help bridge the gap to education, empowerment, and engagement for those who would otherwise go without. Edge productions aedgeproductions gmail.

Influenced by art and nature, her work is fearlessly artistic and creative. She has designed custom garments for clients all over the world. As a mother of two daughters, she thinks it is incredibly important for all body types to be represented in fashion, and is working from the ground up to change the norms.

Her runway shows include models of all ages, size, ethnicity, ability, and sexuality. She feels embracing the spectrum of human diversity, and promoting love and tolerance of all people, is equally important to creating beautiful and exciting clothing designs. Website: www. In Mr. Serbin started his own business Hemp Traders specializing in hemp textiles. Hemp Traders has expanded to including other hemp fiber products such as yarn, twine, rope, and raw fibers.

Serbin started the company Cannagrove in to make and sell hemp particleboard. Currently Lawrence is growing his first batch of American fiber hemp in California. He has started a new company, Riverdale Hemp Factory to process hemp fiber for textile and building purposes. An herbalist for over 50 years, an instructor for 17 years, now with the Ozark Herbal Academy. D'Coda grew up in Colorado with her grandmother an Ozark Grannywoman and great-grandmother a Choctaw medicine woman.

At the age of 5 she was diagnosed with Rheumatic Heart Disease, medical doctors said there was no cure, and she would have to stay on antibiotics the rest of her life. In this setting, D'Coda experienced the conflict between modern medicine and Ozark herbalism back in the s. Mary had metastatic breast cancer and wanted to know if cannabis could help.

Anna lived in MA were cannabis was legal and helped Mary use cannabis to manage her sleep, pain, and opioid withdrawal after her surgery. We realized that many people could benefit from cannabis but might not have a sister to help them. So we decided to write a book to answer basic questions.

The book has been well received across the country and has traveled to countries around the world. Brian Nichol, cannabisexpertmd. The Wendy Love Edge Show does not dispense medical advice and all your health choices are your own.

The Guest Host for this episode is Russell Langhammer, or "Hammer", a former professional athlete and airline professional. Guests: Dr. Mary Clifton Mary Clifton, M. She provides specialized consultation on patient and provider education, telemedicine and cannabinoids, and has worked with several pharmaceutical, CBD and cannabis corporations on areas of product development, speakers bureau, spokesperson, telemedicine, medical and scientific directorship.

To say I'm busy is an understatement! I'm usually overwhelmed, and it's not their fault at all. It's me! I deal with anxiety, ptsd, adhd, ocd, osteoarthritis, and fibromylagia.

After having kiddos and gaining a ton of weight, I decided to get my health back! Well, I put my mind to it and became a certified Turbokick and PiYo instructor along with being a personal trainer, and lost over 90lbs and gained a lot of awesome looking muscles. Seth Cunnigan: Seth Cunnigan has walked nearly miles so far, in spite of fibromyalgia, thanks to the combination of: cannabis, magic sleeping inside a living tree, waking up into a cloud of butterfliesand all the encounters with benevolent strangers he calls angels.

Go walk a mile with Seth. He will show you magic. With his soulful vocals and moving melodies, Shreve affects his audiences in a way that is often described as a spiritual experience. In addition, Blaire has been a guest on the radio station She hopes to use her skill set to continue growth in acting, modeling and singing. Desiree Lotz: Desiree Lotz has been helping people with their health for more than 40 years.

Her basic philosophy is that all symptoms people experience is an indication that they have deficiencies or excesses in their diet. Desiree loves what she does. She has helped people deal with their stress and improve health conditions even see early signs of possible sickness. She also helps people to overcome addiction too. She aims to help calm the Album) down. Guests: Guest Host- Christopher Miles founder of ark I am also autistic with adhd. I am also deaf!

So makes for rather a complex persona! My son uses cbd and the difference in him is unbelievable! Web designer and editor for The Cannabis Chronicles of Oklahoma. Plant Medicine Advocate. The family-owned company was formed to help spread factual, patient-centric cannabis education. The educational devices help guide patients into making more health appropriate and economical cannabis choices, thereby helping to stop the confusion, expense, and amount of time spent on learning to use cannabis medication.

Melissa is a medically retired, experienced nurse whose passion for helping and educating others continues in a different fashion. Dustin Sulak. Producer and Management: aedgeproductions gmailcom wjae She is a committed patient advocate and advisor, with the privilege of empowering people to take charge of their health through holistic and natural medicine solutions.

Lelehnia Du Bois- Using a lifetime of cannabis experience and well-developed problem-solving skills to help businesses navigate the cannabis industry. Lelehnia has advised in the development of cannabis businesses from seed to retail, developed product lines, launched the Emerald Triangle edition of Sensi Magazine, and serves as a county commissioner.

Her extensive experience has helped her clients successfully navigate through the complex challenges a new industry can create. In i was ranked in Scotsman's guide top women originators in America. I love rollerskating, dancing and spending time with my family and friends! And a little fun fact about me is I love to crochet! Contact: Lcamp highlandsmortgage. Beginning at 21 in when she asked her younger brother to pick up some weed and a bong for her and the rest is history.

At which time she told her doctor if the cure is going to kill me then I will take my chances with the ill. Over the next 10 years she spent time researching, attending MMJ University taking classes, and attending any and all functions relating to cannabis such as Hempfest volunteer for 3 yearsCannaCon, Cannabis Summit and many more gaining knowledge along the way.

Women and Cannabis, an enlightening educating experience bring like minded women together for knowledge, fellowship, music, stories and so much more. Her favorite part of having Wo-Can is meeting new people and sharing knowledge because it allow her to share knowledge and commune with like minded people.

The Wo-Can women have the most fun and have become a close knit family of women who meet for walks and lunches throughout the year. We also can call on one another when one of the ladies needs assistance. When not teaching or advocating for cannabis she can be found in her garden and maintaining her sustainable farm.

She also likes to cook, sew, craft and can. Her Cajun Pickled Asparagus recipe can be obtained at any extension office in the nation. She is a teacher, advocate and woman who enjoys everything cannabis from Washington State. Join us as we look back over the 4 seasons and say good bye to Topher! Follow him at kogentown. Houston Community College Alunmus.

He seeks to produce powerful content to help influence the world through various forms of art. Edge Productions Producer: A. Season 4, Extended Episode Cannabis and Cancer. Dr Brian Nichol Cannabisexpertmd. The patient is issued a card and then, too often is left to decide for themselves as to the best treatment. Dispensary employees are usually the cornerstone of giving patients advice on strains and how to use cannabis.

Sometimes they are very good at giving recommendations. Sometimes, not so much. Modern medicine treats disease with the drugs that are effective for the majority of patients, forgetting that we are all very different individuals. What is a good choice for one patient may be ineffective or cause side effects in another. Although most patients see some improvement in using cannabis, getting the best result is a bit more complicated… I have seen patients without much knowledge or direction experience lukewarm results of medical marijuana.

It is my hope to sift through all the noise, marketing, agenda driven studies, politics and stigmas encountered when one tries to be an informed medical cannabis patient. I want you to get the best result from medical cannabis you can. I worked as a nurse for 32 years and had 4 A.M. - Jordan Anderson - Revolution Of Roses (File long before this diagnosis, that if I ever had cancer, I would not do the brutal cancer treatment of chemo and radiation. I still maintain that belief. After many surgeries, including a double mastectomies, the cancer kept returning canceling any hope of reconstruction.

In I was basically sent home to die because of my refusal to do cancer treatment. With this said, I asked my doctor to only keep me comfortable until my impending death. This started a whole new can of worms. I ended up in a narcotic fog for about 7 years. So much I missed in these 7 years. Finally at the end of I realized I wasn't dead. I slowly weaned off all of my narcotics, which I'll list here.

Morphine mg a day, oxycodone 60 Album) today, Xanax 4 mg a day, Adderall 40 mg today, and countless pharmaceuticals to alleviate the side effects of all the pharmaceuticals I was on. As I weaned off of all these drugs, I found myself in a world of pain. A friend of mine took me to Seattle and I was introduced to cannabis as a medicine, although I had used it recreationally since I was a kid.

I started FECO full extract cannabis oil. I was dying without cannabis and now that I have access, I am living instead of dying. I originally went the conventional route with chemo and radiation and was severely over radiated resulting in surgeries to correct their mistake. I have beat cancer twice with full extract cannabis oil.

We do not dispense medical advice and all of your health choices are your own. As an eclectic psychotherapist, he integrates holistic concepts into the healing process, including transpersonal methods such as hypnotherapy, astrology, human design, past life regressions, dreams, meditation, etc. More of his work is available at www. Season 4, Extended Episode Parenting and Cannabis. Guests: Danielle Simone Brand- Danielle Simone Brand is a writer covering the cannabis and parenting spaces—and their many overlaps.

Sad Movie - Maurice Patton & The Melodians - Off Beat Cha Cha (Vinyl), A Virus Called Happiness - Deathrow (2) - Primordial Lifecode (Cassette, Album), Doedsens Stillhet - Curse (4) / Sykdom - In Life & In Death / Verden Og Fanden (CD), Lowland Lullaby - Jimmy Heath Sextet - The Thumper + The Quota (CD), Indra (7) - Love Game (Ini-Mini-Mani-Mo) (CD), Valentine Girl (The C & C Quiet Storm Mix) - New Kids On The Block - No More Games (The Remix Al, Gotta Broken Heart Again <<Me destrozarán otra vez el corazón>> - Prince - Dirty Mind (V, The Blacksmith - Blacksmith (2) - Blacksmith / The Fire From Within (CD), Зов Теней - Коррозия Металла - Коррозия Металла CD1 (CD), House Full Of Reasons - Jude Cole - A View From 3rd Street (Cassette, Album), The Quality Of Your Silence - The Steve Davis Project - Quality Of Silence (SACD), Steamroller - Defiance (10) - Void Terra Firma (Cassette, Album), Loving You 2003 (Fairlite Remix) - Various - Cyberia XI: Quadrumatrix (CDr)

Dayton History Books Online. Archived from the original on March 3, Retrieved September 22, Retrieved September 25, Huffington Post. Letter from a Freedman to His Old Master. Slave narratives. Slave Narrative Collection. Robert Adams c. Francis Bok b. Elizabeth Marsh — Maria ter Meetelen —? Mende Nazer b. Joseph Pitts — c. Brigitta Scherzenfeldt — Lovisa von Burghausen — Olaudah Equiano c.

Also trained in seamanship, Equiano was expected to assist the ship's crew in times of battle; his duty was to haul gunpowder to the gun decks. Pascal favoured Equiano and sent him to his sister-in-law in Great Britain so that he could attend school and learn to read and write. Equiano converted to Christianity and was baptised at St Margaret's, Westminsteron 9 Februarywhen he was described in the parish register as "a Black, born in Carolina, 12 years old".

They had taken an interest in him and helped him to learn English. Later, when Equiano's origins were Album) after his book was published, the Guerins testified to his lack of English when he first came to London. Robert King set Equiano to work on his shipping routes and in his stores. Equiano sold fruits, glass tumblers and other items between Georgia and the Caribbean islands. King allowed Equiano to buy his freedom, which he achieved in The merchant urged Equiano to stay on as a business partner.

However, Equiano found it dangerous and limiting to remain in the British colonies as a freedman. While loading a ship in Georgia, he was almost kidnapped back into enslavement. By aboutEquiano had gone to England.

He continued to work at sea, travelling sometimes as a deckhand based in England. Two years later, Irving recruited Equiano for a project on the Mosquito Coast in Central America, where he was to use his African background to help select slaves and manage them as labourers on sugar-cane plantations.

Irving and Equiano had a working relationship and friendship for more than a decade, but the plantation venture failed. Equiano settled in London, where in the s he became involved in the abolitionist movement. The movement to end the slave trade had been particularly strong among Quakers, but the Society for Effecting the Abolition of the Slave Trade was founded in as a non-denominational group, with Anglican members, in an attempt to influence parliament directly.

Under the Test Actonly those prepared to receive the sacrament of the Lord's Supper according to the rites of the Church of England were permitted to serve as MPs. Equiano had been influenced by George Whitefield 's evangelism. As early asEquiano informed abolitionists such as Granville Sharp about the slave trade; that year he was the first to tell Sharp about the Zong massacrewhich was being tried in London as litigation for insurance claims.

Equiano was befriended and supported by abolitionists, many of whom encouraged him to write and publish his life story. He was supported financially in this effort by philanthropic abolitionists and religious benefactors. His lectures and preparation for the book were promoted by, among others, Selina Hastings, Countess of Huntingdon.

It is one of the earliest-known examples of published writing by an African writer to be widely read in England. Byit was a best seller and had been published in Russia, Germany, Holland and the United States. It was the first influential slave narrative of what became a large literary genre. But Equiano's experience in slavery was quite different from that of most slaves; he did not participate in field work, he served his owners personally and went to sea, was taught to read and write, and worked in trading.

Equiano's personal account of slavery, his journey of advancement, and his experiences as a black immigrant caused a sensation on publication. In his account, Equiano gives details about his hometown and the laws and customs of the Eboe people. After being captured as a boy, he described communities he passed through as a captive on his way to the coast. His biography details his voyage on a slave ship and the brutality of slavery in the colonies of the West IndiesVirginia and Georgia.

Equiano commented on the reduced rights that freed people of colour had in these same places, and they also faced risks of kidnapping and enslavement. Equiano embraced Christianity at the age of 14 and its importance to him is a recurring theme in his autobiography. He was baptised into the Church of England in ; he described himself in his autobiography as a "protestant of the church of England" but also flirted with Methodism.

Several events in Equiano's life led him to question his faith. He was distressed in by the kidnapping of his friend, a black cook named John Annis, who was taken forcibly off the British ship Anglicania on which they were both serving. Kirkpatrick had Annis transported to Saint Kittswhere he was punished severely [ why?

With the aid of Granville SharpEquiano tried to get Annis released before he was shipped from England but was unsuccessful. He heard that Annis was not free from suffering until he died in slavery. In his account, Equiano also told of his settling in London. He married an English woman and lived with her in SohamCambridgeshirewhere they had two daughters.

He became a leading abolitionist in the s, lecturing in numerous cities against the slave trade. Equiano records his and Granville Sharp 's central roles in the anti-slave trade movement, and 4 A.M.

- Jordan Anderson - Revolution Of Roses (File effort to publicise the Zong massacrewhich became known in Reviewers Album) found that his book demonstrated the full and complex humanity of Africans as much as the inhumanity of slavery. The book was considered an exemplary work of English literature by a new African author.

Equiano did so well in sales that he achieved independence from his benefactors. He travelled throughout England, Scotland and Ireland promoting the book. He worked to improve economic, social and educational conditions in Africa. Specifically, he became involved in working in Sierra Leonea colony founded in for freed slaves by Britain in West Africa. During the American Revolutionary WarBritain had recruited blacks to fight with it by offering freedom to those who left rebel masters.

In practice, it also freed women and children, and attracted thousands of slaves to its lines in New York City, which it occupied, and in the South, where its troops occupied Charleston, South Carolina. When British troops were evacuated at the end of the war, their officers also evacuated these American slaves. Britain refused to return the slaves, which the United States sought in peace negotiations.

Join Wendy and Topher, still in quarantine. Thanks to our crew, we miss seeing you all! Health: Erica Glaser-Gates, Ms. Wendy and Topher intro the show from their living room. Due to the coronavirus we are still under quarantine. Thanks to our supporters, patrons, crew and collaborators! Guests send in their videos on the following topics: Health: Aging gracefully and cannabis and covid The Green Zone: A video never came in, so we just did something funny.

She focuses on pathways to raise awareness, develop effective and compassionate communication, foster creative solutions, and empower individuals to live their brilliance.

As a result, she diminishes limiting beliefs and contributes to the individual and global magnification of clarity, vitality, and purpose. Health Kenton Lee M. A maker of trash art, Guting uses Traditional leatherworking and bamboo construction methods as well as repurposed materials to blend the visual and healling arts. Follow on instagram: outofhandartistcollective Music Andrew McLaughlin is an acoustic singer songwriter based in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Andrew is a self-taught guitar, mandolin, banjo and harmonica-playing songwriter. Born and raised in Arkansas, Andrew's music is thick with an apparent love for nature and the earth and has a front-porch folk feel along with an alone in the desert sensation. Mentored by William Symes sinceshe and Mr. Symes have worked extensively together, building her practice literally alongside the office of Bill Symes in the Sarah Ridge House.

Yolanda has over fourteen years of clinical work with a variety of clients while specializing in Bi Polar Disorder and trauma. A note from Yolanda: I am a psychotherapist, spiritual friend, and teacher, with clients in Northwest Arkansas as well as on both coasts. I am an integrative psychotherapist. What does that mean? Over the last twenty years I have trained extensively in both psychological and spiritual methodologies in North America, South America, and through extensive self inquiry.

My practice incorporates Western developmental theory, Eastern depth psychology, as well as a transpersonal approach to personal growth and transformation. Please note: My office is not a sterile, extremely formal environment; yet, we work very hard while actually having a lot of fun.

It is a fantastic journey. When basic talk therapy has not given you the longer term results you have been seeking, depth psychology may help you access your highest wisdom while healing your deepest wounds.

Music- Serpents of Eden perform. After growing up in Fayetteville, he attended the University of Arkansas. Ryan has been involved with the Medical Cannabis industry for many years. He has been very active in consulting with newly formed Arkansas and Oklahoma Cannabis business owners, law makers, and associations.

I enjoy helping others reach their fitness goals no matter the challenge might be. Come to my class! You'll love the music, but you might hate me by the end.

A native Arkansan and guitarist, you'll enjoy his sound no matter where you are from. In the Green Zone- Cannacooktv and ark While an undergraduate, she studied abroad in Salamanca, Spain and attended the Universidad de Salamanca to study art history and graphic design with a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship. She teaches graphic design at Northwest Arkansas Community College. They are both cannabis activists. In my practice, I help you find the root of health issues in a holistic manner and guide you toward health through eating nutrient dense whole foods and living a non-toxic lifestyle.

In this episode we discuss depression and seasonal affective disorder, and natural ways to help. In the Green Zone with Kyndal Saverse. Here is Kyndal's staterment about herself: I started off in environmental work.

My interests for good food and intentional movement have brought me into some beautiful groups. I have taught yoga for 5 years and it is the practice that gives me the most clarity in my goals.

More recently I have discovered dance… all kinds of dance. I share a special ceremony of cacao and dance where we open our hearts and then move with freedom, play, and grace to a wave of music. Many people call this cacao medicine, and I would agree.

Cacao has a special power to open our hearts, connect with others, and release emotions. Check out Angela at angelaedge.

Our Health Guest is Shayla Holder. She is a Northwest Arkansas native who is passionate about wellness, sustainability, self care, and nutrition. Conscious Coco began as a truffle company 3 years ago and quickly grew a cult following.

She has taken her vision for a health conscious menu and turned it into a reality offering a fully vegan and gluten free selection with no sacrifice of flavor. Today we will be discussing sustainability and food waste, as well as meal planning and food on a budget. Dana has a compelling story and is also a casualty of the drug war. Music Segment The Lark and the Loon are a husband and wife songwriting duo. Roots music by simple definition their writing and song choices traverse the Americana idea in what they call an exploration of the etymology of American music.

Sea shanties, Irish dance tunes, Delta and Piedmont blues, jazz, and country all weave together under the calm direction of their showmanship and love of wordplay. Their debut album "Songbirds and Fog" was Album) highest charted self-released album on the Folk DJ charts the month of its release and has been gaining steady fanfare from the listeners reached by this 74 minute 19 track catalog of an album.

Tailored to their environment they deliver performances full of humor, insight, and history. Check them out at thegreenheartfesitval. Filmmaker Jamey McGaugh joins us in the opening segment to discuss his film "Chronic". In this episode we begin with a cold open which you will see in the video version as a parody of That Girl. This podcast opens with the beginning of that opener.

We also roll out our season 3 theme song winner, " That Show" by Samantha Hunt. Website for Sam: Samanthadianemusic. In this episode she will be discussing menopause and dealing with it's effects naturally. Art and Music: Dancer: Lela Besom is an international interdisciplinary artist, organizer, and educator from Fayetteville Arkansas.

Check her out here: lelabesom. Currently she is the fiddler for The Candid. Brittany focuses on a gypsy rock sound but doesn't let genres constrain her. Thanks for joining us for the season finale of season 2 This episode starts with sound sound bowl entertainment and we had a wonderful studio audience.

Guests: Special Guest- Papa Rap paparap. Travis Wyly knew he wanted to be a chiropractor. Wyly was born with serious, life-threatening health issues. When the doctors said there was nothing they could do, his parents took him, at only 6 weeks old, to see a chiropractor. Under the care of the chiropractor he began to heal and thrive.

As a result of his early childhood experience, he grew up taking vitamins and supplements and making regular visits to the chiropractor. While his friends and classmates were often sick and taking antibiotics, he was healthy and rarely ill. Upon graduating high school in England, he enrolled in the University of Central Arkansas and completed his pre-chiropractic studies.

He attended Texas Chiropractic College in Pasadena, Texas and in opened his first practice at the age of Wyly has been a steadfast advocate for the holistic approach to health care.

He believes that while there is a time and a place for drugs and surgery, they are being over-utilized and contribute much to the poor health and illness suffered by many today. His clinic is a natural health improvement center with an emphasis on improving the health of his patients with a balanced approach of nutrition, diet, chiropractic care and lifestyle modification.

There are fewer than practitioners in the country who are trained at this advanced level. According to Dr. We live in a toxic environment. The quality of our food has never been poorer. Many are over-medicated.

In spite of all the money spent on healthcare in the United States, we remain one of the sickest countries on earth. Staying healthy or restoring health has never been harder and requires dedication, commitment and a willingness to do whatever it takes. Wyly lives Album) England, Arkansas and has 2 grown children.

For fun, he likes to hike the trails of Arkansas every chance he gets and spend time with friends and family. Please help me welcome Dr. Travis Wyly. Resisting genre, Enheduanna channels a wide range of feelings and aesthetics.

Often, Enheduanna incorporates melodies from Molly's shamanic chanting practice. The strange rhythm and time signatures often incorporated with a minor scale gives the ambiance of sorrow from which we flee. Just as those before us, we dance and shake off woes in an attempt to break away from the confines of societal standards.

This is the music of the freed peoples worldwide. This is the sound of the removed chains. This is Johai Kafa. Short about the band: We are a quintet drawing from traditional folk styles from around the world. From the Ozark mountains, to the Balkans. A husband,to Melissa for 38 years, father of 2, grandfather of 5. Gary also co-authored the Arkansas hemp bill in and serves on the Arkansans Hemp Assoc. He has also performed on stage and in studio with Gary Clark Jr.

Tony currently plays locally as well as a solo act. Erin is a live and recording artist and enjoys playing with various artists and solo in the local Fayetteville community. As a domestic abuse survivor Marsha feels passionate about empowering women to see themselves as valuable individuals. As a fine artist her work with The Hostage Project centered on calling attention to the physical, verbal, and emotional abuse women are subjected to. The visibility of all her projects aim to encourage women to break out of their bonds.

Her passion for women's issues fueled by her own experience led her to "Boudoir" intimate imaging for women and then on to fine art. She teaches concepts of balanced living by bridging the practical world with the spiritual world. She helps individuals uncover their self-limiting beliefs and unblock the energetic flow of money.

Her work empowers entrepreneurs to be engaged in the knowledge and understanding of their financial matters. To change the world we must change the hands that hold the wealth.

Happy Trans Awareness month! The musical trio known as The Damn Neighbors are at it again! The traveling troupe is causing people to dance, holler and have a general good time in whatever venue they happen upon. When attending a Damn Neighbors show you will definitely see people having a good time. So much fun that the band has been charged with inciting bluegrass on multiple occasions. It is obvious when watching them that the band has a blast when performing and the energy transfers to the audience with ease.

I am 38 years old and have lived in Fayetteville since I am a lifelong Arkansan, disabled combat veteran, B. Psychology graduate, Cannabis activist and patient, husband and father. I was 20 years old, illegally searched, and assaulted by the Police despite not resisting.

InI joined the Army and have deployed to Afghanistan 3 times as an Infantryman. I have several service connected injuries, and have experienced firsthand the damaging and dangerous cocktails of medications prescribed by the Army and at the VA.

Ending prohibition, and related police violence and corruption has been a lifelong goal of mine, as well as promoting Cannabis as an alternative, medicinally and recreationally. Future goals include furthering my education and working with other veterans, the homeless, or those suffering from mental illness as a Peer Support Specialist. So watch and listen to the show!

Music has always been an integral part of his life. In church it was hymnals sung by choir, at home his father would introduce him to artists such as The Allman Brothers and Album) Ray Vaughn. Being interested in music growing up eventually led to the tinkering of pianos that were at church or in the homes of family members, and also playing the trumpet for a few years in Middle School and Junior High. At the age of 13, he began to learn to play the guitar on a century-old classical guitar that his grandfather, Jim Lane Garrett, bought for him at an auction almost a decade earlier.

Since then, he has been playing locally in Northwest Arkansas and the surrounding areas, and has been invited to compete at the International Blues Challenge twice.

Once as the guitarist for West Street Blues Band, and once as a solo act. He also has released two solo albums, and an album with a 3 piece band.

The show will start with a cold open with Candy Lee to promote her new album, Ozark Mama. Sponsored in part by: www. Sponsorships: on for this episode. A former middle school science teacher she later made a career in business as a tax accountant. She is the owner of Worm Woman Inc.

The bin which was patented by Mary is ideal for use in the classroom. It is her hope that she can change the world a dozen worm bins at a time. Music- The Candid The Candid. Members include vocalist Alexa Shannon, bassist Stephen, fiddle player Brittany, guitarist Brandon, and drummer, Derek. The band's sound consists of rock n roll with a touch of americana and "gypsy jazz".

So far they perform primarily in Arkansas, but are looking to book regionally in the near future. Visit Papa Rap at paparap. Fate brought the two together on stage in early Veterans of the NWA music scene in their respective rights, it did not take long for these two to build on their creative chemistry and develop a sound that spans multiple generations of rock and roll. Health- Shelley Mouber Shelley, a self taught artist who holds a B. Her Uncle, a renowned sculptor and set-designer is amongst her earliest influences.

His use of non-traditional materials, vibrant color and allegory to construct content continues to influence her art process. Her artwork has been included in group and solo exhibitions and resides in private collections throughout the World.

Shelley currently resides in Fayetteville Arkansas. My wife and I have been married for 13 years, and I am very thankful for her support in this journey we have embarked on. We have a 16 year old son, and a 9 year old daughter. Our family has lived in Northwest Arkansas since I am the proud son of a Vietnam combat veteran! Veterans hold a very special place in my heart. My mission is to raise funds to assist veterans, home-bound patients, and those in financial need to obtain their recommendation for a medical marijuana card, and to offer assistance to these patients in obtaining medicine to detox from man-made pharmaceuticals to natural medicine.

I also offer consultation services to assist patients with strain selection, and teaching skills to get the most out of their medicine. I, myself, struggle with debilitating conditions, and personally know how hard breaking the addiction can and will be.

My goal is to BreakTheStigma that surrounds those wanting to use natural medicine and holistic therapies over pharmaceuticals, by putting a face with the conditions that afflict those being criticized, and letting their stories be heard.

In this episode Wendy and Topher celebrate their one year anniversary! Sally was on our very first episode and she returned for this one with her Lucia Light Therapy. Health- Ashli Curry from Berry Natural and a discussion of cold pressed juices and healthy smoothies. Adrian and T. Music: The Traveling Squirrels Thanks so much to our patrons and sponsors. In this episode Wendy and Topher interview the following guests: Health- Dr.

Serge Francois and a discussion of regenerative medicine. Join Wendy and Topher as they interview the following guests: Health- Kymberly Stephens and a discussion of sexual abuse and addiction. Join Wendy and Topher for Season 2, Episode 6 as they interview the following guests: Health- Andrea Sumers and a discussion of positivity, health and spirituality. Andrea brings with her 20 years experience in healing and teaching energy work.

As a Reiki Master and minister, she has collected effective methods from various sources to help others live a happier, healthier lives, fine tune their empathic abilities, and function harmoniously in any environment. We will be discussing the health benefits of raw cannabis.

Join us for this episode where Wendy and Topher interview the following guests: Health- BJ Garrett RN and a discussion of cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome. For much of America's history, slavery was "omnipresent, from the economy to foreign policy, from the pulpit to the halls of Congress, from westward expansion to the educational system," writes Lonnie Bunch, the director of the African-American History and Culture Museum.

Perhaps that's why, in Augusta former slaveowner named Colonel P. Anderson asked Jourdon Anderson, a free man, to return to his Tennessee farm.

The slaveowner's letter has been lost to the passage of time, writes Josh Jones for Open Culturebut Jourdon's response was published in a Cincinnati newspaper and survives to this day. Based on his sardonically civil letter, it's clear what Jourdon thought of the Colonel. But, he adds, "I have often felt uneasy about you.

Mlýny (Little Light Of Mine) - Spirituál Kvintet - Šlapej Dál! + Bonusy (CD, Album), The Lie - Tony Banks - A Curious Feeling (Vinyl, LP, Album), Двоится В Глазах - Гражданская Оборона - Поганая Молодёжь (Vinyl, LP, Album), Alabama - How Do You Fall In Love (Vinyl), Indios De Barcelona - Mano Negra - Amerika Perdida (Cassette), 3. Szene. Schwer Drückend Des Tages Brunst - Franz Schreker – Kiel Opera Chorus, Kiel Philharmonic O, His Immortal Logness, The Flood Wave - Andreas Koch - Jingle Box 2 (CD, Album), The Ways Of The Winter - Beau (5) - Creation / Beau (CD), Manchester - The Beautiful South - Manchester (CD), Chocolate Sexy (Miguel Mendoza Mix), Traum (2) - Seperatist Integration (CDr), You Little Liar, Hold It Down - Big Baby*, Labb Inc. & Jimmy D (3) - In My Lifetime (CDr)

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  1. Jordan Anderson or Jourdon Anderson was an African-American and former slave noted for an letter he dictated, known as "Letter from a Freedman to His Old Master". It was addressed to his former master, Colonel P. H. Anderson, in response to the Colonel's request that Mr. Anderson return to the plantation to help restore the farm after the disarray of the war. It has been described as a rare Resting place: Woodland Cemetery.

  2. Jordan Anderson "Time To Go" Bottle Coozie. $ Buy in monthly payments with Affirm on orders over $ Learn more. Jordan Anderson "Time To Go" 30oz Tumbler. $ Buy in monthly payments with Affirm on orders over $ Learn more. Jordan Anderson "Time To Go" Mug.

  3. Biography by Marcy Donelson. + Follow Artist. The electro-pop duo of Alyssa Coco and Matt Merritt dwell in intimate, dramatic, gray-tinted atmospheres. Read Full Biography. Overview. ↓. Biography. ↓. Discography.

  4. The Andersen-Jordan Approach after Nearly 20 Years Jerry L. Jordan on 1. 0 my knowledge, the label ‘monetarist” and its essential propositions were fim’st put forth in an article in the July Review of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis entitled “The Role of Money in Monetary Policy” by Karl Brunner’. In it, Brunner states that.

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  6. Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Lynn Anderson - Rose Garden at Discogs. Complete your Lynn Anderson collection.

  7. Olaudah Equiano (/əˈlaʊda/) (c. – 31 March ), known for most of his life as Gustavus Vassa (/ ˈ v æ s ə /), was a writer and abolitionist from, according to his memoir, the Eboe (Igbo) region of the Kingdom of Benin (today southern Nigeria). Enslaved as a child in Africa, he was taken to the Caribbean and sold as a slave to a Royal Navy officer.

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