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Personnel-related problems persisted, nevertheless. In Januarya plot was uncovered - supposedly organised by Soviet advisers - under which several pilots intended to defect with their aircraft to Aden. In another attempt to improve the situation, President Iryani visited Moscow and requested additional military aid, including deliveries of MiG fighter-bombers, in December However the Soviets also refused. The only improvement the North Yemeni air force experienced during this period was the expansion of Al-Daylami air base, undertaken during the same year.

The origins of the South Yemeni army can be traced back to WW1, when the 1st Yemeni battalion was formed, consisting of locally enlisted Arabs to confront Turkish troops threatening Aden. Between andthe APL served to protect airfields and other bases, and also for garrison duties on Perim and Kamaran islands.

During the Second World War, it was reinforced through the addition of an anti-aircraft unit, which in managed to shoot down an Italian bomber over Aden. Inthe APL was reorganised and placed under the control of the British army. Four years later, it came under the jurisdiction of the Federation of South Arabia and was officially redesignated as the FRA.

Bythis comprised five infantry battalions, an armoured car squadron and a signal squadron. In Juneit was reinforced by the addition of four battalions of the Federal Guard or National Guard that were merged into its existing structure, and recruitment Black Is The Night - Yemm & The Yemen - Black Is The Night (Vinyl) its tenth battalion.

The British trained these units in mountain warfare and helicopter-supported operations, some even for urban internal security operations. Therefore, when the British hurriedly negotiated a transfer of power to the National Liberation Front NLF as the dominant political force in the FSA in Novemberthe new government was able to reach back upon a well-trained and organised, even if small, army.

Subsequently, all political parties were amalgamated into the NLF - renamed the United National Front - or banned, while the government established very close ties to Moscow. Curious to obtain a foothold from which it could control and influence developments in the Red Sea, Arabian sea and Horn of Africa, as well as enhance its capacity to monitor US and allied activities in the Middle East and bolster its own military presence, the Soviet Union grabbed the opportunity.

While officially befriending both governments in Sana'a and Aden, Moscow subsequently took over the duty of assisting the military build up of South Yemen only. In the People's Democratic Republic of Yemen, this process came forward at a more significant rate than in North Yemen - not only because of the better training local armed forces had earlier received from the British, but also because the United National Front was ideologically opposed to tribalism and did its best to eradicate it.

The build-up was further bolstered by the arrival of Soviet advisors in As relations with Moscow grew ever stronger, a much larger Soviet Military Advisory Group - headquartered in Aden and commanded by a Major General - was established in early One Soviet colonel took over command of the air force while another assumed command over ground forces. The latter reorganised and expanded available forces into six brigades of three battalions each based in Aden, Beihan, Al-Qisab, Mukayris, Al Anad, Al Abr and Mukallaa signal battalion, training battalion, military academy, military police unit and several minor support units.

Furthermore, the Soviets became instrumental in the development of an effective intelligence system based on human and technical resources, and the establishment of an effective logistics system capable of supporting mobile operations, and they also provided advanced training, including for counter-insurgency COIN operations. The North Yemen Civil War began in and ended in The Royalists received support from Saudi Arabia and Jordan while the Republicans received support from Egypt and the Black Is The Night - Yemm & The Yemen - Black Is The Night (Vinyl) Unionusing about 55, Egyptian troops.

The Royalists used local tribesmen. During the conflict over 50, of Egypt's troops were tied down in Yemen, which proved to be a disadvantage to Egypt during the Six-Day War with Israel. Egyptian troops were withdrawn to join the Six-Day War. The civil war concluded when the Republican forces won, and resulting in the transformation of the Mutawakkilite Kingdom of Yemen into the Yemen Arab Republic.

Overdied on both sides during the conflict. The first attack took place on June 8, against Kawma, a village of about inhabitants in northern Yemen, killing about seven people and damaging the eyes and lungs of twenty-five others.

This incident is considered to have been experimental, and the bombs were described as "home-made, amateurish and relatively ineffective". The Egyptian authorities suggested that the reported incidents were probably caused by napalm, not gas.

There were no reports of gas duringand only a few were reported in The reports grew more frequent in late On December 11,fifteen gas bombs killed two people and injured thirty-five.

On January 5,the biggest gas attack came against the village of Kitaf, causing casualties, including fatalities. The target may have been Prince Hassan bin Yahya, who had installed his headquarters nearby. The Egyptian government denied using poison gas, and alleged that Britain and the US were using the reports as psychological warfare against Egypt.

On February 12,it said it would welcome a UN investigation. On March 1, U Thant said he was "powerless" to deal with the matter. On May 10, the twin villages of Gahar and Gadafa in Wadi Hirran, where Prince Mohamed bin Mohsin was in command, were gas bombed, killing at least seventy-five.

The Red Cross was alerted and on June 2, it issued a statement in Geneva expressing concern. The Institute of Forensic Medicine at the University of Berne made a statement, based on a Red Cross report, that the gas was likely to have been halogenous derivatives - phosgene, mustard gas, lewisite, chloride or cyanogen bromide. The gas attacks stopped for three weeks after the Six-Day War of June, but resumed on July, against all parts of royalist Yemen.

Casualty estimates vary, and an assumption, considered conservative, is that the mustard and phosgene-filled aerial bombs caused approximately 1, fatalities and 1, injuries. During the Yemeni Civil War almost all of the actual fighting in the civil war occurred in the southern part of the country despite air and missile attacks against cities and major installations in the north. Southerners sought support from neighboring states and received billions of dollars of equipment and financial assistance, mostly from Saudi Arabia, which felt threatened during Gulf War in when Yemen supported Saddam Hussien.

The United States repeatedly called for a cease-fire and a return to the negotiating table. Various attempts, including by a UN special envoy, were unsuccessful to effect a cease-fire. It could be a first step to a cease fire — and leading hopefully to Peace negotiations. All Black Is The Night - Yemm & The Yemen - Black Is The Night (Vinyl) on what the Saudis will do next.

If they get instructions from the US and the UK and other European allies, like France — to halt the bombing, then we may be able to talk about an interim success. The Saudis will do what their western Masters tell them to do. If you look at the map, you see how strategically located Yemen is… and Yemen in control of a left-leaning government, a government that supports the people, supports a move towards democracy, is not what the west wants.

In this case it is the UAE building the military camps, what will eventually become a military base, to which the US and western allies will have access. The UAE were supporting Saudi Arabia in the fight against the Yemeni Houthis, who were and are fighting for their freedom, autonomy and democracy.

The UAE were instrumental in blocking the port of Hudaydah so that no food and vital medicine could enter Yemen. The UAE — close ally to the western powers — is co-responsible for famine, disease — foremost cholera — and death of tens of thousands of children. So, perhaps UAE military bases on Socotra island, to which the west, i. This is of course speculation, but it would make geopolitical sense. PressTV How significant do you think this exchange is where initially the Saudi regime thought that its war on Yemen would only take a month and now more than five and a half years later, Riyadh has had to agree to negotiate with AnsaraAllah?

I understand negotiations on Socotra started already in … That would be one explanation — another one, more straightforward, is the Irani support the Houthis received. Therefore the Saudi bombing had to go on — with of course weapons — bombs and missiles — supplied by the US, UK, and France.

A Financial bonanza for the western weapons industry. War is a very profitable business. PressTV The talks leading up to this swap agreement were held in Switzerland.

Do you think the so-called international community can play a more active role in trying to bring this war to an end? Yes, I believe the international community should play a much more active role when PEACE is at stake — anywhere in a conflict zone around the world.

Unfortunately, those who have a political weight in the international community are also those who have a vested interest in wars and conflicts — not only weapons sales, also moving a step or two closer to controlling the energy-and other resources-rich Middle East.

With the exception of the instrumental-part at the end of the first side, the whole piece is strongly based in carefully structured and well-written parts where the each member of the bands works wonderfully as integrated parts in the whole sound. The concept of the album is about a boy who speaks to an extraterrestial being in the form of a bird, and the whole story has a very optimistic and positive message.

Artemis and Apollo must be spinning Remember the Future on their Olympian stereo system right now because this is surely the purest distillation of Nektar's quirky but timeless genious. Alternately, rocking, spacey, psychedelic, funky, jazzy, Remember the Future features Roye Albrighton's hot guitar over a tight rhythm section and Taff Freeman's textured keyboards. As always, the singing is melodic and the arrangements beautifully constructed.

And while some might snicker at the somewhat juvenile theme an extraterrestrial bluebird who shows a boy the past and future history of the human race? I rarely give any album five stars, but this is my desert island Nektar album the one I wouldn't be withoutso I'm justifying five stars in this case for perversity's sake.

Great cover art, too, for those who care about such things. Twisted 2. Goin' To California 3. Baby Please Don't Go 4. Down Goes Your Love Life 5. Bright Lights Big City 6.

Can't Make Love By Yourself 7. Good Morning Little School Girl 8. King Pin 9. Square Headed People Chasin' Shadows Green Bottle Lover Isn't It Strange Tomorrow's Ship bonus track Twisted bonus track Goin' To California bonus track Hoochie Coochie Man bonus track Pusher bonus track Goin' Upstairs bonus track Tighten Up Your Wig bonus track Kay was the first rocker to use the phrase heavy metal in a song, in one of metal's first great anthems: Steppenwolf's classic "Born to Be Wild.

Armed Forces radio after his family moved to East Germany that fueled his interest in music. In the '60s, Kay founded the Sparrow, a rock outfit who played both Canada and the U. The group had fallen apart bybut with a new, harder-edged style of rock beginning to conquer the charts and airwaves Cream, Jimi Hendrix, and the YardbirdsKay decided to pursue this direction with his next band, Steppenwolf titled after Hermann Hesse's novel of the same name.

After moving to Los Angeles, the fledgling band was signed to Dunhill and recorded their self-titled debut, issued in The album became a sizeable hit, as "Born to Be Wild" was unleashed on an unsuspecting record-buying public, becoming one of rock's most instantly identifiable and enduring hits of all time. After the track was used in the cult classic movie Easy Rider, it subsequently appeared in countless other movies and TV commercials over the years and was covered by numerous other bands Blue Oyster Cult, Slade, Crowded House, and the Cult.

Steppenwolf continued to crank out hit albums 's The Second, 's At Your Birthday Party, and 's Monstersingles "Magic Carpet Ride," "Rock Me"and tours on a regular basis, with Kay being the only constant member among a revolving door of other musicians. Steppenwolf's retirement didn't last for long, however, as Kay alternated between the band and his solo career throughout the '70s, '80s, and '90s. He even took a few former members of the band to court when they, too, began touring behind the name Steppenwolf.

This is a somewhat electronic post-punk version of The Sound. Great use of drum machine. Highly recommended! Borland supplied guitars and vocals while Bailey provided keyboards, bass, and drum programming. Since the duo was central to the Sound's sound, their side project retained some of that feel, albeit in a slightly detached fashion that's to be expected when synths and drum machines replace more human elements. Borland's songwriting wasn't much less personal here than his writing for the Sound.

State Of Emergency 2. I Need Noise 3. Courts Or Wars 2. Metal Sheet 3. The Cutting Motion 4. Courts Or Wars 5. Metal Sheet 6. Definition Of Honor 2. In Bits 3. Fixation 4. Save Our Souls 5. Distortion 6. Underneath The Gloss 7. Zero 8. Japanese Headset 9. Gentle U. This is about an exclusive blend-event, brought you by the LUST retro-futurist splinter group. All time soul, funk, r'n'r, garage and libraries will be served at. Don't miss this incredible action-hi, or live in the mainstream.

The songs are really melodic with dark sound and very good lyrics. One of Black Is The Night - Yemm & The Yemen - Black Is The Night (Vinyl) favorite is "Again" Link :. Drommarnas Varld 2. Fank 3. Konserverad Grot 4. Sune Violent And Glassbreakers 5. Den Okande Soldaten 6.

Puttes Barn 7. Jag Och Du 8. Samma Vindar, Samma Dofter 9. Flugornas Hage Discoplast Och Hippievadd Prinsen Och Prinsessan Black Is The Night - Yemm & The Yemen - Black Is The Night (Vinyl) sure that someone request this album I can't find some info for that From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Redirected from Yemen Music. Folk music [ edit ]. Main article: Yemen Hip Hop. Yemen Times. Archived from the original on 8 April Black Is The Night - Yemm & The Yemen - Black Is The Night (Vinyl) 6 April Archived from the original on 3 June

Love And The Russian Winter 1999 - Simply Red - Полное Собрание Сочинений (DVD), Thursday Song - Marina V - My Star (CD, Album), Javadeep - Warehouse (File), Intermezzo : Channel 352 - Arrival (3) - An Abstract Of Inertia (CD, Album), Confrontation - Mercenary (11) - Get Off The Lawn (Vinyl, LP, Album), Wonderpill (Five-Minutes) - Slavefriese - Wonderpill (Vinyl), Too Close To Her (And Too Far From You) - Hank Locklin - Bummin Around (Vinyl, LP), James Brown Is Still Alive (Hn Style) - Holy Noise - Organoised Crime (Vinyl, LP, Album), Baby Lets Play House - Elvis Presley - Remembering Elvis Presley (Cassette), Adagio - Johannes Brahms - Leipziger Streichquartett, Hartmut Rohde - String Quintets Op. 88 & 1, King Of The Shades - Sand Snowman - A Dolls Eyes / Red Rag Blues (Vinyl, LP, Album, LP, Album)

Konserverad Grot 4. Sune Violent And Glassbreakers 5. Den Okande Soldaten 6. Puttes Barn 7. Jag Och Du 8. Samma Vindar, Samma Dofter 9.

Flugornas Hage Discoplast Och Hippievadd Prinsen Och Prinsessan I'm sure that someone request this album I can't find some info for that Buffalo Springfield released a total of only three albums but also left a legacy that includes numerous demo recordings, studio outtakes, and live recordings.

I like it a lot, so recommended for folkies!!!!! Formed in Naples in late 60's, with the initial name of Battitori Selvaggi. They changed name to Il Balletto di Bronzo with the first line-up, with two good singles in and Their first album, Sirio is now considered as one of the rarest of the italian prog era, and is halfway influenced, between late 60's psych and prog. Some collectors consider it as one of the best in the italian prog field, others think it's still not a mature group's work.

Without doubt a very important one. NOW to our point In Gianni Leone enters the group along with bassist Manzari and a new Balletto is born, much more in a symphonic vein and dominated by his keyboards. YS kicks into overdrive almost straight away, then stays there pretty much for the course of the album. Il Balletto di Bronzo don't muck about, just roll their collective sleeves up and get stuck in. This is a decidedly complex and intense record. I would tend to agree with that opinion.

This reissue of the Tomorrow record is really quite nice,with the lp's eleven tracks along with twelve bonus tunes tagged on for good measure. A total of 23 songs. A truly great psychedelic release to own. The disc's gems are easy to spot,like "My White Bicycle" the same tune Nazareth opens some of their gigs with ,the timeless "Revolution","Three Jolly Little Dwarfs" and "Hallucinations".

Most of you probably,of course know about Tomorrow's line-up. That it included guitarist Steve Howe before he joined Yes ,heart-throb Keith West on vocals and drummer Twink before he joined up with the Pink Fairies. The extra tunes are about as good as the actual lp. Sort of dug "Why" and the mono version of the previously mentioned "Revolution" as well as the three cuts by The Aquarian Age,a side project by Twink and the band's bassist,Junior. Thought the spoken word track,skit,whatever Ira Cohen - The Invasion of Thunderbolt Pagoda 22 minute video of the most psychedelic film of all time.

Combines kabuki and Dr. Strange in the mystical realm an alchemical journey by an arcane master. This right up there with Begotten and Eraser Head for the surrealism. This was and is, the first and only psychedelic movie. With rich visual delight and bizarre mylar chamber and costumes, the alchemy is accomplished in jewels and gold, ah yes, it is, it works, it has been accomplished.

I find it best played on at least three digital projectors with heavy sub woofer and smoke machines. A most delightful package of experimental cinematography.

A must have. It is the part with motion. The other parts are just paintings and poetry No words to decribe this film It is even more crazy when you think that he could do that with the technics existing in late 60's.

Hey everyone, couldn't find much info about these guys at all Decent stuff though, a good mix of soft flowing passages and full-out psych rockers. The Gibson Bros. A crazed psychobilly quartet which later fragmented into the Workdogs and '68 Comeback, the Gibson Bros.

The fifth Gibson Bros. While Evans formed the similarly inspired — and possibly even more raucous — '68 Comeback, Howland worked with the Bassholes on albums released in and Recorded at the legendary Sun studios in Memphis, the Gibson Bros. This incarnation of the Gibson Bros.

However, the fact that Spencer and the Gibson Bros. A romp through Kimbrough's "I Feel Good, Little Girl" finds Spencer stepping up to the mic and turning in a performance that, while indicative of things to come, lacks the hip-shakin' Elvis bravado of his work in the eponymous Blues Explosion. The triple-guitar assault conveys a similar loose, twangy feel, creating a record that could have just as easily served as the soundtrack to a barroom brawl 40 years ago.

Liner notes courtesy of Evans are entertaining as always, as his never-stop-to-take-a-breath, stream-of-consciousness writing style reads like the literary equivalent of his band's raucous sound. Along the way, Evans manages to touch on topics like classic recording artists including Charlie Feathers and Rev. To quote the liner notes, "When you pray tonight, pray a little harder for the Gibson Bros. They formed in and they released 5 extrodinary albums.

One of them is " Happy Trails " recorded in Ten tracks with psychedelic and folk notes. Naftalin quit,band collapsed soon afterwards. These products were mainly imported from the EU Taxes and other revenues constituted roughly The public debt was Its inflation rate over the same period based on consumer prices was Beginning in the mids, the Soviet Union and China provided large-scale assistance.

In the south, pre-independence economic activity was overwhelmingly concentrated in the port city of Aden.

The seaborne transit trade, which the port relied upon, collapsed with the temporary closure of the Suez Canal and Britain's withdrawal from Aden in Since the conclusion of the war, the government made an agreement with the International Monetary Fund IMF to implement a structural adjustment program. Phase one of the program included major financial and monetary reforms, including floating the currency, reducing the budget deficit, and cutting subsidies.

Phase two addresses structural issues, such as civil service reform. A key challenge is severe water scarcityespecially in the Highlands, prompting The Timesinto write "Yemen could become first nation to run out of water. Access to water supply sanitation is low. Yemen is both the poorest country and the most water-scarce country in the Arab world.

Third, the capacity of sector institutions to plan, build, operate and maintain infrastructure remains limited. Last but not least the security situation makes it even more difficult to improve or even maintain existing levels of service. For example, in Sana'a, the water table was 30 metres 98 feet below surface in the s but had dropped to 1, metres 3, feet below surface by The groundwater has not been regulated by Yemen's governments.

Even before the revolution, Yemen's water situation had been described as increasingly dire by experts who worried that Yemen would be the first country to run out of water. A large portion of Yemenis are dependent on small-scale subsistence agriculture. Half of the agricultural water in Yemen is used to grow khata drug that many Yemenis chew.

Due to the Yemeni civil warthe situation is increasingly dire. Bombing has forced many Yemenis to leave their homes for other areas, and so wells in those areas are under increasing pressure.

Init was 4. It is the 30th highest in the world. According to MuqaddasiPersians formed the majority of Aden's population in the 10th century. Yemenite Jews once formed a sizable minority in Yemen with a distinct culture from other Jewish communities in the world. Most of the prominent IndonesiansMalaysiansand Singaporeans of Arab descent are Hadhrami people with origins in southern Yemen in the Hadramawt coastal region. The Maqil were a collection of Arab Bedouin tribes of Yemeni origin who migrated westwards via Egypt.

Several groups of Yemeni Arabs turned south to Mauritaniaand by the end of the 17th century, they dominated the entire country. They can also be found throughout Morocco and in Algeria as well as in other North African Countries. Yemen is the only country in the Arabian Peninsula that is signatory to two international accords dating back to and governing the protection of refugees. Refugees and asylum seekers Black Is The Night - Yemm & The Yemen - Black Is The Night (Vinyl) in Yemen were predominantly from Somalia, Iraq 11,Ethiopia 2,[] and Syria.

The Yemeni diaspora is largely concentrated in neighbouring Saudi Arabia, where betweenand 1 million Yemenis reside, [] and the United Kingdom, home to between 70, and 80, Yemenis. Modern Standard Arabic is the official language of Yemen, while Yemeni Arabic is used as the vernacular. In al Mahrah Governorate in the far east and the island of Socotraseveral non-Arabic languages are spoken.

Yemen is part of the homeland of the South Semitic languages. Mehri is the largest South Semitic language spoken in the nation, with more than 70, speakers. The ethnic Black Is The Night - Yemm & The Yemen - Black Is The Night (Vinyl) itself is called Mahra. Soqotri is another South Semitic language, with speakers on the island of Socotra isolated from the pressures of Arabic on the Yemeni mainland.

According to the census in Yemen, the number of speakers there was 57, Yemen was also home of the Old South Arabian languages. The Razihi language appears to be the only remaining Old South Arabian language. English is the most important foreign language, being widely taught and spoken mostly in the south, a former British colony. A small Cham -speaking community is found in the capital city of Sana'a, originating from refugees expatriated from Vietnam after the Vietnam War in the s.

Islam is the state religion of Yemen. Shias are primarily Zaydi and also have significant minorities of Ismaili [] and Twelver [] [] Shias. The Sunnis are predominantly in the south and southeast. There are mixed communities in the larger cities. Estimates of the number of Christians in Yemen range from 25, [] to 41, There are approximately 50 Jews left in Yemen. Yemen is a culturally rich country with influence from many civilizations, such as the early civilization of Saba'. Radio broadcasting in Yemen began in the s when it was still divided into the South by the British and the North by the Imami ruling system.

However, it drew back afterdue to destroyed infrastructure resulting from the civil war. Television is the most significant media platform in Yemen. Given the low literacy rate in the country, television is the main source of news for Yemenis.

There are six free-to-air channels currently headquartered in Yemen, of which four are state-owned. The Yemeni film industry is in its early stages; only two Yemeni films have been released as of [update]. The history of Yemeni theatre dates back at least a century, to the early s. Both amateur and professional government-sponsored theatre troupes perform in the country's major urban centres.

Historically speaking, the southern port city of Aden is the cradle of Yemeni theatre; in recent decades the capital, Sana'a, has hosted numerous theatre festivals, often in conjunction with World Theatre Day.

Football is the most popular sport in Yemen. The Yemeni national football team participates internationally. The country also hosts many football clubs. They compete in the national and international leagues.

Yemen's mountains provide many opportunities for outdoor sports, such as bikingrock climbingtrekkinghikingand other more challenging sports, including mountain climbing. Mountain climbing and hiking tours to the Sarawat Mountainsincluding peaks of 3, m 9, ft and above, particularly that of An-Nabi Shu'ayb, [] [] are seasonally organized by local and international alpine agencies.

The coastal areas of Yemen and Socotra Island also provide many opportunities for water sports, such as surfingbodyboardingsailingswimmingand scuba diving. Socotra Island is home to some of the best surfing destinations in the world. Camel jumping is a traditional sport that is becoming increasingly popular among the Zaraniq tribe on the west coast of Yemen in a desert plain by the Red Sea. Camels are placed side to side and victory goes to the competitor who leaps, from a running start, over the most camels.

The jumpers train year round for competitions. Tribesmen women may not compete tuck their robes around their waists for freedom of movement while running and leaping. Yemen's biggest sports event was hosting the 20th Arabian Gulf Cup in Aden and Abyan in the southern part of the country on 22 November Many thought Yemen was the strongest competitor, but it was defeated in the first three matches of the tournament.

Internationally, Naseem Hameda world champion boxer, is the most well known Yemeni athlete. Among Yemen's natural and cultural attractions are four World Heritage sites. Surrounded by a fortified wall made of mud and straw, the 16th-century city is one of the oldest examples of urban planning based on the principle of vertical construction.

The Old City of Sana'a, at an altitude of more than 2, metres 7, fthas been inhabited for over two and a half millennia, and was inscribed in Sana'a became a major Islamic centre in the 7th century, and the mosques, 14 hammams traditional bathhousesand more than 6, houses that survive all date from before the 11th century. Close to the Red Sea Coast, the historic town of Zabidinscribed inwas Yemen's capital from the 13th to the 15th century, and is an archaeological and historical site.

It played an important role for many centuries because of its university, which was a centre of learning for the whole Arab and Islamic world. Algebra is said to have been invented there in the early 9th century by the little-known scholar Al-Jazari. Mentioned by Marco Polo in the 13th century, this remote and isolated archipelago consists of four islands and two rocky islets delineating the southern limit of the Gulf of Aden.

The site has a rich biodiversity. It is home to bird species, species of coral, species of coastal fish, and species of crab and Black Is The Night - Yemm & The Yemen - Black Is The Night (Vinyl), as well as a range of Aloes and the Dragon's Blood Tree Dracaena cinnabari. The cultural heritage of Socotra includes the unique Soqotri language. Department of State reports that compulsory attendance is not enforced.

A seven-year project to improve gender equity and the quality and efficiency of secondary education, focusing on girls in rural areas, was approved by the World Bank in March Despite the significant progress Yemen has made to expand and improve its health care system over the past decade, the system remains severely underdeveloped. Total expenditures on health care in constituted 3. According to the World Bankthe number of doctors in Yemen rose by an average of more than 7 percent between andbut as of there were still only three doctors per 10, persons.

In Yemen had only 0. Health care services are particularly scarce in rural areas. Only 25 percent of rural areas are covered by health services, as compared with 80 percent of urban areas. Emergency servicessuch as ambulance service and blood banksare non-existent. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Country in Western Asia. This article is about the country in Western Asia. For other uses, see Yemen disambiguation. For the village in Turkey, see Yemeni, Abana. For other uses, see List of Yemen related topics.

From the Ottoman Empire. From the United Kingdom. Main article: History of Yemen. See also: Islamic history of Yemen. Main article: Sulayhid dynasty. Jibla became the capital of the dynasty.

Featured is the Queen Arwa Mosque. Queen Arwa al-Sulaihi Palace. Main article: Ayyubid Dynasty. Main article: Rasulid dynasty. Main article: Tahirids Yemen. See also: Modern history of Yemen. Ruins of Thula fortress in 'Amranwhere al-Mutahhar ibn Yahya barricaded himself against Ottoman attacks. See also: Aden Protectorate and Sultanate of Lahej.

See also: Yemen Vilayet. Main article: Mutawakkilite Kingdom of Yemen. Main article: Yemeni unification. Prayers during Ramadan in Sana'a. This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Tens of thousands of protesters marching to Sana'a Universityjoined for the first time by opposition parties, during the — Yemeni revolution. Controlled by Houthis and Saleh loyalists. Controlled by Saudi-backed Hadi loyalists.

Main article: Geography of Yemen. BWh Hot desert. BWk Cold desert. BSh Hot semi-arid. BSk Cold semi-arid. CWb Subtropical highland. Main article: Wildlife of Yemen. Dracaena cinnabari at Socotra Island. On the left side of this relief, a lion attacks a gazellewhile a rabbit tries to jump away from the gazelle's forelegs.

On the right, a leopard jumps down from rocks onto the back of an ibex ; a small rodent flees the hoofs of the ibex. Birds in the branches of acacia trees observe the two scenes. This section is an excerpt from Environmental issues in Yemen. Main article: Politics of Yemen. Main article: Foreign relations of Yemen. Main article: Military of Yemen. Main article: Human rights in Yemen. Main article: Human trafficking in Yemen.

Main article: Governorates of Yemen. Main article: Economy of Yemen. Main article: Water supply and sanitation in Yemen. Main article: Demographics of Yemen. Main article: List of cities in Yemen. Largest cities or towns in Yemen According to the Census []. Main article: Religion in Yemen. Religion in Yemen [] Sunni Islam.

Main article: Culture of Yemen. Main article: Media of Yemen. Main article: Theatre in Yemen. This article needs additional citations for verification. Main article: Tourism in Yemen. Main article: Education in Yemen. Main article: Health in Yemen. See also: Famine in Yemen and —17 Yemen cholera outbreak. Yemen portal. Asharq Al-Awsat. Constitute Project. Retrieved 31 August Central Statistical Organisation. Archived from the original on 9 October Retrieved 24 February International Monetary Fund.

Retrieved 2 March World Bank. Retrieved 15 October United Nations Development Programme. ISBN Retrieved 16 December International News Safety Institute. Archived from the original on 5 May Retrieved 14 October Bradt Travel Guides. Historical Dictionary of Yemen. John Simpson Queen of Sheba: treasures from ancient Yemen. British Museum Press. On the Reliability of the Old Testament.

Eerdmans Publishing. Devora Publishing. DeRouen; Uk Heo Saudi Arabia and Yemen. The Rosen Publishing Group. Hip Hop Diplomacy. Archived from the original on 27 May NPR Music. Middle Eastern music. Music of Asia. Category Asia portal. PressTV Why has Saudi Arabia not been condemned for its blockade on Yemen which is preventing foodstuffs and even medicine from entering the country? PK They have been condemned, but not with much noise and only with tiny voices; to no avail, because they got the support from the US, UK, France and Germany.

But their voices were silenced by the western-bought and oriented media. We are living in a dystopian world, where rights and international laws do no longer count. Breaking international laws is the new normal. Laws and international rules are made up by the western powers, as they go along in the process of trying to conquer the world.

Although, the UNSC has not been able to achieve Peace in Yemen — nor in Palestine, for that matter — it is at least a forum which the media cannot simply ignore. And little by little people will recognize who Black Is The Night - Yemm & The Yemen - Black Is The Night (Vinyl) behind all these conflicts and vested interests.

In the long-run, western powers for absolute dominance will not succeed. Its not in the laws of nature. PressTV The Saudis are well equipped with sophisticated equipment and weapons which they buy from London and Washington despite their many human rights violations in this war. PK Absolutely.

Of course they should. And not to forget, by western funding of terrorism. PressTV We have seen a big difference between the Yemeni fighters during the first year of war until now. It is no longer rare now that the Houthis are able to attack the Saudis. The United States repeatedly called for a cease-fire and a return to the negotiating table. Various attempts, including by a UN special envoy, were unsuccessful to effect a cease-fire. Ali Nasir Muhammad supporters greatly assisted military operations against the secessionists and Aden was captured on 7 July Other resistance quickly collapsed and thousands of southern leaders and military personnel went into exile.

In Marcha month after the beginning of an uprising against President Saleh's rule, Maj. Ali Mohsen al-Ahmarthe commander of the 1st Armoured Division, defected to the side of the protesters taking hundreds of troops and several tanks to protect protesting citizens.

Rival tanks of the 1st Armoured Division and the Republican Guard faced off against each other in Sann'a. The Yemeni Army's th Brigade, which had defected to the opposition, launched a joint operation with 31st and st Brigades which were still loyal to Saleh and retook the city of Zanjibar on 10 September from Islamist militants who were exploiting the chaos in the country to expand their influence.

The offensive relieved besieged army units in the process. During the revolution oflarge crowds of Houthis participated in the protests. When the armed uprising started, the Houthis used this as a chance to take over northern Yemen.

The Houthis also participated in the national dialogue conference, brokered by the United Nations and the Gulf Cooperation Council to increase Hadi's term by 1 year and allow him to introduce sweeping reforms in all civilian, economic and military authorities alike. This was to purge all authorities of Saleh loyalists.

But the National Dialogue conference also allowed Hadi to convert Yemen into a six-region federal system. The Houthis withheld their support from the federal region system. After Hadi's decision to increase fuel prices and remove diverse subsidies, the Houthis began an advance on all Yemeni provinces to complete the takeover of Yemen.

Hajjah and Amran were the first targets followed by their siege of the Sunni-majority town of Dammaj. After problems in Egypt, Saudi Arabia was forced to declare the Moslem Brotherhood a terrorist organization and withdraw their support from the Islah party in Yemen.

This allowed the Houthis to overrun the th armored brigade in Amran and execute its commander and replace him with a Houthi. The Houthis pushed on and captured the high command of the Yemeni army. Hadi panicked as the presidential compound was besieged by the Houthis. Finally, the fighting ended as the peace and partnership agreement was signed between the Houthis and Hadi.

This included Hadi replacing his whole cabinet. They also tried to impose their control over the whole Yemeni Military, but when the officers refused to obey them, they replaced them with Houthi favorites and with this, they even took over the restive Yemeni Air Force. After this, the surviving elements of the Islah party's militia, the presidential guard, and remnants of military units loyal to Hadi decided to fight.

Beginning in Octoberthe Saudi-led coalition transitioned from direct fighting to providing support and training for Yemeni forces loyal to President Hadi's government. These consisted of Hadi loyalist units, popular mobilization militias and Eritrean and Somali recruits.

They also include large parts of the former Yemeni military that are based in the southern, eastern and central parts of Yemen. Eight brigades were trained in total. The Gulf coalition-trained YNA order of battle is as follows: [7]. The Hadi government forces are organized into military districts, as established by the Presidential Decree No. As offour are in active service under President Hadi, but the other three are areas under Houthi control.

They include the following: [14]. By late October these were reported to be in operation and assisting Hadi loyalist army units near Taiz. The Yemeni army has been reinforced by thousands of volunteers under Tareq Saleh's national resistance forces. Elements of the republican guard and the Giants brigade have joined the Yemeni army against the Houthis. The army is organized into eight armored brigades, 16 infantry brigades, six mechanized brigades, [16] two airborne commando brigades, one surface-to-surface missile brigade, three artillery brigades, one central guard force, one Special Forces brigade, and six air defense brigades, which consist of four anti-aircraft artillery battalions and one surface-to-air missile battalion.

The Commanders report directly to the President, outside the normal channels of the Ministry of Defense and without constitutional mandate. They are the final authority Black Is The Night - Yemm & The Yemen - Black Is The Night (Vinyl) nearly every aspect of regional governance. In practice, they behave like tribal sheikhs and super-governors, parceling out new schools, water projects, and money.

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  2. Feb 13,  · In Yemen, the akhdam are a minority group of black slum dwellers that are often relegated to ‘impure’ or ‘impious’ tasks, such as serving, musical performances, and .

  3. The m-deep pit has long been shunned by many local people, who believe it harbours genies. The UN, EU, US and UK say their trial was not fair and was marred by torture allegations. Two children.

  4. Hide news from the map. Liveuamap is opendata-driven media platform that change the way you receive latest news. Explore a map, messages, pictures and videos from the conflict zones. If you have a shared mission, or have any questions, just send us an email to [email protected] or .

  5. Aug 24,  · Yemen currency clash deepens crisis in war-torn country. Yemen’s government and the Houthi rebels continue to battle a currency war that has opened up a gulf in riyal values. 22 Aug

  6. For the place, see Yemen. Urban streets of Yemen. Tight alleys and close quarters description. Yemen is a multiplayer map featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. The map is a very classic close-quarters city. There are several buildings that can serve as excellent sniping posts, however, any variation of guns seem to excel, as there are areas that suit all specifications.

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