Boogie Man - Billy Branch - Satisfy Me (CD, Album)

I don't know many blues lovers who would argue with that proposition! I think you can safely "take a chance" on this one. Where's the party? This is dance music, but it also has interesting solos throughout the disk. There are usually at least two solos on each song. The band's normal configuration is three saxes, piano, drums, bass and vocals.

Additional players, including trombone, trumpet and more saxes are added. What about guitar? Glenn Shambroom plays guitar in addition to three different saxes, and the guitar is featured on only one song. I didn't notice it not being there until I heard it late in the CD.

The name most familiar to fans is "Sax" Gordon Beadle, an original Love Dog; he's a featured soloist on six songs. Steve Brown's drumming is excellent and made listening fun. My disappointment with the CD is the inclusion of a few covers, including "Oh Babe! Played well, just not what I want to hear again and again. I had never before heard of the guy, but native Chicagoans in the crowd were quite familiar with his music. If his new release, Hands Off! Wolf Recordsis any indication of his live performances, then Mr.

Kelly should get out of town more often and make himself known to the rest of the blues world. He's a strong soulful singer and nice guitarist fronting a solid Chicago band through a collection of a dozen blues and soul numbers.

The disc begins with still another version of "Mustang Sally," which is OK, but haven't we heard this song enough times? The best straight blues number is the slow "Bad Taste In My Mouth," which features a good guitar intro from Kelly and harmonica accompaniment from Billy Branch. Everybody Needs Somebody Wolf Records contains both studio and live recordings of West Side Chicago blues, the latter being recorded in in Austria.

Kent is a powerful vocalist, similar to Buddy Guy but more restrained, especially on the opening number "Better Days. The result is a good collection of Chicago blues classics, most written by either the father or son, and a few from Taylor Sr. Backing musicians include guitarist Johnny B. Moore, sax player Eddie Shaw and bassist Willie Kent. There are very few icons left in the music world as popular as John Lee Hooker. That fact is evident by the number of world class musicians who have gone into the studio to record with Hooker over the last ten years.

What's interesting is how easily these musicians, representing a wide variety of musical styles, are able to blend their sounds with that of Hooker and still maintain the distinct personality of each artist. He's backed on harmonica on nearly all songs by his buddy Lazy Lester, who's still active in the blues biz.

If you don't have any Lightnin' Slim collections, this album would be a good starting point. You don't suppose Ottawa native Tony Diteodoro chose to shorten his name to Tony D to avoid being confused with other guitar players with the same name, do you?

Well, I guess not. One thing is certain, though Sure, there are other hot guitarists around, and other tight bands too. But few guitar-centered blues acts offer so much room to the tenor saxophone, and you start to wonder why. The rest of the players here are all solid, and fellow Ottawa denizen Sue Foley guests on three songs.

But in the Boogie Man - Billy Branch - Satisfy Me (CD, it all comes down to Tony himself, and he more than rises to the occasion. The legends are getting old Junior Wells, Luther Allison, Charles Brown and countless others have passed away in the last two years. But as Aristotle once said or was it John Lee Hooker?

Case in point: 29 year-old J. Stilesfrom San Francisco, figures that the blues is as good a place as any from which to start and write personal and contemporary music. The title song of his CD, Sanctuary Shoeless Recordswill point you towards unplugged Beatles-styled pop, and Stiles has a social conscience, singing about the inequality in the distribution of riches on "Didn't Even Know It. Where he goes from this starting point is anyone's guess, but you can count on him to keep the blues alive into the next century.

Every once in a while an album comes along that makes it impossible for your feet to keep still. If at least three of the selections on this CD don't get you moving in some fashion, then having your pulse checked might be a real good suggestion. To compare Janiva Magness' voice with anyone else's would be a gross injustice to this incredibly talented singer.

She sounds like herself, it's that simple. If forced to make a comparison, the best description would be to add the power of Tracy Nelson to the polish of Marcia Ball to the energy of Lou Ann Barton, sprinkle it with the sweetness of Billie Holiday, and you have Album) Magness.

Her vocals are purely melodic and her delivery is completely passionate and loaded with emotional outpourings. To put it bluntly this lady sings her butt off! The CD's title track opens with a swinging commentary about a lady way down on her luck followed by the happy upbeat story of reunited love "Tears Of Joy.

The production and performances are first rate as is the material. Watch out for this lady! If this CD is any indication of things to come then she is going to be a superstar very shortly. This woman can sing! Branch has often been referred to as the 'junior' statesman of Chicago blues harp. With this album Billy has most assuredly Album) his place alongside the 'elder' masters Cotton, Wells, Pryor and Bell. His use of the upper register is brilliant and his melodious runs are tantalizing.

In other words Branch is blowing like he usually does and his vocal abilities, which have always been underrated, are quite good. This album is made up mostly of covers by some exceptional songwriters. Satisfy Me is very eclectic at times, and will more than satisfy Billy Branch and harp fans alike. He has a distinctive, soulful voice that made his interpretations of his own songs previously recorded by others sound like something totally new.

This enjoyable new set includes 14 songs, seven Slim originals and seven interesting covers, and features a great set of guest musicians, including guitarists Bob Margolin, Joe Louis Walker, Albert Castiglia, and Nick Schnebelen, along with contributing vocalists Sherman Holmes and John Nemeth. His fans will love it, and he might even earn a few new ones in the process.

This intriguing, mature, and popular band of Scottish troubadours was fermented in vintage blues, American southern rock, and s psychedelia, then steeped in influences from Robert Johnson to The Rolling Stones. Their sound was subsequently distilled in a boiler of mercurial energy before the secret, final ingredient was added, namely the considerable talents of each musician. Welcome to the creation known as Safehouse. Petrie and Bruce take it in turn to deliver scintillating, innovative solos, Peebles swirling in a frenzy between them in time with the dynamic peaks and troughs.

King left us a few years ago, but the 10 musicians who often backed him on tour are still around and still capable of playing the blues at a very high level. As expected, this is an outstanding album with 13 cuts, many of them B.

Blues fans are going to be familiar with most of the songs here, but The Soul of the King doesn't come across as being done by a bunch of B. King imitator. Instead, the band and guests wound up putting a lot of their own personalities and styles into the recordings. The other B. This young man has a voice with plenty of soul, and we hear it on this number. In fact, Demmer is the unsung star of this collection, and he's certainly worthy of having an album of his own someday soon.

It's a killer cut, with Ms. Griffin's voice being a real revelation to those of us not familiar with her work. We later hear more from Demmer when he also handles vocals on the slow blues "She's The One.

Another tune that takes us down to the river Album) "Becoming The Blues," with Jackson and Greenleaf sharing vocals while Neal blows some nice harmonica. James "Boogaloo" Bolden handles the vocals on his own composition, the funky "Hey There Pretty Woman," which also serves as still another opportunity for Demmer's wonderful sax playing. As I said before, someone please give this man a starring role. Bolden returns for another of his own numbers, the mid-tempo shuffle, "Here Today, Gone Tomorrow," with plenty of brass behind him.

Darrell Lavigne contributes some mighty fine piano playing to this number. When I first heard Lucille, it knocked me out, yeah rock me baby, made me jump and shout, went down and Album) me a guitar, Lord, I tried to figure it out Not only does The Soul of the King give us a chance to hear different versions of blues classics, but also provides some lesser-known blues cats a chance in the limelight.

There are more songs than what I mentioned and they're all good, so don't hesitate to add this album to your collection. The guitar playing was more rocked out than I usually like and at first I didn't think too much of Campanella's vocals.

The music started to grow on me after a couple of cuts. The album was produced by Mike Zito, who seems to have his hand in quite a few recordings over the last few years, and features a tight band consisting of Campanella, bass guitarist Terry Dry, drummer Matt Johnson and keyboard player Lewis Stephens, as well as Zito sitting in on rhythm and slide guitar.

The number that drips with blues the most is the slow tune "One Foot In The Blues," with heavy, echo-ey tone to Campanella's guitar playing. The cover of Eddie Vinson's "Mr.

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Follow Artist. Veteran Chicago harmonica virtuoso keeping traditional Windy City blues alive since the late '60s. Read Full Biography. Find the latest tracks, albums, and images from Billy Branch. Sounds like what it used to be before amps but with juice Billy Branch has followed a very non-traditional path to the blues.

Unlike many blues artists, he isn't from the South. Billy was born in Chicago in and was raised in Los Angeles. He first picked up a harmonica at the age of ten and immediately began to play simple tunes. Billy returned to Chicago in the summer of '69 and graduated from the University of Illinois with a degree in political science.

His family moved from Chicago to Los Angeles when he was five years. United States. All songs by Billy Branch. Since then he has played on over albums and been nominated for and won several awards.

Chris O'Leary. Willa Vincitore. Eric Schenkman. Gaye Adegbalola. Randy Casey. Danny Lynn Album). Ina Forsman. Watermelon Slim. BB King Blues Band. Tony Campanella. McCall, born Morris Dollison, Jr.

In earlyTurner was inspired to track down McCall after hearing of the death of gospel singer Clay Graham of the Pilgrim Jubilees. McCall had settled in Memphis a few years back but was in ill health battling stage four lung cancer.

The two talked by phone a few times and decided to collaborate on a project paying tribute to their shared roots in Chicago blues. Sadly, McCall passed away on April 20th, but thank goodness he and Turner were able to record this wonderful set before his passing.

Chicago blues fans will want make that NEED this set in their collection. King, Bob Margolin, and Taj Mahal. C in Walters and Euler both get considerable space to Boogie Man - Billy Branch - Satisfy Me (CD on harmonica and guitar, respectively. Put On Your Red Shoes is an excellent set of blues that combines the best qualities of traditional and contemporary styles. Trust me when I say that Bobby BlackHat is an artist who deserves to be heard by a wider audience.

His debut album, Mr. Be sure to track down 7 Minutes Late at your earliest convenience. Willa Vincitore returns with a sophomore release, Choice s, that continues and even improves upon her excellent debut, Better Days. Many of the musicians from the previous effort return as well, including drummer Lee Falco, saxophonist Jay Collins, keyboardist Scott Millici, along with bassist Brandon Morrison and guitarist Chris Vitarello, who both guest on one track.

New guitarist Karl Allweier and bassist Doug Abramson pick up the slack quite well, thank you very much. Oh, yeah. Vizztone Recordsis a entertaining, fast-paced set of tunes that mixes blues with a heady dose of funk, pop, and soul. A gritty, energetic set of high-energy 21st century blues and rock, Who Shot John? Gaye Adegbalola is probably best-known to blues fans as the frontwoman for Saffire, The Uppity Blues Women, but after the ladies called it a day in she embarked on a solo career.

There are very few icons left in the music world as popular as John Lee Hooker. That fact is evident by the number of world class musicians who have gone into the studio to record with Hooker over the last ten years. What's interesting is how easily these musicians, representing a wide variety of musical styles, are able to blend their sounds with that of Hooker and still maintain the distinct personality of each artist.

I was just wondering what had ever happened to talented multi-instrumentalist Geoff Muldaur. This album is a collection of Muldaur's favorite old blues and gospel tunes, complete with comprehensive historical and biographical information on each song.

This CD's not to be missed! LeRoi Sorgo has been hosting a series of 'Harp Attack' harmonica showcases in Southern California for the past five years. Harp Attack Making Boogie Man - Billy Branch - Satisfy Me (CD Music issues some of the best live cuts from these shows. As expected Album) this type of CD, there's a wide range in both sound quality and musicianship represented here.

This collection does not include any of the better known L. Swing and Jump Blues bands are becoming fashionable everywhere, so I'd expect trendsetting Seattle to have more than its share. Sound quality is at least adequate, Casey is a hot guitarist, and the band delivers fun, jumpin' blues. Most of the numbers are covers, with one of my favorites being the red hot "She Knocks Me Out. Album) is a strong Stevie Ray Vaughan-influenced guitarist, and really gets a chance to show his stuff on the instrumental "88 Miles.

The album ends nicely with an Album) version of "Dust My Broom. If you like your Chicago blues flavored with a heavy dose of horns, then go looking for Horns Appaloosa from B. Vaughn is the better known of the pair through his fine CDs for Alligator, but this is Emery's show. He's got a rich voice, although limited somewhat in range, and plays a mean trombone. You'll hear his best horn work on the slow blues "Big Bad Circle.

Three of the true pioneers of boogie woogie piano assembled at Chicago's Hotel Sherman in for a live recording session, the results of which are now available on Boogie Woogie Stomp Delmark. The sound quality is excellent, especially considering that the recordings were made nearly 60 years ago. All cuts are instrumentals, and represent some of the finest piano work of that era.

The CD concludes with four studio recordings from This double-CD packs in 32 cuts, with the music sounding fresh and not at all dated. Red Holloway contributes nice alto sax work here. He's got a solid, Chicago-style band behind him, and the blues cuts are first rate. The best is the closing cut, a strong slow blues entitled "Blues For A Living. Sampson, who doubles on bass, is a good singer, although on a few tunes he pushes his voice just a little too much. I'm starting to get a tad bored with the more recent albums from Little Charlie and The Nightcats.

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  1. Billy Branch. Satisfy Me ‎ (CD, Album) Gitanes Jazz Productions, Verve Records. France. Sell This Version/5(3).

  2. Apr 08,  · Satisfy Me, an Album by Billy Branch. Released in on House of Blues (catalog no. 2; CD). Genres: Chicago Blues/5(5).

  3. Jul 12,  · Artist: Billy Branch. Title: Satisfy Me. Year Of Release: Label: Gitanes Jazz Productions/Verve Records. Genre: Blues, Electric Harmonica Blues. Quality: Flac (tracks) Total Time: Total Size: Mb.

  4. Billy Branch - Satisfy Me Album Version Album Version. Satisfy Me Album Version Album Version. Download MP3. MP3 Kbps. Recorded October November and mixed December , at Dockside studios, Maurice, Louisiana. It's A Crazy Mixed Up Word Pay Or Stay Kissing My Love Hey Baby You're Looking Real Good Satisfy Me

  5. Billy Branch: Satisfy Me ‎ (CD, Album) Gitanes Jazz Productions, Verve Records: POCP, Japan: このバージョンを出品.

  6. Roots And Branches: The Songs Of Little Walter / Billy Branch & The Sons Of Blues. released in Shoji plays guitar on Truck Lee's Boogie / Lee Kanehira. released in Shoji plays harmonica. Dig In / Morry Sochat & The Special 20s. released in November Shoji plays guitar and harmonica.

  7. Boogie Uproar - disc 4 Goree Carter - Seven Days Goree Carter - When Night Falls Goree Carter - Bull Corn Blues Goree Carter - My Wish Goree Carter - I've Got News For You Goree Carter - I'm Your Boogie Man Goree Carter - Please Say You're Mine Goree Carter - Tell Me, Is There Still A Chance Goree Carter - Let's Make Love.

  8. The album brings together the harmonicist Billy Branch and the guitarist Carlos Johnson formerly associated with the Sons of the Blues. Recorded in Chicago, the album is .

  9. 8 tracks, 53 min., very good. Influenced by Sonny Boy (Rice Miller) Williamson & Little Walter (Jacobs), William Earl Branch (b. ) is only now coming to the forefront. Recently signed to Polygram Records, Evidence has reissued one of his earliest recordings with The Sons Of The Blues, featuring original member Lurrie Bell (vocals, gtr).

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