Denny Laine - Geoffrey Giuliano / The Beatles - Paul McCartney - Beyond The Myth (CD)

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Well, Paul's not really a big drinker, but he does like his Scotch and Coke, so we got through a bottle during the course of this one afternoon, sitting on the wall outside the cottage [in Scotland]. I threw in most of the lyrics which Paul finished off later. Then we got the pipe band in. But because we'd recorded it in a certain key they couldn't come in on the first verse, so we brought them in as a feature, which really gave the tune a lift.

That was the bit of magic for that song. But that was more of a rock song. You see, in England people just love nostalgic songs. They particularly adore this kind of Scottish-era, "God Save the Queen" type of thing. It became a kind of national anthem for Scotland in a sense. In actual fact people from all over the world used to visit Kintyre, thinking it was this fantastic place.

The name stuck and they now call the whole area the Mull of Kintyre. Of course it never existed before, so we've made some kind of mark in history.

Paul definitely wrote the chorus, which is the selling point, so you can't say I was responsible for that. But he had the idea and it was really just an idea. First he thinks, "Well, wait a minute, who are you to tell me? If you've got something better to say, I'll listen. But if you haven't, shut up. That was the biggest upset of the lot. That wasn't the reason I left.

I certainly made some bread and saw a lot of the world. I'm very regretful, though, that I don't have an on-going friendship with Paul and Linda anymore. That's all. But I think if I were to make the effort to go and see them, things would be different. It's down to me. But it's also down to Paul to kind of let me know. He has been in touch with me through other people, I'm told, saying that we should get together. It just hasn't come about.

Maybe I'll go and see him on this tour []. I don't know. He'll be remembered in that same league. And also there will be films and recordings of McCartney which there obviously aren't of Beethoven. It will be the same kind of thing. He'll be remembered as one of the biggest influences in the world for his lifetime. That didn't ever come into it.

I never thought about what the public might be thinking. We were doing something that was me and Paul. I wasn't a substitute for John to him. I was just another step in a different direction. I put a few raw edges on some of the things he was coming up with. And some of the ideas I had he would help put them into more form. For example, I would write a song and think, well, it's all right, but I'm not that keen on the melody. And he would say, "I'd like it better if we do this to it, if we change that a little bit there.

So I was happy to have that influence as well. We were teaching each other, learning together, but at the same time we weren't in competition with each other or anyone else for that matter. You know, I was at the point where we were going through bad times as a family anyway. She was running around and I was running around—living separate lives virtually.

It was a way of saving my marriage. The point was though, it had gone too far. That wouldn't save the bloody marriage, leaving the band.

I didn't physically leave right then. I came back. In fact, I went to France to meet him [Paul] and I started working on my own solo career. What was I going to do for two years? The band couldn't tour. It would have meant going back into the studio. One day I was really pissed off and Paul kept calling up to say, "Let's get back to work.

I said, "Well, forget it, then. I just didn't feel like carrying on. But by that token, I'd been there before over silly things and hadn't felt like doing anything.

I know if I had called him I could have carried on. I just didn't. It's as simple as that. DENNY: We never had any words about it, but I knew from other sources that he was pissed off about certain things that had been said.

Within the context of my book it wouldn't have mattered, but there you go. So as a result I haven't seen a hair on his head since. I've always seen him as a band member. I've always thought he contributes more when he's working with someone. Now that he's got a band together I think probably it's done him a lot of good.

In between that time he's kept a low profile musically as well. I wasn't that wild about Tug of War. The only reason it didn't last any longer was because of the group.

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Sounds great. Let's go. Denny and I went out afterwards and had a few drinks to celebrate. A few days later, we all flew to America where Laurence and I met with Lee Eastman to discuss the terms of our contract and salary. Laying down the basic tracks at Paul's Spirit of Ranachan Studios on the farm in Scotland, Juber and Holly proved a valuable addition to the band, mixing well with the gilt-edge poppiness of Denny, Linda, and Paul.

One evening, after work, as Steve and Linda were relaxing with a cup of coffee by a nearby stream, she gazed contentedly over the rugged Scottish countryside and said, "You know, I could stay here forever. This is all I really need. The band, the biz, all the rest of it, doesn't really mean that much to me. All I truly want is to be here with my family.

It was not to be. Fragmented, over-ambitious, and sporadic, Back to the Egg shipped out to record stores like gangbusters and limped back a couple of months later, a fifty-cent record in a two-dollar sleeve, its failure heralding Denny Laine - Geoffrey Giuliano / The Beatles - Paul McCartney - Beyond The Myth (CD) end for the band.

That's not to say that the album didn't contain some interesting material. The bumpy "Old Siam Sir," on the other hand, showcases McCartney the storyteller, summoning up yet another appealing collection of surreal characters and mindscapes. Steve and Denny almost came to blows over this one.

Holly still insists that one of the main riffs in the tune was "borrowed" by Denny from him for the arrangement prior to Paul's coming in for the session that day, although at the time the argument was settled in Laine's favor.

Perhaps the album's two most celebrated tracks arise from the superstar collective known as "Rockestra" which laid down a heavy-handed anthem of the same name, as well as the flashy "So Glad to See You Here. Gathering at Abbey Road on October 3,at a. Technically, of course, the big-time event was a nightmare. All together sixty microphones were utilized along with two mixing consoles as well as both a twenty-four and a sixteen-track recorder synched together by a new system known as Tape Lock.

In addition, the event was filmed by director Barry Chattington who brought along his own full sound crew as well as the manpower necessary to operate the five Pana-vision mm cameras enlisted for the cause. Jo Jo Laine remembers Denny Laine - Geoffrey Giuliano / The Beatles - Paul McCartney - Beyond The Myth (CD) as one of the wildest afternoons ever in Wings' nine-year history, with several pop stars literally queuing up to get into the studio's tiny restroom for a line of coke.

In the end, even such heroic measures could not rescue Back to the Egg. Although it briefly made the top ten in both Britain and America the album was almost universally panned and sold poorly. It was only during the final mixing stage at Abbey Road that it began to dawn on any of us that there might be some problems. The maddening thing is that, taken apart track by track, it seems to work. It's just when you hear it all together you begin to lose focus. The tragedy was brought even closer to the McCartneys by the fact that only hours before Moon's passing he had been partying with them at London's Peppermint Park restaurant in celebration of the film premiere of The Buddy Holly Story.

British television personality David Frost remembers that Keith who was seated throughout the evening at the same table as the McCartneys was "really delightful company," even announcing his engagement to longtime girlfriend, Annette Walter-Lax. Gently sipping red wine, the thirty-one-year-old Moon seemed to be on a definite upward swing.

Having drastically cut down on the drugs and booze that had inspired much of the out-of-control behavior of his youth, Keith seemed to be settling in nicely with his approaching middle age. About forty-five minutes into the star-studded private screening Moon excused himself to the McCartneys, saying he was feeling a little ill and that he'd ring them in a few days. Phibes and had a bite to eat. He then washed down a couple of strong sedatives and fell asleep.

Early the next morning Keith nudged Annette, saying that he was hungry and fancied a steak. Still a bit shattered herself, the stunning Swede somehow pulled herself together and prepared what was to be Moon's final meal.

After eating he took several more tablets, telling his girlfriend he wanted to get a bit more sleep before attending a band meeting later in the day. Lax also went back to bed. When she awoke that afternoon, around two o'clock, she discovered Moon's body. Altogether the flamboyant drummer had taken a staggering thirty-two tablets over the previous twenty-four hours. Like all grief within McCartney's sphere Paul ignored it.

His worst trait is getting involved with people and then not giving them enough scope to flourish creatively He was too much of the boss in the office as well, but it was his money, and he certainly deserved to have a say.

A lot of people who worked for us could have made life a little easier if they had been allowed more input. He wasn't the greatest person in the world moneywise either, as everyone seems to think. If Denny Laine - Geoffrey Giuliano / The Beatles - Paul McCartney - Beyond The Myth (CD) hadn't been for his father-in-law he obviously wouldn't have done so well. Paul is frightened of going out into the world and mingling with ordinary people.

If he did, I think he might be a happier person. As a result of his fame and fortune he's become a bit of a recluse as well. If he wasn't, I think he'd be a more approachable, less sensitive person. One of the happier events of for Wings was the successful release of McCartney's first decidedly disco single, "Goodnight Tonight.

What made the project special, however, had less to do with the music than the spectacular, spare-no-expense video filmed to promote the release on Tuesday, April 3, at the meticulously preserved Hammersmith Palais Ballroom in London. The band dressed up in elegant, s-style evening clothes as Paul did his best Rudy Vallee, crooning into an imposing antique radio mike.

Judiciously intercut were segments with the group as they were in the present, getting down hard in all the right places. Seldom shown in its entirety anywhere, it is a clever clip that represents McCartney at his eclectic best and expresses the dialectic at the heart of his music — Cole Porter cloaked in the guise of a good time rock 'n' roller. The record's acoustic B side, incidentally, "Daytime Nightime Suffering" remains Paul and Linda's all-time favorite solo track.

Ironically, it is one of the artist's most obscure, virtually never-played, tunes. Steve Holly remembers that a few days prior to recording the song Wings was hard at work trying to come up with the new single at Replica Studios, when Paul generously announced that if any of them could invent a strong enough tune over the weekend, the band would put it out, thus almost assuring its composer a small fortune in writer's royalties for years to come.

Holly spent the entire weekend banging away at his old piano, trying to come up with something, as did Denny, Laurence, and reportedly even Linda. By Monday morning though, Paul had recovered from his momentary lapse of reason and offhandedly told them the deal was off as he himself had whipped up "the one. Steve remembers bashing away on his drums from the sanctity of the kitchen while the Leslie cabinet for the organ was placed in the elevator shaft of the sub-basement in order to take advantage of the apparently naturally superlative acoustics therein.

By late autumn Wings was ready to once again hit the road. On November 16, their cutesy holiday single, "Wonderful Christmastime," backed by the virtually unlistenable stinker, "Rudolf the Red Nosed Reggae," was released, complete with a jingle bells video on which the band members appeared as four rocking Father Christmases along with one blonde Mrs.

Father Christmas. A week later at Liverpool's Royal Court Theatre, the band began a nineteen-date tour with a free concert for the entire student body and staff of McCartney's alma mater, the Liverpool Institute, and a group of severely handicapped young children. They played the next three nights at the popular Liverpool venue, which McCartney, to his credit, had specifically chosen in the hope of helping to save from the wrecker's ball. Steve Holly recalls stopping by Paul and Linda's dressing room one evening during the tour to remark how great he thought the Denny Laine - Geoffrey Giuliano / The Beatles - Paul McCartney - Beyond The Myth (CD) had gone over that night.

About a quarter of the way along I got the distinct feeling that he was just going through the motions. Musically, there were definite problems with some of the band as well.

I think Paul felt he was rather 'dragging the dresser,' to quote an old northern phrase. I know Paul was under pressure not to lose any of his new fans. There were actually quite a few fine magic moments as well. Tramping back on stage for an encore at the end of their set, Paul banged out the first familiar chords of "Mull of Kintyre," by this time almost a second Scottish national anthem.

At precisely the right moment, recalls Holly, the entire Campbeltown Pipe Band came marching out from under the stage, instantly bringing the already blissful audience to its feet. I think that, more than anything, begins to explain the absolute magic of the man.

Originally issued as what's known as a "double A side" to Wings' "Girls' School" single, "Mull of Kintyre" was the type of laid-back, sentimental fare one would hardly have expected to become any sort of super hit. When it did, however, its phenomenal success only served to damage the relationship between Paul and Denny. Laine remembers: We sat outside with a bottle of whiskey one afternoon in the hills of Kintyre and wrote the song. Paul had written the chorus. But we wrote the rest of it together, and most of the lyrics were mine.

He made tens of thousands from the song. It was number one for sixteen weeks and sold millions of copies. But I personally got very little out of it. I was on wage when we wrote it, not a percentage of the sales. Of course I was promised more, but it never came. When I asked Paul for a special deal on the tune his answer was virtually: "Look, I'm Paul McCartney, and anyone who writes with me is privileged.

All I wanted was to see in writing what was selling and how much my part would be. If the records didn't sell, I didn't want the money. I was being treated as little more than a highly paid session man and felt the insult keenly. And what did Paul McCartney take home for his afternoon's work, drinking with Laine in the shadow of the Kintyre peninsula? Released in Great Britain on November 11, "Mull of Kintyre" sold over a million copies within a month.

Oddly enough, comedic actor Dan Ackroyd happened to be the lucky purchaser of the millionth pressing, finding a slip inside the sleeve notifying him he was to be presented a special Christmas hamper by Denny Laine as well as a gold disc from EMI.

Responding to Laine's oft-repeated charges concerning McCartney's widely rumored frugality, Paul had this to say in a issue of Rolling Stone: "Okay, let's take Denny. I've got receipts in the office for a million pounds paid to him.

Now, you tell me a guy in any group who got that for the period we were together. Now, okay, if you think I sound mean after that, I've got to disagree with you. I mean, these people like Denny say, 'He didn't pay us enough. It's a million. And that was worth more than a million is worth now. You wouldn't go there with your worst mother-in-law. All it had was this lighthouse, a cemetery, and this shitty hotel where the band sometimes stayed.

I wouldn't wish the place on my worst enemy. By the late seventies there was generally a lot of loose talk floating about concerning a potential Beatles reunion. Responding to a non-stop barrage of questions from the prying media, the ex-Beatles often made matters worse by cryptically saying "no" in such a way as to imply the opposite.

Of course, the Beatles themselves had not made any final decisions concerning the idea. Paul, especially, would have loved to see his old band back together, if only for one rousing night of music tucked away in the privacy of an obscure rehearsal hall or studio somewhere. John, too, was basically game, often confiding to friends that he found the possibility intriguing.

Only Dragon Lady Ono, it seems, felt compelled to keep the famous feud going. It was obvious she had no place within the private men's smoking club that was the Beatles, and deeply resented it. To my mind, she only ever convinced two people into believing she had any sort of artistic talent: John and herself. The other three Beatles weren't so easily duped, and would never have tolerated her interference.

As a result, she kept up a near-constant tirade against the idea right up until poor John's death. The odious Ms Ono's meddling aside, a lot of people gradually became convinced that if the cause were important enough, or the money right, a reunion just might happen. One such person was Kurt Waldheim long before his nagging Nazi troublesat the time Secretary General of the United Nations, who drafted a conciliatory letter to each of the four, asking them to consider getting back together for a concert in aid of the starving masses in war-torn Kampuchea.

McCartney's response was equally diplomatic: he nixed the Beatle idea, offering instead a benefit concert by Wings. So it was that on the evenings of December 26, 27, 28, and 29, London's Hammersmith Odeon became the site of the Concerts for the People of Kampuchea, McCartney's most overtly humanitarian venture to date. Even as it was happening, says Steve Holly, the mood backstage was more cynical than serious with the performers literally unable to move for the hordes of pointless VIP guests and inevitable hip hangers-on.

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Within minutes, news of the bust rocketed through the entire city, prompting well-known music commentator Ichiro Fukuda to lash out angrily at the dope-loving Beatle. Steve Holly recalls the confusion: We were already checked through customs, sitting on the bus waiting for Paul and Linda.

Then someone told us there was a "minor" complication and that we were to go on to the hotel. It was, like, an eighteen-hour flight, so I checked into my room and went to sleep. At about seven-thirty that evening Linda rang. I remember her laughing nervously and saying, "Hey, Paul's been busted. Anyway, I went down to the bar, and there was a great many MPL staff sitting around with forlorn expressions, a lot of plainclothes police everywhere, and fans going crazy, so I suddenly realized that she must have been telling the truth.

We hung out for a couple of days, hoping they would find some way Denny Laine - Geoffrey Giuliano / The Beatles - Paul McCartney - Beyond The Myth (CD) it, but after three or four shows had been missed, I realized there was no way they were ever going to save the tour. Paul, meanwhile, was sitting in a four-by-eight cell, suddenly not quite so happy about being in Japan after all. Around midnight he was allowed his first visitor, British vice-consul Doland Warren-Knott, who, Paul Denny Laine - Geoffrey Giuliano / The Beatles - Paul McCartney - Beyond The Myth (CD), had come to arrange for his release.

McCartney," the obviously uneasy bureaucrat began. It could be eight years, you know. I was frightened about the possibility of not seeing my family for years. They fed me seaweed and onion soup for breakfast, and twice a day I was handcuffed and taken to some official who kept asking questions. Woken at dawn, he was made to silently roll up his rush sleeping mat and sit cross-legged on the floor awaiting inspection. His jailer, Yasuji Ariga, later commented that the superstar inmate was "very polite and has made a good impression on the guards.

On the sixth day Linda was finally Denny Laine - Geoffrey Giuliano / The Beatles - Paul McCartney - Beyond The Myth (CD) in to visit her husband who had to bite his tongue after she nervously told him that he might be in as long as three months.

One of the most unpleasant aspects of his incarceration was being whisked off every morning for an intensive interrogation. There seemed to be a different lot each time.

I made a confession on the night I was arrested and apologized for breaking Japanese law but they still wanted to know everything. I had to go through my whole life story, Denny Laine - Geoffrey Giuliano / The Beatles - Paul McCartney - Beyond The Myth (CD), father's name, income, even my medal from the Queen. World reaction to all this was generally one of bemused indifference, with most people betting that for all Paul's massive money and clout no one would really dare keep him too long simply for possession of pot.

A glaring exception, however, was twenty-nine-year-old Kenneth Lambert who, a few days into the affair, turned up at a Miami International Airport reservation counter and demanded a ticket to fly to Japan to "free Paul. A row ensued with Lambert suddenly pulling a realistic-looking toy gun from his jacket and waving it around wildly over his head. Police officers called to the scene instinctively took aim and fired.

The poor, sick young man was dead before he even hit the floor. Meanwhile, back in his cell, Paul was itching for a proper bath. Washing with the water from his latrine was understandably getting him down. After a week of this he humbly asked if he might be allowed a bath, a proposition passed along through the incredible Japanese bureaucracy as if they had been faced with a constitutional amendment. Eventually one of the guards came rushing into his cell, asking, "Would you take alone or with other inmates?

Eyes twinkling, head cocked, and arms outstretched, the incurable showman belted out the first few lines of "Mull of Kintyre" and, instantaneously, everyone joined in. As the Japanese voices rose in pitch even the assembled fans keeping vigil outside the jail began to sing. From the little boy who started singing and playing guitar in the bathtub so many years ago back in Liverpool, McCartney had now come full circle, prompting Jo Jo Laine to quip, "Paul has played some of the classiest rest-rooms on the planet.

By now the whole situation had eased just a bit, enabling McCartney to receive a few "treats" from his family, including a highly prized cheese Denny Laine - Geoffrey Giuliano / The Beatles - Paul McCartney - Beyond The Myth (CD), some fresh fruit, a change of clothes, some blankets, and, wonder of wonders, several science-fiction paperbacks. Made to turn in for the evening at p. For the first few days I was worrying all the time.

For eight days I didn't see any daylight at all I shared a bath with a man who was in for murder, and all because I didn't think. Although everyone was still paid their agreed-upon weekly salaries, Steve Holly says his accountants later advised him that canceling the sold-out performances personally cost him tens of thousands in lost revenues. It was Denny Laine, however, who was the most angry and hurt, still going on about it all to this day: "I felt I was entitled to an explanation," complained Laine some five years later, "but I never got one.

We were breaking new ground. Wings needed those Japanese shows to continue. I had the sense to know that without new markets the band wouldn't survive He and Linda knew the importance of not going to Japan carrying dope. The penalties there are heavier than anywhere else in the world, and we had already been refused entry because of drug offenses five years earlier. I think he and Linda thought that if they managed to smuggle some grass through it would be one up for them.

The McCartneys are the couple who have everything, and that can get boring. What they crave now is excitement. I personally think they did it for the thrill. Of course, Paul bought himself out of jail the way he buys himself out of everything. And as long as he's got the money in his pocket he always will. Jetting out of Japan after it seemed obvious the tour was off, Laine went directly to Paris where he joined Jo Jo on a glitzy promotional tour for her first record, the disco-inspired "Dancin' Man" at the annual MIDEM festival.

While there, Laine penned a tune called "Japanese Tears" about a brokenhearted Japanese Wings fan who had patiently waited years to see her idols, only to have her hopes dashed at the very last moment by Paul's sudden and very inauspicious arrest. Recorded at Shepperton's Rock City Studios inthe tune was eventually released as part of an album of the same title recorded with old friend Steve Holly and wife Jo Jo. As for the rest of the band, Laurence Juber left for Los Angeles — he remembers that various members of the MPL hierarchy suggested that it actually might be better for Paul's situation if he and Steve Holly left Japan.

He says that only recently did he ever give a second thought to the money he lost, concerned at the time only that Wings should continue as a fully working band: The way I understood it, Paul was made to personally sign an affidavit, stating that he no longer smoked dope, as a condition of receiving his visa.

When they caught him red-handed, however, the Japanese government felt betrayed and went out of their way to try and make an example out of him. I mean, I know of several well-known artists who were also subsequently busted for drugs in Japan who walked with only a small fine.

With Paul, though, they figured they'd "lost face" and so were compelled to strike back. Besides, he was, after all, a Beatle, and therefore potentially wielded such incredible influence that they were concerned he might be setting a bad example for the youth of Japan. Holly, too, jumped ship after a few days, taking full advantage of the open-ended, unlimited-stops, one-year, first-class ticket given to all the band back in London. Flying first to Australia, meeting up with then-wife Sharon, he subsequently visited New Zealand where he sought out and found his long-estranged dadHawaii, and then Canada, before returning home to England.

As for Paul, on the ninth day of his incarceration, the powers that be decided he "had been punished enough" and so cut a deal with McCartney's legal staff to release the rock star. Ever the politician, Paul insisted on touring the facility and personally greeting each of the prisoners, which he did, passing his hand through the small iron doors of their cells just to say "Sayonara.

Once safely in the air, a repentant McCartney confessed to the assembled media that had joined him on the trek: "I have been a fool. What I did was incredibly dumb. I had just come from the States and still had the American attitude that marijuana isn't really too bad. I didn't appreciate how strict the Japanese are about it. I was really scared, thinking I might be in prison for so long. I've made up my mind. I've been smoking marijuana for more than eleven years now, but I'm never going to touch the stuff again.

All things considered, the whole stupid mess cost McCartney big. In the end, McCartney was obliged to repay Udo. Still, what's money to a man like Paul McCartney? He may moan about having to lay it out just like the next person, but when the chips are really down he would never hesitate to ante up to buy himself out of a jam.

As he proclaimed in a mock rap recently while being interviewed on America's MTV, "Well, my name is Paul, and I got more money than y'all. Looking at Wings' checkered past, one tends to forget just how close Paul and Denny Laine once were.

As if he were some dead or ousted Communist party bureaucrat, these days Laine is never mentioned, nor does his image appear in the various Club Sandwich retrospectives on the band. It is as though he never existed. For Denny, Japan was definitely the last straw. Ever after, when the two men met, there was a new and poisonous edge, that, while unacknowledged in words, was nevertheless palpable.

Completed in latethe manuscript for the twenty-thousand word book was rumored to have been deposited in a London bank vault in an effort to keep the highly personal contents "top secret. I wanted to write it down, just for the record, 'cause I know how I am: I forget things very easily, haven't got the world's greatest memory.

Anyway, I wrote it all down. I sort of thought, 'God, this is like writing an essay for school. I can't do it, I'm frightened of the piece of paper. To this day not even those closest to McCartney have any idea what insights the book contains, only deepening the already dark mystery surrounding the whole uneasy affair.

Furious that Paul and Linda were about to "invade" her homeland the always jealous and competitive Mrs. Lennon, it was alleged, saw to it that the couple's arrival in Japan was made less than pleasant. A year after the incident, Yoko's former psychic, John Green, told a mutual friend: "She claimed to have made the arrangements by telephone, telling undisclosed Japanese authorities that McCartney had a low opinion of the Japanese. One call from Yoko and Paul was finished. Ironically, never aware of his good wife's alleged impropriety, even John Lennon was quoted as saying that the bust had to be "somebody's cheap trick," Denny Laine - Geoffrey Giuliano / The Beatles - Paul McCartney - Beyond The Myth (CD) reality the naturally protective and compassionate Lennon found intolerable.

Just how hard do you think it is for a customs official to lay his hands on some grass? Not that hard," he continued. As a strictly solo effort well, okay, Linda as usual "oohed" and "aahed" a bitit was competent enough, but somehow never really managed to leave the ground.

Issued in Britain on May 16,it aroused sufficient public curiosity as the great one's first post-prison release to propel it all the way to number one. In the U. He was a nice fellow, very gentle. After he left, I went to the studio and the vibe carried through a bit. I started writing something a bit more gentle. The tune seemed right as a very simple thing, and it basically just says: 'One of these days I'll do what I've been meaning to do the rest of my life.

But all the names sounded clumsy. Then I thought of "Frozen Jap," frozen being the ice bit from the snow scene idea, and Jap meaning oriental. Anyway, the title just stuck. It was done in the summer ofbut I'm sure people will think it was recorded after the incident in Japan. We decided to change the title to "Frozen Japanese" for the album over there since we didn't particularly want to offend anyone.

After the roller coaster breakup of the Beatles in the relationship between John Lennon and Paul McCartney was never really the same. They talked, they met, they still occasionally hung out together, but something had definitely changed. For years people have tried to pin at least part of the blame on their wives, but to do so ignores the complicated, tightly wound interactions between the two.

When they fought, they fought like brothers, still maintaining a delicate web of care and concern amid the bitter recriminations of two screaming egos caught in a tug of war for pre-eminence. He really slagged me off, a lot of which he really didn't mean! Yoko tells me lots of it was just John, he just wanted to put me down. It's all jokes, taking the piss out of me.

That was John. But I think it has probably made my image worse than it is. As I say, the truth is he didn't really think that was all my character. Money Talks Denny Laine. Stay Away Denny Laine.

Roll the Dice Denny Laine. Land of Peace Denny Laine. Blue Nights Denny Laine. Blushing Bride Denny Laine. In Time Denny Laine. Reborn Denny Laine. Rollin' Tide Denny Laine. Nightwalker Denny Laine. Hard Labor Denny Laine. Misty Mountain Denny Laine. Fanfare Denny Laine. Within Walls Denny Laine. Eternal Quest Denny Laine.

Phoenix Denny Laine. On the Radio Denny Laine. Rescue My World Denny Laine. Light on the Water Denny Laine. Running Around in Circles Denny Laine. Bad Money Denny Laine.

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  1. Issued in , Delta/Laserlight's PAUL McCARTNEY - BEYOND THE MYTH (12 ) was sold singly and as the fourth disc in a 5 CD box set entitled, THE BEATLES IN THEIR OWN WORDS A Rockumentary (15 ). The other CDs are: THE LOST BEATLES INTERVIEWS (12 ) THINGS WE SAID TODAY - TALKING WITH THE BEATLES (12 ) JOHN LENNON /5(2).

  2. LaserLight audiobook on CD. The super-talented power behind The Beatles and Wings revealed in this powerful, moving audio biography. Experience the real Paul McCartney as never before as family, friends, colleagues and even McCartney himself speak candidly.

  3. Format: CD, Year: , Label: LaserLight Digital (12 ), Barcode: , Length: Release “Paul McCartney - Beyond the Myth” by Geoffrey Giuliano and The Beatles - MusicBrainz Log In.

  4. A CONVERSATION WITH DENNY LAINE. This interview with Denny Laine was conducted by the author at Mark Recording Studio in Clarence, New York, in the fall of GEOFFREY: Tell me about the first time you recall working with the Beatles after forming the Moody Blues.

  5. Nov 02,  · Denny was Paul’s primary creative foil throughout this period, and he was the only other member of Wings who had any talent beyond pure instrumental capabilities; Laine scored a hit with the Moody Blues in the Sixties via the excellent “Go Now”, and he provided some good tunes on the Wings albums as well.

  6. Apr 24,  · Geoffrey Giuliano. On December 2, , the Daily Mail reported that Heather Mills was attempting to purchase tapes of interviews with Paul McCartney's stepsister Ruth from The tapes allegedly contained lots of dirt that would damage Paul McCartney's position in his divorce proceedings. The person who interviewed Ruth McCartney and had.

  7. Jun 18,  · Former WINGS star DENNY LAINE has given BEATLES fans an insight into PAUL MCCARTNEY's reaction to JOHN LENNON's death in a new documentary, revealing his bandmate was 'gutted' and in need of.

  8. Jan 02,  · Paul and Linda McCartney with Denny Laine of Wings promoting their London Town Album in London, Brit. Laine, 63, who sang lead vocals on the classic Sixties Moody Blues hit Go Now, then formed.

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