Pictures Of You - The Middle Men (2) - Three Short Acts (CD, Album)

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From your profile picture, you can also easily sign in, sign out, or turn on Incognito mode. Protecting all the information in your Google Account has never been Album) important. Your Google Account automatically protects Album) personal information and keeps it private and safe. I can understand why: RTW celebrates the local urban music scene; Exists is the odd one out in the line-up, the only act without "urban" roots. While urban acts usually had characteristic indie beginnings, Exists was borne of a major record label, with professionals supplying material and enjoying easy media access.

Perhaps even the fact that they don't do or didn't start out in English unlike virtually all bona-fide urban acts makes them less received by the diverse "urban" crowd. Exists performed some songs. Some of the crowd threw stuff at them. A particularly large, empty plastic bottle flew onto the stage, missing a band member by a few. Question: how would you have responded as the frontman?

Me, I'd keep my cool and not let shit like that bother me. Other bands had taken their own share of hecklers' missiles pretty nonchalantly. Now let me tell you what he did: He picked the bottle up disapprovingly and said something to the effect of "This He then solemnly blurted to roughly translate : "We'll show you that we too can entertain you! Please, don't try to prove yourselves, it's embarrassing. The dramaqueeny display was immature; besides, how can one enjoy the music, no matter how good, with such resentment in the air?

Besides, they show sophistication in their lyrics; why, I think they're better lyricists than SingleTrackMind in English.

They seem to be among the few Malay acts who can deftly use words like "ironi" and "konklusi" and "frustrasi" and such. Fine, sounds urban enough to me.

The urban scene's most esteemed heavyweights served us large course meals — long, extended renditions of some tracks off Malayneumhelping them clock in over half an hour onstage. Some may have cried boredom, but for me Not to let us down, they also performed some of their best known rock tunes, Vio Pipe and the last jumpalong of the night, The Chemistry Between Us. One memorable part of the set was their rehash of an old Malay folk song which I think will be on the new albumwith clever lyrics that had people paying full, silent attention that, or they were zombified from fatigue.

Eerily, part of it seemed to have a message for the crowd itself — I don't recall the words but I'll rephrase in English anyway: Together, you are daring Alone, you are a coward Just like everyone else Whoah. No one was expecting mindjobs. The appreciative and smitten applauded. RTW4 ended at around 1AM when Butterfingers stepped down and the emcee stepped up to deliver a little epilogue. The mere sight of Harun prompted the crowd to disperse.

Looking at how everyone was plain quick to leave the flailing fat guy high and dry, you could sense the atmosphere of disappointment. The main and immediate gripe was that for an act appointed to grandly close a RTW concert, Butterfingers this time had been too mellow.

There might have even been some who felt cheated by Emmett's absence. Thank heavens for Pat's car. We whisked off away from the venue and the masses of rideless teens lingering all over it. We dropped Chung off at his home, and the remaining three of us settled at a hour mamak stall, to break our all-day-and-night fast and discuss the recent event, till 3AM. We were hoping for something like the organizing staff were wearing. Quick Hari Raya break Holiday breaks will be quite common this semester Hari RayaChristmas, Chinese New Year which will undoubtedly make it a little more hectic getting through.

Had the first one. Strangely, I was moping all week. I know it showed. My first Hari Raya here in KL was, frankly, depressing. Didn't fast for a month, did I? Well, I've figured out the reasons: First of all, I do celebrate Raya; having Muslim extended family members makes that quite possible.

If I were back home for Raya, I'd be fishing for duit Raya and hunting for kuih batik my hands-down favoriteand not to mention the merriment of a host of cousins, a fabulous congregation possible only on special occasions, such as this, Christmas and baby showers. I miss all that. Second of all, it reminded me so much of my first Christmas in KL. Depressing, just the same. I only have to look at a Muslim Sabahan friend of mine who's spending his first Raya holiday away from home.

Outwardly he showed a cheerful resignation to his predicament, but he could have been crying alone in his room; you never know. Raya being contiguous with a weekend had the campus library closed for a whole week. Ergo no free Internet all through the breakmaking it all the more dismal. Email to check, spam to delete, perhaps blog comments to respond to, and tons of blogsurfing to do. Top of the list is Jeff Ooi's Screenshotswhere fiery debates go on all the time; at the moment, with the PAS Islamic State Document as the current hot topicI can't stand not keeping up.

Particularly since one interesting participant called chez is someone I usually find in the teen community site XFresh forums, too. The things I want to googlewiki and just generally look up on the net are accumulating on my todo. FYI, it's a text file where I store urls and other tidbits and a list of things to do online, which I carry around with me in a diskette, deployed and updated wherever opportune.

Hey I'm not a net addict. I actually had no intention of looking for a cybercafe to gratify my longings. If I can have free, high-speed net access from my campus library, I absolutely refuse to go anywhere else and pay by the hour. Net access, to me, should be like air — ubiquitous and free of charge. Okay, so I am one. Jiminy crickets! There is hope for me! I checked; my CGPA is up. Though still miles away from the pinnacle, it's the hope I've been waiting for.

I will pull this off. With honours. Meantime send over the reward money, Dad. I'm feeling swell! I've got a fresh new haircut. I've got a breeze-beaten tan. And a new cell phone. All I need now is a girlfriend. Poring Hot Springs and Gaya Island I'm utterly grateful to Chris, Jey and Lai for being the friends-back-home that I like them to be: adventurous and "reunion-y" on holidays. Just days before I was to pack up for KL once again, we set off for our eco-roadtrip, with hooray two destinations back-to-back: Poring Hot Springsan hour drive from Kinabalu Park, and Gayana Resort in a corner of Gaya Island, minute boatride from KK.

Tell you all about it. To really enjoy a relaxing, Japanese-style hot spring bath, one should first get cold, wet and loosened up by taking a dip in the swimming pools at Poring. Man, my first swim in five months. How I longed for it. I have a confession to make: I can't dive.

I may be a far better swimmer than Jey, but he can dive and I can't. Jey was hounding me at the pools to demonstrate how I go about diving; good thing there were no onlookers around and I was a little more eager than reluctant to get what little practice I've had. All my life I've never tried enough; that's why I suck and get so self-conscious. Stop laughing. I hope to master this someday — what's the point of being impressive in the water if you can't enter it in the only graceful and sexy way?

By late afternoon and before it gets dark, you can head for the open air hot spring baths. Turn on the tap to fill your bath with the geothermally heated, mineral-rich water. If by luck there are only a few patrons around, you can have one bath per person, but it's always more fun to have two sitting in so you can chat away while your bath slowly fills Pictures Of You - The Middle Men (2) - Three Short Acts (CD. In fact you can squeeze six in a bath together; trust me, we've done it.

Once the water level reaches your elbow as you sit back, you can really start to unwind. There's a marvellous view of rainforest all around. Absorb the warmth and sulphur; they're good for you. Now close your eyes, slowly slump down and dip your head back until your ears are submerged in the clear, tangy water You can fall asleep like this.

It's pure ecstasy. Lai can't do it; she's actually scared of "being shut out from the rest of the universe. It's not everyday you get caught in the freezing rain while you soak in steaming hot water. Enjoy the tantalizing smorgasbord of sensations. For more travel ideas stay tuned to Lionel Set Loose. Same time, same URL. Spent a night at Kinabalu Park.

Not particularly fun when all you've got are playing cards, there's nothing on TV and a girl establishes a ban on ghost stories. Next morning was a long drive back to KK, and from there we caught our boat to Gayana. By early afternoon feet were on sand. If I may continue pretending to be a travel show host, here is my assessment of the spot.

Pictures Of You - The Middle Men (2) - Three Short Acts (CD to another island that I've frequently been to, ManukanGayana Resort is just a little further away from the city, more secluded and obviously less patronized. I think there was a fee for just being there I don't exactly remember; Jey took care of it excuse my terrible hosting here. You can definitely get a better look at coral reefs here. The marine wildlife is ostensibly denser and more diverse than I've seen on Manukan Island — that, or I wasn't as lucky before.

By just circling one rather photogenic point in the water I was able to find sponges, sea anemones, a little party of sea urchins, a couple of neon-blue starfishes and a huge fat spiky starfish that had a name I didn't know looked really special to melurking under the thick coral canopy.

One must be careful not to damage the corals. It freaks Jey out. Because it got quite cloudy as the day aged, I managed to dodge a sunburn, having bravely swum shirtless. In spite of that, I also managed to finally eliminate my golfer's tan see: your dad's pale torso after being devoid of any beaching opportunity for months on end. Feels good to be monochromous again. We had an early dinner at the resort's open air restaurant. Now, under normal circumstances that wouldv'e been insane but the meal was made gratuitously affordable with the RM60 voucher we had been provided.

Food was awesome. Nice sea view, too. At this point Jey — a UMS marine biology student — shared with me that he sometimes does volunteer work at this resort during holidays. Benefits include lodging, nutrition oh boy, those are already worthwhileand the recreational pleasure and learning experience that come with the job.

He said he is sent off for specimen harvesting errands, to be used for research or ecotourism purposes: he just swims and snorkels around to look for a certain type of coral or a sea critter, Album) instance, and extracts it. Cool work, huh? I might consider joining Jey one day if I get the chance. Went home at last before it got dark. I never got nothing for anything.

I feel I've done everything for nothing. And maybe we can fly away from here. Surf of the debris of a broken scene in our sub-suburban wasteland. Pack up everything and get out of here. Everything I fought for is dead to me in our sub-suburban wasteland. You were wrong. I'll buy the farm tonight. I'd like to spend time where no one can see me. Come on, nobody's with me. Just send me off with a check cashed for all that I'm worth, and I'll say I'll feel better but I'll really feel worse.

I never feel like feeling anything. I only feel everything for nothing. I woke up today to think about a dream I had, a dream I left so far away. Ten seconds pass. And as I think, twenty minutes pass. I've failed my mission. I'm a waste of life, a waste of mind. Where's my ambition. Look how jaded I can be!

When I turned sixteen I already felt to old to be in this entire scene of sighing lazily at unaccomplished dreams. Yeah, it's my home but I think it's time to go. I'll hit once more so I don't wake up. I got no home and I got nowhere to go. I just can't seem to get on top of this situation normal all fucked up. Still, I lay in bed and think of all the dreams I've had and clever remarks I have said. It seems like they all mean nothing.

Alarm reset. That's eight more minutes. This disaster can't exist because I'm not awake to live it. I can't seem to place where life went wrong. It's the wrong chords. It's one lame song. I never know the exist to get off at 'til it's passed. Kick me in the ass. A free shot. Get it over with and kick me until I bleed. It seems that's all you need. Let's go! This one's on me! I don't think I'm going outside today. I'll stay in bed all day.

Declare a personal holiday. So you can take my page right out of your phonebook. Burn my seven digits to ashes. I won't be awake in any of your classes. Light another smoke as this day passes. Eyelids are the sky as this day passes. Because I know just what you're doing. I've decoded all the lines of encryption I've been fed. Your fucking superpowers aren't working.

I won't suck you off to get something I want, I'll give up instead. So please stop thinking for me, stop looking out for me and just because I'm paranoid does not mean you're not after me.

You: awash in a sea of pretention. You've got names to drop and bands to cash in on in your underground. Me: Apparently, music's none of my business. Aesthetic disease and enemies in high places to keep me down. So please stop thinking for me, stop looking out for me and just because I'm paranoid does not mean you're not after me and I was never on the team so don't try to play ball with me and don't think I give two shits what you think is best for me and my career because I don't.

Try to ignore me, but I'll be the scar that won't go away. Well my demeanor's inexplicable because the moment you expose your boredom we become expendable and I'll defy your scene where every band is interchangeable. The image you've commodified is not your own. Understand I'm doing something different because I'm capable and I do it 'cause I like it and I like it because you don't. Shut your mouth about it, no one wants to hear about it, music's an artistic statement, you don't have to speak for it and I was never on the team so don't try to play ball with me.

Don't think I give two shits what you think is best for me and my career. Wrong side of the tracks, wrong side of the fence, wrong thing that I lack, I lack common sense. My life. This is all I know and I've got no time, I've got no mind, I've got nowhere to go.

Can't live in this world of a nine to five. You can have your fifteen minutes I'll get my whole life. Career tests all came back inconclusive. All that I can give is a half asses attempt at being like you. I'm not normal like you. There's nothing I can say that I haven't said 5, times. You've got your way to live and I've got mine. There's nothing to say. I've said it 15, times. Kiss it goodnight, kiss me goodbye.

You think it never hurts? All the confusion? All the itches in my nerves and all the hate in my blood? My blood. This isn't what I need. Occupational conformity won't put my mind at ease, no.

Clock is tickin' and my shelf life is up and all bets have been placed for when the wheel is gonna stop, it's gonna stop, it's gonna. This is what I need. This is life and this is love and this is my release. It pains my soul to separate like this but I guess that's how it is. I'll leave myself to mine. Our paths can't cross now.

I wish I had one more chance now. It's been a year or two since we've communicated. So don't tell me that you're one to trust or believe in. I'll believe nothing. I will not trust anyone again. My brain is twitching and I still can't give up. I've gone far off the course but I guess I'm never gonna stop. The clock is tickin'. From horse-drawn carriage rides through the Magic Kingdom, to the very first wedding held at Pandora - The World of Avatar, to incredible, surprise serenades by celebrity musical guests, these weddings make for perfect viewing for a romantic night in.

Amid high-speed space chases and interspecies hijinks, Marvel movies feature some truly romantic storylines. Featuring amazing onscreen chemistry by the lead actors, Guardians of the Galaxy is a low-key rom-com that serves up way more twists, turns, and laughs than your average date-night viewing.

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So I would like to invite you, the listener, the reader, to create a new underground. One where we actually don't have to follow any sets of rules.

One where we don't have to be controlled by anyone but ourselves. This is an album about breaking out of that old system. Well, I lied to you again. I said I wanted to be friends and I said that it would never end but I was out before it began.

I bit my nails and wrote away, I had been waiting for the day that it was the end. The clouds, grey and covering the sky, barely let the sun slip by at about Everyone was starting to cry. There's nothing that needs more explaining. I'm going home tonight to tear your pictures off the wall and I won't spend another night waiting for your precious telephone call.

I won't feel sorry for anything I do because I live this life for me, not you! Don't think that I'm gonna call you tomorrow to remember the days gone past. Contrary to what you think and what you've seen on MTV, you don't have to be an asshole all the time. Watch me as I take this knife out my back to cut wrists and throat. I'll laugh, bleed to death, choke. I've been used for all I'm worth, can't feed your ego anymore or be that friend who would take a shot for you.

Why not do one fucking thing that isn't for your fucking self? You'll cry and I'll laugh at you 'cause I'll be gone tomorrow and you'll look into the mirror and you'll lie when you say you care. Don't kid yourself, you were never there for me. Complacently, you downtalk to me and all the kids agree you're irreverent as you feign respect for me. Anger and pressure builds up inside of me, I'll explode and you'll fake a frown.

Are you happy now? Yeah, you got what you wanted, you got your third second chance and saved the fifteen dollars out of your pocket. My last will and testament will claim you shall get stoned to shit at my big funeral, 'cause I'll be gone tomorrow.

You'll talk to your new shiny friends and you'll lie when you claim to care. The autumn came in like concrete at my face. Location hasn't changed but we're not living in the same place. It's useless to respond respond to anything I've said I've said. You're trying to upset me but you're just baffling me with your actions. I am wrong. You are wrong. We subdivide into two factions. It's made me retarded and I wish I didn't let it. Everything is upside down.

I want those times I can't forget and everything is always falling apart. You know, I'd amputate my flaws if it meant that I could be with you. How can I be so self-important in the world today? My dis-ease of choice will be arriving soon anyway. We justify our selfishness in every fucking fight and I hate to quote this song all wrong, but "It Doesn't Make It Right. Fuck the world. Everything is breaking and changing and everything inside of me is breaking and changing.

Why can't I ever let it go? If I concentrate real hard I might not ever even know that everything is always falling apart and I'd ignore my dreams in exchange for you being true.

It's gonna rain tonight so everything is miserable. Smoke some more, and then I'll go back in and hate. It's gonna rain tonight but it's gonna stop eventually. Let's anticipate the sun and warmth and raise our fists and say:. Fell fast asleep, woke up so easily.

Let's make our dreams transcend reality. Let's not just seethe, give up and go back to sleep. Wake up. Don't fall apart. What's the bullshit for? Verbal battlefield, syllables of war. I shut myself off and it happens again. You're not my friend, you're not my friend, you're not my friend. The winter knocked on my door like a selfish bitch. I'm glad that you haven't got your wish, 'cause in the cold all alone I've been thinking of everyone but you.

And it feels like seventh grade again and none of this will ever end. I'm just your public malcontent, another extraneous trend. Don't try to be like me because I'm not one to compete just to obtain the status of a symbol of idolatry. This time I'd really rather be alone. Can we forget this? I can just go home. I remember when you said I could count on you for anything I'm driving my car home and never walking in the rain again.

I miss the smell of Taco Bell and places that we knew too well. It's driving my crazy. I'm bleeding profusely from my insides, while you're smiling 'cause you're stealing all of my lines. I'm doubling over and I'm taking my own side.

Over and over again, I'm so useless. Now you're becoming everything. Well, was I ever anything? Everyone I love always hates me. My judgment's been off every time. Your words will always still be mine. And I'll be slapped on crowded streets, and in some lame cry of defeat I'll open up and shout it loud, "Fuck that! Turn off the new sound. Everyone I love always leaves me.

My judgment's off this time for the last time. For the last time. What's left beside me now? No one in this world is ever listening. Pay attention now. I'm sorry that you've all gone soft. Are advance apologies required now for pissing you off? I'll deny all of this to your face. Quit claiming to be indie rock because you aren't independent and your rock and roll's fucked. I'll get the coffin, you supplied your own hammer.

We'll put a nail in it, I hope the scene can fit. We'll throw it in the pit as a sacrifice for middle-aged men and screaming girls. Your scene is full of shit so start killing it.

Don't be the hypocrite. The last teary-eyed, thrift store mope star in the world. A victim of the latest hoax. The iconoclasts have lied and you're not in on the joke. Regardless of who wins, this game is always one of the most entertaining NBA games of the year!

We recommend making a V-Day watch list when you first sign up so you can begin to map out your date night favorites. After Feb. That is so me. I'm convinced that I was the inspiration for this initiative.

Isn't this incredible? I've always wanted to have my own domain; then out of the blue some stranger comes up and offers one on a silver platter. I felt like I won something. At this point I simply cannot hold in how much I appreciate Tim Yang's generosity. Done a great service to mankind, in my book — how about that?

I could heap on enough praise to kill a dog, but perhaps it will be worth more if I supplement some background and links to go, because I think this is relevant to bigger topics like "philanthropy in the blogging community" and maybe even "the state of the Malaysian Blogosphere" No really, I'm so dead serious.

I'll post on this in the new blog. In return, at least, I ask that Tim work on improving the service; there's plenty room for it.

My writing has evolved in spades over the months and years. I was, among more apparent things, searching for my blogging voice. Having come this far I should be able to say that I got myself a strong one now, but maybe this is something that I can't know on my own, balls to bones; like knowing that I'm in love, or that I'm the One.

Perhaps this subjective quality is up to the judgement of readers, yes? I wish to embrace this opportunity to start afresh. And so I officially close this chapter of my ongoing blogging pursuit. Now, at the moment the new blog is a patchy little limp biscuit, so though I'm a bit reluctant to and I can't tell if you are, tooI'm going to send you over there anyway.

Can't give blogging a bad name for murdering my grades, can I? My powers are restored! Wait, no. There is one power unaccounted for, one of my most cherished: the ability to banish stress on a whim.

See, the PC I finally have on my desk now looks good — having survived the successive rigors of damage and repair — is not the same as it was before, and never will be again. The components that blew out were the motherboard, which was serviced and feels so obviously like a completely different brandand the GeForce2 MX graphics card archaic and motheaten, I knowwhich was not.

Without a graphics card, we come to the tragic consequence: I can no longer play graphics-intensive, big-title games. My pill. My therapy. A good gaming session has always made the world easier to face again. Imagine my heartsick despondence, probably verging of depression no, I'm exaggeratingwhen it all began — typical effect of parting a geek from his computer. But it was at this stage in my sorry-ass life when I realized how much of an adaptive optimist I really am With the benefit of hindsight, it was a blessing in disguise.

I recognized the overdue opportunity to concentrate on my studies. Easier said than done, naturally though there was a time when this guy, who's allergic to studying, was once a kid who got perfect grades without even trying.

Still, every little favorable circumstance was worth every little notch of improvement; the payoff — whatever its size could've been — was pathetically certain. I mean: of course my fucking grades will improve if I lay off those games! To circumvent all those extra hours of doing nothing, I've also been hanging out in friends' rooms for mindless chitchat and banter focusing on my other passion: reading.

Reading stuff I'd rather read, I mean. Well, I don't buy books; a poverty-stricken student like me can't afford them. Who else thinks books are expensive? Instead I just hang out at bookstores for long periods devouring stuff from cover to cover. Mostly non-fiction, but will sample novels now and then. Well, I did start buying magazines. At press time, I can see RM worth of several accumulated over time on the shelf.

After being a regular on my roommate's stack of lady mag CLEOI found Men's Health to be way more useful and a hell lot funnier — no surprise there Last I checked inside my pants, the correlation was evident.

But apart from the nutrition education, style assistance and the infinitely handy sex tips, it's also feeding this ridiculous urge to lift heavy objects repetitively. A bit worrying Thank goodness local computer zines are cheap and plentiful; I have so many of them.

They will help me in deciding how my next dream PC will be like a kickass graphics card is being considered! I really need to save up. Or get a job soon. I just caught myself creating an evil little loop.

Once I get back to gamer's paradise with a new PC, I'd probably be too stoned to continue the good habit of buying the magazines that inspired the purchase in the first place. Until eventually, something breaks down again.

Unlike last year though, I didn't join in any carolling activities. Hell and so be itI didn't go to church either. Not that I was lazy; just that the bus from MidValley MegaMall incidentally took too damn long for me to be on time for anything that Christmas Eve. And as for Morning Mass on Christmas Day I was glad, at least, that I didn't have to put up with the inconveniences of a jam-packed church this time around.

And really, Christmas shouldn't be such a big deal. See, I'm one of those long-sobered, happily-grown-out-of-innocence kids who can now be smug about the realities of Christmas: it started as a really cool holiday meant to replace an ancient pagan one. Winter Solstice Day or something. Doesn't sound very interesting, does it? Go figure. Point: it's not truly Jesus' birthday.

Plopped on top of that is the heavy commercialism capitalizing on the essential gift-giving tradition. And on top of that are the accumulated superficial traditions, which include decorated pine trees of Scandinavian kampong origins and the Santa bullshit said to have been twisted out of the legend of a saint called Nick by some toy store long ago Ironically, Santa is a menace to what Christmas is really about.

This is all, of course, coming from someone who wasn't home for the holidays nor got any presents. Christmas Calling What's Christmas without the Christmas decor? I was already resigned to a non-festive holiday when I delightfully found bells-and-holly on the room door, courtesy of my roommate.

He even has a bonsai-sized faux Christmas tree on his table, baubles and all. Great for the mood, even if a little bit. And what's Christmas without Christmas songs? Unfortunately the roomie provided that too. Now I don't mean to be snide about his taste in music he's mostly into Brintey Spears and Mariah Carey, by the waybut really.

Slow country music plus mediocre vocals. Where in hell did he find that? But I'm not one to question other people's tastes; especially a roommate's. Let it be, even if he — sigh — sleeps with that music on.

So bothered was I with the lack of solid good holiday tunes that I went out to shell out money for some CDs. Two, in fact. I must be mad, splurging like that with a wallet as fat as a hair follicle.

You can't go wrong with jazz when it comes to Christmas tunes. I was only after the supplementary CD which contained just five Christmas covers. How's that for bothered? I'm satisfied with the done deal, nonetheless. My favorite song on it is My Grown-up Christmas List. It's one of those Christmas songs that you hardly ever hear. The first and last time I heard it was when I sang it in a Christmas concert thingy choir three years ago.

Some of the songs are covers, such as Fuel's remember Hemorrhage? Pat also roped in Chung, his friend's kid brother, who was to be under his watch that day. For the four of us this was our first RTW jaunt, and happily, things went smoothly.

Everything we had planned was accomplished: found the car park, bought tickets early on d-day, be the first ones in, got our free t-shirts, and be right up front doing perfect justice for our cameras at the ready. Everything, and then some Photographer's fortune blew us a kiss, long before the show began.

We managed a fairly close-up shot of guitarist Sarah of The Official backstage, right after the band soundchecked. Best yet, after Butterfingers had their turn a cool spoiler of what they were going to perform laterwe caught up with Loque in the car park — alone!

Just us! No other civilians in sight! Loque and I, side by side Now this "village champion" has something to show the guys back home! Back to the mosh pit. I'd just like to note that while we were waiting for the show to start, I caught a fine looking girl, about ten paces away, checking me out.

And she kept on, with pretend apathy. Her appearing to have a date with her is an aside. I played along, trading quick glances. Was it my cool shirt, or the giant invisible zit on my eye? Back to business, I swear. Well, RTW4's line-up of acts wasn't as great as last year 's. And was the clowny emcee Harun a necessary evil? Just as brain-damaging to watch then. The afro — apparently part of his standup act — just didn't belong. Things got to a good start at about 4PM with a few new bands; most memorably One Buck Short, which I ticked on my like-list.

The expressive frontman was a fabulous live-performer and proved to be a charismatically superior fat-fun-guy to Harun. Then Qings And Kueens kame came up. Didn't make a too good impression for some: bumping into mikestands, geekiness that would make Blur and Weezer cringe, frontman taking pictures of the crowd like a tourist. At least their hit We're Gonna Rock You was an awesome crowd pleaser. Meanwhile, the usual squashing and bodybanging got wilder.

Conforming to the laws of fluid mechanics, we in the front were naturally getting a lot of it from the bulk behind us.

It was becoming really, really infuriating; mark my words. The front barricades chicken-coop fence, more like were bending dangerously forward.

Security helped to force them back up, and we did our part by ferociously pushing back the imbeciles behind us, like good citizens. Everything up till then was just a warm up for what was to come next: the hugely popular OAG, which started off with their hit classic, 60's TV.

Hilariously, it will still say "operation successful", even if you've let Adel bleed out. Even more amusingly, the second of these two operations will yield the standard "The Medical Board will be notified" screen even though it's training done in private.

A couple of MechWarrior missions will unavoidably fail your objectives partway through the mission, complete with a huge red Failed next to the objective, but instead of being given the 'Mission Terminated' or 'exiting the battlefield' prompt, it instead flashes new objectives to complete in order to succeed.

For instance, one mission asks you to shanghai a convoy that you've jumped a few times before The game mails your fission Survive by either running or defeating all your opponents and the game will consider the mission successful that way instead. In hacking simulator Hacknetone early-game mission will lead to a pissed-off rival deleting a critical file from your system and then crashing it, dumping you at a text-only terminal interface. In his arrogance, he didn't think you might have a practice machine in your network.

Once you get used to the text-only interface it's trivial to dial that machine and replace the file. If you're not paying attention, though, it's entirely possible to mistake this for a Non Standard Game Over.

Stealth Based Game. In Hitman: Blood Moneythe final sequence appears to be Agent 47's funeral after Diana betrays him. However, as the credits are rolling, the player can twiddle the thumbsticks to bring him out of his induced coma and take out everyone present. In Sheep, Dog 'n' Wolfyou start on a tutorial level. There's a white line a bit ahead from where you're standing. As soon as you cross it There is the big green "Hideo" in the top right corner as a giveaway, but this was another level of Interface Screw ; it had a similar font and positioning as the "Video" input indicator on Sony Trinitron model televisions that were made at the time.

A few seconds later, the game goes back to normal. You can mail your fission at any time in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater by taking the fake death pill, which sends you to a fake Game Over screen, except your inventory button still works, allowing you to take the revival pills. The Sorrow sends you to the same Fission Mailed screen, and the same remedy works. In fact, doing this as soon as The Sorrow's sequence begins will skip the boss fight.

But if you wait at the fake game over screen for too long, it will turn into a real one. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots has both a tribute to the Psycho Mantis encounter in the form of Screaming Mantis and in the Codec conversations about how to beat her when the player can't properly control Snake and Psycho Mantis' reappearanceand the infamous microwave hallway has Snake's Life bar drain out Snake can actually complete that part with both bars depleted, pulling himself the rest of the way with only his fingers.

Survival Horror. In Alien: Isolation : You end Mission 10 being betrayed and ejected in space with the xenomorph, both inside a unpluggable research module. Then, a new objective pops up talking about an escape pod Almost at the very end of the game, just as Amanda is about to escape the station, a Xenomorph grabs her from above and pulls her into a ventilation shaft and the game cuts to black.

The alien can kill you this way normally, so you might think you stumbled into a trap laid out by the developers and will just have to go the other way when you reload your last checkpoint. And then Amanda wakes up to find that things have gone From Bad to Worse for the umpteenth time.

In Eternal Darknesswhen the player's sanity gets low, a number of strange meta-game effects can occur. Their character's head may explode a few seconds after entering a room, followed by the usual death animation, but then they are safely returned Pictures Of You - The Middle Men (2) - Three Short Acts (CD the door.

There is a fake "game over" screen, a fake "stay turned for the sequel" screen, a fake BSOD, and a fake "Game Deleted Successfully" screen, with a blank saved game list.

The TV may appear to turn itself off, the audio can gradually drop out complete with a decreasing VOLUME bar, as if the user were sitting on the remoteand then there's the infamous "controller unplugged" fake error message.

Ghost Hunteron PS2: When Lord Hawksmoor has you realise that there is absolutely no way out of your predicament, and possesses your partner to shoot you dead, the game returns silently and sadly to the main screen.

Then the computer AI that's been guiding you on the game, and is present on the main screen, speaks up. And possesses a robot with a giant chaingun. And sets about fixing the problem and reviving the main character. Silent Hill : The dark dead-end alley sequence in Silent Hillwhere Harry has to be "killed" by the demon children to proceed. Then he wakes up in the cafe, not much worse for wear. Silent Hill 2 : Maria's many deaths serve as a sort of Fission Mailed as well, as triggering them outside of scripted events causes a Non Standard Game Over.

The Nightmare Amusement Park in the beginning of Silent Hill 3where Heather gets run over by the roller coaster at the end. Heather can also "mail the fission" at any time during the nightmare by being killed by the enemies or jumping into a Bottomless Pit.

The interactive nightmare at the beginning of Silent Hill 4where The All-Concealing "I" is accosted by a Victim in first person perspective it's actually Joseph's final moments. In the final run to the Lighthouse Clinic in Silent Hill: Shattered Memoriesyou will be overcome by Raw Shocks, and it'll look just like when you're overcome normally Then the ice you're on breaks, and you have to swim the rest of the way.

And you can drown yourself or swim until you run out of energy, at which point Cybil saves you and points out your destination. Except you are actually progressing. ObsCure begins with an Action Prologue with Kenny and Dan exploring a high school basement after hours. Not long after the second player is introduced, Dan is killed during a bit of Controllable Helplessness and Kenny seemingly follows suit in apparent Game Over.

Cue Title Drop. The Dead Space app has one in Chapter After killing the brute and walking around, the battery low icon appears and then another brute appears out of nowhere before the screen goes thwip - nightmare sequence in a marker-desert comes back on. Excessively scary if you haven't charged your iTouch for a while. The Indie horror game Headless Prisoner has one hallway where you can't turn to the side or stop moving, and must pass through several distractions.

The last of these involves the game appearing to hang up, followed by an error message popping up. Hesitating instantly kills you.

In the third Alone in the Dark game, once you give Jeb Stone the briefcase full of money, he orders the Elwood brothers to shoot you dead. The following sequence has Carnby in the body of a jaguar, trying to revive Pictures Of You - The Middle Men (2) - Three Short Acts (CD. Neverending Nightmares has plenty of instances of this.

There are multiple times where Thomas is put in an inescapable situation such as walking in a room with an enemy and the door locks behind him and Failure Is the Only Option. And sometimes, his sister would be killed instead. But these serve to progress the plot by having Thomas wake up in his next dream. Phantom jumpscares will, however, give Springtrap the opportunity to get to you- and he can kill you.

On the way back, however, you will be caught by Foxy whatever you do, and Night 4 opens with Circus Baby revealing she kidnapped you and hid you in a spring-lock costume. Turn Based Strategy. In Disgaea: Hour of DarknessLaharl and co. Because Mao refuses to let the game end like that. Turn Based Tactics. While it's possible to win the battle, if the player loses, reinforcements arrive that revive Prime and help him end the war. The original Jagged Alliance has an assortment of randomly picked exit messages, one of which is Pictures Of You - The Middle Men (2) - Three Short Acts (CD error message explaining the game failed writing the player's quick save to avoid Save Scummingthe only way to save the game during battle is to exit the game followed by "just kidding".

In Town of Salemthere's a brief pause in between a death notice for someone lynched, and the announcement of their role. Visual Novel. If you use the "Check" or "Take" prompts on the policewoman you're speaking to, she'll get mad at you and cause a "Game Over" screen to appear. However, the game will immediately resume after this, with the policewoman saying that she was only kidding. Tell Saber there'll be no food today if you want to see it. Album) on a more serious note, due to the looping gameplay it's okay to get killed.

In fact, you're going to get killed because you can't progress otherwise. Just ignore the Dead Bad End screen that pops up and continue playing. Princess Waltz gives you a "Bad End" halfway through the game, at which point you need to go back to the title screen and choose to play its second half.

For plot reasons. Akane has to send Junpei through the Safe Ending to obtain a password so that she can give it to him on the next run through. Otherwise, the game ends with the Coffin Ending. In Katawa Shoujothe good ending to Lilly's path does it's best to make you think you've gotten a bad end, up until the very last scene. In fact, the bad end is exactly the same as the good end except that it ends earlier.

In Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havocthis is how chapter 5's "true" ending plays out. You are presented with a choice whether or not to reveal Kirigiri was lying in court. If you reveal her lie, Monokuma cuts the trial short in order to force Kirigiri to be executed, and you get a bad ending. But if you choose not to reveal her lie, the game at first makes you think that's the wrong choice: Makoto Naegi himselfthe player character, is set to be executed instead, and using the exact same method, too.

But just as Naegi is about to be crushed to death, a virus planted by Alter Ego stops the crusher, saving Naegi's life and ensuring you get to continue to chapter 6 after all. After a single loop, this leads to Hajime losing all his health. After this, the story continues, leading to a Lotus-Eater Machinefollowed by a Battle in the Center of the Mindafter which Hajime breaks out, and enters a Super Modeleading to the final series of challenges.

At this point, the narration will start to get sad, sending you back home, looking extremely similar to the closing of the paths that lead you to the bad "Miss Bennet" ending Many, many times in the Ace Attorney series: In the first game of all : In the fourth case, with the Game Over sequence, the only indication that you're supposed to let the Guilty verdict continue is that you weren't penalized. In fact, if you haven't been penalized at all, it will seem very weird, as the judge doesn't give you another chance, and you don't lose one of your markers.

Also, the fact that you can't do anything to prevent the supposed Game Over. For someone playing through the first time, these vague indications are very easily overlooked. Unless you've failed before. One indicator is that, during the Judge's typical spiel, it cuts to Wright, who sweats and says something like "This doesn't look good I'm sorry While not a Game Over itself, there is a point in the 5th case where after failing to find something to convince the Judge about your points, he is ready to penalize you and your life marks show up it could be a Game Over if you only had one mark left and the penalty was issued to make it seem like he was for real.

Cue in someone who prevents this from happening. In the second case, there's a point where the player has the choice to either take up Maya's case, or to just leave and go home. Picking to "go home", leads into a black screen with sad music, where Phoenix narrates how Maya was defended the following day by a state appointed lawyer, the case was a white wash against her, she was declared guilty, and he never saw Maya again, as the case remained unsolved forever.

It then reveals this was just a scenario Phoenix was imagining. He declares that he's not going to let it happen, and takes the case. Trials and Tribulations : In case 2, winning the second trial comes down to pressing a single statement in a particularly drawn-out testimony. Any selection you make leads to Godot informing you that you've failed to find anything substantive — but if you figured out the right one, Phoenix will point out the contradiction a few moments later.

There's a fake Game Over in the 3rd case that shows Phoenix losing his case to Winston Payne, his client getting a guilty verdict, and the courtroom doors closing.

Given that it's the opening Cutscene and you haven't even touched the controls yet, this isn't fooling anyone. You find out later on that it was actually someone who was impersonating Phoenix when the guilty verdict was issued. When you're required to give the last piece of evidence in "Bridge to the Turnabout", it won't matter what you present — Godot will say that he doesn't know what you're talking about, followed by an instant Game Over if you presented the wrong one or Mia's brief mirage if you gave the right one.

Because you only have one chance to present your proof, players have an enormous tendency to do Save Scumming at this point, only for them to facepalm themselves and even yell at the game for fooling them big time at the climax of the trial. He knows that Maya is innocent but there is no information and evidence that can prove her innocence and the Judge finds her and Phoenix Wright via Defense Culpability Act Guilty.

Before he passes judgement, the bailiff interrupts to point out a second victim and that Maya is the suspect of that murder as well. This gives one more day of investigation to turn everything around. In "Turnabout Revolution", Ga'ran declares Apollo, Phoenix and Dhurke guilty just because she can, much to their surprise and even the judge's. But don't worry — it's ignored, so you can continue playing. In Amnesia: MemoriesOrion says at the start of the game that you can't risk letting anyone know about your amnesia and each guy's route has a Suspicion meter that increases every time you do something that makes that guy suspicious of your sudden personality change.

However, in every route except for Ikki's, the Suspicion meter unavoidably maxes out at a certain point in the route when the guy figures out on their own that you have amnesia or in Ukyo's case, start out aware of that fact and it won't affect your chances of getting a good ending as long as you keep Affection and Trust high enough.

In addition, Toma's route has a Doubt meter and while the heroine growing doubtful about Toma's actions doesn't seem like a good outcome, you actually need a high level of Doubt to get Toma's good ending even though certain In Arcade Spiritsthere are two separate examples: Partway through the game, Deco Nami, the Big Bad of the story, will gain control of the arcade you're working in.

You cannot prevent this, as he's able to buy the arcade due to circumstances beyond your control. All seems lost for your player character, who has just had their dream ripped away from them, and you even get a "Game Over" screen—but it's followed by a "Continue" screen, after which your app assistant Iris intervenes, getting your best friend or love interest to pull you out of despair and inspire you to just establish a new arcade.

Later on, even after you establish a new arcade, things go wrong yet again, this time because Deco Nami hires a street gang to sabotage your arcade's first opening on the same day an "arcade critic" is set to review it, right after you have an unavoidable argument with your best friend or love interest. You even get shot when events really spiral out of control—but you later wake up in the hospital, it turns out you were only shot in the leg, and your best friend or love interest visits the hospital to apologize.

Your courage even inspires the "arcade critic" to hold off her review for a week to give you a chance to turn your fortunes around. Doki Doki Literature Club! This is when the "real" part of the game begins. One possible encounter with Natsuki in Act 2 has her freak out, snap her neck, and charge at the screen. The screen will then depict the "END" screen from the end of Act 1, but with the word backwards. It the leads into the standard transition between scenes, with Natsuki's behavior being nothing more than a Jump Scare.

However, starting again will continue the story, as there is a time loop. In Die Anstalta patient's progress bar going red usually means that you screwed up their treatment and need to reset their mental state with electroshock therapy.

For Dub, however, this is actually a required part of his therapy; many players, not knowing this, kept on trying other methods until they realized that letting his progress bar shoot way down and then shocking him was the only way to continue his therapy.

Fisher-Diver has a nightmare sequence after the first day. There, the player has got no fishing tools, will move slower and slower as the time goes on and is eventually bitten to death by wireframe fish.

It's basically the games way of showing what will happen if they die: the game will treat it as another nightmare and start the current in-game day over.

On the Ripley's Believe It or Not! Shrunken Head : " Now you've done it! Anime And Manga. Not a videogame, but Negima! Magister Negi Magi had a Bad End screen after the party failed to stop Chao from making the existence of mages known to the world and Negi is captured by the teachers.

Yami goes through three would-be-losses near the end. One is when, against Rafael, he apparently loses for the second time. However, this is just a recall in animation to the first time he lost, and instead, survives an attack with 10 life points left. The other two are against Dartz. When the Seal of Orichalcos starts to enclose around Yami, he manages to repel it twice.

The first time was just due to Dartz being the Manipulative Bastard he is, coming extremely close to talking Yami into surrendering. The second time, Dartz managed to deplete all of his Life Points, and he only survived THAT thanks to a Trap Card he had hidden, Relay Soul, which enabled him to Summon a monster from his hand that would serve as the keeper of his life.

That is, he would only lose the Duel when that monster was destroyed. Near the climax of Yu-Gi-Oh! After being pounded relentlessly by Aporia, Rua's LP is reduced to zero and he collapses; even worse, Ruka seems to lose the will to fight Pictures Of You - The Middle Men (2) - Three Short Acts (CD of this, emphasized by her already low LP starting to deplete. Howevernot only does Rua have a card that can keep him in the duel at this point, his Power Tool Dragon assumes its true form as Life Stream Dragon, and a new birthmark appears on his arm marking him as the sixth Signer.

With Life Stream Dragon's healing powers, the three of them are able to turn it around In Eyeshield 21in the Fall Tournament semi-final, the Deimon Devilbats lose the game and everyone believes their dream of going to the Christmas Bowl is over Until Hiruma reveals that they can still go there if they win their consolation match.

In Full Metal Panic! Sosuke wakes up a few minutes later and realizes that it was just a vision of a possible future brought on by the Whispereds' psychic powers. This becomes an important plot point, as Kaname goes on believing that it really happened, until it's revealed that it's actually the Whisperer controlling Kaname's body, and Kaname's mind was forcing her to think that Sosuke and Tessa were dead so she wouldn't consider them a threat, giving them enough time to organize a counterattack.

In Baby StepsCoach Aoi doesn't believe Eiichiro is ready to beat the top national players, and states he must win the Kanagawa Junior Tennis Circuit note as winning the Kanagawa Junior will earn Eiichiro a seeded rank in Kanto and allow him to get to the top 16 by playing non-seeded players in order to reach the top 16 in Kanto and qualify for the All-Japan Junior tournament.

Eiichiro loses to Araya in the Kanagawa finals, fails to become seeded, and is matched up against high-ranked Ide Yoshiaki in the All-Japan Junior qualifying match. He wins anyway. Fan Works.

Mario and Sonic: Heroes Unite! He then releases Mario and Sonic from the force field surrounding them—simply because Mario is necessary for his plan, nothing more.

Turnabout Storm : Phoenix loses the case, Rainbow Dash is declared guilty, and the screen fades to black Fluttershy barges into the courtroom with a testimony that gives the defense a new lead. Hope Ray debunks everything Princess Twilight throws at him, even proving Princess Twilight herself got Pinkie out of jail and asked her to destroy her hoofprints.

The Doctor declares the defendant guilty and all hope is lost for Pinkie and Twilight The Doctor complies with the request. Then Trixie uses the Memory Spell to restore Twilight, and the heroes fight on to victory. Fortunately, Word of God has confirmed that this isn't the real ending; the fact that that entire last portion is written in italics and suddenly features a character who's dead by that point, it's implied that this is actually a scene from a previous iteration of Dark World.

There's also the chapter where she tries to cure Trixie's discording, but instead kills her and goes mad from grief. Except she's really trapped in Trixie's psyche. Twilight realizes this when the psychologist who is counseling her lacks certain facts that a real psychologist would have been informed of - that Twilight has five friends, not three, and is Celestia's student - because Trixie doesn't know those things.

He reverses time and creates an Alternate History of the Bleach canon, placing him above the Soul King in hierarchy.

Ichigo, Sheena and Lloyd, however, still have their memories of the original timeline and set off to fix things. For people who read the Twilight book series, the scene near the end of Breaking Dawn where quite a few characters die is an absolute shocker. Once the scene completes, we see it was a vision Alice saw of the futureinvoking this trope. Escape Room initially opens with Ben using a code to unlock a door to prevent the library walls from crushing him to death; as shown in the first scene the code apparently doesn't work, and we cut to the opening credits as Ben is about to be crushed.

When this scene is shown again in its chronological place later in the movie, it turns out the code actually did work, but it just unlocked the fireplace instead, so Ben has to crawl into the fireplace to escape the crushing wall, and the fireplace turns out to be the real way out. In The RecruitJames Clayton is captured during his training and tortured by men demanding to know the identity of his trainer and details about the training facility.

At first he's convinced it's a test, but the torture is real and it doesn't seem to be about to let up. Clayton strongly resists, but eventually breaks.

It's then revealed that it was a test. His trainer Walter Burke later explains that he didn't actually wash out; his apparent failure was staged to help establish his cover. Burke tells Clayton he actually did better than anyone in decades. Clayton isn't satisfied and tells Burke he thought he could have held out and not broken, but Burke tells him he couldn't have because the test doesn't stop until the trainee breaks. Toy Story 2 starts with Buzz Lightyear infiltrating Emperor Zurg's base planet and arriving to finally fight with him.

After a brief battle sequence Zurg actually shoots Buzz, completely vaporizing him from the waist up and starts laughing evilly Live-Action TV. Agents of S. The premise is that Earth will be destroyed at some point in the near future and the team will learn that this cataclysmic failure is inevitable, but also that maybe they can still try to change things. Then we see the usual recap and the screen that numbers and names the death: "Homie Invasion" Turns out the man suffered of Lazarus Syndrome and raised up after a moment.

He wandered back into his house and, when the thief sees him alive again, he gets so scared he ends up falling over the same railing. The screen is shown again, though now the death is renamed "Homie's Dead". Get the Vacation Jackpot in White Waterand the game goes dead for a moment, then fires off a rapid series of sirens, split-second frames, and soundbites.

After the show is over, you're awarded the jackpot points. Similarly, in Scared Stiff also by Dennis Nordmanafter successfully completing the Stiff-O-Meter, the game starts a Mind Screw sequence that plays split-second animations, quotes, and soundbites at completely random times. In Demolition Manthis is what the introduction to Demolition Time is; the display would start rolling, ending with the mode's instructions being displayed.

A similar, yet downplayed effect is done in Ripley's Believe It or Not! After collecting the seventh Super Jackpot, the game appears to be going on the fritz, with lights going off and random animations on the display.

After that, Frog Frenzy starts. Unlike the above examples, the start animation for Frog Frenzy doesn't turn the coils and lights off, which means if you're not paying attention to the ball, you could instantly drain.

There's an Easter Egg in Whodunnit?

Long Way Home - Jay Smith (12) - Jay Smith (CD, Album), Better On My Own - Broad (3) - Human Conflict (CD), Angel Of Harlem - U2 - Best Of Live Vol. 1 (CD), Zwischen Tag Und Nacht, Rain On Lens 1 - (Smog)* - Rain On Lens (CD, Album), Various - Quadrophenia (Music From The Soundtrack Of The Who Film) (Cassette, Album), Seltener Vogel - Einstürzende Neubauten - 04-30-2004, Chicago (CDr), Tarantella - Yoan Goilav, Laurenz Custer, Giovanni Bottesini, Franz Schubert - Der Romantische Kontr, The Glorious Liberation Of The Peoples Technocratic Republic Of Vinnland By The Combined Forces Of T, Boom Boom (Lets Go Back To My Room) - Various - The Ultimate Party Album (Vinyl, LP)

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  5. Digitally remastered two CD edition of this album by Robert Smith and co-horts. This album was a dramatic musical transition for The Cure, integrating the band's trademark dark textures with increased melodic and pop tendencies. Disc One contains the album's 10 original tracks including 'The Caterpillar', 'Shake Dog Shake' and 'Bird Mad Girl'/5().

  6. Thot Breaker, his fan-favorite project, remains an iconic album. Featuring hit songs “Can You Be My Friend” and “My Baby”, this is the first release on vinyl. 1. Alone (Intro) 2. Can You Be My Friend 3. My Baby 4. You & Me 5. Whoa 6. Couple Of Coats 7. Grab A Star 8. You My Number One 9. So Cal Drank Head My Head Slow.

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