Silver Hannah - U.S. Radio Band - Dont Touch That Dial (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Symphonien Nos. Guns - Hollywood Vampires L. De Falla - El sombrero de tres picos - El amor brujo M. Rex - Unchained - Unreleased Recordings Vol.

Rex - Unchained Vol. Rex - T. Album Marvelous 3 - ReadySexGo! So What! And Justice For All Metallica Disc I Metallica - Garage Inc. Singles - 4 4 Motown - Hitsville U. President - A Kind Of Olympic - The Best Of Olympic cd. Shostakovich - Piano and Chello Concertos P. Carlos Nakai - Earth Spirit R. M - Live Georgia R. Is It Something I Said? Stage Left Rush - Exit And The Beat Goes On! Sting We also show you how to get rock-star looks pagevisit with fashion designers and musicians embarking on exciting new collaborations page 86and tour L.

Youll also find yay! I believe in two very corny ideas the healing power of love and the transformative power of music, and I return again and again to the immortal words of George Michael: Listen without prejudice. Fria has deep conditioning built right in.

So colour shimmers from the inside out. Wont wreck. Wont ravage. Multi-faceted colour. With triple highlights. In 39 salon-calibrated shades. And Im Worth It. Thank you so much for featuring Bat for Lashes! April Longs article The Bat Woman [May ] finally put one of my favorite, not yet mainstream, artists out there for readers everywhere. Im so glad a magazine like ELLE is finally recognizing what an innovative singer-songwriter she is. Please keep finding amazing, underthe-radar musicians for us to.

Rob Hopkins, Totnes, England. YES, MS! I only wish this film and its elusive stars. For once, she wasnt shown as the drug-addled child star or happygo-lucky hippie, but instead as a down-toearth, real woman with real-life triumphs and disappointments. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about her and learning about how she immersed herself in her work while filming Grey Gardens. Great choice for a cover girl, ELLE! Gets heartbroken, gets angry, and gets a life.

I cannot imagine having a friend make such a complete change like that. I really enjoyed hearing all of the details of daily life in New Mexico, doing things that most of us take entirely for granted. It sounded like a great escape from the typical American lifestyle. Rosemary, Estacada, Oregon. I cant wait to see who you come up with next.

Be Happy [May ]. As the founder of the Transition movement, which promotes environmental optimism and resilience, I would never have believed that three years later we would be the subject of such a positive, respectful, and intelligent article in ELLE. Its an extraordinary piece of writing. The first perfume I ever tried was my great-grandmothers Chanel No. To this day, atshe still sprays it on her neck and wrists every morning and afternoon.

I also loved seeing and reading about the history of the advertisements. I cant wait for the new biopic Coco Avant Chanel! Ginny Painter, via e-mail. Fashion Gambit by Joe Zee [May ] was definitely an eye-opener for me. I am eBay-challenged. All of my friends love browsing and shopping for great finds, but I might as well be reading Russian! This article gave me some great tips on what to look for and who to buy from while bidding on the site.

Thanks, Joe Zee! Carly, via e-mail. Letters may be edited for length and clarity. For questions about your subscription, please callfaxor e-mail elle neodata. For changes of address only, call To order back issues dated within the past two years please know the specific issue datescall Sara Corbetts article La Vida Loba was inspiring. With my many ties to and dependencies on modern technology, I wonder what it would be like to break away and begin life anew.

Since reading this piece, Ive been noticing all the beauty around me every day. Thank you for encouraging. From Joan Jett, whos an ass-kicking icon, to Taylor Swift, who sold a ridiculous amount of records. She wrote that, and it pierced my heart! I just felt transported back to freshman year. Rainey remembers her first concertshe saw Paula Abdul at 12with equal fervor.

I had a huge framed poster of her in my bathroom, she says. I thought Straight Up was revolutionary. Rainey says her tastes didnt start to expand until college, when her roommate introduced her to dorm room hip-hop.

And now, in charge of the magazines music coverage, Rainey believes music lovers should be open to all genres. I hate when people are pretentious about music. Its like, if youve been listening to Joy Division since you were eight years old, great. But that doesnt mean you cant dig Kelly Clarkson, too.

She was totally uncensored, Schoemer says. If every interview subject were like this, ELLE. Ive written about a lot of things, but music has always been my specialty, she says, adding that her personal taste is a little bit like a fortysomething former young persons Guided by Voices, Neko Case, Robyn Hitchcock. As for young Loretta? Were lucky shes got really good taste, but she bosses us around, Schoemer says.

Like, she hates Tom Waits. He just sounds like a horrible old man to her. Shell be like, This is a terrible song, take this off! And were like, But its Tom Waits! I dont see it as art, he says about his unique aesthetic. I see it as a sculptural, surreal thing, and the photograph is sort of like an afterthought. I thought I wanted to be a fashion photographer because of the beautiful womenIm. You either have it or you dont with fashion, and I definitely realized quickly.

Deterred but hardly defeated, Salinas says he went with my strengths with still life, and credits his dad as a main artistic influence. Hes a blacksmith, and I grew up in his shop, he says. I remember all of these incredible shapes that he would do out of steel and metal. He kind of gave me my eyes. She has a rather strong and directional image already, he says. We merely embraced that.

Vriens McGrath, who lives in L. Also hard to resist for Vriens McGrath? I truly believe she blows the Stones, Beatles, and just about anybody away. When an old friend connected with me over Facebook, she thought it would be cute to post some John Hughesesque high school pictures of us.

Theyre now de-tagged of coursebut it did jolt me back to our crazy, fan-tastic teenage years when we stalked our favorite bands when theyd perform in Toronto. Tears for Fears, anyone?

I remember one school day uh, I was sick when, dressed in my New Romantics outfitruffled blouse, trench coat, pointy bootsand a copy of an album in hand, I waited in a long line at Music Express on Yonge Street for my one-minute autograph meetand-greet with Spandau Ballet.

It gets better. The next year, obsessed with a new band called Culture Club, the same friend and Iin matching fedoras, oversize shirts, and leggingscombed every floor of the Four Seasons Hotel until we found a room with security posted outside.

By sheer Degrassi High deduction, we knew this was it! It was where this lead singera daring, braid-swinging, makeup-wearing chameleon who called himself Boymust be staying. We hid in a broom closet, and when the guard finally stepped away, we made our move. While pounding on Boy Georges door, we could hear him singing. When he answered, we realized he was giving a mini concert for some kids from the local childrens hospital.

He invited us to sit and join them, and in that surreal moment, I thought, I am so quitting school, because this is so much more fun. We scored front-row tickets to their concert, and I can officially say I was a Culture Club groupie from that point on.

Okay, minus the drugs and sex, and I never did quit school, but I still have that concert ticket stub! Today, fanatics can find a piece of their idols online or at the nearest Disney store, but die-hard devotion to a favorite bands style hasnt changed.

Nowadays, the equivalent of trying to look like the fourth member of Bananarama is masquerading as Britneys decoy. So I dedicate this months column to all those who love the songs and the artist but dont always hit the right style notes. Trust me, Ive been there. You just wont see it on Facebook. Friend me if you dont believe me. Love scream in concert.

The image of her in smeared eye makeup, baby-doll dresses, and tiaras brought a whole new meaning to broken doll. Rein in the bulkkill the sweater and add a mens-style cardigan over the dress. Mascara streaming down your face? Here was this cool performer giving a thumbs-up to a new fashion trend.

And guess what? Everyone else got it wrong. Put some pants on! The crochet leotard is a bit too tryingto-get-cast-in-the-Fame-remake, but pairing it with full black pants saves itand ultimately gives you a chicer edge. But when you look like you shoplifted from Urban Outfitters, its best to rethink your outfit.

And mittens? The last time I saw someone wear them, he was five and had chicken pox. Revisiting an era? Revisiting it stitch by stitch? Not fine. Stick with the flannel shirt, and just shorten the tails, button it up, and wear it with the skinny black jeans. And I dont mind the mismatched Converse, but a black motorcycle boot would be equally cool.

But these extreme MC hide-a-hammerin-it pants? A bit much especially in a pajama print. Remember, that earlys star is on the where-are-they-now TV specials for a reason. Seriously, dont. The trend has played out. If you want roomier pants, thats fine, but not in the crotch. And if you want to wear colorful printed pants, keep it slim and match it with black. I like the cropped bomber, but the shirt is too longhip-length is far more flattering.

For our Women in Music Issue, Creative Director Joe Zee remembers his groupie days and gives fashion-forward notes on making your current wannabe style work. Wrigley Jr. All Rights Reserved. Pulling off one of Madges looks requires a certain bravadobeyond accessorizing with a Brazilian boy toy. Id wear it with a rugged vintage mens belt and an oversize mens blazer with the sleeves rolled up.

And lose the three-quarter leggings and that flea-market handbag! But doing androgyny right doesnt mean looking like a failed Brooklyn hipster. Or in this case, when your sweet dream of an outfit is really just a fashion nightmare.

Whether its oversize or shrunken, it still must be worn with the right proportions. A bigger jacket requires something feminine underneath try a Herv Lger minidresswhile a smaller one looks best with a slimmer pant.

The battle of the nearly naked bands has really heated up in the past Silver Hannah - U.S. Radio Band - Dont Touch That Dial (Vinyl years thanks, Pussycat Dolls!

Los infamous Versace dress look like a caftan. Layer a cropped jacket over the catsuit youre not Lady Miss Kierand swap out the belt for something simpler my vote goes to an Alaa. This width works but not the buckles unless youre pumping iron. Look at someone like Karen O shes in our music portfolio on pagewho has hip down pat. If youre going to do it, own your costume. Make the absurd look superbnot like you just left the audition for Blades of Glory, Part 2.

The dark bowl cut works for Karen but not for every woman. If you want it short, keep it layered and choppy. In terms of the outfit, Id wear it with this seasons must-have: the overthe-knee boot. If youre going there, then really go there. Forget that shes a supermodel. Here are my top five reasons why we heart Kate Moss and why she is the ultimate music groupie fashion icon. She makes it seem so effortless. A pair of jean shorts never looked so good.

She knows the best accessory at any music festival is a musician and good heels. Shes not perfect but looks perfect every time. Love the wellies! She can rock a fur, even at a rowdy concert.

Straight from the runway shades. Smooth-sueded nishes. Matte like you mean it. From classic to pop, get the professional palette of shades you need to create your own must-have matte moment. To see the entire Revlon Matte Collection, go to revlon. Records; for details, see Shopping Guide. Get the curls you want, without the crunch.

Use it with Frizz-Ease Curl Around shampoo and conditioner for curly styles that last all day and all night. Fight the frizz with Frizz-Ease. The original, from John Frieda. Last month, we showed you the musthave accessories of an emerging design star. This month, we reveal her identity:. LCD image simulated. All rights reserved. Here, she trains her eye on her fall 09 handbag collection, bringing the rich.

I shot most of the inspiration for my bag collection with my Canon PowerShot digital camera. Here is my favorite hobo bag from my fall 09 Collectionthe Bradbury Hobo made from chocolate nubuck python. Your Shot at Style Want to be truly fashion-forward? Go to ELLEextra.

Beeauty is unassuming. Sty tyle is unapologetic. Its the sleekest, thinnest, techiest, sexiest, and whatever superlative pops to mind. With all its curves, contours and features in the right places, it is truly as pretty as the pictures it takes. Make every shot a PowerShot at usa. Look out for the opening of the Aces newest location in NYC this month. Our favorite? This back-baring one-piece with tan-line-friendly detachable straps.

Thakoon necklace, Salt swimsuit, Young shoe, and A. Now hop on over to the Lower East Sides B. East and get your groove on. Need we say more? This efficient cotton clutch is perfect for a low-key garden party or storing light, summer makeup. That, and 70s supergroupies, like Bebe Buell and Sable Starr. Clockwise from top: Sweeney in his Florence palazzo; Cage in ; a Special Edition 16 tote; bags from the fall collection.

I see handbags as compositions as well as objects, says the Irish-bred accessories designer Pauric Sweeney. A fitting notion for his Special Edition 16 collection, inspired by the avant-garde sound of composer and electronic music pioneer John Cage.

After stints as an architect, a furniture designer, and a ready-to-wear designer, Sweeney began making graphic clutches and purses inwhen he relocated from London to a palazzo in Florence to be closer to the. Mixing up to 10 exotic skinssuch as crocodile, alligator, stingray, and calfskinon one piece, Sweeney created a patchwork of neoprenes and nylons for the Special 16 totes, perfectly in tune with the seasons neonbright palette.

The colors came out of my subconscious, I thinkI am a child of the 80s, after all, he says. But the method and the madness of the pattern mirrors Cages volatile but measured sound in Imaginary Landscape No.

The set includes bubblegum pink shoulder bags with triangular puzzle-piece embroidery and yummy liquid gold carryallsa nod to Cages futuristic style. The idea of combining all those textures and colors is chaotic, but I think the overall effect is quite the opposite.

We couldnt agree more. Alexa Brazilian. ELLE: What inspired your fall collection? JK: Its all about Joan Jettthe shoes would look amazing on her.

Debbie Harry, too, especially in her Heart of. ELLE: Who are your biggest rock-star fans? Glass video. Why Estelle? JK: We wanted someone who is stylish but also has a sense of fun and innovation; plus, I love American Boy. Its hip-hop with a pop edge, which I love. ELLE: How did you decide on the design of the bag? JK: Its playful and sexy and reflects Estelles vibe perfectly. She wears a lot of gold and white on the red carpet, so I worked with those colors.

ELLE: What was your favorite part about the collaboration? JK: We bonded over our mutual disdain for Alitalia! She also invited me over for dinner, so hopefully by the time everyone reads this, I will have sampled her cooking! Without music, fashion would be empty: rockers and black motorcycle jackets; teds and creepers; mods and suits; skinheads and bleached jeans; punks and destroyed outfits; hard-core and antistyle. I love layering, and for night, all the tops on the market were made out of these slinky materials that crease, says Kleinberg, whose soft cuts are as comforting as the Smiths Meat Is Murder album, which she likes to play on repeat.

Girlsthat often wind up serving as inspiration for her collection, her own favorite top is still the one she stole from a friend years ago. Pieces in the lower-priced April77 Records line come with codes for downloading a. I like to think of my collection as American Apparel meets Nicolas Ghesquire! And with her new line of slouchy, Tencel or silk-washed velvet tanks and cardigans with Joan of Arc gunmetal chain detailing on necklines and hip pocketsshes not too far off.

After working in New York City for some of fashions hottest stylists, the year-old returned to her hometown to create the kind of effortlessly sexy tops she could throw on with blazers and ripped Levis, or sheer tightsif youre inclined, as friend Theodora Richards was, to. NIGHT repairs visible damage overnight. Freedom from frizz with Frizz-Ease.

Get noticed. Although the ELLE fashion teams musical tastes are all over the map from the Virgins to Bob Marleygoing to a concert invariably inspires us to channel our inner rock star or band-aid! So whether youre backstage, balcony right, or front and center in a muddy mosh pit, we guarantee these clothes will score you a VIP pass.

Need one? Meet her at:. After being plucked from obscurity down under by mega-producer Mark Ronson, singer-songwriter Daniel Merriweather comes into his own with a Motown-inspired debut that feels very right now. When producer Mark Ronson who gave Amy Winehouses Back to Black its hip-hopmeets-retro verve heard year-old Merriweathers music while on business down under, he persuaded the vocalistwho was on the verge of signing with an Australian label to come to New York City.

Hes a brilliant singer and songwriter, Ronson says. Im a huge fan of classic soul, and it struck me, the power of his voicethe tone, and the fact that it was an year-old from Melbourne who sounded like a cross between Stevie Wonder, Donny Hathaway, and a little touch of Jamiroquai.

The singer channels his Motown forefathers with a slick set of pop-soul tunes, folding in vintage psychedelic and country.

Ive been in the studio for Amys album, for Marks album, Merriweather says. Im dying to get out there and show people all the music Ive written myself. In the words of [crime novelist] Mark Brandon Read, an Australian icon: Dont let the truth get in the way of a good yarn. Kari Wethington. Karen Durbin reviews. Burt, Are we screwups? They arent screwups; theyre the good family they keep looking for. Revolutionary Roaders can shoot me for a heretic, but I think this is the best movie Mendes has made since American Beautythe painful suburban satire that brought him a directing Oscar and garnered another 19 awards here and abroad.

Mendes, who founded the adventurous Donmar Warehouse theater in London, is certainly gifted, but one of those gifts is also a curse: an elegant but often excessive formalism that threatens in varying degrees to stifle the felt life in his movies.

That formalism worked to good effect in American Beauty, creating a fine tension with the unruly passions in the film, and in Road to Perditionlending a cool gravitas to whats essentially a gangster flick. But except for Michael Shannons welcome outbursts as the mad Cassandra of the critically lauded Revolutionary Roadit put the first half of that movie in a museum case and it seriously weakened what should have been the fierce emotional pull of Jarhead In Away We Go, Mendes first outright comedy, albeit one threaded with melancholy, its as if he and the movie cut loose with a lets-go-for-it exhilaration that feels terrifically alive.

But thats a small price to pay for exuberance. The movies title is practically self-referential: Away Sam goes indeed. The abundance of haute hipster talent involved in the much anticipated indie Away We Go is a little dizzying. So what has this heartbreaking bunch of staggering geniuses come up with? Away We Go is an offbeat comedy about love and family that wraps its humor around the molten anxiety of its protagonists. Casually mingling realism and the unobtrusively fantastic, the story is a modern-day quest in the tradition of The Odyssey, only instead of one flawed, aging hero we get a less-than-perfect youngish couple: Krasinskis sweet, resolutely cheerful Burt and Rudolphs heavily pregnant, much more subdued Verona.

Like their Homeric ancestor, Burt and Verona must endure a series of unnerving encounters as they journey to find the right home theyre hoping to settle near old friends for their soon-tobe threesome.

Away We Go charms with such stealth that I didnt grasp its enchantment until I found myself tearily embracing the movies earthbound yet magical end. Fairy-tale endings are a happy clich, but their starts tend to be Grimm. In Away We Go, we see what triggers the couples search in a comic scene with an anxious edge. Burt and Verona have been living in a ratty little cottage in rural Colorado to be near his parents. In a ghostly echo of Eggers great memoir, Veronas died when she was in her early twenties.

But Burts well-off mom and dad, hilariously played by Catherine OHara and Jeff Daniels, are like so many parents in fairy tales oblivious narcissists with a little meanness mixed in. Bound for Europe, they have no intention of sticking around for the birth of their grandchild; they even twist the knife a little before saying goodbye.

Those parents are the first stop on a tragicomic tour of marriage and family that deepens emotionally as it goes along. For me, the movies comic peak is the couples spectacularly awful visit with a pair of condescending neo-hippies played by Maggie Gyllenhaal and Josh Hamilton; Eggers and Vida nail these echts horrors perfectly.

Passing through ever more vivid set pieces, Burt and Verona become the films reality principle. Not that Mendes worries much about keeping things real, except emotionally. What is it exactly that they do for a living? Hes an insurance agent who insures the insurers, while she draws the troubled insides of corpses for the local morgue. Never mind; its like asking how Circe can possibly turn men into swine. Krasinski and Rudolph make Burt and Verona convincing with low-key performances that draw us in.

She may have been SNLs woman of a thousand faces, but Rudolph in particular knows the power of holding back. Her Verona is a bit of a sphinx, so when she plaintively asks.

A genre-bending director infuses a suspenseful war film with passion and intimacy The Hurt Locker. Ryan Reynolds LP Sandra Bullock have great chemistry in Anne Fletchers The Proposal, a Hollywood rom-com thats fun, smartly written, andgaspnever insults women, even though Bullock plays Reynolds famously demanding boss.

The demand that drives the plot? He has to marry her so she wont get deported to Canada. Shades of Rock Hudson and Doris Day, only much, much sexier. Havana Markings award-winning documentary Afghan Star tracks four male and female finalists in Afghanistans wildly popular version of American Idol. Daring to dance to the lilting song she sings, the youngest female contestant is bombarded with death threats and shunned by her competitors.

But she wont back down. One countrys cheesy talent show is anothers champion of cultural freedom. Machismo never had it so bad as in Humpday, Lynn Sheltons wry dramedy about former school buds, one married, the other adrift, who get stoned and dare themselves to do the scariest thing they can think of: Make a porn film about two straight guys having sex.

Mark Duplass and Joshua Leonard excel at evoking the ensuing queasy tension, but as the exasperated wife, Alycia Delmore walks off with every scene shes in. Kathryn Bigelow cuts a unique figure in the film world, and not just because shes nearly six feet tall and, at 57, beautiful.

More than any other female director, Bigelow is acclaimed as a master of action and violence, but when Hollywood courts her, she Bigelow dances awaythey distribute her movies, but shes otherwise in charge. I need to have my hands on the DNA of a film, she says. Bigelow takes the rough, tough commercial genres and molds them into art house flicks with complex characters you care about.

The results range from Near Darkthe soulful, modern-day vampire movie that brought studios running, to her new war film, The Hurt Locker, starring Jeremy Renner as a brash, charismatic U. Army bomb defuser in Iraq whom we come to know intimately as he goes about his terrifying job. And then theres Strange Daysthe hallucinogenic sci-fi noir starring Ralph Fiennes and written for Bigelow by her ex-husband, James Cameron, after they divorced.

Fiennes, who contributes a vivid cameo to Hurt Locker, was seen as a character actor then, just like the utterly riveting Renner. Bigelows independence allows her to cast whomever she wants, and her eye for future starsincluding a young Keanu Reeves as the surfing FBI agent in the thriller Point Breakher biggest box office successis as sharp as her appetite for action.

She marvels that more women dont make such movies. Its totally thrilling to direct, she says. I love the challenge of filming something that balletically complicated.

As for The Hurt Locker, which she developed with her romantic partner, screenwriter Mark Boal, she says, You come to a point in your career when you want to be topical and relevant and make work that swings for the fences.

This is me swinging for the fences. She hits it right out of the park. Irans heart of darknessits abuse of womeninspires a new movie and some modern classics. In The Stoning of Soraya M. Based on a incident, the movie plays like a propaganda-packed soap opera: The village men are evil. Ironically, the climactic stoning sequence has the nuance and detail the rest of the movie lacks and is worth watching if only because it depicts the unimaginable.

Still, the movie is toxic: You leave the theater wanting to carpet bomb the place. For an. SALE In hard times, theater can seem like a luxurybut for many people, its as much a necessity as eating. The sound of 1, humans roaring in unison at four savvy actors going crazy onstage as happened this season, eight times a week, during the run of God of Carnage cannot be replicated elsewhere any more than the gasp of sur.

Sure, you can catch a tour of Wicked and even Hair soon enough in some provincial barn, but you wont feel the same sense of newness, of sharpness, of personal discovery that you get when finding it first in New York City. And while the price tag can make that experience seem unaffordable, the secret truth is that few New Yorkers go retail. With a little planning and daring, tourists dont have to either. If youre already in the city, of course stop by the TKTS booth in Times Square; not only will you find to percent-off tickets for many shows, youll become part of a New York attraction.

At dusk, the mammoth stairway lights up in welcome. Check each shows website to get the details or Playbill. Better yet, save before you arrive. Many productionsparticularly newer and more adventurous oneshave discount codes, readily available at websites such as Broadwaybox.

Not cheap enough? When shows are in previews or in trouble, they often paper the housegive away seats for free. Sometimes youll get filet mignon and sometimes hamburger, but the price is right.

And a persons got to eat. Jesse Green reveals how real New Yorkers score Broadways most soughtafter tickets without breaking the bank. But the shows Madison Avenue shopping sprees, dating dramas transcribed via BlackBerry, and love-to-hate teens who give us lines like these: Its important to be perceived to have, like, status and money are real, and produce such jaw-dropping, hand-over-mouth TV, it goes down like junk food but feels so sociologically satisfying you cant help but indulge.

And yet, its not all guilty-pleasure story. On Prep, Bravo manages to do what it did best with its Housewives series: Show the dark side of immeasurable wealth. Sure, we would have gladly swapped soda-fueled basement hangouts for fashion week parties, but not necessarily for the lives of Kelli and her brother, who live alone in their UES.

Prep makes public school alums realize fancy uniforms and disposable cash dont necessarily build character in still-maturing adolescents. But it does make for TV-worthy characters. When it comes to whos up on the latest gossip, whats a little rivalry between friends? With the ability to text at the speed of thought, the Motorola Rival keeps you on top of the conversation, no matter where the info came from.

Meet your Rival at motorola. All other product or service names are the property of their respective owners. Motorola, Inc. Interviewing the Gossips Beth Ditto is like trying to hold a conversation with a combination of your niece on a Skittles high and a gracious, wisecracking Rhoda Morgensternif Rhoda had grown up lesbian in small-town Arkansas, made a break for punk rock and Portland, Oregon, and wound up playing fashion week parties in Paris.

Shes probably the only woman under 30 who could match Tina Turner at ferocious, rock-bottom-of-my-heart vocalizing. She and her two bandmates have released Music for Men, their fourth recordtheir first on a major label, produced by Rick Rubinand its a more subdued, though still powerful, fusion of punk, disco, and soul. Karl Lagerfeld is such an eccentric, amazing man. Hes exactly what you think hed be like. I made him this baby folding paper fan.

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The Hearts Glissando - Commuter (5) - Commuter (File, MP3, Album), Queen Of Witches - Various - Super Maxi III (Dance M.I.X.E.S.) (Vinyl, LP), Astral Visions - The Powdered Rhino Horns - Blow Job (Doorway To A Rhinos World) (CD, Album), He Thinks I Still Care - Connie Francis - 19 Original Albums & Bonus Tracks (CD, Album), Why Would I Lie (LP Version) - Sabelle - Why Would I Lie (CD), Papa Was A Rollin Stone - Various - Motown 40 Forever (CD), Yea Yea ........ Make It Right (Instrumental), Ågren - Various - Den Flygande Holländaren (CD), Danger In The Manger - Iwrestledabearonce - Its All Happening (Vinyl, LP, Album), Extraterreste Gore Cannibal Invasion - Dorso - El Espanto Surge De La Tumba (Cassette, Album), Take It Easy - Eagles - The Very Best Of (File, MP3), Constant Rebukes - Branta Ïx - Arse-Shaped Boxx (CDr), Greasy Fuckin Spic - Ethnic Cleansing / Vaginal Jesus - Pissing On Jew Pussies (Vinyl, LP), Imaginario I - Luis de Pablo, Grupo Círculo - Tornasol / Oculto / Imaginario I / Dibujos (Vinyl, LP,

Upon marrying and moving to Kingston, she was employed as the director of circulation at the D. Corgan was a member of St. Ignatius of Loyola Church, Kingston, and was a greeter for many years at St. Anns Chapel. Dorothy always called herself a recycled teenager, loved wearing long earrings and was noted for her unusual earring collection.

When she volunteered for Meals on Wheels, it was not unusual for her to give away a pair or two to women who were homebound. Dorothy loved to dance and would often dance around the house. She had a won- derful laugh and a kiss for every- LP She will be greatly missed by friends and family.

Her rst husband, Joseph T. ONeill, died Dec. A second husband, William H. Cor- gan, died Aug. Funeral for Dorothy will be held Monday at 9 a. Ignatius of Loyola Church, N. Maple Ave. Friends and relatives are cordially invited to a visitation with the family to- day from 5 to 8 p. Memorial donations may be made to the D. River St. Vontulganburg and Laura A. She was born in Plains Town- ship on Aug. Harmony loved to smile. She was always wanting to play with her older sister, Symphony.

Har- mony liked to take a bath and loved when you read her a book. She will be forever loved by her parents, Bill and Laura; her sister, Symphony Grace; maternal grandmother, Christina Barberio; paternal grandmother, Elizabeth Speck; paternal grandfather, Wil- liam B. Vontulganburg; maternal great-grandparents, Wayne and Susan Gyle; paternal great-grand- father, William B. Ablessing service will be held today at 5 p. Strish Inc. Funeral Home, N.

Main St. Anthony Vieney ofciating. Fami- ly and friends may call today from 3 to 5 p. In lieu of owers, donations can be made to Harmonys family. Ann L. Grabinski May 2, Ann L. Grabin- ski, 73, of Col- lege Hill, Wa- namie, died on Thursday, May 2, unex- pectedly at her residence. She was born in Nanticoke on Aug.

She was a resident of Wanamie most of her lifetime. Funeral services will be held on Monday at a. Strish, Inc. Funeral Home, W. Mass of Christian Burial is at 10 a. Adalberts Church, Glen Lyon. Marys Cemetery, Wanamie. Friends may call today from 4 to 7 p. Solar plane lands in Ariz. Tom Corbett took ofce. Thats because the June 30 end of the Legislatures long spring session will be the rst test of the Senate Republicans smallest majority in nearly two decades after losing three open seats to Democrats in the No- vember election.

Still, that smaller majority may give Senate Republicans who are generally viewed as less aligned with Corbett on the major issues than House Repub- licans a stronger hand in driv- ing nal compromises. Now, if just three members of the Senate GOP refuse their support for a bill favored by Corbett or House Republicans, it may become necessary to se- cure support from Democrats.

And Democrats hope they will benet as a result. They have the opportunity, by working with us, maybe to shape the outcome of policy issues, and which ones we ad- dress and which ones we dont, said the Senates Democratic leader, Jay Costa of Allegheny County.

Corbett, in his third year, has tried to set up his latest priori- ties to win legislative approval before July 1. The last two weeks of June are traditionally a high-stakes deal-making pe- riod when the nal state bud- get is negotiated and legislative leaders go in search of support for high-priority legislation, sometimes by tying the mea- sures together to force compro- mises. The governors leading pri- orities are privatizing the state- controlled wine and liquor store system, overhauling public em- ployee pension systems, produc- ing an on-time budget with his biggest business tax cut yet and, after two years of prodding by lawmakers, boosting funding for transportation systems.

In the next week, Republicans expect to begin meeting private- ly with top Corbett aides to start serious discussions about taking action on Corbetts priorities. For their part, leaders of the Senates Republicans chamber majority challenge the notion that the next two months will test their ability to produce policies acceptable to Republi- cans.

Were not beginning the pro- cess by excluding Democrats and trying to run these bills without Democrats coopera- tion and support, said Senate Majority Leader Dominic Pi- leggi, R-Delaware. Thats our normal practice in the Senate. Besides, they said, so little consensus exists between law- makers and the governors ofce on top GOP priorities that the most pressing matter is simply sitting down for serious talks to nd common ground rather than trying to predict who will drive any compromise.

It always comes together because, at the end of the day, the option of walking out of here June 30 without a budget done, without anything done on liquor, without anything done on transportation, without anything done on pensions, is far worse than compromising, said Senate President Pro Tem- pore Joe Scarnati, R-Jefferson.

People will start realizing that soon. The extent of Senate Demo- crats willingness to cooperate or ability to drive hard bargains remains to be seen.

But they are working to insert one of their top priorities, a massive expan- sion of Medicaid under the federal health care law, into the conversation. Democrats, Costa said, also want passage of a transportation funding plan that includes sub- stantial funding for mass transit while scaling back the size of Corbetts proposed business tax cut to ensure that there is more money for such things as public schools.

Governors and legislative leaders have methods of win- ning crossover votes and their end-of-June search to sway pli- able rank-and-le lawmakers often involves promises such as support for a lawmakers pet piece of low-prole legislation. End of session puts GOP to test Republicans have full slate of high-prole issues to tackle this summer.

Thankyoufor ajobverywell done. National Nurses Week is May 6 to May From doctors ofces to hospitals, from bedsides to rehab facilities, the nurses of Commonwealth Health share one important characteristic their overwhelming capacity for caring. We thank each and every one of our outstanding nurses for their compassion and their commitment to providing quality care right here in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Tofndout howyoucanbe part of our NursingTeam, visit CommonwealthHealth. You can complete our curriculum quickly and be certied in one of the following areas: Secondary Education, PK-4 and Special Education. Day, evening, and online courses in traditional and accelerated formats Contact The Center For Lifelong Learning more information! Classes begin May 20th! David J. Duda, 5 Charles St. Maureen Usefara to Jo- seph M.

Estate of John T. Yagalla Sr. Luis and Cristina Alvarez to David M. Pacchioni, Grove St. Bradley D. Yelen, Butler St. Stella C. Charles R. Heffron and Francia A. Ruth A. Daniel W. Prospect St. Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. Marian A. Debalko to Ter- ry G. Stanton St. Danny R. Hibbs to Eagle Rock Resort Co. David M. Estate of Albert J. Toma- sura to Douglas J.

Richard E. III and Donna K. Susan M. Jones to Thomas M. Ruskey and Amy Suda-Rus- key, E. Franklin St. Frank Motsuk Jr. Pasten, W. Laurel St. Eleanore V. Scott and Patricia Verdine to James E. Halford, 89 Main St. Jarrod L. Thomas and Jessica Nor- ton to Steven P. Joseph D. Dileo Jr. Steele and Edie L. Kozicki, W. Schooley Ave.

Rolling Meadows Devel- opment Corp. Heidi F. Estate of Stasia M. Roskos to Linda A. McCormick, River St. James M. Joseph F. Jacketti to Nich- olas D.

Kuchmay and Collette and Robert J. John M. Her- man to Dennis A. Richard J. Lliguichuzhca, S. Hancock St. Stephen M. Vrabel to Guy J. Sti- er to Paul A. Charlotte M. Karchner to Gary and Sharon Rohrbach, 8 N. Amanda L. Moyer to Eric J.

Randy E. Jean M. Campas to Joann and Stephen C. Hladun, 18 Oak St. Richard Dennis and Frank W. White to Charles W. Thomas S. Con- cas, N. Grant St. Punkaj K. Michael and Janet Shebe- lock to Daniel J. Michael M. Kristula and Bryan W. Jose and Vanessa Reyno- so to Edwin M. Rodriguez, First St. Harold M. Howells, Division St. David F. II and Pamela V. Genske to Eric J. Doug May shed more than pounds about three years ago.

He can now t into small- er clothes and comfortably squeeze into a seat at the movie theater. But now, while much slim- mer, the Spartanburg resident is weighed down by a different struggle.

Ive developed a fear of food, he said recently. He sat on his front porch, next to a photo of a much heavier version of himself a person he doesnt want to revisit. When I go out to eat, I have to force myself to eat, he said. Anna Voss, a licensed profes- sional counselor with Associates at Park Avenue in Greenville, said a fear of food is an eating disorder she sees often.

It is something I commonly see, she said. After working so hard on one particular goal and then reaching it, it makes sense to become afraid of the thing that created the problem for you in the frst place. In this case, its food. She compared the problem to a recovered alcoholic who be- comes afraid of beer or bars.

You dont want to go back to the way you were, she said. Thats the fear May has. I dont want to put the weight back on. If I could get over that, Id be OK. He says he lost the weight by exercising at home and by changing his diet. Today, he is basically a vegan, eating most- ly raw fruits and vegetables, and occasionally fsh. When May was heavier, he said his biggest problem was the all-you-can-eat buffet. I would pig out.

I was out of control. Now, he realizes just how much he relied on food in his life. When you try to take that out of it, its hard to function, he said. I just want to be able to enjoy a pizza with my year- old son. Bob Brown, manager of the Spartanburg Regional Heart Wellness Center, encourages people who are wanting to lose weight to seek help from trained professionals.

People sometimes have the best intentions of doing some- thing like losing weight but go about it the wrong way, he said. People need to have that coach that oversees what they are do- ing and help educate them on the importance of things like nu- trition and exercise. Man fears food after dropping pounds S.

Unlimited Soda May 12, Weoffer theareas highest level of carefor newborns whoneedspecial attention. Whydomoremoms trust us? And during this special time, moms who choose us stay in spacious birthing suites where theyre showered with attention, and families feel at home.

And just in case a baby needs advanced medical attention, our Moses Taylor Hospital has a Level 3 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit that ofers the areas highest level of care for newborns. Just knowing its there provides added peace of mind that can make all the diference when your big day arrives. We accept all major managed care insurances. If you were honorably discharged and live anywhere in the State of Pennsylvania, you are now entitled to a burial space at no cost in the veterans memorial section at Chapel Lawn Memorial Park RD 5 BoxDallas, PA This offer is available for a limited time only.

Special protection features are available for your spouse and minor children with National Transfer Protection. This limited time offer is also extended to members of the National Guard and Reserve. Space is limited. Conditions - Burial spaces cannot be for investment purposes. You must register for your free burial space.

Even under current law, there ARE still ways to legally protect your home and other hard-earned assets from being spent down on long term care when you, your spouse or a loved one are either in or about to enter a nursing home. Can you save your residence? Can you transfer assets within the ve year look-back period?

How can annuities help? Can more income be protected for the spouse at home? A complete obituary will appear in Mondays edition. Funeral arrangements are by the Michael J.

Mikelski Funeral Home, Plains. Funeral arrangements are pending from the George A. Born May 2,he was the son to Marion N. Keller Deschak, at home and the late Michael E. Deschak, who passed away in September of He was also preceded in death by infant brothers and a sister.

Memorial visitation will be held Wednesday from 4 to 6 p. Morris Fam- ily Funeral Homes Inc. To send online words of comfort, friendship and sup- port, please visit our familys website at www. JohnVMorris- FuneralHomes. He was a graduate of Larksville High School and U. Army veteran.

He was employed by 3M Corp, Freehold, N. Softee Truck, throughout Wilkes Barre and Kingston, for many years. Private funeral will be held from the S. Grontkowski Fu- neral Home, Plymouth. Interment will be in Maple Hill Cemetery. Visit www. The Times Leader publishes free obituaries, which have a line limit, and paid obituar- ies, which can run with a photo- graph.

A funeral home repre- sentative can call the obituary desk atsend a fax to or e-mail to tlobits timesleader. If you fax or e-mail, please call to conrm. Obituaries must be submitted by 9 p. Sunday through Thursday and p. Friday and Saturday. Cecelias Church, Wyoming Ave. DUNN - Alison, funeral 8 p. Monday at Curtis L. Swanson Fu- neral Home Inc. Friends may call 6 p. Tuesday at Louis M. Mar- gotta Funeral Home, Church St.

Friends may call 4 to 8 p. Keith, funeral 10 a. Monday in the chapel of St. Marys Cemetery, S. Friends may call 2 to 4 p. Divine Liturgy 10 a. Friends may call 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p. GULA - Rose, memorial service 11 a. Saturday in St. Pauls Lu- theran Church, Dallas. Friends may call 6 to 8 p. Monday in the chapel at St. Johns Cemetery, Pittston. Friends may call 5 to 8 p. Swanson Funeral Home Inc. Mass of Christian Burial 11 a.

Monday in St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church, Swoyersville. Monday at Mercy Center. Mass of Christian Burial a. Monday at Nativ- ity B. Church, 99 E. Tioga St. Friends may call 4 to 7 p. REX - Albina, funeral a. Mass of Christian Burial 10 a. Services in St. Marys Antiochian Orthodox Church, S. Burns, R. May 2, J oan B. A lifelong resident of Nanti- coke, she was born on July 19,a daughter of the late Stan- ley and Phyllis Kollar Czekaj.

Joan was a loving mother, sis- ter and grandmother who found her joy in caring for others. She enjoyed a long and compassion- ate career in nursing with the former Nanticoke State Hospital, later becoming Mercy Special Care Hospital.

She had been a Su- pervisor in the Emergency Room and Hospital Nursing Supervisor for many years and in later years worked in a part-time capacity un- til Joan enjoyed spending her win- ters at St. Simons Island, Ga. She was a member of St.

Her family is comforted to remember the words of St. Paul: to be absent from the body is to be present with Christ. She was preceded in death by her husband of 36 years, Chester Burns, on Nov. Visitation for family and friends will be Monday from 5 to 8 p. Broad St. A Memorial Mass will be celebrated Tuesday at a. Hanover St. James R. Nash as celebrant. Those attending are asked to go directly to the church Tuesday morning.

The family extends their sin- cere thanks to the staff of Celtic Hospice Home Care for their com- passionate care. Laurel Ave. Ruth was a graduate of James M. A registered dietitian, Ruth led the dietetics department at Mercy Hospital and Wilkes-Barre Gen- eral Hospital, where she met the love of her life, Nelson, to whom she was married for 32 years.

Her family and friends long admired her keen intelligence, sense of hu- mor and devotion to her Catholic faith. She was preceded in death by her husband, Nelson Christian Woehrle, M. She also was preceded in death by her son Daniel John Woehrle. Ruth was the last surviving member of her generation of the ODonnell family. Woehrle and his wife, Emmy, of Rochester, N. Ruths funeral will be held Tuesday at 9 a. Friends may call Monday from 7 to 9 p.

Online condolences may be made at www. He was the husband of Irene Perlick Zajac. He was born in Larksville, on Dec. He saw service in both the European and Pacic theaters, serving on land and on the destroyer escort U. Prior to his retirement, he was employed rst in manu- facturing and later as a carpen- ter with the local union. He also served as the nancial treasurer of the local union for many years.

Rob- ert Bellarmine Parish, formerly St. Aloysius Parish, Wilkes Barre. Mike was a great friend and neighbor, who was always willing to help with emergent home repairs or to loan out a few tools! In his earlier years, he was an avid bowler, and throughout his life he continued his love of shing and gardening. He and his wife, Irene, enjoyed travel- ing to vacation spots in Mexico, Canada, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Florida, as well as yearly family trips to the Jersey Shore and many extended visits to Las Vegas.

In addition to his parents, he was preceded in death by his brother, Right Rev. The family would like to thank all the staff from the Meadows Nursing Care Center and the Mercy Nursing Care Center, both of Dallas, for their care, in- dividual attention and support provided to Mike and his family over the past year. Mass will be held on Wednesday at a. Marys Byzantine Cemetery, Dal- las. Funeral arrangements are by the S.

Grontkowski Funeral Home, Plymouth. Family and friends may call on Wednesday from 9 to a. Center St. Please visit www. Doreen T. McCarthy May 1, D oreen T. Doreen was a graduate of Cough- lin High School and was formerly employed at Wilkes-Barre Gen- eral Hospital for 36 years, and prior to her illness by Dr.

James W. She was preceded in death by brother Edward, in The family wishes to extend their heartfelt thank you to the staff and nurses at Sacred Heart Hospice for their care during her illness.

As per Doreens wishes, there will be no calling hours, and in- terment will be held at the con- venience of the family.

Memorial contributions in her memory may be made to Sacred Heart Hospice. Funeral arrangements are by the Yeosock Funeral Home, 40 S. Charles Buddy Bogdan Jr. May 3, Charles Buddy Bogdan Jr. Charles is also survived by his twin sister, Charlotte Mills, and many nieces and nephews. He was a veteran of the Korean War, serving in the U. Army Sig- nal Corps. The family would like to thank Lourdes Hospice for its care and support shown to Charles during his illness. Funeral services will be held Tuesday at 11 a.

Burial will be in Ves- tal Park Cemetery. The family will receive friends at the Allen Memorial Home, E. Arrangements are in the care of the Yanaitis Funeral Home Inc. I need to have my hands on the DNA of a film, she says. Bigelow takes the rough, tough commercial genres and molds them into art house flicks with complex characters you care about.

The results range from Near Darkthe soulful, modern-day vampire movie that brought studios running, to her new war film, The Hurt Locker, starring Jeremy Renner as a brash, charismatic U. Army bomb defuser in Iraq whom we come to know intimately as he goes about his terrifying job. And then theres Strange Daysthe hallucinogenic sci-fi noir starring Ralph Fiennes and written for Bigelow by her ex-husband, James Cameron, after they divorced.

Fiennes, who contributes a vivid cameo to Hurt Locker, was seen as a character actor then, just like the utterly riveting Renner.

Bigelows independence allows her to cast whomever she wants, and her eye for future starsincluding a young Keanu Reeves as the surfing FBI agent in the thriller Point Breakher biggest box office successis as sharp as her appetite for action.

She marvels that more women dont make such movies. Its totally thrilling to direct, she says. I love the challenge of filming something that balletically complicated. As for The Hurt Locker, which she developed with her romantic partner, screenwriter Mark Boal, she says, You come to a point in your career when you want to be topical and relevant and make work that swings for the fences. This is me swinging for the fences. She hits it right out of the park.

Irans heart of darknessits abuse of womeninspires a new movie and some modern classics. In The Stoning of Soraya M. Based on a incident, the movie plays like a propaganda-packed soap opera: The village men are evil.

Ironically, the climactic stoning sequence has the nuance and detail the rest of the movie lacks and is worth watching if only because it depicts the unimaginable. Still, the movie is toxic: You leave the theater wanting to carpet bomb the place. For an. SALE In hard times, theater can seem like a luxurybut for many people, its as much a necessity as eating.

The sound of 1, humans roaring in unison at four savvy actors going crazy onstage as happened this season, eight times a week, during the run of God of Carnage cannot be replicated elsewhere any more than the gasp of sur. Sure, you can catch a tour of Wicked and even Hair soon enough in some provincial barn, but you wont feel the same sense of newness, of sharpness, of personal discovery that you get when finding it first in New York City.

And while the price tag can make that experience seem unaffordable, the secret truth is that few New Yorkers go retail. With a little planning and daring, tourists dont have to either. If youre already in the city, of course stop by the TKTS booth in Times Square; not only will you find to percent-off tickets for many shows, youll become part of a New York attraction.

At dusk, the mammoth stairway lights up in welcome. Check each shows website to get the details or Playbill. Better yet, save before you arrive. Many productionsparticularly newer and more adventurous oneshave discount codes, readily available at websites such as Broadwaybox.

Not cheap enough? When shows are in previews or in trouble, they often paper the housegive away seats for free. Sometimes youll get filet mignon and sometimes hamburger, but the price is right.

And a persons got to eat. Jesse Green reveals how real New Yorkers score Broadways most soughtafter tickets without breaking the bank. But the shows Madison Avenue shopping sprees, dating dramas transcribed via BlackBerry, and love-to-hate teens who give us lines like these: Its important to be perceived to have, like, status and money are real, and produce such jaw-dropping, hand-over-mouth TV, it goes down like junk food but feels so sociologically satisfying you cant help but indulge. And yet, its not all guilty-pleasure story.

On Prep, Bravo manages to do what it did best with its Housewives series: Show the dark side of immeasurable wealth. Sure, we would have gladly swapped soda-fueled basement hangouts for fashion week parties, but not necessarily for the lives of Kelli and her brother, who live alone in their UES.

Prep makes public school alums realize fancy uniforms and disposable cash dont necessarily build character in still-maturing adolescents. But it does make for TV-worthy characters. When it comes to whos up on the latest gossip, whats a little rivalry between friends? With the ability to text at the speed of thought, the Motorola Rival keeps you on top of the conversation, no matter where the info came from. Meet your Rival at motorola. All other product or service names are the property of their respective owners.

Motorola, Inc. Interviewing the Gossips Beth Ditto is like trying to hold a conversation with a combination of your niece on a Skittles high and a gracious, wisecracking Rhoda Morgensternif Rhoda had grown up lesbian in small-town Arkansas, made a break for punk rock and Portland, Oregon, and wound up playing fashion week parties in Paris.

Shes probably the only woman under 30 who could match Tina Turner at ferocious, rock-bottom-of-my-heart vocalizing. She and her two bandmates have released Music for Men, their fourth recordtheir first on a major label, produced by Rick Rubinand its a more subdued, though still powerful, fusion of punk, disco, and soul.

Karl Lagerfeld is such an eccentric, amazing man. Hes exactly what you think hed be like. I made him this baby folding paper fan. I really wanted to be like, Here, this is for your new body size. But I didnt give it to him because I thought he might be offended. But then I realized thats what he would have done. It felt the same. Thats what. I was going for! Before, I was overcompensating. I would be too intimidated and inhibited to work on the lyrics.

Id write everything on the spotId say the words as we were recording. So basically [laughs], Im a freestyle rapper! But the one thing I knew I had was a really strong voice.

This time I felt really good about the lyrics and melodies, so I could hold back a little more. Everyones just doing. At the end of the day, Im not going to be mad when someone asks if I want ketchup with my fries, and Im not going to get mad at people if they ask if I ate a squirrel as a kid.

Yes, I did. A lot of em. Trees full. Joni Mitchells Court and Spark. I was over at [Fleetwood Mac producer Keith Olsons] house, and he had these great speakers that were as tall as me, and Jonis record had just come out, and I put it on. He went away, Album) was just me, and I listened to this record for three days. She was able to stuff so many words into one sentence and not have them sound crowded.

She was talking about what it was like to Silver Hannah - U.S. Radio Band - Dont Touch That Dial (Vinyl very famous and to be a woman living in a mans world.

She had been in the world of fame much longer than me, and she had gone out with every famous rock n roll star that there was. And she was such an amazing guitarist that they all respected her. That was unheard of. She was in the boys club. She talked about what I saw coming. Even though Buckingham Nicks had tanked, I knew that we were going to be very famous, very rich, and that this fame thing was going to overwhelm us.

So when I listened to this record, it was like a great old premonition just being laid out in front of me. There is a song on it called The Same Situation, and that song just would kill me when Id hear it.

Because I knew it was coming. Mos Def reminds us why we fell for him in the first place with the aptly titled The Ecstatic. The tracks here, especially Quiet Dog and Supermagic, are loose, confident, almost-boiling-over brews of soul, jazz, and funk that seem to have Marvin Gayein his kaleidoscopic Whats Going On momentas a guiding spirit. Their revved-up twang, played with a punk recklessness thats fueled by whiskey and feminism-inspired whoop-ass, is a cause for celebration.

The songs are sinister and sweet, a little goofy around the edges, and a perfect antidote to all the magisterial synth irony thats been all the rage. From the coolest new front woman to the best groupie vacation we wish we would have crashed, we bring you our picks for On the groups first full-length album, Manners, its rarefied brand of electronic cool, heightened by Angelakos impressive falsetto, has had the club kids moving and being moved with its groovy, euphoric anthems.

On leave from lo-fi electro duo the Kills, Mosshart is the lead singer for the blues supergroup the Dead Weather its southern-tinged-punk Horehound is out nowleaving fellow bandmate White to helm the drums. Download Now: Are Friends Electric? But hes not sweating it. People are tired of sentimentality where its supersoft.

That becomes cynical in itself, he says. We spent some time making sure all these songs Silver Hannah - U.S. Radio Band - Dont Touch That Dial (Vinyl appropriate, that if you listen to the lyrics they would add meaning to the scene rather than just sound nice.

Its loyal following is a testament to W. They play fast and loud in vintage dresses, hit goose-bump-inducing harmonies, and will probably never ask you to put a ring on itand we cant wait for their second record, due out in early September. If the rumors are worth a damn, three of rock n rolls patron saints will get to watch as nubile starlets play their celluloid counterparts. Kristen Stewart as Runawaysera Joan Jett? Kirsten Dunst as Debbie Harry?

Likely but moderately controversial. Dunst reportedly told naysayers, Debbie chose me for this role, so anyone who Download Now: disputes this can take Surfs Up by the it up with her. And Vivian Girls Stevie Nicks has yet to approve either a doppelgnger or a Stevie Nicks biopicbut heres hoping all three get made, if only to see the wardrobe choices.

Attached to Wests hip, she hit New York, Milan, and Paris fall fashion weeks, turning the usually immovable heads of magazine editors and celebrities alike with her neon liquid leggings, Alexander Wang dresses, Vuitton platforms, vintage 80s shades, and shockingly short bleached do.

Who is she? Whos her stylist? What does she do? And alas, were still really not sure. And you know what? We dont care!

Who ever asked Nancy Spungen for a rsum, anyway? I dont spend hours putting together an outt before we playsometimes its out of the van and onstage within an hour! I learned so much about all kinds of music and met some real characters!

Having some time to just hang out after sound-check makes all the difference. The collecti d send in their f the o n a y e cop log on ive a fre um will rece s of Avalon alb d.

Fill with pomegranate juice. Finish with a squeeze of lime. The perfect way to enjoy Patrn is responsibly. Maybe its the megamodels everfascinating musical history with the illfated Babyshambles Pete Doherty and Mosss half-sober acoustic sing-alongs on YouTube are a must-seeor that shell be wearing yet another totally covetable outfit in concert, but somehow we dont want to roll our eyes at her foray into rockerdom. A compliment in our book. The singersongwriter who played new songs, performed stand-up, and spent most nights deejaying until 4 A.

I want you guys to say that everybody who doubted you about this trip wishes they were here. Multiculti hip-hopper Mathangi Maya Arulpragasam, aka M. But it wasnt until she started performing, pregnant, then very pregnant, that we realized that M. After a couple first-trimester gigs last summer, M. Download Now: Rich Girls by the Virgins. We get that the likely demise of the vinyl shop, and with it, the Converse-shoed clerk who introduces you to your first Pixies B-side, is ultimately due to our preference for downloading.

But we cant help but be addicted to SHAZAM, the iPhone application that is used as a verb Shazam it by those who dont know of this vinyl the old fogies speak of. How it works: You hear a song you like. Start the application, and hold your cell phone high. Shazam names the song and artist and tells you where to download it. And it doesnt give you attitude when you admit to liking Britney Spears.

The woman starts to cry. The womans crying is private, as though she is carrying out a necessary ritual that involves no one else. Plenty of people have recognized the sure-handed literary classicism of Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

Just two years out of college, she produced a bildungsroman set in her homeland, Purple Hibiscusthat won the Commonwealth Writers Prize for best first book. InHalf of a Yellow Sun, her epic about the Biafran War in the s, earned her widespread popular and critical acclaim as well as the Orange Prize for Fiction. And last year, Adichie, now 31, was awarded a MacArthur genius grant that, she has said, frees her to live where she wishes in both America and Nigeria and. Perhaps its no surprise that, despite Adichies familiarity with U.

Their charactersan arranged-marriage bride who finds herself in a fleabag apartment in Flatbush, Brooklyn; a wife in a dream home on suburban Philadelphias Main Line whose husband is apparently cavorting with a sweet young thing in the bedroom of their Lagos home; and so onare stymied by home ties and bemused by America.

Still, the coloration and vigor of these stories rarely pale, and Adichies supple talents are on full display in her African tales. Like most of usbut perhaps more soAdichies imagination seems fired by nostalgia for a lost childhood world at least as much as by the challenges of the evermoving present tense that has swept it so unceremoniously, irretrievably away.

Adichie Ben Dickinson. A young literary lioness expands her territory with stories that range between her native Nigeria and a tentative toehold in American cities and suburbs. At some time or another, we all want to bust out of our daily routines in search of something lastingly meaningful.

We go to a funeral or fall ill, and suddenly were consumed with existential claritybut then we get stuck behind some jerk in traffic or deal with something equally petty, and that sense of perspective evaporates. Katherine Russell Rich, a former magazine editor who battled cancer and remained perpetually on half alert for a third siege, chose not to lapse; instead, she moved to India for a year to get out of her own life, mind-set, and language and to explore another one.

In her deftly written memoir, Dreaming in Hindi Houghton Mifflin HarcourtRich makes us wish we too could come alive in a foreign world, fearless of mistakes, misperceptions, and mishaps, and enlivened by the unfamiliar.

Richs work at a school for the deaf sharpens and deepens her understanding of how impotent language can be if not met with comprehension on all sides.

Hes lost to me across the gulf of understanding, and Im keening, cursing my travelers Hindi, she writes. Id give all my first language to know what he said I think of the deaf boys: how do they ever stand the weight, the layers on layers of incomprehension?

Rich, a natural journalist, gracefully sprinkles reportage about neuroscience and linguistics, as well as her own poignant insights, into her narrative. If you cant express something to anyone around you, she asks, doesnt it exist only in your mind? If life is all about choices, as the saying goes, then what happens when we simply cant make up our minds about whats most important? In her second volume of short stories, Both Ways Is the Only Way I Want It Riverheadacclaimed novelist Maile Meloy Liars and Saints, A Family Daughterwho first stunned critics in with her debut story collection, Half in Love, cracks at our nagging desire to have it all the answers, the romance, the payout, and, in one case, the late grandmother come back to life in 11 tightly written, remarkably fluid narratives, most of which unfold in sleepy towns across Meloys native Montana.

As Meloys characters tend to discover, theres a catch to having everything both ways. In The Girlfriend, Leo, in order to discover the truth behind his daughters mysterious disappearance, must learn that his call to the cops changed the course of her fate; in Two-Step, Alice comforts a friend who is weathering marital difficulties, even though Alice is the proximate cause of the trouble; and in Liliana, a recently laid-off family man hopes against hope that his distant but extremely wealthy grandmother, whom he had thought was dead, will reconsider him in her will when she makes an appearance at his home.

Throughout these emotional tugs-of-war decorated with precise details the Mountain Fresh detergent that scented the pillowcase, the Springsteen song that was playingMeloy doesnt always deliver an intense aha! The truth is that, as their turmoil Meloy dies away, its up to us to decide. Julie Vadnal. A new level of intelligence. TV Widgets let you show off Flickr pics, see Twitter updates and catch the bidding action on eBay onscreen as you watch your favorite shows.

Also track local weather, stock quotes, sports scores and more. Stay tuned many more widgets are on the way. Samsungs Internet TV. Everyones watching. Samsung is a registered trademark of Samsung Electronics Co. All other product and brand names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. Broadband or wireless access required. Screen images simulated.

Kennedy as viewed through the lens of his addictive sexual behavior. The British author, who trained as an MD, has written two previous books Bodies, a novel set in a hospital, and Ascent, a technothriller and a medical series for the BBC. His reimagining of Kennedys life in office is as heated and heady as it is human and heartbreaking.

Employing a detached style that at first seems more clinical than close-up, Mercurio presents a vision of an irresistibly telegenic president beset by international crises and gripped by compulsive infidelity, and gradually delivers a seductive, intimate, Mercurio. As the First Lady loosens his back brace before bed, even he experiences a fleeting temptation to proclaim he spent last night with the nations number-one sex symbol. Mercurio uses the extramarital adventuring as a raison dtre for exposing JFKs deeper need for physical release from his nearconstant pain due to a host of chronic ailments: Addisons disease, intestinal illness, a back injury, osteoporosis, venereal infections, headaches, a hypothyroid condition, and tremors.

Kennedys lovers famously included Marilyn Monroe, but also myriad Executive Office secretaries, Palm Beach beauties, and Las Vegas showgirls, all of whom are given flesh and blood and consequence in this inventive telling.

Mercurio writes, Some women complain its over so fast, while others must be grateful. Sometimes he wonders what they do after he falls asleep. Perhaps they stare at the ceiling, or curse him, or deliver a heart.

But JFK was also devoted to his iconic other half, Jackie, and their two children. While undergoing daily injections of potent steroids and painkillers, he reassured a jittery Cold War nation with visionary speeches and unstinting leadership. He emerges here as an unimaginably frail man whose toxic friskiness was camouflaged by a meek press, a loyal staff, and his wifes public silencebut no less also by the sheer force of his wile and his will.

So when Celia, an orphan raised in the humble Tobago hamlet of Black Rock by her Aunt Tassi, attracts the unwanted attentions of Tassis philandering husband, she has to flee. With the aid of a lovestruck young gardener, she finds a job in Trinidads capital, Port of Spain, caring for the children of Emmanuel Rodriguez, a. The doctor slyly draws Celia into a sordid affair, and amid the repercussions of her actions, she learns a shocking truth about her family history. A soothsayer told Celia as a child, You dont care what happen to get what you want; this observation was delivered as a negative judgment, but Celias opportunism emboldened her to escape from Black Rock, and its how we know shell make something of her future.

The same can be said of her incidental namesake and literary predecessor, Celie, in The Color Purple, and like Alice Walker, Smyth vividly and empathetically re-creates the gender and racial tensions in a cultures past, making them newly relevant. Smyth is so attuned to the texture and flavor of Caribbean life, and she mimics the island patois so well, that its something of a surprise to learn that shes a white Irish-Trinidadian woman who now lives in England.

In one standout tale, the narrator informs his deceased partner, This is what I came to tell you, love: that life loves life I didnt mean to hurt you. But life loves life. Manette Ansays assured novel. Set before Emily Aschers wedding on the grounds of her familys former home, where her brothers long-ago death tore the clan apart, Hyatt Basss debut novel, The Embers Henry Holtexplores the ties that bind despite such tragedy.

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When the dust cleared, the freshman effort by J. But now Sally is getting married, and theyre reconvening on campus to celebrateand to learn that going home again isnt all its cracked up to be, either. Other harsh realities pale, however, when April goes missing under searingly unfortunate circumstances.

The intense connection of these women to one another changes their futures in ways that are convincing and unique. Jana Siciliano, Metuchen, NJ I feel like Ive read this novel a thousand times before: Four very different girls meet at college, become best friends, see one another through breakups and postcollege jobs, and attend one anothers weddings and childbirths. The only thing somewhat different here is the exploration of a lesbian relationship, which proves to be as difficult to navigate and maintain as any heterosexual pairing and gives the story a certain freshness.

Sharon Walsh, Geneva, NY. Trouble has it all: steamy sex, drugs, rock n roll, intrigue, infertility, infidelity, an adopted Chinese daughter, a younger Latin lover, foreign adventure. Christensen writes with impressive intellectual acuity and insight, elevating this tale far beyond chick-lit status. This is trouble youll truly enjoy getting intoand will likely shed a few tears over when all is said and done.

Katherine Turman, New York City Clearly trying to concoct a classic tale of a middle-aged womans attempt to recapture her vitality, Christensen offers a story that ends all too predictably. Even the many pages about the torrid sensuality that flames between Josie and her new lover cant save this book from its misguided attempts at dark drama. Jana Siciliano, Metuchen, NJ. Penelope is a frumpy reporter for whom getting fired turns out to be the best career move yet; Lipstick is a rich girl who strikes out on her own; and Dana is a neurotic lawyer who thinks she wants both weight loss and a baby.

Froelich ably draws together her many plot threads and quirky supporting characters as her book rushes to a satisfying and hopeful conclusion. Alta Dawson, Los Gatos, CA Although humorous at times, this novel never moves past stereotypes: An underappreciated young journalist is stuck with a crazy boss while crushing on her hot coworker; a socialite loses her trust fund, battles a frenemy, and magically maintains herself in high style in her downsized apartment; a workaholic lawyer, recently divorced, lives like a hermit with her sweater-wearing dog.

That these women become friends is implausible, and the happily-ever-after outcomes are too predictable. The two stand in front of Neo Rauchs Suche painting, in Ovitzs studio.

Kimberly Ovitz designs the kind of hard, street-hip looks that go best with studded Givenchy boots and a boyfriend in a bandstovepipe wool trousers, shredded cashmere sweaters, cutout elastic dresses. But what makes this L. Women should be able to interpret each piece for themselves, says the year-old daughter of Hollywood heavyweight Mike Ovitz and who, despite having grown up in Beverly Hills with a number of boldface brats, is happier discussing Jasper Johns than the crowd at the Chateau Marmont.

In her hands, a white shirt becomes an exaggerated, highcollar take on a starched button-down; her back-pleated, cropped jacket is a riff on an equestrian blazer. Shapiro and her Boy tuxedo left ; having a laugh during fittings at Sternbergs studio in L. Oh, man, I could add a thousand colors to her nude dress, BeDazzle it, and jump around onstage, says Tigra, who before leaving the ELLE shoot with Ovitz couldnt help but slip in a quick, Dont forget: Im sample size!

Little Joy is on the brink of rock stardom. Scott Sternberg provides the wardrobe. Inside the sunny Band of Outsiders studio in Los Angeles, Little Joy singer Binki Shapiro chats with designer Scott Sternberg as he puts the finishing touches on the tuxedo hes making for her summer tour.

Shes long been a fan of Sternbergs menswear-inspired womens line, Boy, and, as of late, hes been grooving nonstop to the bossa nova beat of the bands selftitled debut CD. When I first heard Binki, she conjured images of those rad girls in the band, like Nico from the Velvet Underground. One of the guys, yet uniquely feminine, Sternberg says. After performing in heels left her feeling nervous onstage, Shapiro reverted to a jeans, T-shirt, and sneakers uniform. Its hard to look nice when youre in a van with a bunch of sweaty boys, she says, referring to the rest of Little Joy: Los Hermanos Rodrigo Amarante and her boyfriend, Strokes drummer Fabrizio Moretti.

But on the verge of a city tour. Shapiro admits shes due for an upgrade. Its rare that I find something thats sexy but also makes me feel confident, she says, admitting that the tuxedoa brushed flannel pant with a grosgrain stripe, darted tailcoat, and bibbed silk organza blousehas sparked all sorts of fantasies.

The first time I tried it on, I imagined us all wearing suits onstage with confetti pouring over us after an amazing show! Dare to dream. More than a step-up from your last TV, Samsungs new LED TV delivers breakthrough picture quality with a mega dynamic contrast ratio and enriched color.

The look-alikes met three years ago through Sewards husband, music producer Bertrand Burgalat, who teamed up with March on her French-English album, Triggers. I immediately fell in love with her, which doesnt happen that often, says the Paris-based Seward, recalling how the kitschy American songstresswhose song Chick Habit gained cult status thanks to Quentin Tarantino using the track in his Death Proof thriller showed up at the Gramercy Park Hotel with her two young sons, Lucian and Piero, in leopard costumes.

Today, the pair has collaborated on a small collection, April March for Azzaro, which features a handful of short, Swarovski-encrusted cashmere dresses that reference the duos shared passion for 30s and 40s high glamour and 60s mod. One dress, a seafoam blue number with a plunging silver neckline, was inspired by. Belgian pop cartoonist Guy Peellaert.

He was really influenced by pinball machines, March explains. Seward and March so enjoyed working togetherwhen not sneaking shopping trips to their shared guilty pleasure, Urban Outfittersthat they also decided to incorporate a series of retro hair accessories and jewelry into the line, based on a s screen test photograph of Lauren Bacall. Working with April was so eye-opening and sincere, says Seward, before adding that next up shes collaborating with Paris artists Kuntzel and Deygas on a capsule line centered on her new pet cat, Mr.

Let the good times roll. March left with Burgalat and Seward; the bow clip inspired by Bacall; one of Marchs favorite Azzaro shoes. Jerome C. Rousseau walks to his own sexy 70s groove As a year-old in northern Quebec, Jerome C.

Rousseau watched Deee-Lites Groove Is in the Heart video, and life changed Rousseau surrounded by his shoes; Medeiros bottom right circa I havent been able to get footwear out of my head since. Today, the young L. Richard Nicoll creates a custom pattern for his fall collection with provocative artist and punk icon Linder Sterling We bonded over a mutual love of Morrissey, says designer Richard Nicoll of his first meeting with artist and musician Linder Sterling.

Famous for her provocative digital collages, Sterling worked with Nicoll to create a print for his fall collection. We adapted images from her montages, like 50s soft porn shoots and photos of iris flowers bought from old estates on eBay, says Nicoll, From left: Nicoll; a fall 09 runway look; Sterlings Lily-Whites collage, I like having art on my clothes that came from a womans perspective.

It was always. One of my favorite parts of performing is getting dressed! It makes me laugh. Eve center, and at right and models in looks from her clothing line, Fetish.

On the first hot evening of spring, a hundred or so beautiful hipstersthink long-haired girls in Azzedine Alaa boots; cute Australian boys in striped teesgathered in a candlelit Manhattan loft to hear the new electro-blues band Jessica 6. Taking in the show was Catherine Holstein, the year-old designer whose oversize flannel shirtdresses and draped jumpsuits are quickly becoming hits among the indie richgirl set.

Every time I hear Nomi sing, I just want to get up. That kind of unbridled spirit helped inspire Holsteins romantically dark fall collection, which she envisioned as evocative of a vagabond or drifter after sundown, someone with no destination, no home, just passing through with only the clothes on her back, she says. Indeed, as Nomi sang the closing lines of Make Up, Holstein and her girlfriends gathered their things and prepared to head out into the Wednesday night.

Opening Ceremony and Betsey Johnson throw one rockin 80s revival If you were in high school during the 80s at the height of the Betsey Johnson craze, chances are you wore one of the designers spandex minis or cherryprint baby dolls to prom.

Well, theyre back! Next month, Opening Ceremony is reissuing a collection of Johnsons best, from her black zipper dresses and ostrich-feather coats to her corseted tees and ditzy floral harem pants. Every girl I know has such a nostalgic, emotional connection to Betsey Johnson that we wanted to give the line the attention it was duebefore to.

As for Johnson, she couldnt be more excited about the collaboration. The 80s were more modern than anything Ive done since! There was just something in the air back then; I remember going to CBGB to see the Bs and one of the band members came out in this heavy inner tube and lime green spandex bathing suit with wings across his chest.

I thought, Screw it, Ive got to do this. She transcribed the score and even reinterpreted ink splatters on the original page, says Wolk, who showed the drawing on.

The whole collection was about the lyricism between French and American culture, he says. Nice composition! Morais left and Wolk. Nutritious and delicious.

Find it in the chip aisle. Im standing next to a conveyor belt in LOrals futuristically bright white New Jersey manufacturing plant, watching a woman feed a huge wedge of what looks like red cake icing into one end of the machine, when suddenly the mass cracks in half like a melting glacier and falls on the floor. As she rushes to clean it up, I stand there transfixed: Separated from what it was meant to becomematerial for the hundreds of glossy, pristine lipsticks parading past me on the beltthis messy heap of rose-colored wax strikes me as viscerally alluring.

I want to stick my hands in it, smell it, smear it on my face. I kind of want to taste it. And then I think of the 35 red lipsticks I have at home formerly 55, until a friend staged an intervention each of them special to me in its own wayand I wonder, Am I weird for loving this stuff so much?

If history is any judge, having a hankering for lipstick might as well be etched into female DNA: The first known lip-painting kit complete with color-imparting crushed red rocks was found in the 5,year-old tomb of Queen Schub-ad at Ur; Egyptian women adorned their pouts with a salubrious concoction of henna, pulverized beetles, and ants, which was deemed so essential they packed a to-go palette for the afterlife.

Elizabeth I and the ladies of her court powdered their faces a ghostly white so that their crimson mouthsstained with a coat of poisonous mercuric sulfide appeared more dramatic. Even prim, makeup-eschewing Victorians smooched red crepe paper in hopes that the tint would transfer to their lips. Its little surprise that once lipsticks in bullet-shaped tubes began to be mass-produced at the beginning of the twentieth century, they were off like, well, a shotrapidly becoming the worlds most popular cosmetic.

What brings me behind the scenes at the LOral factory is a timely opportunity to take a closer look at what fuels this fascination: The company is celebrating its th anniversary this year, and lipstickparticularly red lipstickhappens to be staging a major comeback.

From the vivid sports. Cthe fall 09 runways were overrun with glamorous vermilion mouthsstrokes of color that seemed even bolder considering the dispiriting context of the years economic crunch.

Polly Osmond for Dior Beauty concurs: There was a huge 40s influence, so we saw everything from berries to corals, but mostly classic reds. It just felt right. But why red? And why now? Maybe its the influence of Mad Men, in which office siren Joan Holloways flaming hair and red lipstick combo jumps from the screen like the last word in sex appeal, or perhaps theres something to the oft-cited theory that when the economy hits a rough patch, women instinctively reach for a little moodlifting war paint.

It was certainly true in the 40s, when lipstick was such a proven morale booster that the U. Director of Economic Stabilization ordered factories to provide it in ladies powder rooms in order to boost productivity. Pairing bright red lips with Rosie the Riveter gear was considered patriotic: As an ad by the once-popular brand Tangee stated: No lipstickwill win the war.

But it symbolizes one of the reasons why we are fightingthe precious right of women to be feminine and lovely under any circumstances.

Theres little doubt that red lipstick makes a lot of women feel good, myself included. One sweep of it takes me from femme banal to femme fatale. Its the first thing I reach for when Im tired or gloomy or in need of a zing of confidence; it palliates everything from hangovers to heartbreaks and makes. It even reduces the appearance of ear wrinkles You wont be disappointed.

Remodel, renovate, or decorate your homeall without hurting the planet! Easy, insider tips on insulation, carpentry, lighting, furnishings, locally made products and energy-ecient appliances to make your home chic and eco-friendly. The sentiment runs in the family: When I ask my mother how she feels without lipstick, she answers flatly, I have no face. Lipstick Queen creator Poppy King credits the cosmetics popularity to its unparalleled transformative power: Red lipstick makes me understand how little boys feel when they put on a superhero outfit.

Its as if it gives you the power to transcend your physical limitations. No other kind of makeup can work that kind of magic. Which might explain why Britains Parliament outlawed lip-painting in on the grounds of supernatural tomfoolery, stating that women found guilty of seducing men into matrimony by a cosmetic means could be tried for witchcraft. The fact that it bestows its wearer with a certain intangible power is no doubt why it was seized upon by the suffragettes and later the flappers as an emblem of their newfound independence: Whipping out a ruby-tipped bullet and applying it in public became a deliciously subversive act.

Lois Long, a writer known for her racy nightlife columns in The New Yorker, pointedly chose the nom de plume Lipstick when she joined the staff in Then, of course, theres the sex thing. Most women who favor cardinal-color lipstick will tell you they wear it more for themselves than for men, yet it drips with erotic symbolism.

Lips become swollen and flushed during arousal; even the lipstick tube itself is suggestive. Psychologically speaking, red is associated with vigor, passion, and anger; just looking at it has been proven to raise blood pressure, increase the heart rate, and stimulate the appetite. In a study at the University of Rochester, men shown photographs of women wearing or framed by red rated them significantly more attractive than the same women depicted with other colors. In other words, red is a major turn-on.

As the original ad for Revlons Fire and Icethe matching nail polish shade is used regularly on the set of Mad Men so brilliantly conveyed, hot-hued lipstick signi.

The ad included a quiz asking such questions as: Did you ever wish on a new moon? Have you ever wanted to wear an ankle bracelet? Would you streak your hair platinum without consulting your husband? A crimson mouth is attention-grabbing, telegraphing both Come hither and Get lost. You have to have a certain moxie to wear itand perhaps thats why so many women claim it doesnt look good on them. Mad Men makeup department head Debbie Zoller says, So many actresses sit in my chair and say, I cant wear red.

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  5. r45 kirby allen - more bounce to the ounce / mother don't 'llow rock'n - maze (red vinyl) g+ r45 lee allen - chuggin / tic toc - ember vg r45 lee allen - creole alley / cat walk - ember g+ r45 lee allen - creole alley / cat walk - 45 ember e dj copy vg+.

  6. H A N N A H B A N D Sad and loud and angry and party DIY emo punx duo from sydney. Quitting Will Improve Your Health, released 25 April 1. Burn It Down 2. Terrified Of Everything 3. Bath Arms 4. Accommodations 5. 29er 6. Pink & Blue 7. Grave Semantics 8. Cardcastle.

  7. Hannahband. February 1, ·. three albums in three years, wow we are exhausted, and in light of that we are wrapping up Hannahband for the foreseeable future. thanks to anyone who has listened to our music, come to our shows, housed us when we were on tour, helped us record our songs, wore our merch and for being our friends. we hope you.

  8. Suzanne Ciani\ - Silver Ship Suzanne Ciani\ - Radio GentleSounds Interview You Don't Know Me Paul Mauriat 3\Paul Mauriat & James Last - Russian Album Peter Kater Peter Kater\CD 1 - Air The long play Sandra\ - Mirrors Sandra\ - Ten in one (The Singles).

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