So In Love With You (Re-Dub) - Sound Set - So In Love With You (Vinyl)

Ladiva - Time After Time VA - Dancemania Vol. Revolution Extended Mix - D. Molella 4. Rhonda Dorsey 6. Everyday Remix - Anticappella Free World Mix - D.

Molella Mix Devotion - Spacer Remake Mix Alison - My Love Club Mix Beta 3 - Excalibur Acca-Bum The Best Dance Album in the World M People - Moving on Up Maxx - Get-A-Way Cappella - U Got 2 Let the Music Haddaway - Rock My Heart The Grid - Swamp Thing The Goodmen - Give It Up Aswad - Shine K7 - Come Baby Come Snow - Informer Clubhouse feat. Carl - Light My Fire Doop - Doop The B's - Meet The Flintstones New Order - Blue Monday [ So In Love With You (Re-Dub) - Sound Set - So In Love With You (Vinyl) Gloworm - Carry Me Home For example, the keys work on an embellished bubble rhythm: instead of hitting just the offbeats, they double hit the first and third, creating an increased sense of stuttering.

The bass is stripped back further, doing a double drop rhythm which misses the two and three on most occasions. Drums So In Love With You (Re-Dub) - Sound Set - So In Love With You (Vinyl) sparse in terms of instrumentation, with the focus being on open and closed hi-hats, the snare and additional tom-tom rolls.

Extra percussion in terms of chimes and a vibraslap enhance the Revival feel — as does the inclusion of a haunting synth theremin. Gloriously unfussy, guitars skank as well as running delicate riffs and arpeggio chords just out of earshot, with pleasing levels of bending at times. The bass is heavily syncopated, dropping the third beat on occasion and working So In Love With You (Re-Dub) - Sound Set - So In Love With You (Vinyl) diatonic melodies. Drums are kept straightforward, doing the first one drop of At Last with the addition of the snare working off rim clicks.

The inclusion of a vibrato-heavy electric organ hitting brief chords brings in Soul, and the lovely use of some raspy synth horns, across a whining countermelody, is almost New Jack Swing. The overall production is sympathetically done, too — focusing on the lower kHz to give a rich, Soul sound.

All the basic devices are present, with the keys again running a classic bubble rhythm which is the driving force. The bass, more picked than on previous tracks which creates a strutting feel, drops the two. And the bookending, with a grandiose, Funky Soul intro and outro, is brilliant. An excellent foray into something smooth and swaggering. Unfussy, uncomplicated but thoroughly feel-good, the basic chord progressions root-major fourth-major fifth set the perfect palette for the rest of the stripped-back instrumentation to work off.

Keys do a bubble rhythm; guitars skank; the rich, resonant bass works around the tonics of the chord and drums do a one drop. The inclusion of some rattling bongos and the use of reverb just add to the summery vibe. And the infectious melody sticks in your head long after the track has finished. At Last moves into more refined, smooth vibes with Reggae Night video featured belowwith production from Sinky Beatz and the Happiness Riddim So In Love With You (Re-Dub) - Sound Set - So In Love With You (Vinyl) play.

Upbeat and full of joy, the track oozes happy vibes and carefree thoughts. The additional electric piano line works extremely well, bring some smooth soulfulness to the cut. And additional synth horns are a nice touch, too.

So In Love With You, across a riddim of the same name, is an ingenious nod to both the Revival movement and 80s Synthwave-style compositions. Production from Ghetti Lava is brilliant, combining Reggae sensibilities with some embellishment left, right and centre. Meanwhile, the electric guitars are pure Cali: whining, to sound like the mid-to-treble on the amp has been turned up, they have a real Revival feel about them.

An electric organ returns, with plenty of vibrato, and the cymbal roll at the end of the fourth bar of each phrase finishes off the arrangement well. But Lava has also done an excellent job with the production: the engineering of not only the kHz levels but also the attention to detail with the dB gives So In Love With You a dreamy, blissed-out quality which fits the lyrical content perfectly.

Quality, quality works. The smooth, So In Love With You (Re-Dub) - Sound Set - So In Love With You (Vinyl) electric guitars compliment the horns well — and the two lines bring smoothness to the underlying choppiness of the rhythm section. Keys perform a bubble rhythm, with some nice tinkering riffs in the upper register of the treble clef which bring an element of the RnB ballad to the track.

Moreover, the bridge is brilliant — where Soulfyah has stripped away the Roots elements and continues what they started with the upper register keys: a clever, RnB-like break with the keys performing a full, dual-clef refrain, a quivering electric organ running pointed chords and the drums coming in with rolls at the end. A synth theremin makes a return, with a particularly richly engineered sound. Barbara Fairchild. Mary Stuart. Alan Garrity. Tony Barber [AU1]. Johnny Farnham. Don Lane.

Danny Williams. So In Love With You (Re-Dub) - Sound Set - So In Love With You (Vinyl) Belafonte. Lena Martell. Nana Mouskouri. Vince Hill. Alan Caddy. John Hanson. Robert Young [GB1]. James Pegler. Gert Potgieter. Gigliola Cinquetti. Engelbert Humperdinck. The Mike Sammes Singers. Edward Woodward. Arthur Prysock. Little Pattie. Elvis Presley. The Westerners. Linda Wimberly. Max Bygraves. Myra English. Bobby Curtola.

Tracey Jones. Ken Barrie. Tom Netherton. Tom T. The Stellar Unit. Peters and Lee. Robert McEwen. Salena Jones. Eddy Smets. Hiromi Iwasaki. Helen Shepherd. Rex Dallas. Lee Towers. Howard Keel. The Eddy Starr Singers. Don Estelle, orchestra directed by Mike Sammes. Maggie Moone. Eddy Arnold. Emmylou Harris.

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{PARAGRAPH}Don't So In Love With You (Re-Dub) - Sound Set - So In Love With You (Vinyl) it to yourself! Add it Here. Watch the song video So in Love With You. Never Take Me Alive. So in Love with You. Browse Lyrics. Our awesome collection of Promoted Songs ». Michael J. The Immaculate Crows. Christel Chango. April 24, Archived from the original on December 29, Retrieved December 28, Josep Vinaixa. Retrieved December 25, Retrieved 07 November". Retrieved 19 November ". Archived from the original on November 3, October 5, Archived from the original on July 30, All About Madonna. September 20, The Observer. Archived from the original on January 1, August 18, September 7, August 25, Madonna Official Store. Retrieved January 18, Retrieved December 19, The Guardian. Drowned Madonna. Daily News. Madonna UK. So In Love With You (Re-Dub) - Sound Set - So In Love With You (Vinyl) August 13, Pink is the New Blog. Mairead Carlin. And I Love Her So. Eddie Vuittonet and The Time Travelers. Paal Flaata. Gary Williams. Jimmy Smith [US]. Klaus Wunderlich. Floyd Cramer. Al Viola. Charles Segal. Mantovani and His Orchestra. Perry Como Medley. Bobby Crush. Tony Bagwell. Santi Latora. Piet Noordijk. Ronnie Aldrich and His Two Pianos. Tonny Eyk Quartet featuring Harry Verbeke. Richard Clayderman. The Gino Marinello Orchestra. Dennis Hayward and His Orchestra. Bronn Journey. The Hill-Wiltschinsky Guitar Duo. Crimson Ensemble. Christopher West. David Davidson. Jackie Bradley. Uriel y Su Piano Instrumental. Hvor jeg elsker dig. Jij en ik. Sua rakastan. Timo Ylinen. Niin sua rakastan. C'est parce que je t'aime. Claude Valade. A powerful move from Stone, who is an absolute pleasure to spend an album with. No thanks, I would like to continue shopping. Skip to content PR Publicist Services. Reggae Artists. Press Release. Album Reviews. Single Reviews. Reggae Events. Pauzeradio News. Stone — So In Love With You (Re-Dub) - Sound Set - So In Love With You (Vinyl) Last — Review. Share on facebook. Share on twitter. Share on linkedin. Latest Products:. Sign Up To Email Updates. Radio Show. So In Love With You (Re-Dub) - Sound Set - So In Love With You (Vinyl) Facebook-f Instagram. Privacy So In Love With You (Re-Dub) - Sound Set - So In Love With You (Vinyl) Terms and Conditions. Search The Store. See all results. Search The Archives. Search Shows For An Artist. Join The Sound So In Love With You (Re-Dub) - Sound Set - So In Love With You (Vinyl)

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  1. The easy, fast & fun way to learn how to sing: All those nights when you can't hold on Needing someone there, someone Shooting star you'd half a life That's why you burnt so bright Now you don't need anyone As a kid you lived the dream Fitted right inside it's scheme Through a thousand love affairs They still deny that they cared You're gone because they got scared I'm so in.

  2. I Love You More ; Colour of the Blues ; Baby We´re Really in Love ; The Wayward Wind ; Wedding Bells ; I'm so in Love with You ; Wasted Words ; Thanks a Lot ; I Can´t Stop Loving You ; Oh Lonesome Me ; Tracks of Disc 6; 1. Guess Things Happen That Way ; 2. You Better Not Go ; 3. These Hands ; 4. Just as.

  3. You are to me What poetry tries to say with a word You are a song All the music my heart ever heard I can't escape The air that I breathe even speaks of you And I'm not ashamed to say That I feel this way I will stand before God Give you all that I've got I can promise you I'll be true I reveal here and now As we both take this vow I am so in love, with, with you (So in love, ooh, hoo) Words.

  4. I am so in love, with, with you (So in love, ooh, hoo) Words can't express What I confess with each beat of my heart I'm overwhelmed With a passionate affair from the start, oh Our love will grow As the years come and go, I will be by your side, oh, yes, I will There isn't anything That I would deny I will stand before God Give you all that I.

  5. Jan 22,  · Review: Nope, not the veteran Miami freestyle legend, this Stevie B is a modern Londoner intent on bringing back the vibes of the 90s house era. Taking a leaf from labelmate and classic house producer Jeremy Sylvester, this EP is the nearest thing to a time machine we have yet to discover.

  6. Either this was done to get you to purchase the album or save confusion which it could be as it did give me a bit of confidence that surely this must be the one and thankfully it was but if I had known it was also called (sweet mix) then I would have bought the cd single So In Love With You ) which is here on Amazon for as little as 5p/5(3).

  7. Subgênero do Hip Hop que tornou-se popular nos EUA e países da América Latina nos anos 80 e batida continuada da caixa de ritmos Roland TR

  8. So In Love With You Lyrics: You are to me / What poetry tries to say with a word / You are a song / All the music my heart ever heard / I can't escape / The air that I breathe even speaks of you.

  9. as made famous by U.N.V. Original songwriters: Linda Thompson, David Foster, Bill Ross. License courtesy of: Warner Chappell France. This title is a cover of So In Love With You as made famous by U.N.V. icn Comment black.

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