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We Ain't Dead Yet! I 01 vanity of sounds klaus schulze - - contemporary works vol. In the original release, Dodgem Dude was not included in the album, due to the length restrictions of vinyl.

Happily, though, it was included in the Griffin CD re-release of the album. The lyrics for Kings of Speed were composed for the album, but never recorded. Read More Here. Gibson Bros. Originally released on their own Okra label and now made easier to find from Homestead, the Gibson Bros. The Bros. With vocals primarily from Jeff Evans that warble regardless of key and pitch, backed by a band that only rarely seems cognizant of staying in tune or keeping the same beat, this is truly primitive stuff, but at times exhilarating The accent is on the blues, but this is punk-blues, post-modern bar, deconstructed Bukka White, clearly not an Alligator release By no means an easy record, the work you put into the Gibsons will pay off handsomely Thanks Skaman for this one!!!

Get It Here!!! The Lead Guitar work of Roye Albrighton is impressive and the vocal harmonies are excellent. Images of the Past b. Wheel of time c. Remember the Future d. Returning Light f. Questions and answers g. Tomorrow Never Comes h. Path of Light i. Recognition j. Let it Grow. Remember the Future" remains Nektar's most popular and loved albumand that's with good reason. First of all, it has probably the most accomplished and perfected Nektar-sound of all their albums.

Never before or after have Roye Albrigthon's perfect vocal-harmonies and guitar-playing sounded better, more distinctive and And not at least, the whole album is made up of a wonderful, minute suite without a dead or unnecessary second at all. The melodies, atmosphere, playing, arrangements, production and construction of the whole piece are just so goddamn Everyone who says that progressive rock is unstructured mess and instrumental self-indulgence should take a listen to this album.

With the exception of the instrumental-part at the end of the first side, the whole piece is strongly based in carefully structured and well-written parts where the each member of the bands works wonderfully as integrated parts in the whole sound. The concept of the album is about a boy who speaks to an extraterrestial being in the form of a bird, and the whole story has a very optimistic and positive message. Artemis and Apollo must be spinning Remember the Future on their Olympian stereo system right now because this is surely the purest distillation of Nektar's quirky but timeless genious.

Alternately, rocking, spacey, psychedelic, funky, jazzy, Remember the Future features Roye Albrighton's hot guitar over a tight rhythm section and Taff Freeman's textured keyboards. As always, the singing is melodic and the arrangements beautifully constructed. And while some might snicker at the somewhat juvenile theme an extraterrestrial bluebird who shows a boy the past and future history of the human race?

I rarely give any album five stars, but this is my desert island Nektar album the one I wouldn't be withoutso I'm justifying five stars in this case for perversity's sake. Great cover art, too, for those who care about such things. Twisted 2. Goin' To California 3. Baby Please Don't Go 4. Down Goes Your Love Life 5. Bright Lights Big City 6. Can't Make Love By Yourself 7. Good Morning Little School Girl 8. King Pin 9. Square Headed People Chasin' Shadows Green Bottle Lover Isn't It Strange Tomorrow's Ship bonus track Twisted bonus track Goin' To California bonus track Hoochie Coochie Man bonus track Pusher bonus track Goin' Upstairs bonus track Tighten Up Your Wig bonus track Kay was the first rocker to use the phrase heavy metal in a song, in one of metal's first great anthems: Steppenwolf's classic "Born to Be Wild.

Armed Forces radio after his family moved to East Germany that fueled his interest in music. In the '60s, Kay founded the Sparrow, a rock outfit who played Just Me - Various - Boom Boom - The Sounds & Visions Of Denmark (CD) Canada and the U. The group had fallen apart bybut with a new, harder-edged style of rock beginning to conquer the charts and airwaves Cream, Jimi Hendrix, and the YardbirdsKay decided to pursue this direction with his next band, Steppenwolf titled after Hermann Hesse's novel of the same name.

After moving to Los Angeles, the fledgling band was signed to Dunhill and recorded their self-titled debut, issued in The album became a sizeable hit, as "Born to Be Wild" was unleashed on an unsuspecting record-buying public, becoming one of rock's most instantly identifiable and enduring hits of all time.

After the track was used in the cult classic movie Easy Rider, it subsequently appeared in countless other movies and TV commercials over the years and was covered by numerous other bands Blue Oyster Cult, Slade, Crowded House, and the Cult.

Steppenwolf continued to crank out hit albums 's The Second, 's At Your Birthday Party, and 's Monstersingles "Magic Carpet Ride," "Rock Me"and tours on a regular basis, with Kay being the only constant member among a revolving door of other musicians.

Steppenwolf's retirement didn't last for long, however, as Kay alternated between the band and his solo career throughout the '70s, '80s, and '90s. He even took a few former members of the band to court when they, too, began touring behind the name Steppenwolf.

This is a somewhat electronic post-punk version of The Sound. Great use of drum machine. Highly recommended! Borland supplied guitars and vocals while Bailey provided keyboards, bass, and drum programming. Since the duo was central to the Sound's sound, their side project retained some of that feel, albeit in a slightly detached fashion that's to be expected when synths and drum machines replace more human elements.

Borland's songwriting wasn't much less personal here than his writing for the Sound. State Of Emergency 2. I Need Noise 3. Courts Or Wars 2. Metal Sheet 3. The Cutting Motion 4. Courts Or Wars 5. Akron Mr. No Sir! Oh My! Still Life won top prize at Venice Film Festival, follows characters displaced by flooding of the Yagntze River caused by the Three Gorges Dam in China Cinematheque The Raft Of Medusa a troupe of Dadaist artists travels through 's Yugoslavia trying to ferment revolution through their radical art Cinematheque Outiser the biggest box office hit of all time in Slovenia, about a punk rocker teen growing up in 's Ljubljana Cinematheque Reply Quote.

Now That's Class free show!!! This Is A Shakedown! WED: Sikhara from France! Contemporary Art and Classical Myth. The Metropolitan was also sold as a Hudson when Nash and Hudson merged in to form the American Motors Corporation AMCand later as a standalone marque during the Rambler years, as well as in the United Kingdom and other markets.

Frankfurt Germany — Yes it is my biggest Birthday cake of my whole life and also for 26 years consecutive Musikmesse Frankfurt in the good old Jazzkeller Frankfurt! Jon Hammond Band in Jazzkeller. The park also hosts the annual Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl, a college football bowl game, and other occasional sporting and musical events.

For the season, the park served as the home of the California Golden Bears football team. Originally designed to be a 42, seat stadium, there were slight modifications before the final design was complete.

When the ballpark was brought to the ballot box in the Fall of for voter approval, the stadium was 15 degrees clockwise from its current position. Also the center-field scoreboard was atop the right-field wall and the Giants Pavilion Building were two separate buildings. A team of engineers from UC Davis was consulted in the design process of the park resulting in wind levels that are approximately half those at Candlestick.

When it opened on March 31,the ballpark was the first Major League ballpark built without public funds since the completion of Dodger Stadium in Jon Hammond on sound police watch here, sounds good! Hamamatsu Japan — Shopping for electronics in Hamamatsu. Nice joke from main man Uwe Mamminga, thanks Uwe! Paris France — Aug. Although his overall health improved somewhat after that, he also struggled with heroin and cocaine addictions,[3][4] and was staying in a California drug rehabilitation facility when he died of a heart attack in August Garcia experienced several tragic events during his youth.

Less than a year after losing the segment of his finger, his father died. The incident was witnessed by a group of boys who immediately sought help, beckoning a pair of nearby fishermen. By the time he was pulled from the water, he had already drowned. Garcia later claimed to have seen his father fall into the river, but Dennis McNally, author of the book A Long Strange Trip: The Inside Story of the Grateful Dead, asserts that he did not, instead forming the memory from hearing the story repeated many times.

As a result, Ruth Garcia began working full-time, sending Jerry and his brother to live just down the road with their maternal grandparents, Tillie and William Clifford.

During the five-year period in which he lived with his grandparents, Garcia enjoyed a large amount of autonomy and attended Monroe School, the local elementary school. King, Hank Ballard, and, in a few years, Chuck Berry. During the classes, he often encouraged Garcia in his drawing and painting skills. He then moved with his family back to San Francisco, where they lived in an apartment above the newly built bar, the old one having previously been torn down to make way for a freeway entrance.

To get to Analy High School, the nearest school, he had to travel by bus thirty miles to Sebastopol, a move which only made him more unhappy. He received basic training at Fort Ord. Through Grant, Garcia met Dave McQueen in February, who, after hearing Garcia perform some blues, introduced him to local people and to the Chateau, a rooming house located near Stanford University which was then a popular hangout.

Garcia escaped with a broken collarbone, while Speegle, still in the car, was fatally injured. Before then I was always living at less than capacity.

I was idling. That was the slingshot for the rest of my life. It was like a second chance. Their efforts were not in vain, leading to a spot on the show, a ninety-minute special on Garcia.

The group consisted of Jerry Garcia on guitar, banjo, vocals, and harmonica, Marshall Leicester on banjo, guitar, and vocals, and Dick Arnold on fiddle and vocals. Around this time, the psychedelic LSD was gaining popularity. However, the band discovered that another group was performing under their newly selected name, prompting another name change.

The corner of Haight and Ashbury, center of the San Francisco neighborhood in which the Grateful Dead shared a house at Ashbury from fall to spring Garcia served as lead guitarist, as well as one of the principal vocalists and songwriters of the Grateful Dead for their entire career.

During their three decade span, the Grateful Dead played 2, shows. Echoes of bluegrass playing such as Arthur Smith and Doc Watson could be heard. And as an improvisational soloist, John Coltrane was one of his greatest personal and musical influences. He was also involved with various acoustic projects such as Old and in the Way and other bluegrass bands, including collaborations with noted bluegrass mandolinist David Grisman. The documentary film Grateful Dawg chronicles the deep, long-term friendship between Garcia and Grisman.

He played on over 50 studio albums the styles of which were eclectic and varied, including bluegrass, rock, folk, blues, country, jazz, electronic music, gospel, funk, and reggae.

He was also one of the first musicians to really cover in depth Motown music in the early s and probably the Just You prolific coverer of Bob Dylan songs. Throughout the early s, Garcia, Grateful Dead bassist Phil Lesh, drummer Mickey Hart, and David Crosby collaborated intermittently with MIT-educated composer and biologist Ned Lagin on several projects in the realm of early electronica; these include the album Seastones released by the Dead on their Round Records subsidiary and L, an unfinished dance work.

Garcia also lent pedal-steel guitar playing to fellow-San Francisco musicians New Riders of the Purple Sage from their initial dates in to Octoberwhen increased commitments with the Dead forced him to opt out of the group. Despite considering himself a novice on the pedal steel, Garcia routinely ranked high in player polls. Having studied art at the San Francisco Art Institute, Garcia embarked on a second career in the visual arts. He offered for sale and auction to the public a number of Just You, lithographs, and water colors.

Garcia met his first wife, Sara Ruppenthal Garcia, in They married on April 23,and on December 8 of that year the only child they had together, their daughter Heather, was born. On October 2,Ashbury Street in San Francisco where the Grateful Dead had taken up residence the year before was raided after a police tip-off.

She died on September 28, That same year, Garcia participated in the soundtrack for the film Zabriskie Point. Adams and Garcia married in Garcia and Adams eventually went different ways. While touring in late the band began to use cocaine. As a result, Keith and Donna Godchaux were asked to leave the band in February With the addition of keyboardist Brent Mydland, the band was reaching new heights. A few days later in January, before the start of his program in Oakland, Garcia was arrested for drug possession in Golden Gate Park; Garcia subsequently attended a drug diversion program.

ThroughoutGarcia fought to kick his habit while on tour, and bywas completely clean. Precipitated by an unhealthy weight, bad eating habits, and recent drug use, Garcia collapsed into a diabetic coma in Julywaking up five days later. My main experience was one of furious activity and tremendous struggle in a sort of futuristic, space-ship vehicle with insectoid presences. After I came out of my coma, I had this image of myself as these little hunks of protoplasm that were stuck together kind of like Just You with perforations between them that you could snap off.

Within a handful of months, Garcia quickly recovered, playing with the Jerry Garcia Band and the Grateful Dead again later that year. During the summer ofkeyboardist Brent Mydland died of a drug overdose. Before beginning the fall tour, the band acquired keyboardists Vince Welnick and Bruce Hornsby. He was burnt out from four straight years of high powered touring. Jerry thought a break was necessary, mainly so that the band could come back with fresh material.

The idea was put off by the pressures of management, and the touring continued. Though his relapse was relatively brief, lasting through the summer, the band was quick to react.

Soon after the last show of the tour in Denver, Garcia was confronted by the Grateful Dead with another intervention.

After a somewhat disastrous meeting, Garcia invited Phil Lesh over to his home in San Rafael, California, where he explained that after the meeting he Just Me - Various - Boom Boom - The Sounds & Visions Of Denmark (CD) start attending a methadone clinic. Garcia said that he simply wanted to clean up in his own way, and get back to making music.

Garcia recovered over the following days, despite the Grateful Dead having to cancel their fall tour to allow him time to recuperate. Following this episode, Garcia quit smoking, became a vegetarian, and began losing weight. InGarcia renewed acquaintances with Deborah Koons, with whom he had been involved sometime around They married on February 14,in Sausalito, California. The wedding was attended by family and friends.

His playing ability suffered to the point where he would turn down the volume of his guitar, and he often had to be reminded of what song he was performing. In light of his second drug relapse and current condition, Garcia checked himself into the Betty Ford Center during July His stay was limited, however, lasting only two weeks.

Motivated by the experience, he then checked into the Serenity Knolls treatment center in Forest Knolls, California. Garcia played many guitars during his career, which ranged from Fender Stratocasters and Gibson SGs to custom-made instruments. During his thirty-odd years of being a musician, Garcia used about 25 guitars. Beginning in late and ending inGarcia played various colored Gibson Les Paul guitars. Inhe picked up the Gibson SG and used it for most of that year andexcept for a small period in between where he used a Sunburst Fender Stratocaster.

Although this was a double neck guitar, Garcia often would choose not to attach the last 5 pedal rods for the rear or Western Swing neck. Also, he had been given a Fender Pedal Steel probably a model prior to owning the ZB Custom, but did not play it much.

This was due in part to damage to his first custom-made guitar, made by Alembic. As with most things Garcia, with his passing, the DY99 model is rendered legend and valuable among collectors. Wolf was made with an ebony fingerboard and featured numerous embellishments like alternating grain designs in the headstock, ivory inlays, and fret marker dots made of sterling silver. The body was composed of western maple wood which had a core of purpleheart.

Garcia later had former Alembic employee Doug Irwin replace the electronics inside the guitar, at which point he added his own logo to the headstock alongside the Alembic logo. The system included two interchangeable plates for configuring pickups: one was made for strictly single coils, while the other accommodated humbuckers. Garcia returned it to Irwin to fix; during its two-year absence Garcia played predominantly Travis Bean guitars.

On September 28,Irwin delivered the renovated Wolf back to Garcia. Rosebud, unlike Tiger, was configured with three humbuckers; the neck and bridge pickups shared a tone control, while the middle had its own. Atop the guitar was a Roland GK-2 pickup which fed the controller set inside the guitar.

The inlay, a dancing skeleton holding a rose, covers a plate just below the bridge. Soon after, Garcia requested that Cripe build a backup of the guitar.

Irwin, being a victim of a hit-and-run accident in ,[69] was left nearly penniless. Together, the instruments were bought for 1. Garcia appeared in the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind as an extra during the scenes in India in a crowd shot.

With more than 2, Grateful Dead concerts, and 1, Jerry Garcia Band concerts captured on tape — as well as numerous studio sessions — there are about 15, hours of his guitar work preserved for the ages. Smith, Barry Sless, and Jackie Greene to name a few musicians. I would usually take the train in from Paris.

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Just Me - Various - Boom Boom - The Sounds & Visions Of Denmark (CD) 04 androgyn klaus schulze - - Just You works vol.

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O Corrasocas O. Support This Nonesense! Kasdan Jr. You can send greetings to me at mzkjr yahoo. Jon Hammond is a musician, composer, bandleader, publisher, journalist, TV show host, radio DJ, and multi-media entrepreneur. He currently travels the world, playing gigs and attending trade shows. His father was a doctor and his mother was a housewife. They both played the piano. Inhis parents moved Jon and his four sisters to Berkeley, CA, where his father worked in a hospital as head of the emergency room.

When he was nine, Jon started accordion lessons. There were accordion bands and they would compete against each other. Jon played his first gig at a senior citizens luncheon when he was eleven. Jon says his father was supportive, but did not want him to pursue a music career. He got me a wonderful professional accordion for my Bar Mitzvah, directly from John Molinari, one of the greatest accordionists who ever lived. It was a Guilietti Professional Tone Chamber accordion.

Jazz Champion on in In high school, Jon attended a private boys school in San Francisco. He was a class clown, and when it got to the point where he was going to be expelled, Jon took his accordion and ran away from home. He immersed himself in the San Francisco music scene and started playing organ in several bands.

By he was in a four piece rock group called Hades which shared a rehearsal space with Quicksilver Messenger Service. We got to open for his band, Copperhead. Jon continued to play gigs in the Bay Area in different configurations, including a few gigs with a young Eddie Money. By this time Jon had become frustrated with the Bay Area scene. Jon moved to Boston in to attend the Berklee School of Music.

When Jon saw one of his idols, pianist Keith Jarrett play in New York he told him he was going to Berklee and asked him for advice. Years later I came to understand what he was talking about. You have to learn the fundamentals, but the music itself comes from a much deeper place. He quit school, moved to Cape Cod and started playing with bandleader Lou Colombo. On the gig it was forbidden to swing. It was like swing cut in half. In Jon took a trip to Paris where he broke through his writers block and wrote some of his best music.

He returned to New York with his new tunes and started a production company with the idea of getting a record deal for a friend that had played on a 1 hit record. After months of pounding the pavement with no results, Jon realized he had better work on his own music before his money ran out.

They recorded at Intergalactic, the last studio that John Lennon recorded in. The first episodes showed just my tapping foot and my voice. It was a gimmick. We had graphics that were synchronized to go with the music. It worked out well. People dug it. We had a concept that was revolutionary. My phone Just You ringing and we were the hot kids on the block. Jon continued to play gigs in New York and produce his TV show. Julio Guilietti, the man who built his accordion. He then began traveling to trade shows and making contacts with musicians and companies around the world, including Hammond Suzuki.

Glenn Derringer, one of my all-time heroes, presented it to me. I got one of the first. Paul Shaffer from the Letterman Show got the other. At the time there was only one EXP expression pedal—we had to share the pedal.

I used the pedal for my gigs and when Paul needed it I would bring it over to him at 30 Rockefeller Center on my bicycle. In the early 90s, when his New York gigs began drying up, Jon was encouraged to go to Germany. My father had just died and there were very few gigs. I got the XB-2 organ right when I needed it, so I decided to take a chance. I bought a roundtrip ticket to Frankfurt with an open return. I went with 50 bucks and stayed for a year.

When I came back, I had bucks. After about two weeks I got a call—I had put a band together and had 3 gigs coming up. A TV show had heard my story and wanted to do a story on me. At the first gig 19 people came; the second only 15 people came.

Then I got the little spot on TV. When I came to the third gig people were lined up down the street. When I walked up I thought they were having an art exhibit. The people in Germany really saved my musical career at a time when very few things were happening for me in New York or San Francisco. I have a really good following in Europe. I keep busy as a musician in the States, playing hospitals and assisted living places, but my band dates I pretty much play overseas.

During the 90s he travelled back and forth to Europe, spending a year playing gigs in Paris, and eventually settling in Hamburg. Since then he has released two more albums and has played gigs in Moscow, Shanghai, and Australia.

With the help of the internet, Jon is able to produce his TV show anywhere. I had a lot of fun with that. I could play the London Philharmonic or Stevie Wonder. Today, Jon continues to visit tradeshows and is determined to keep doing everything he does as long as he can.

Todd Anderson t. Real nice old car just blew my doors off on the Freeway! He had the hammer down, looking real sharp, Jon Hammond. Team — Mr. Berger and Mr. Hammond, thanks for the super cool T-Shirts Jens! Jon Hammond sits down with his piano teacher Tony Germain at Berklee College of Music in Boston MA exactly 40 years to the day that they first sat down at the piano together at Boylston Street in the Beantown — excellent interview!

MNN Ch. Raul was the most healthy cat I ever met, terrible loss! So saddened to hear about, sorry for your loss Rafael and all the people who knew this great great Conguero! I have just been informed of this very sad news Just You Sorenson has died. Keeping the tradition Tino! Ronnie Smith Jr. Mauriat saxophones trumpets of Taipei Taiwan.

Guess the pacemaker is working OK!! Schwartz Mark H. Glad you are doing well after surgery! Just making a joke! Hope we see you in the valley soon! I think I was sitting in the front row. Special guest! Hammond continuously. Jon Hammond Show continues broadcasting every. LORI video art synchronized with original music, funky jazz blues and rock — the talking foot footage originally was the only way you could. Stay tuned, kicking off year 33 folks! The Water Boys! All worked out ok, but the Chief Engineer and Station Manager were a little bit upset the next day….

Jon at Mr. Smith helped popularize the Hammond B-3 electric organ, creating an indelible link between sixties soul and jazz improvisation. Born James Oscar Smith in Norristown, Pennsylvania, at the age of six he joined his father doing a song-and-dance routine in clubs.

He began teaching himself to play the piano. When he was nine, Smith won a Philadelphia radio talent contest as a boogie-woogie pianist. He began exploring the Hammond organ in He switched to organ permanently in after hearing Wild Bill Davis. He purchased his first Hammond organ, rented a warehouse to practice in and emerged after little more than a year. He was a prolific recording artist and, as a leader, dubbed The Incredible Jimmy Smith, he recorded around forty sessions for Blue Note in just eight years beginning in Albums from this period include The Sermon!

Smith signed to the Verve label in The album Root Down, considered a seminal influence on later generations of funk and hip-hop musicians, was recorded live at the club, albeit with a different group of backing musicians…. Jon Hammond. Hammond has toured worldwide since using the incredible Sk1 organ by Hammond Suzuki. The show has universal appeal. Cinematheque Viva two housewives in the early 70's get caught up in the sexual revolution Cinematheque Edited 3 time s.

With Knives! House Kling Strett in Akron Mrs. SAT: Face Value 20th anniversary show!!! Hunter S. Akron Mr. No Sir!

Seasons Change - Just Jason - Human (File, MP3), Im Going Slightly Mad - Queen - Greatest Flix II (VHS), The Scene Is Set - Francis Monkman - The Long Good Friday (Original Motion Picture Score) (Vinyl, LP, Celia Cruz - Homenaje A Los Santos (Vinyl, LP, Album), Pablo Abraira - 30 De Febrero (Vinyl, LP, Album), Like The First Time, You Are The One - Various - Freestyle Vol. 2 (CD), Long As I Can See The Light - Creedence Clearwater Revival - Ultimate Creedence Clearwater Revival:, When Im Gone - Baby Face & Jimmy Lewis Band* - When Im Gone (Vinyl), No Hard Feelings (Club Version) - DJ Jochen* - The Matrixx #2 (CD), Lügner [email protected] Stadium - [email protected]ä - Bäck Tudä Ruth (Vinyl, LP, Album), Money Cant Buy Love - Donna Dawson / The Pioneers - Money Cant Buy Love / Smoking (Vinyl)

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  1. Dec 04,  · Everyday, boom boom Because of you, boom boom You got me like Boom, boom, boom, boom Boom, boom, boom, boom. The you of yesterday, the me of tomorrow I hope we’ll have the same heart, the same vision I hope we’ll always be together. Me minus you equals zero When I’m with you, our synergy amplifies So I’m enrolling you to me With the.

  2. Sleep Sounds. Apple Music Sleep. Sedate, ambient soundtracks to drift off to. UPDATED PLAYLIST. Rap Life. Apple Music Hip-Hop. At this point, it’s all just “Too Easy” for Gunna and Future. LATIN HERITAGE MONTH. Mister Cartoon talks to Zane about music and his journey as an artist. NEW PLAYLIST.

  3. Electronic boom: long live diversity! Mike Sheridan and Trentemøller are just two examples of the qualitative boom in the Danish electronic scene. Among those making the biggest splash in are the duo Lulu Rouge, also known as DJ Buda and T.O.M. These two gents have long been part of the Copenhagen club scene, as both DJs and producers.

  4. Boom Sounds. Here are the sounds that have been tagged with Boom free from blueskyservices.biz Please bookmark us Ctrl+D and come back soon for updates! All files are available in both Wav and MP3 formats.

  5. Victrola Vintage 3-Speed Bluetooth Portable Suitcase Record Player with Built-in Speakers | Upgraded Turntable Audio Sound| Includes Extra Stylus | Turquoise, Model Number: VSCBT Victrola $ $ 33 $ $

  6. Sep 15,  · Thomas Gallatin: Drums. With. Eiolf Ødegaard: Keyboards (1, 3, 4) Ruben Fredheim Oma: Keyboards (2), Synthbass (5, 6) Eirik Fjelde: Keyboards (2, 4, 8) Syver Storskogen: Keyboards (6) Description/Reviews: The instrumental trio Addiktio deliver progressive, blistering sound, by mixing elements of rock, jazz, and metal, into a unique sonic.

  7. Sep 18,  · Super Sound e68fbecdf69 (주)블렌딩 What the Devil Makes Me Do Vogue Villains c-bbeb33 Records DK2 Kapitel aab-4ff9-bdec0e2 Variations, Op, MWV U Felix Mendelssohn Roberto Prosseda ace6f-d3dccbbd56e2c Paranoid (feat. RO .

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