Sexual Guarantee (Almighty Remix) - Alcazar - Dancefloor Deluxe (CD)

Euro Beats. Euro Pop. Alcazar 4 fans. Artist's Top Tracks. Most popular release. Casino by Alcazar fans. Dancefloor Deluxe by Alcazar. Here I Am by Alcazar. Alcazarized by Alcazar. Casino by Alcazar. Good Lovin Remixes by Alcazar. In the Name of Love by Alcazar. Good Lovin by Alcazar. Pride Hits by Various Artists. Queer As Folk by Various Artists. Similar Artists. Kylie Minogue 1 fans. Modern Talking fans. Pet Shop Boys fans. Purple Disco Machine 36 fans. Alban 42 fans. Digital Download.

Purchase and download this album in a wide variety of formats depending on your needs. Listen to over 70 million songs with an unlimited streaming plan. Listen to this album and more than 70 million songs with your unlimited streaming plans.

Bhagavan, Composer - Anoo. Bhagavan, Lyricist - Anoo. Tennant, Composer - N. Lowe, Composer - C. Lowe, Lyricist. Robbins, Composer - L. Robbins, Lyricist - M. Lundh, Composer - M. Lundh, Lyricist - M. Lundh, Producer - G. Samuelson, Producer - G. Samuelson, Lyricist - G. Samuelson, Composer. Zero, Lyricist - D. Lowe, Lyricist - C. Lowe, Composer. Buy an album or an individual track. The band also squeezed in live performances all over Europe and the US.

In May 12, their second album - Alcazarized hit the stores in Sweden. It's a great album with 16 songs - 14 official tracks and two hidden tracks. Alcazarized is a complete package of happiness, you can't sit still when listening to this album and you get happy of all uplifting tracks.

The lyrics are, as in 'Casino' - clever and funny. This single will do great - for sure! In "I love the DJ" which is a little harder, drumbeat driven, uptempo dance track and which will work great in clubs the group is even counting classic discotheques like Studio 54XanaduParadise GarageRoxyLimelight They have written the tracks "Dancefloor Docusoap""I go shopping" and "Singing to heaven".

Just as in Casino the samples just match perfectly into their new tracks. The track "Singing to heaven" is a wonderful tribute to Barry Manilow 's classic - "Could it be Sexual Guarantee (Almighty Remix) - Alcazar - Dancefloor Deluxe (CD)which also Donna Summer and Take That later scored hits with.

Their song is called "Love life" and is a nice modern, uptempo dance track in Pet Shop Boys style, but "Alcazarized". Don't miss out on the albums only ballad - the beautiful "Here I am" and the hidden track This track is a shame to miss - since it's an awesome dance Sexual Guarantee (Almighty Remix) - Alcazar - Dancefloor Deluxe (CD) in the "Transmetropolis" kind of style. So you'll have to search backwards while on track one! LIVE performances from their last ever gig Illicit rmx Crying at Ivan's X mix Don't you Project Eden rmx Don't you Almighty Club mix Sexual Fu-Tourist rmx Sexual In July 8, the group performed in the popular Swedish TV show - "Allsang pa Skansen" and the live show reached its all time high with over 36' in the audience, compared to some ' normally, and some 2 million viewers in front of the TV's.

Alcazar did a wonderful performance singing "Funky feet"it was a great number and the whole band seemed to enjoy every minute and they were perfectly coordinated. It was great seeing them giving it all and see Tess keeping it up even though she's eight months pregnant. After the cameras was turned off, the band did a second performance singing "Not a Sexual Guarantee (Almighty Remix) - Alcazar - Dancefloor Deluxe (CD), Nor a saint". Also in the beginning of Julythe second Swedish single from the Alcazarized album was released - The track was "Menage a trois"this was also the single set to be the first one released internationally.

Except for the original version, the CD maxi comes in 5 different mixes to make sure everyone will find his or hers favorite version - no matter of which type of dance music you normally like.

Just some two weeks after the release of "Menage That's the single "Someday"which is the official song of the 'Stockholm Pride Festival' - held in Stockholm during July 30 to August 8 of During Pride Alcazar was the main music act, but you could also see other acts like A-Teens and Samantha Fox on the festival scene. For every single sold, 2 Swedish kronor go to the International solidarity work performed by the Stockholm Pride Organization overseas.

This single came in 2 mixes - the original version and also a Studio 54 revival remix. It's also time to welcome the latest addition to the Alcazar family In September 5 ofTess gave birth to a baby boy. Tess has already decided that her best friend since 12 years - Andreas - will be the baby's god father. Congratulations Tess!

In the show Alcazar performed their upcoming single - "Love life". The song is found in 3 versions - the 'Original version', an 'Extended version' and also the more clubby version called 'FL Rebirth Club mix' - all great in their own rights. Alcazar was given the award for Best Swedish Artist! Unfortunately we not got to see them perform live during the Awards - but acts like Atomic KittenEnrique Inglesiasthe RasmusOffspringBlack Eyed Peas and others all Sexual Guarantee (Almighty Remix) - Alcazar - Dancefloor Deluxe (CD) nice performances.

In early I got a chance to ask the band a couple of questions and I've chosen to put some of them together here as it was too hard get them fit into the text above I think you're the ultimate Disco band of the 21st century Do you think there's something special that have made Alcazar such a popular act? Is that Sexual Guarantee (Almighty Remix) - Alcazar - Dancefloor Deluxe (CD) you always have wanted to do, or did it just "happen"? Alcazar is something we all have wished for, but we didn't know it Was there where you 3 original members met?

How has he influenced you as a group? What I mean is that I can see similarities between Alcazar and Army of Lovers - like the glamour, energy, spectacular videos, wonderful lyrics and great music.

Most young girls have taken a dance class at some point in their lives. As mentioned earlier this brings many physical, social, and emotional benefits. This highly sexualized performance by young girls in sexy costumes sparked outrage and discussion among parents and dance performers about the sexualization of young girls. The video has more than 9 million views on YouTube and is the perfect illustration of young girls mimicking sexualized popular culture.

Dance has the opportunity to positively influence young girls. Teachers can teach young girls to develop confidence and body-positive outlooks. Youth Protected Advocates in Dance has suggested standards that will protect young children from sexualized culture. Their standards include music, dress, choreography, and social media exposure. Children deserve to have a healthy dance experience. They deserve the opportunity to move and grow and express themselves free from a sexualized culture.

For dance instructors, parents, and all those involved in dance, we encourage you to be outspoken advocates protecting not only the beauty of dance as an art, but the hearts of its youngest practitioners. Each victory promotes human dignity above exploitation. Stories 13yo girl was abused and exploited on Instagram in her own home. It could have been prevented.

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Digital Download Purchase and download this album in a wide variety of formats depending on your needs. Your browser does not support the audio element. Dancefloor Deluxe Alcazar. Copy the following link to share it Copy. You are currently listening to samples. Physical Original Radio Version. Start The Fire. Love Life. Don't You Want Me. Sexual Guarantee. Ritmo Del Amor. Crying at the Sexual Guarantee (Almighty Remix) - Alcazar - Dancefloor Deluxe (CD) Radio Edit. Shine On Radio Edit. DISC 2.

Intro : Dancefloor Deluxe. Sexual Guarantee Almighty Remix. Someday Studio 54 Revival Remix. Pipe Smooth Club Edit. Shine on Suezia Remix Radio Edit. Physical Original Version. Save My Pride Original Edit. Sexual Guarantee (Almighty Remix) - Alcazar - Dancefloor Deluxe (CD) browser does not support the audio element.

Dancefloor Deluxe Alcazar. Copier le lien pour partager la page Copier. Physical Original Radio Version. Start The Fire. Love Life. Don't You Want Me.

Sexual Guarantee. Ritmo Del Amor. Crying at the Discoteque Radio Edit. Shine On Radio Edit. Intro : Dancefloor Deluxe.

Sexual Guarantee Almighty Remix. Someday Studio 54 Revival Remix. Pipe Smooth Club Edit. Featured in. Feel 4 You by Dream BeatsAlcazar. Euro Dance Anthems by Various Artists. Chill and Deep Music by Various Artists. Modern Bangers by Various Artists. Dance by Various Artists. Eurodance Anthems by Various Artists. Modern Disco by Various Artists. EuroDance Bangers by Various Artists.

Happy: Songs by Various Artists. Euro Beats by Various Artists. Euro Pop by Various Artists. For every mood. Crying at the Discoteque. Don't You Want Me. Blame It on the Disco. Sexual Guarantee. Crying At The Discotegue. Start The Fire. Don't Leave Me Alone. Shine On. It is a big compliment. He also feels that they understand exactly what Alcazar is all about: kitsch, camp and fun. It is like Studio 54 all over again! To support the gay community and liberation, the band have headlined Sydney's gay Mardi Gras in Marchand also performed at several pride events in Europe.

One of the strangest comments Andreas has ever Sexual Guarantee (Almighty Remix) - Alcazar - Dancefloor Deluxe (CD) was one about his sexuality, it was an old woman telling him "I think you're really good Sexual Guarantee (Almighty Remix) - Alcazar - Dancefloor Deluxe (CD) EVEN though you're gay. Some people would like to compare Andreas with the classic female Disco Diva's and would like to call him a male Diva, but he doesn't see himself as any Diva, but he wouldn't mind if people do.

But Andreas doesn't think his sexuality comes across in their music and he says "Maybe it's because I like disco and maybe that's very queer music. Other than that, I'm just a singer like other singers, straight or bi, or gay. I don't see it as a big thing, maybe other people do, or as a good thing or whatever. I think there's more gay singers, but they just aren't saying they are. They are very personal, glittery and glamorous. In the video of "Crying at the Discoteque" you will see Andreas in silver-glittery male hot pants and the girls are also dressed up in silver outfits and they also wear silvery helmets, a little like roman gladiators.

There are also some strange dancing animals in the background and you'll also get to see Alexander Bard for his talking part of the song. The idea behind the video were supposed to be a B-movie gone wrong. Andreas says "And it did, behind the camera. My silverpants broke in the back and some lights fell and broke.

So I can really say that it Sexual Guarantee (Almighty Remix) - Alcazar - Dancefloor Deluxe (CD) a B-movie gone wrong!

The band first saw the completed video on tour in Finland and they found it unreal to see themselves on TV, but Andreas adds; "It was a big kick, but I'm not too keen on seeing myself on the screen. I'm always finding faults and details. And on top of that I'm so vain! The band has kind of Texas style outfits in the beginning when having meetings in different '70s style offices, in between there's dancing scenes and the video end up with the band dancing in a disco in lovely glittery outfits.

The video of "Shine on" is located in a theatre, and gives an atmosphere which suites the sound of the song perfectly. And as always Sexual Guarantee (Almighty Remix) - Alcazar - Dancefloor Deluxe (CD) it's a very classy Alcazar production. Else all the members of Alcazar prefer live performances - to be in the moment. One of their biggest and best moments where in Verona, Italy when 30 people were singing along in "Crying at the Discoteque" with them. One of the worst must have been when they performed in a techno club for only 3 people in the audience.

In Billboard Magazine of October 19, you could read the following review of their live performance: "The summit's closing-night party at the Discotheque club featured eight acts and five DJs. Sweden's Alcazar delivered the evening's most spectacular and professional show.

Despite all their success the group members are cool and down to earth, they explain why; "Because we're Swedish, typical Swedish people, we don't take anything for granted The band doesn't feel they could be compared to any of these groups, but they admit they take it as a BIG compliment to be compared with ABBA. Even though they feel no one can be compared with ABBA - since they are still unique and one of a kind! The show was headlined by Dionne Warwick singing first "S. S" and the final anthem "Thank you for the music".

But of course our band - Alcazar - was also performing. For the show the girls and Andreas had brought in Andreas' boyfriend, Magnus, and together they gave one of the best performances of the night when they got on stage singing "As good as new".

This song is one of ABBA's lesser known ones, but it was really a highlight to hear Alcazar with Magnus perform this song. I later asked them about it I have to say that your performance was really one of the true highlights of the whole show. You were ABBA!!!

But how come you choose "As good as new"? It's not one of ABBA's most well-known songs, but it sure is a great song and you really made the Globe rock when performing it. Then the group would have the same setting as ABBA - two girls and two guys. This rumor became true and as of December ofMagnus is a member of Alcazar. To add some more gossip It was originally planned that Alcazar should have sung the terrific uptempo Disco-House song "Never let it go"which won the Swedish finals and ended up as the song competing in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Unfortunately the group was too busy with their international career that they had to turn it down and instead the female trio Afro-Dite got the chance, they did very well and ended up somewhere in the top 10 in the finals in Estonia.

It became official in mid December that Alcazar was to be performing the song "Not a sinner nor a saint" in one of the pre-qualifying elections of the Swedish song for the Eurovision Song Contest.

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  1. Nov 27,  · Alcazar – Dancefloor Deluxe. Label: RCA – 2, BMG sweden – 2. Format: Sexual Guarantee (Almighty Remix) Remix – Almighty. Remix – Almighty. Updated "Christmas Edition" of the album with the same tracklist as the original plus single track "Here I Am (English Single Version)" entered as song no.

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  3. Aug 25,  · Sexual Guarantee: Ritmo Del Amor (Radio Edit) Crying At The Discoteque: Shine On: Dancefloor: Intro: Dancefloor Deluxe: This Is The World We Live In (SoundFactory Club Anthem).

  4. Dancefloor Intro: Dancefloor Deluxe: This Is The World We Live In (SoundFactory Club Anthem) Start The Fire (Original Version) Sexual Guarantee (Almighty Remix) Paradise (FL's Re-Invention Club Mix) Someday (Studio 54 Revival Remix) Ménage À Trois (J. Pipe Smooth Club Edit) /5.

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  6. Versions. Category Artist Title (Format) Label Category Country Year; 2: Alcazar: Dancefloor Deluxe ‎ (CD, Comp + CD, Comp, P/Mixed) RCA, BMG Sweden.

  7. Jan 01,  · Alcazar - Dancefloor Deluxe. Unlimited Streaming Listen to this album in high quality now on our apps. Start my trial period and start listening to this album. Enjoy this album on Qobuz apps with your subscription. Subscribe Sexual Guarantee. Buy track Johan Strandkvist, Composer - Johan Strandkvist, Lyricist - Johan.

  8. Aug 01,  · Intro Dancefloor Deluxe () This Is The World We Live In (Soundfactory Club Anthem) () Start The Fire (Orginal Version) () Sexual Guarantee (Almighty Remix) () Paradise (FL's Re-Invention Club Mix) () Someday (Studio 54 Revival Remix) () Ménage À Trois (J. Pipe Smooth Club Edit) ()

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